The spine hurts to which doctor to go

Who has not had to deal with back pain at least once in a lifetime. Well, if the disease appeared once after lifting weights or increased physical exertion and did not bother anymore. But if the back ached all the time, it gives to the pelvic organs, the thigh, the thorax, then it is probably time to get tested. The treatment will then be prescribed by a doctor.

Many wonder what kind of doctor treats the spine? In fact, back pain does not always mean back problems. There are a number of reasons that are not always possible independently. Then what to do if your back hurts, to which doctor to consult?

Why does your back hurt?

To know which doctor to go to, what kind of physician you still need, you should carefully study the pain according to the nature, degree and time of manifestation. In the back gives pain in various diseases, and of course, only a highly specialized specialist can cure each of them.

The causes of back pain in adults can be physiological or pathological. By physiological should include:

  • spinal osteochondrosis due to degenerative changes in the intervertebral discs
  • spondyloarthrosis on the background of the occurrence of pathological processes in the intervertebral joints
  • spondylosis with deformation of the vertebrae, growth of bone intervertebral tissue
  • scoliosis, kyphosis with curvature of the spine, disorders in the endocrine system
  • osteoporosis while reducing bone density and metabolic disorders.

The spine hurts to which doctor to go

Pathological back and back pain is manifested as a result of the development of internal diseases. It:

  • glomerunonephritis – respiratory disease
  • pyelonephritis and urolithiasis in renal diseases
  • oncology in the development of a malignant tumor in a particular organ or tissue
  • myocardial infarction in lesions of cerebral vessels, soft tissues and other internal organs
  • stomach ulcer
  • pancreatitis, cholecystitis with intestinal obstruction
  • acute appendicitis, in which severe pain occurs abruptly in the abdomen with a return to the back and an increase in temperature. With the appearance of such symptoms, an urgent need to consult a doctor, delaying can lead to irreparable consequences.

What are the pain in nature?

To understand when the pain in the back and which doctor to go to, you need to identify the nature of the pain, and when visiting, the specialist in charge will ask: how and in what place does it hurt. By the nature of the pain are distinguished:

  • acute, appearing suddenly, radiating to the leg, lower back and spine, for example, in case of spondylosis, lung diseases (if localized under the scapula, given to the sternum)
  • chronic, sluggish, accompanied with weakness in the limbs, for example, osteomyelitis, impaired metabolism, ankylosing spondylitis, the development of neoplasm
  • aching, which occur with myositis, overstrain or overcooling of muscles
  • vague with a feeling of numbness in the limbs, which indicates the development of inflammatory processes in the lungs or bronchi, with pneumonia. Pain in the back aggravated by coughing, wheezing. If it hurts in the lumbar region, an inflammatory process may occur in the kidneys or stones begin to move along the ureter.
  • sharp in the lumbar region, sometimes with renal colic and returning to the genitals
  • mild back pains are possible with inflammation of the sciatic nerve, displacement of intervertebral discs with increased coughing and sneezing.

If there is a sharp pain below the waist, an increase in temperature to high elevations, bloating and chronic constipation are observed, then perhaps it is intestinal colic or the development of severe inflammation. You need to call an ambulance right away.

You should not hesitate to go to the doctor when the back and spine hurts, your extremities become numb – the right or left side of the body, cold sweats go away, dizzy, nauseous. To establish the true cause of pain can only specialist. Determine which doctor to contact, if your back hurts badly, based on the existing symptoms.

If there is painful and prolonged pain, aggravated by coughing, then an inflammatory process may occur in the pelvic organs, the colon, or the pancreas. With rebound, it can be the cause of osteochondrosis, and with rebound into the heart area, with osteochondrosis of the thoracic region, angina pectoris.

The spine hurts to which doctor to go

With radiculitis, the pain syndrome increases with exertion, and so hampers movements that the patient cannot even turn around.

You can not delay the campaign to the doctor. Back pain is a symptom, the cause of which may be the occurrence of a variety of pathological processes in the body and diseases.

If you do not know who to turn to and which doctor treats your back, then it is recommended that you first consult a general practitioner. If your back hurts, the lumbar doctor will hear all complaints, prescribe tests and redirect you to the right specialist only to establish the true cause. Only a highly specialized doctor will be involved in prescribing treatment.

To which doctor to treat for back pain?

When your back hurts you need to go to:

  • traumatologist, if there was a spinal cord injury in the past, a spinal curvature or inflammation in the muscle tissue of the back or spine bones
  • spine spinal problems
  • the surgeon, as a doctor of broad specialization in diseases of the joints and spine, pinching of the intervertebral nerve, impaired sensitivity loss
  • to the neurologist in case of violation (complete loss) of sensitivity in certain parts of the body or limbs
  • nephrologist or urologist for back pain, back against the background of the development of pathological processes in the kidneys
  • rheumatologist in the diagnosis of dermatomyositis, scleroderma, lupus erythematosus, rheumatoid arthritis
  • cardiologist, if there is a stabbing or aching pain in the heart region with recoil
  • gynecologist with severe cutting pains in the lower back and lower abdomen on the background of diseases in the female genital organs
  • endocrinologist with the development of osteoporosis of the spinal bones caused by a violation of calcium metabolism
  • pulmonologist with bronchitis, pneumonia
  • oncologist with suspected tumor development. It often hurts in the morning in the back or in any of the departments, tissues
  • phthisiatrician with the defeat of the lungs, when it hurts in the sternum with recoil
  • infectious diseases With the development of infectious processes in the body, when it hurts in the back, nausea and vomiting, signs of diarrhea are additionally observed.

Of course, the list of doctors is large and you can immediately understand which doctor you can contact if your back hurts. But given the symptoms and the list of doctors described above, you can be sure. Pain in the spine or back is a symptom of many serious diseases in almost any human organ.

In no case can not endure the pain. If your back hurts, then what therapist will ask is the therapist first. It is necessary to identify the cause as soon as possible. If you do not know where to go, you should not hesitate to turn first to the therapist. After visual inspection and the available symptoms, he will tell you which doctor is engaged in the treatment of a particular disease.

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