The effect of smoking on the female body

Passion for cigarettes carries health risks and is an extremely harmful hobby. For the female body, this addiction is especially destructive. Under the blow is not only the health of the smoker, but also the well-being of her future children.

The effect of smoking on the female body

Today, many girls and adult women are smokers. Every fifth Russian has an addiction to cigarettes. Statistics show a relentless increase in the number of female smokers who do not realize the harm that smoking has on them. Among them, not only young people, the number of women smokers aged 35-40 years is increasing.

Harm of smoking for girls: why do they become smokers, and what does it threaten with?

Ladies who buy cigarettes at kiosks and stores are commonplace today. Some are aware of the dangers of smoking on the female body, but still continue to inhale poisonous smoke. Why it happens?

  • Young girls believe that with a cigarette in hand, they look stylish. Smoldering cigarette improves their status, with it they feel stronger and more confident.
  • Pulling on tobacco smoke, women hope to relieve stress.
  • Some believe that cigarettes help them get closer to men. In other words, it’s easier to meet in the smoking room.

Today, few people think about the dangers of smoking on a woman’s body. Unfortunately, so far not all of the fair sex perceive this problem with due seriousness. Moreover, sometimes this information is not enough. We offer to find out what threatens each smoked cigarette.

The effect of smoking on a woman’s body: facts and figures

For any person, tobacco smoke becomes a risk factor for the development of cardiovascular diseases, lung cancer and general ill health. However, smoking on the female body is even more harmful.

The effect of smoking on the female body

German gynecologist Bernhard, after studying the health of 6,000 women, determined:

  • 42% of smokers suffer from sterility (among non-smokers, this figure is only 4%);
  • 96% of miscarriages are associated with this habit;
  • 30% of premature babies are born to mothers-smokers.

Inhalation of tobacco smoke creates favorable conditions for the development of inflammatory diseases of the reproductive system, increasing the likelihood of miscarriages. Each cigarette smoked during 3 years of conception of a child will certainly affect its health. Smoking mothers more often give birth to children with abnormalities and developmental pathologies, especially with neuropsychiatric disorders and weight deficit (from 9,700 to 18,600 per year).

Girls believe that they reduce the harm of smoking for themselves by switching to light thin cigarettes. This deception is the merit of tobacco companies actively promoting their products. Such cigarettes are no less harmful than all the rest.

The effect of smoking on the female body

The smoker can be recognized by the hoarse unpleasant voice, the characteristic cough, yellow teeth and bad breath. Such women age early, their skin quickly becomes flabby. They more often develop sexual dysfunctions. The harm of smoking applies not only to the girls themselves. They put at risk the health of others.

What does a cigarette give?

  • It accelerates the aging process: wrinkles appear, bags under the eyes, the complexion becomes dull, the skin becomes dry. Such changes need to wait after 2 years of addiction to cigarettes.
  • Reproductive abilities worsen: oocytes die, the probability of premature menopause and loss of fertility increases. These risks need to be prepared after 5 years of smoker experience.
  • Increases the risk of stillbirth, miscarriages, carries a risk to the intrauterine development of the child.
  • Promotes disruptions in the menstrual cycle, pain in the ovaries.

Knowing the effects of smoking on a woman’s body, Allen Carr states that it is never too late to stop. He helps beautiful ladies to get rid of their bad habit in order to delight themselves and their children with health and beauty.

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