The postoperative period after removal of hemorrhoids forum

Rehabilitation after removal of hemorrhoids surgically is an important stage in the treatment of the disease. Operational intervention is only the beginning of a difficult path in the fight against pathology. The duration of the recovery period always depends on the type of operation, the degree of hemorrhoids and the individual characteristics of the organism. Compliance with all rehabilitation measures in the hospital and at home ensures quick recovery of the patient, helps prevent relapse, return to a full life.

How long is the recovery period

How many are in the hospital after excision of cavernous formations in the rectum? The duration of the recovery period after surgery to remove hemorrhoids always depends on the type of intervention and the characteristics of the pathology. After Milligan-Morgan open hemorrhoidectomy, the duration of rehabilitation is 1–1.5 months, with closed hemorrhoidectomy 1–2 weeks. After Longo’s intervention, recovery takes 7–10 days without complications. If undesirable effects occur, the recovery period can be delayed up to 2-3 weeks.

As for minimally invasive techniques, such as laser therapy, infrared coagulation, cryotherapy, dearterialization and others, here the recovery period is reduced to several days. We must not forget that the duration of the rehabilitation period directly depends on the correctness of the implementation of the recommendations of the doctor. Patients who refuse to perform the necessary actions often develop complications, which leads to a long and painful recovery.

The main stages of rehabilitation

Rehabilitation is a series of measures aimed at maximizing the restoration of body functions that were disturbed as a result of injuries, serious diseases, or surgery. The postoperative period after removal of hemorrhoids involves several stages. These include:

  • taking medication prescribed by a doctor;
  • diet;
  • correct physical activity;
  • personal hygiene.

What problems does the patient face?

Often the effects after removal of hemorrhoids are the most negative. Each patient should be prepared for possible complications, have the necessary information to overcome them.

Acute pain

After surgery for hemorrhoids, most patients feel severe discomfort and pain. This is explained by the end of the anesthesia. Many patients experience so intense pain that it is impossible to do without analgesics from among narcotic drugs. The doctor may prescribe Omnopon, Promedol, Tramadol. People with less severe pain are prescribed Diclofenac, Rofecoxib, Nimesulide, and other medications.

Impaired urination

In the postoperative period, there is sometimes a complication such as acute urinary retention. More often men suffer violation. This is due to the anatomical features of the genitourinary system. Using a catheter helps with this unpleasant symptom.

Wound suppuration

Purulent lesion often occurs with a strong inflammatory process and the accession of a bacterial infection. For such patients, antibiotic therapy is indicated, treatment of sutures with special antiseptic solutions.

The postoperative period after removal of hemorrhoids forum


Blood from the anus is a frequent complication during the recovery period. Bleeding can occur immediately after the intervention or several hours or even days after surgery. The cause of this phenomenon is damage of seams by fecal masses. As a result, wounds and cracks are formed, from which blood flows. The problem is solved by re-stitching or using a sponge treated with adrenaline.

Narrowing the anus

This complication develops on the background of suturing defects. At the same time, the patient has pain during defecation, a feeling of incomplete emptying, the excreted feces are in the form of a narrow tape. Drug treatment, adherence to a special diet, and sphincter massage are used to get rid of the problem. In the absence of the desired therapeutic effect, a plastic hole can be assigned.

The postoperative period after removal of hemorrhoids forum

Prolapse due to valve insufficiency

Valve weakness is a very rare complication that occurs after operating on patients with particularly severe pathologies. Depending on the intensity of the weakening, the patient is prescribed a medical or surgical solution to the problem during the rehabilitation period. Among the auxiliary methods use massage, diet, physical exercise.

Fistula formation

Fistulas are the holes that appear as a result of a strong inflammatory process or suppuration. This complication is often diagnosed several months after surgery to remove hemorrhoids. At the same time, pain may occur, body temperature rises. The main danger of fistula – the accession of a bacterial infection, deformation of the anal valve, scarring of the walls of the rectum.

Treatment of fistulas is carried out mainly by surgery, since conservative therapy rarely gives the desired therapeutic effect. Recovery from a plastic fistula takes 5–7 days, after which the patient can go home.

During rehabilitation after removal of hemorrhoids, the patient may face many unpleasant consequences. Only a competent medical approach and strict adherence to all recommendations will help to cope with complications, to prevent serious complications.

General principles of rehabilitation

In medical practice, there are general rules for recovery after surgery to remove hemorrhoids. These principles concern such types of surgical interventions as open, closed hemorrhoidectomy or hemorrhoidal removal according to the method of Longo.

Compliance with the following measures will help you recover quickly after surgery:

  • bed rest is recommended for the first few days;
  • you can not make sudden movements, strain the press;
  • exercise should be permitted by a doctor 10–15 days after the intervention. This may be walking on the spot, breathing exercises;
  • be sure to respect personal hygiene. After a bowel movement, the area of ​​the anus should be rinsed with cool water. The paper should be soft, it will help prevent damage to the mucous membrane;
  • for patients whose work activity is associated with a long stay at the table, it is recommended to use a special cushion – a ring;
  • sexual intercourse will be resolved 2–3 weeks after the removal of the cones. Anal sex is completely prohibited.

These and some other recommendations of the proctologist will help you quickly forget about the unpleasant effects of hemorrhoids.

Power Features

The rehabilitation period after surgical treatment of hemorrhoids necessarily includes nutrition correction. Dieting helps to prevent constipation, flatulence and other digestive disorders that can adversely affect the recovery of the patient.

Nutritional recommendations include:

  • the diet should include all the necessary vitamins and minerals;
  • you can eat in small portions, per day is recommended 5-6 meals;
  • food should be chewed thoroughly, try not to drink during the meal;
  • Among cooking methods, it is better to choose stewing, boiling or baking.

For quick recovery, healing of postoperative sutures, normalization of the digestive process, some products should be abandoned, replacing them with healthy food.

Allowed meals during the recovery period

On the first day of rehabilitation after the operation, it is advisable not to eat, since defecation in the first 24 hours is undesirable. In the following days, it is necessary to include dishes containing a large amount of moisture, fiber, carotene and other substances necessary for restoring health in the diet.

  • buckwheat, oatmeal, wheat porridge;
  • broccoli, carrots, celery, tomatoes, beets;
  • low-fat dairy products;
  • steam omelets and casseroles;
  • blueberries, melons, apricots;
  • vegetable soups and mashed potatoes;
  • lean meats;
  • herbal teas, natural juices, compotes.

Cabbage and beans are shown to patients in whom these products do not cause strong gas formation. They contain large amounts of iron, protein and vitamins to help ease bowel movement.

Prohibited Products

Surgery to remove hemorrhoids is a lot of stress for the body. For a speedy recovery, it is important to remove the excess load from the digestive system, eliminate the following dishes from the diet:

  • fatty types of fish, meat;
  • spicy seasonings, sauces, ketchups, marinades;
  • rich meat broths;
  • semolina, rice porridge;
  • whole milk;
  • chocolate, muffin, fresh hot pastries;
  • vegetables containing coarse fiber (fresh onions, garlic, mushrooms, radishes, cucumbers, sorrel, spinach);
  • strawberries, raspberries, kiwi and other fruits with small seeds;
  • strong tea, coffee, alcoholic, carbonated drinks.

Recommendations for nutrition during the rehabilitation period include the observance of the correct drinking regimen. A person should consume about 2 liters of pure water per day.

The amount of fluid is calculated individually for each patient depending on body weight. Usually calculations are carried out according to the formula 400 mg of water per 10 kg of weight. Exceptions include patients with impaired renal function and some other pathologies.

Physical activity

Recovery after removal of hemorrhoids is impossible without adherence to motor activity. After 5–7 days after the intervention, the patient is recommended to sit, get up, walk in the hospital ward. This will help restore metabolic processes, which is important for the rapid healing of sutures, preventing the formation of hemorrhoidal fringe, and general recovery of the body.

Intense physical activity, weight lifting and strength sports are completely excluded. You can not do cycling, exercise at the gym. It is useful for patients to walk and perform breathing exercises on the recommendation of the attending physician. Fast recovery will help daily walks in the fresh air.

Hygiene rules

Of great importance after the removal of hemorrhoids is hygienic care for the anus. The patient must wash twice with warm water and baby soap twice a day. Lingerie should be soft, rough seams and synthetic materials are unacceptable. After a bowel movement, doctors recommend washing the anus with cool water. This will help increase vascular tone, stimulate the outflow of blood from the rectal tissues.

In order to not only eliminate impurities during the washing process, but also to get the maximum benefit, decoctions of herbs can be used. For this fit plants such as chamomile, train, nettle, yarrow, St. John’s wort. With their help, you can relieve pain, inflammation, disinfect the treated area. Broths can be used to wash or add to local baths.

Conclusion and prognosis for the patient

Rehabilitation after removal of hemorrhoids surgically includes a complex of therapeutic and preventive measures. The rate of wound healing will depend on the accuracy of adherence to doctor’s orders. Unquestioningly carrying out the necessary measures will help eliminate possible complications, return to a full-fledged life in a short passage of time.

Reviews of patients about the rehabilitation period after excision of hemorrhoids.

Olga “I have been suffering from hemorrhoids for a long time, I did not go to the doctor, trying to cope with the problem myself. Such negligence led to complications, the bumps began to fall out, to bleed heavily. A year ago, she had surgery. She went well, after 3 days I was discharged home. The doctor gave clear instructions on diet, physical activity and hygiene. I strictly adhered to his advice and after a few weeks returned to normal life, went to work. ”

Oleg “I know for sure that it is impossible to neglect the rehabilitation rules. I was convinced of this on my own experience. A few years ago, hemorrhoids were removed with a laser. I immediately returned to active life, since my work is connected with the construction site. A few days later there was blood from the anus, there was pain. I had to undergo additional plastic. After surgery, I do not advise people to ignore the instructions of the proctologist. ”

Svetlana “I had hemorrhoids removed by holding a closed hemorrhoidectomy. After the operation she was in hospital for 7 days. The diet was strict, as the wounds were constantly bleeding. The doctor excluded all fixing products from the diet, recommended to use only light food, steamed. After discharge home continued to adhere to proper nutrition, performed a special gymnastics. Now I feel great. I advise everyone who is going to have a surgical intervention to take the rehab rules seriously. ”

Michael “Recovery for me after removing the cones was not so much physically as morally motivating for me. Daily execution of medical manipulations, dieting, restriction of physical activity – all this is quite difficult. But without these rules, a normal recovery would be impossible. Home I was discharged on the fifth day. The whole rehabilitation took about 2 weeks. I was operated on by the Longo method. ”

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