Thrush on nipples

Thrush is one of the most common female diseases. But there are different types of thrush, it can be not only vaginal, there is also thrush on the nipples. Women who breastfeed their babies often find a yeast infection on their nipples, but doctors, alas, cannot always make a correct diagnosis. Thrush is caused by yeast-like fungi. Candida is a type of fungus that lives on the skin and mucous membranes.

Thrush on nipples of nursing mothers is diagnosed by sensations directly to the woman or visually. You can also do a scraping from the surface of the nipple (they do this in Vendian dispensaries), but according to some sources, this test, as in principle, and the test of milk, often gives a false and not reliable negative result.

How is thrush determined on the nipples of a nursing mother

During visual inspection of the breast, you may notice some nipple swelling, they may look wet, flaky, scaly, or even be covered with tiny bubbles. The color of them at the same time, as a rule, bright pink. A woman may feel a sense of itching. Severe burning pain can occur both deep inside the breast and on the surface of the nipples themselves. Such pain, as a rule, is felt during feeding, and especially immediately after its completion.

With thrush on the nipples, a sensation of shooting or acute pain can be given to the hands or back from the nipples. Many of the women who have experienced this disease have described such pain as “hot needles”, “glass pieces in the nipples”, “razor blades”, “liquid fire” and

You should also pay attention to the fact that with this disease, the nipples can have a completely normal appearance, but at the same time be very painful. In parallel with this, moms can experience fungal infections in the corners of the mouth, on the nails or exacerbate vaginal infections.

Determination of thrush in a child

The first signs of infection of a baby with thrush are white “plaques” or spots on the inner mucous membrane of the mouth (on the tongue, cheeks and gums). Also, such spots may have a pearl appearance and, as a rule, are surrounded by redness. If you gently clean the stain, then under it you can see the redness. With the usual dairy raid this is not observed. A child with this disease may look very restless, sucking the breast will cause him discomfort and even pain. Sometimes the so-called nacre appears on the inside of the child’s lips. During feeding, babies often refuse the breast and throw it away. It may be that there will be no visible signs of this disease in the baby’s mouth.

Thrush on nipples

A thrush in a baby can also cause a bright pink or red rash that appears in the diaper area. Sometimes this rash may be in the form of flakes or similar to pimples or small bumps in red. This rash may be local in nature or spread to large areas of the skin. For the treatment of such rashes can not use standard methods and drugs like petrolatum or Tithing. These funds do not eliminate the rash, which is caused by fungi, but on the contrary, significantly worsens the situation. This is due to the fact that the fungus consumes for its growth oils that are part of these funds. Therefore, to eliminate thrush, like mom and her baby, it is best to contact a specialist, rather than self-medicate.

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