Thrush in the mouth of a baby

Yesterday your beloved baby was cheerful and lively, with pleasure sucked milk, played, smiled. And today he is naughty, refuses to take a breast or a bottle, crying. Look crumbs in her mouth. Did you see a strange whitish bloom on the tongue? This is a sign of a fairly common disease in newborns – thrush. It is not worth much to be afraid of this, with timely treatment the plaque passes quickly.

We wrote about white bloom in the language of a newborn earlier (see article), this is a normal natural phenomenon, but if white “plaques” similar to cottage cheese appear in your mouth, you need to respond in time, and now we will show in detail how to identify thrush and talk about how to treat it.

What is thrush?

From Wikipedia: Candidiasis (mamma) is one of the types of fungal infection, caused by microscopic yeast-like fungi of the genus Candida (Candida albicans)

Symptoms of infant thrush

The main symptom – the child appears white bloom in the mouth. Spots or plaques appear on the mucous membranes of the mouth: on the tongue, palate, gums, inside of the cheeks, around which small inflammation is often formed. When removing the plaque under it will appear red (as opposed to the usual milk plaque on the tongue).

The child may be restless, capricious, throwing breasts during feeding or even refuse from the breast (bottle), as sucking can cause him pain. After some time, small spots grow to the formation of large light films or creative bloom.

Scrape the white bloom with a teaspoon. Did you manage to remove the curdled pieces? In their place were red sore spots? Your child has thrush, or thrush.

Thrush is a fairly common disease that is caused by a particular fungus, Candida. These fungi are present in every person, without causing him harm. However, when the baby’s immunity is weakened and the mother’s hygiene rules are not followed, fungi begin to multiply rapidly. As already written, in the mouth of the newborn, on the tongue, on the mucous membrane, a white coating appears on the surface of the cheeks, similar to curdled milk (hence the name of the disease). But, unlike milk residues, it is quite difficult to remove it with a napkin or a cotton swab.

The main difference between thrush and traces of milk in the infant’s mouth is that milk residues disappear some time after feeding. White spots of thrush more and more crawl on the mouth and tongue of the crumbs, causing pain.

(See photo: this is how thrush looks in the mouth and in the tongue of newborns)


  • Fungus Candida albicans Every person has an adult and a newborn. Do babies during teething (By the way, here are the main problems that may arise during teething), with a cold, dysbacteriosis, the immunity weakens, conditions appear for active growth of the fungus (it may be interesting for you to read about how to support immunity in children under one year old);
  • If the mother does not comply with the standards of hygiene (keeping the mammary glands clean, boiling bottles and nipples, as well as baby’s toys), the prerequisites for the development of the disease are created;
  • Candida fungi love sweets, so sweetened water or a mixture contributes to their rapid reproduction;
  • If the mother of the child is sick with thrush, the baby is at a high risk of becoming infected;
  • Taking antibiotics can also trigger the development of thrush.

If a disease occurs, find out the cause of the infection so that after treatment the crumb does not re-catch thrush again.

What is the danger of the disease

When the thrush gets sick in the baby’s mouth, a thick, rough patina appears, under which inflamed spots are found. In case of severe damage, the spots may even bleed. There is a high probability that a more serious infection will penetrate into the infant’s body.

When running thrush spots of plaque form a dense film, which tightens the entire oral cavity and goes to the inner surface of the throat of infants. The gums and lips become cracked, start to bleed. Sucking and swallowing movements cause severe pain to the baby. The child is worried, screaming, refuses to take the breast or nipple, he may have a fever.

(see how plaque can spread)

Thrush in the mouth of a baby

This is a strong thrush in the mouth of a newborn baby.

How to treat thrush

Having found cheesy stains in the mouth of the infant, do not panic. Thrush in newborns responds well to treatment. The main thing is to regularly carry out the necessary procedures until complete recovery.

It is necessary to show a sick child to a child therapist. Depending on the degree of development of the disease, he will prescribe treatment. This is usually medication based nystatin.

But it happens that visiting a doctor right away is not possible. After all, a child may fall ill at weekends when clinics do not work. It is permissible to begin treatment and relieve the condition of the baby on their own.

Soda treatment

  1. For the treatment of the oral cavity of the baby, you will need a soda solution. In a glass of warm boiled water pour 1 tsp. baking soda, dissolve well.
  2. Prepare a napkin from a wide bandage or gauze, wrap it around your finger, moisten it with a solution and gently wipe the inside of the mouth and tongue of the newborn. Wipe or moisten it, not trying to remove white bloom. After all, under it lurks inflamed spots – plaques, sometimes even bleeding. It is not necessary to give the opportunity for pathogenic microbes to get into the child’s body through them.
  3. Do these procedures 4 – 5 times a day every 2-3 hours for several days. If the baby doesn’t open his mouth, press his chin with his thumb and hold it until you finish moistening.

Honey treatment

A more palatable procedure for infants is the lubrication of the oral cavity with honey solution (for 1 teaspoon of honey – 2 teaspoons of boiled water). Of course, if this sweet medicine is not contraindicated in a child and the child is not allergic to honey. Honey has antimicrobial properties, it quickly and painlessly removes harmful fungi. The processing frequency is the same as soda, up to five times a day.

Some tips:

After feeding, pacifier, before giving it to the crumbs, rinse in any of these solutions.

It is advisable to boil all the toys that a child can pull in his mouth. (Nipples and bottles need to boil constantly)

Together with the baby, the course of treatment must also be passed on to the mother. Before each feeding and after it, be sure to rinse your breasts with soda or honey solution.

With proper care and timely treatment after 3 to 4 days, signs of thrush disappear. But the course of treatment prescribed by the doctor must be completed to not cause the return of the disease.


The greatest risk of developing thrush in newborns lasts up to six months. After all, the child’s body is actively growing and developing, and the immature immunity is still weakly resistant to disease. Therefore, it is so important to follow the simple rules to avoid this unpleasant disease.

  • Rinse the breast thoroughly before you attach the baby to it;
  • Having finished to feed the baby, let him drink warm boiled water. It will wash away the milk residues in the mouth. If the kid burped, suggest him to drink some water;
  • Observe personal hygiene, wash your hands often;
  • Try to prevent re-infection of the child with thrush. Regularly boil bottles, nipples, pacifiers, toys, i.e., all objects surrounding the crumbs. If it is impossible to sterilize, treat the items with soda.

We treat mouth thrush according to Komarovsky

As you can see, curing thrush is not so difficult. Although it is much easier to prevent its development. Compliance with simple preventive measures, careful observation of the child’s condition will help to avoid many problems, to preserve and strengthen the health of infants.

Thrush genitals in children

Although we are talking about thrush that develops in a child’s mouth, it is necessary to know that there is another form of thrush in children (found in girls) – vulvitis. Most often, this disease occurs after swimming in polluted water. A sign of the disease is redness in the genital area of ​​the girl. It is necessary to show the child to the therapist or pediatric gynecologist; in this case it is impossible to engage in independent treatment. The consequence of this dangerous disease may be fusion of the labia. (we will write a separate article for you)

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