Throat infections

Eastern astrology, unlike Western, pays attention to any human action as a change in the quality of life. Even the most ordinary haircut can radically change your destiny. The days of hair cutting have a beneficial effect on the further fate of a person – they have a positive effect on longevity, luck and visual appeal; and negative, as cutting these days can damage the vitality of a person and bring trouble. The Tibetan calendar is focused on lunar days that do not coincide with lunar days according to the European astrological tradition. Under the haircut means an action that shortens the hair by more than 3 mm.

Throat infections

March 1 haircut will lead to deterioration of vision and damage to the eyelids, eyelashes, eyebrows.

March 2 haircut will attract good luck and happiness to you.

March 3 haircut will attract joy into your life.

March 4 haircut will enhance the charm of the external appearance.

March 5 haircut attracts diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, kidneys, and also provokes depressive states.

March 6 haircut attracts meetings with enemies and misfortunes, the threat of injury, mortal danger.

March 7 haircut will reduce the life expectancy.

March 8 haircut will attract quarrels, conflicts, legal problems.

March 9 haircut hair will attract problems with money and loss.

March 10 haircut will attract diseases of the throat, mouth, will bring depression.

March 11 haircut will attract wealth to your life, the acquisition of real estate, career advancement.

March 12 haircut will bring melancholy into your life and provoke diseases of the throat, nose, eyes.

March 13 haircut attracts quarrels and litigation in your life, administrative and legal penalties.

March 14 haircut hair prolongs life and attracts wealth.

March 15 haircut attracts infectious, colds and injuries.

March 16 haircut will attract vitality, good luck, improve the work of the senses.

March 17 haircut will bring sharpness of feelings and insight of the mind.

March 18 haircut will attract misfortune and a threat to life, a car accident.

March 19 haircut will attract happiness and well-being in your life.

March 20 haircut will attract the purchase of real estate, vehicles and improve the quality of work and well-being.

March 21 haircut attracts misfortunes, diseases of the organs of secretion and genitals.

March 22 haircut attracts misfortune, problems in relationships, bad inclinations are attracted to children.

Throat infections

March 23 haircut attracts loss, theft, the purchase of spoiled products.

March 24 haircut increases longevity.

March 25, as a result of hair cutting, problems with the gastrointestinal tract will arise, and oncological diseases are provoked.

On March 26, as a result of hair cutting, attractiveness and improvement of personal life will increase, income will increase.

March 27 haircut will attract the possibility of large purchases (including real estate and cars).

March 28 haircut improves well-being and improves complexion.

Throat infections

March 29 haircut provokes diseases of the lungs, bronchi, attracts colds, sore throat.

March 30 haircut will lead to deterioration of vision and damage to the eyelids, eyelashes, eyebrows.

March 31 haircut will attract you good luck and happiness.

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