Thrush from gaskets

Using daily pads is not a must. They are popular among women who want to eliminate the smell and hide the selection on linen. Such daily hygiene products often cause an increase in the number of Candida bacteria in women with low immunity. It is necessary to refrain from their use or to change the gasket in a timely manner, avoiding the effect of steam room.

Causes of thrush from daily pads

Women wear daily, for the most part, on the eve of the onset of menstruation. If you wear such pads more often, it can cause candidiasis, which is reflected in the complaints of the female on such a side effect. The physiology of women is different, as well as the performance of the immune system. Thrush can both manifest or not. The reasons for which there is thrush from the daily:

  • allergic reaction;
  • the presence of the greenhouse effect and the debate from the not breathing layer – odorant;
  • reaction to dyes and flavors;
  • lack of incoming air.

The pad itself may be sold beyond its expiration date, as a result of which (if stored improperly) it may possess a multitude of pathogenic microorganisms.

Symptoms of thrush from gaskets

Symptoms of manifestation depends on the individual characteristics of the woman’s body. Appear:

Thrush from gaskets

  • redness in intimate areas;
  • copious discharge;
  • curd white discharge;
  • unpleasant smell;
  • itching in the groin;
  • burning;
  • abdominal pain;
  • problems urinating.

Frequent change of sanitary pads prevents the spread of fungus.

Ignoring thrush can trigger cystitis and vaginitis. It is possible to determine the nature and factors causing thrush and their connection with the use of daily pads when observing wearing sensations and with their absence. A healthy woman does not need to wear these hygiene products every day. Taking a shower in time and replacing the laundry, which absorbs the cervical fluid, the woman removes the discomfort. Any negative symptom is a reason to seek help from a gynecologist.

Thrush from gaskets

What to do?

If the thrush has developed from the daily, their use should be discontinued immediately. Prevention in the fight against candidiasis:

  • personal hygiene;
  • timely change of underwear;
  • use of barrier methods of contraception;
  • avoidance of stressful situations;
  • refusal to swim in public reservoirs;
  • locked onto synthetic intimate hygiene products;
  • selection of linen with natural fabrics;
  • maintaining and strengthening immunity.

If you can not avoid the use of daily pads can not (heavy discharge associated with concomitant ailments or physical inability to change for some time underwear), women use new types of products soaked in lactic acid, which supports the vaginal microflora. To be replaced every 3 hours without use for the night. Pay attention to the expiration date and date of manufacture, as well as check the packaging for damage.

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