The light in the oven is off.

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Did you have this situation: The lamp in the chandelier does not burn, do you think the light bulb burned out? Change the light bulb, but it does not burn, and if not strange, but the light bulb that you unscrewed turned out to be intact. You twisted it in another chandelier and it burns there. Then, why is the old light bulb and the new one, they do not want to burn in this chandelier? Let’s understand, it’s a household matter, and everyone needs light.

The light is off

In fact, this is not a light bulb, as you initially thought. Then what is the reason? And is this thing subject to repair?

Possible reasons if the light is off

  1. Burnt cartridge.
  2. Burning wiring chandeliers.
  3. The switch burned out.

Begin to look for the cause, in order.

Chandelier lamp holder

Check the cartridge. In the cartridge is usually burned tongue, which is in contact with the base of the bulb. Often it does not burn at all, but only either:

The light in the oven is off.

  • Pressing hard and there is no contact with the light bulb.
  • It is polluted and there is also no contact with the lamp socket.

Repair: if you tightened, then turn down or bend (see the video below), if dirty then clean, cleaning can be done on the principle of repair the console.

Wiring chandeliers

If the wiring burned out, then you need to find this place.

    Usually the wire burns out in the chandelier itself, there the wire in the cross section is thinner than the wires in the wall and in general there are wires

The light in the oven is off.

very thin, especially in Chinese chandeliers, lamps and sconces.

  • Perhaps the wire and the whole, but just came off or burned out from the contact of the main voltage wire or the cartridge itself.
  • Repair: I usually remove the chandelier, pull out old wires from it and insert new ones, preferably with a section thicker than they were before. If there are obvious wire breaks from the contacts of the cartridge, then the reason is this, just fasten them into place.

    Switch replacement or repair

    It remains to find out if the switch has burnt out? How to find out? ? It’s simple, if the above is whole and there are no damage defects, then

    • The switch burned out.
    • His contacts are dirty.

    Repair: You can buy a new switch, replace it and there are no problems, but sometimes the switch has the same trouble as with the tongue of the cartridge. If the contact points of the switch are black or smoked, they should be cleaned, just as I described above about the cartridge.

    I will tell you a secret that it is not difficult for me to replace a switch and it is not difficult to clean its contacts, but knowing the weak experience level of ordinary people (especially on the electrical part), then it will be easier for such people to replace the switch than to clean its contacts. But I always repelled by this theory:

    • If the switch does not work, I always have time to replace it with a new one, so why not try it first? If it works out, then Super, are you great? ! If not, then it’s okay, he still didn’t work and now with a calm soul you can replace the switch.

    And remember that if the light is off, it is not always that it is burned, but it is not always that it is time replace switch!

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