The difference between allergies and colds

Negative reviews

Somewhere I have already heard. Before the pain is familiar; got it


Irina, you are wrong. Our city was really provincial, but living in it was MUCH MORE COMFORTABLE than it is now! … As the entire infrastructure was enough for all …. There were enough schools for all children .. there were no queues at polyclinics … I’m not talking about semi-desert beaches …. Now you newcomers have made an ugly Moscow neighborhood with a ugly high-rise building … overpopulation, traffic jams from a great city. clogged, dirty beaches, and so on … And your arrival here is well. did not contribute to a better life or comfort of local residents … A normal person cannot understand this … .. So, this is your expression about take it into our heads. – it’s pretty shameless and cynical! … People evaluate and compare life WITHOUT YOU … and life WITH YOU. And the comparison is not in your favor …. The city is cluttered. overwhelmed and correctly written here, destroyed … thanks to you … There really is not much room to indiscriminately go here to anyone who does not get …. And why local people consider the city as you write – YOUR..PERSONAL. … So we have here in almost every family people are associated with the SEA … PORT …. And it is quite natural to consider it YOURS. … This is going to the capital from everywhere, and it seems to ACCEPT people! … And our city DOES NOT ACCEPT others … This city cannot be overpopulated! … Yes, this is already clear to all living here … and the indigenous people. and moved here! … .To return the former comfort – I don’t even know with this number of inhabitants – WHAT do I need to do? …. But, it is unequivocal BEFORE HERE THERE WERE MUCH BETTER than now. when all of you arrived here … It’s impossible to expand roads here …. so that the problem of traffic jams will remain for a long time …. And it turns out that you came and WE LIVED A COMFORTABLE BREAKDOWN – AND YOU DIDN’T BUY …. You get away from your seats. throwing everything into ruin … and here you are depriving people of normal life … So who has the head. … We didn’t ask for you – and you climbed up on us without a demand for your head! … So, this is the NATURAL reaction of the locals – not to love you …. You are forcing you to be accepted. loved … but, no one here is obliged to you … especially since you act in relation to us in the role of CONFLICTORS OF COMFORTABLE LIFE! …. AND WHO WILL SUCH LOVE AND ACCEPT IF YOU DECREASE OUR LIFE, OUR COMFORT AND OUR COMFORT.

The city is very dirty, everything is in the trash. There is a lot of cement dust, as the mining plant is located above the city, to put it simply, marl is being scraped from the mountains and all this dust is flying to the city in tons. Children from birth suffer from allergies, asthma because of this. And yes! Of course the Kuban mentality is something! Cubanoids are so heavy, mean, cunning people, that nowhere in Russia can you find such. They love to do bad things, revenge, deceive, betray … What to do, it’s in their blood. There is no normal work, mostly traders and realtors, that’s all! Where would you buy and sell more expensive, that’s all, what actually cubanides do. Well, the sea is no longer a sea, but a cesspool. All sewage is drained into the sea, without cleaning and disinfection. In the summer, E. coli mows all holidaymakers indiscriminately. There is no water in the city! It is served for an hour in the morning and in the evening, or even for several days there is none at all. In general, the city is not for life. Schools, kindergartens are not enough, in the new areas they simply do not exist. In the old schools 50 people in the classrooms of children. The cultural life of the city is dark, not a single normal theater, nothing. On weekends, if the weather permits, the crowd goes to the embankment and wanders aimlessly back and forth, staring blankly at each other, and there is no place to go anymore. We sell housing to quickly go to relatives in the center of Russia, because living here is IMPOSSIBLE !.

Was passing through. The city did not like, dusty, small, expensive houses. Problems with water in the city. Yes, and they live there KUBANOIDY. Very envious people, doing everything to spite others. And their children are also raised, without respect for their elders. After the North, there is no desire to travel more in the South, I saw everything I need. I have never met such evil and greedy people. South is the center of deception.

Sergey, and it seems to us local that we are people with dignity, and the visitors are simple. like five kopecks … women of different ages who come to the sea are very amazed … Our woman. if she were at least sixteen, at least sixty years old, she was somehow brought up like that. that will never wear a swimsuit with (sorry) shorts – thongs. so that the whole priest could be seen … and after the beach they will certainly dress and only go back like this … and it’s wild for us to see how visiting women look naughty and half dressed almost to the house itself … And it’s not unpleasant to contemplate. that we are here all puritans without exception … this is not so … Simply, we have respect for YOURSELF first and foremost … and for PEOPLE! … Not every person is pleased to see an aunt of sixty years. going in a bathing suit is not on the beach, but in the neighborhood. where people live … .. And I personally had a chance … came to visit a girl who settled in the house. where it is full of visitors … we are going to be in the elevator from the fifteenth floor … somewhere on the tenth floor a guy in red swimming trunks comes into the elevator. ))))) (he sees you at sea see … and in his opinion it is not necessary to wear shorts)))) … stretches his hand and says: Hello … IVAN. )))) … .in shorts … ..)))))) … in our mentality it is such simplicity, which we associate with stupidity, half-insensitivity, heminess, well, that is – you seem to us so obscenely simple … that this looks in our eyes. as BES conscientious … it is HONESTLESS! … We have the impression of you with your simplicity. how about people without conscience … ..And we ourselves seem educated, decent, noble and very worthy people …. we are not arrogant (as we think of ourselves). and you are NAGLI … so we think of YOU ..)))) … so … each person sees the world through YOUR EYES … and, probably, it is not very worthy to slay the local population … somehow BEFORE YOUR presence here we lived here …. .and we have our own way … our own notions of decency … we probably look pompous in your eyes … with pathos … but, this is how we live this way here is complicated! Our city – seafarers …. and this is a currency, it is a good one. dear things …. therefore people try to look … try to give children the best (English, dance, sports sections. music) … And somewhere in the mono town of Russia, there are shabby entrances, parents are drunk … there are simple people … .. and our these are seemingly arrogant … but this is not at all the case. in fact … Everywhere and everywhere, people are JUST PEOPLE … and the way of life if you personally don’t fit in our city … well. well … somewhere there is a place for you … where you will be fine ….

Moved to Novorossiysk 2 years as. And I will say right away the city is not for everyone. Problems in the city dofiga and more! The main one is overpopulation. As already written because of the location, the city can not provide transport access to the districts. The city between two mountains, in the middle of the bay and a narrow strip of residential areas. In areas of high-rise mushrooms grow, people come, and then these same people line up in HUGE CIRCUITS on the same narrow streets, often one-sided. Infrastructure and networks are worn WATER NO! I’m not kidding, in the city they give water 2 times a day! Recently there was another accident and the whole city was bought with bottled water for 5 days. The only salvation in private houses is borehole,


Fully agree with Liza’s comments! A lot of cons. Plus, only the sea and clean air. Work, too, in principle, no. Some sellers are required. It is good to rest here, although it is cheaper abroad, but there is no living, no and no!

I want to add to the comment Liza … We moved to Novorossiysk in 1973 …. so here is the problem with water, really. was and still remains in some areas …. city has always been and is expensive to live – because the city of sailors … they are people

The most striking thing about visitors is the “craving for freebies” … … a small example: When someone from the visitors enters the PRIVATE law office for advice … goes on clean carpets, sits on leather chairs … everything breathes cleanliness … this visitor is wildly surprised that for consultation, it turns out, it is necessary to pay. … … Incredible. …. Someone created the CONDITIONS. … someone strains their brains on – THEIR CASE. according to – their problem. …. Someone KILLS all this. CLEAN THESE CARPETS. TURNS OUT. … .to shameless person walked on these carpets and thought that someone would take up all their problems FOR FREE. … ..People studied, built the place, spent their money …. this unscrupulous mug came … and puffing out the zenki, it was surprised that consultation on their problem was PAID. … … WHERE IS A WONDERFUL CONSCIOUSNESS, THAT ALL SHOULD GIVE THROUGH THEIR ALL AROUND IT. … .. On what basis it is YOU who should give the whole world their labor for FREE. … so I want to ask: Do you also take the bread in the store for nothing? …….. No? … So here people WORK … work … .. is THEIR BREAD. … So why do you think that someone is obliged to provide this mental work for free. …. terrible people … terrible … .. So the local townspeople would never have thought of this – go looking for a freebie … .. This is the mentality of the visitors just offensive ….

Lived six months in Novorossiysk. Returned to Ekaterinburg. Salaries are low, rent high housing. Summer is very hot, despite the sea, very stuffy. At night, had to turn on the air conditioning every two hours. It’s not a problem to get used to the heat itself, but difficult stuffiness. She lived from February to September. Very strong winds, gusts that seem to carry everything. It’s scary, you sit at home at this time, and so all the winds are constantly. Well, in summer they are warm, and in winter it is northern, and despite looking at +9 in February, it was very cold. I can’t say anything bad about the population, I think it’s the same everywhere. They smoke a lot, yes, this is not observing non-smoking areas. Children, not children, all the indifferent. The buildings themselves are shabby because of the wind. The streets are narrow. Many one-way roads. There are traffic jams. No parking. In the hospital, thank God, did not go. Beaches, the best Aleksino. The sea is transparent, but it was all, it depends on the wind and the weather, it causes jellyfish, then branches with garbage. Provincial city. Highly. You can relax, but not live. If you live in the Kuban, so in the village and engage in farming, as there is no other work there.

How good is that this summer I spent my vacation not in this city where there is neither water all summer nor fresh food in stores, but only on the street they sell sausage and cheese and even candies IT IS IN SUCH HEAT AND WITHOUT A LICENSE to trade and if you ask a certificate so they will say something OYYYYY City so-so narrow streets only walk on foot breathe really hard dust all around That year was visiting a friend of Marina all day long sat at home under conditioners Aleksino beach dirty on other beaches scary to go through the mountains because local not respecting so no rules apart from the fact that they own their local town stolen grapes harvested at night and drive the wine all the wild trees with nuts ialychey poobobrali people rude not only hospitable, they love money, and my ex-girlfriend has turned into avid lover of others

Tamara! … For a start, the reference is small: Novorossiysk is not a resort city – but the only huge commercial port in the south of the country … And city beaches are provided exclusively FOR CITIZENS, but not for visitors! … And until the city was built up with high-rise residential districts (which was flooded with all over the country wanting) – the beach at Aleksino, was semi-desert, clean and suitable for the rest of OUR people! … Who moved here to live and dirtied to the limit and Aleksino … and not only him, but everything around! …. As for rough driving on roads is t Auger entirely merit arrivals! … .Since local drivers like – just the opposite, polite … always miss at a pedestrian crossing …. Well. and about the sale on the street …. … in the fifty-degree heat. …in the sun. … milk, sausages and sweets. … .This… it’s just left to dissolve your hands from such cosmic stupidity!)))) …… Dairy, farm products, if they are sold in a special stall – a wagon, then they work so POWERFUL. REFRIGERATED INSTALLATIONS that when the seller gives you a bottle of milk – she’s ICE. … it is impossible to keep her, it is so cold! ……. And we would never sell other products listed by you on the street, because NOT MAD … The product will disappear. ))) … .As for stealing grapes – utter nonsense! …. Since the grapes on the plantations work protesters … you get caught – you pay a fine … Yes, we have, as in Russia, and have no habit of stealing.))) .. Just when the official GRAINING on the plantations – then after that the ENTRANCE IS OPEN FOR ALL WISHING to pick up what remains … .. We have a lot of fruit trees planted in the city – but the local population is indifferent to this, because we grew up on fruits … .. and here are the visitors (repeatedly watched) … as they ruthlessly lo branches literally overlap cherries, apricots, cherries … that all claims about, as you put it, peeling cherry plums and nuts – to THEM!))) … …. well, and most importantly from your review: Yours, as you wrote – “the ex-girlfriend” just ALREADY in our generous, well and properly equipped city … imbued, fit in, and UNDERSTOOD that you are from there … OTHER PLACES behave yourself ugly …. do not appreciate someone else’s property … violate the inner space of a person …. live according to the principle – everything around the collective farm … and apparently your girlfriend is unpleasant. SUCH attitude to life! …. Having lived HERE – you are becoming OTHER. … SUCH – HOW TO. … Respectful, but not annoying …. Friendly, but not a chode … and self-RESPECT appears in the person. And not “we love money” as you said, but enter into relationships with people AT EQUAL. … And you love for free …. A friend has moved here, but she has – OWN life – and here free guests have granted … ..Man. Respecting yourself will never like it! … It’s only you who got used to the forests there, the rivers to rip off – to gnaw, and everything “to ride friends” … And our local mentality supposes to live OWN FAMILY. … DON’T CLIMBING THE PASSED GUESTS TO ANOTHER. … RESPECT YOUR OWNERSHIP, and LIKE RESPECT OWNERSHIP OF ANOTHER. …so that. whatever one may say – and you will never be able to understand us … that we live – RIGHT …. as it should be for a man – WORTHY. … have eyes like blinders … ..a avid lover of a stranger – it looks like YOU, not your ex-girlfriend … After all, she didn’t pin up on you for a freebie … but YOU. ))))

The difference between allergies and colds

I am not a resident of Novorossiysk and was only there passing through. I am a resident of Siberia, but I read the reviews of my fellow countrymen and I felt very ashamed of them. How did you get the locals. I understand them very well and sympathize with them. It is because of you that I do not dare to leave for this city or another city chosen by migrants from Siberia. I want to go where there will be a minimum of fellow countrymen. Well, is it nonsense to insult local people for their pronunciation, for their greed (for which, apparently, Siberians understand the economy, love of order and respect for other people’s property), even for the climate and the wind! In a strange monastery with its charter do not go. What do you think when you choose and move. It’s absolutely stupid to compare and argue about the climate of Novorossiysk and Siberia or Yekaterinburg (by the way, Yekaterinburg is the leader in rudeness in all branches). And on the scale of Novorossiysk can not be compared with megacities. Understand first why you are driving. I would like to live in a medium-sized city, in no case in a megacity, I like the sea windy climate, warm climate, economy, southern diligence. Tired of bydlyak crowds in Siberia, from eternal winter. But now Siberians have a “reputation”. Therefore, I am looking for another city. Teach their order in their own land, Kuban. And do not let them fuck up the city dot buildings. And then you will live in Novosibirsk.

Natalya, I absolutely agree with you! … But, we – the locals can understand! … In principle, Novorossiysk is all made up of visiting people! Someone came back in the 50s – 60s .. someone later … children and grandchildren were born here … And never over the years have we had this theme here – about visitors! … Because people came … it was them who ARRIVED, not like now! Now it is not the arrival of people from other places … NO. … Now this is a real EVACUATION … LAMBACK … ..but, our city, due to its location, is NOT ADAPTABLE for admitting so many people! … well, it’s like there are a certain number of places in a boat …. more people will be climbing – ALL BOAT will drown … .. And the city is now in distress … terrible gas pollution … traffic jams on all roads … and microdistricts are growing and growing … It seems to me that who recently moved to new houses and are not happy themselves, what is going on further construction .. they themselves DO NOT WANT to go here to us! … THE BOAT IS FULLY BEFORE ………. the roots of citizens’ discontent – only IN THIS ….

Novorossiysk is not a hero city, but a gem city.

Very big problems with housing and utilities and medical care. The administration of the city is inactive! everything is “developing”, “introducing”, “promoting” … a constant process – the appearance of work. There are excuses and references to others everywhere: another instance, another department, just to transfer their care to someone else. With a sore head = to healthy! When contacting any authority, the issue will not be resolved until you write a statement, complaint, etc. …

The local population, the Cubanoids – is lazy by nature! Mean and greedy. If they do not see their blood interest, they will not move. In the city, as well as throughout the region, nepotism and bribery flourish. Even an ordinary employee, having provided a service somewhat beyond her competence, asks: Where’s my chocolate ?!

About myself, I moved here from the North-West region. Exceptionally closer to her relatives, cousins ​​with her brother and aunt, which they transported from Ukraine. They live in Temryuk. There is no work at all there, that’s why he settled in Novoros, considering his marine education. I haven’t been in the sea for a long time, I hoped to find work related to port operations. But no, it’s not so easy in this city! There is no work and is not expected … And I have seen so much sea for my life that I bathed a couple of times here in my second year of residence … for the sake of decency :)

Very dirty city. For life uncomfortable, frequent blackouts for the whole day. There is no water in cranes for days. Too much nausea often stinks of oil (when loading oil on ships and tanks with oil products, it smells a lot on the mainline to the whole city). A lot of cement dust and sulfur in the air and precipitates everywhere, and in the house. Absolutely nowhere to go, little greenery in the city. Well, people !! …….. People are a separate conversation. Kuban never belonged to Russia, and people in Kuban are very angry, cunning, mean. For those who do not read the book Iron Stream writer

Lyudmila, and I do not agree with you! … In life, everything looks quite the opposite! … An example from our garage cooperative! … While we were not going to the city en masse from other places, we lived in our own way! …. And our garage the cooperative is the same! … Our people with love care for private property … even if there are no special means, but a local person, the godfather will ask for a sink that he does not need, say, he will supply the tank with water in his garage. this shell … skins with the neighbor with money and jointly floods the platform in front of the gate … will buy the colors – will paint everything … will plant the grapes (taking opportunity from a relative of a seedling) … And we lived in our way peacefully. respectfully to each other, with dignity!…. Took a drill from a neighbor in the garage – brought back a whole and unharmed…. caught fish in response – gave a neighbor as a token of gratitude! … The grapes ripened from a neighbor … nobody would rip off – ANOTHERNESSNESS. … Nuts from another neighbor … a tree is breaking – the same thing … no one will look. – FOREIGN. … But, I have a lot of grapes – I go to my neighbor: Yura, take my grapes … I know, you make wine … take it! … Yura will only take it after that … Himself – no – no – someone else’s property. … With another neighbor … he helped in some business … you would certainly thank him for it … brought drills to him, jerry cans …. And they lived for themselves in such a way of life – they lived … helping each other when necessary … but not interfering … NO ONE will put his car on your platform … because – this is rudeness … this is disrespect … And so … they broke this pipe – those who came here in large numbers! … I rented the same SURLO (you can’t call it another way) with our garages … And that’s it! … One lousy alien sheep destroyed the whole way of our peaceful, good life! …. He started there car repair onti … It was located, half of the cooperative! … On the iron garages, which is opposite – the mats from the cars hung out to dry … he was hinted: This is FOREIGN. … Frowned … looks like a ram: And Cho. …. Another person arrives at the garage … and the garage does not open – this clobber blocked the gate by the repairing machine … I hung up some five-liter bottles .. the master was a loaster … he made a washbasin of them … out of an old bucket without a bottom …. and everything was hanging on the strings (on strangers, by the way, cross-beams.) .. And what? … This unfinished is so convenient. He was not accustomed to being accustomed … to, like people. … to DRAFT … TO CREATE. … No, only to use someone else. … Not only is it now impossible to drive normally because of his cars …. so also looks at the locals with a wolfman … We are bad for him … he is a good one … Fat fur! … HAS NOT DONE ANYONE … useless creature … freaked out presence … destroyed someone else’s life. …. And pray tell: HOW to treat us, the local. to such instances here? … We had a normal, peaceful one. good and respectful life … and now these noobs are growing exponentially in the city … .. We hardly reconcile with them … They resemble that orange grass, which is like a web. litters the whole garden, if it is not immediately removed … .. Because of this noob, it is unpleasant to come to the garage … and that is ANYWHERE. …. Examples of mass!…. It surprises one thing: WHERE DO SUCH RIDE. … No, there are also normal people – visitors … but, they just get along easily … but, surprisingly – WHERE ARE THERE AS SURLO DOMAIN. … Where are these noobs lived before. …. Which are only able to use, destroy. … We already doubt that, as you say: IN RUSSIA WILL HELP!))) …. Feeling. that only we have normal people … and there … in the outback only here SURLO … (. with rare exceptions imputed.) … They are sharpened only for BAM … only for USE …. only for Prokhindeystvo! …….. Lukavye … … nothing no good .. no good. … Here, basically, it is SUCH — visitors here! … Then in a supermarket such a bogus is already an old purse, and there too …. a queue at the cash desk … she put a box of cereal on a magnetic tape and goes around, showing up, around the store … . he is buying up … Then he comes up, his eyes are peeping at everyone with a false eye, and he says, pointing to the flakes: I STAND. … So that OUR … Kuban woman behaved this way. … But never in my life. She will cease to respect herself! …. Or to steal a garland at the entrance. which the locals hanged to please all residents with funny lights …. And who stole? … A visiting boy … a kind of little devil. … They asked him: Why? … Also frowned, like this Surlo: I want this for myself! … Our local kids won’t make a mess in life … they are prosperous …. grown in exactly the same RESPECT to private property! … that subtly contrary goes … words can not convey …. … Here are a stranger YOU … A stranger. …. Some kind of complete lack of conscience and cunning … or simplicity, which is worse than theft …. And most importantly – DO NOT RESPECT FOR OWN PROPERTY. … ..

Novorossiysk – settling provincial town without water. Move here for permanent residence or come to rest do not advise. The main problem of Novorossiysk is the lack of stable round-the-clock water in taps throughout the existence of the city. And no one is going to solve it. Water is given for 3 hours in the morning and in the evening with low pressure, so the geysers do not light up. We live in the heart of the city. Washing in the morning and evening is a hassle and running with kettles and basins for each family member. During the day to wash at all unreal. Washing fruits, vegetables, dishes, flushing the toilet bowl only from the water previously prepared in containers. Coming from the sea at 9 o’clock in the morning to catch the water in the taps is no longer possible. And so every day all the time … Village-hero Novorossiysk thanks to today’s chapter and past rulers …

Dreamed of living by the sea! … The sea is an ELEMENT! …. And those houses that were built on the coast and where you are out of your skin to move in, are really good only in summer! … In the rest of the time – THERE IS ALWAYS WIND. … And your charm – after a while, will be replaced by DISAPPEARANCE! …. And what good is to leave the entrance,. and hair on end from the wind?)))) … In the city – calm … and you have an eternal wind … not to walk in the yard … or just walk … .. BETWEEN HOUSES in general pulls the wind … .. into women Good-bye hairstyle!)))) ………. They write it right here: We have local people KNOW these places by the sea and have never built houses for themselves … And those companies that could be sold began to build! … .. by infrastructure no one is concerned about …. kamennye bags and a lot of cars in all the yards … .. To the sea, local people come SPECIALLY … and do not settle there. where is the ELEMENT. … .. And as for the desire to … THE SEA WAS VISIBLE))) … So it is VISIBLE FROM ANY POINT OF THE CITY. …)))) …. But, the city is very crowded … very much crowded …. Neither schools, nor clinics .. nor former comfort … .. traffic jams … .. If you move, it is better not to come here …. better than calm, a cozy village for living … where on foot you can walk to school. and to the kindergarten, and to the clinic, where the greens and no traffic jams … .. yes and get to the sea – it’s easy … and to better beaches than in Novorossiysk … especially Novorossiysk is not a resort area …. and a working port city …. for there is little rest here ….

Has arrived from Ekaterinburg! With the desire to live in the city that I always wanted to visit! I live 3 months! I live in the 3rd district! Opposite the cement mountains! The windows at night can not be opened, dust is flying .. after the rain it smells of cement! The sea will not say that perfect! I come after bathing, I rub my face, you are sorry but the impression is that I was standing on a dusty road, fuel oil! Bathe where the memorial, smells of oil, just awful! Go no where, boring city! On the roads go louts. And borzota. And that accent just kills. that you did not go to school! ? Full of drunkards! Prices are not real for housing! For what? There is no work, but housing is molded. hence the unemployment and anger at the visitors from the local population .. by drove!)) In winter there is generally a tukhlyak! ((


Wai, wai, Lana!))). Ural speaking – this is a real nightmare. knocks down on the spot!)))). It seems to be a man like a man. But as the mouth will open: OU, DAK LADNOOOOOO. NU, DAK KHOROSHOOO. every letter of O speaking out. horror!))). One wants to ask: YOU REALLY READ THE NORMAL SPEAKING WITH SUCH A DIALECT OR IN THE DIFFERENCE. I can imagine how they all speak ALL in such a dialect. in a nightmare do not dream!))). As for the cement mountains, the inability to open the windows .. mazut – utter nonsense. NOT OBJECTIVE. Alcoholic in the Urals – every second. we have every thousandth!)))). So – everything is normal. just waiting for now. Lana – WHEN YOU LEAVE. in your yo-burg. where is NO MAZUT)))) .. NO CEMENT))). NO ALKASHNI))). NO TRACKS ON ROADS. And winter – be it. ELEVEN MONTHS A YEAR. ))))

))))))). Lana, I can not help but say a couple of gentle ones!))). Sparkling your fantasy. about: I come after swimming. I rub my face, the impression that I was standing on a dusty road. OIL MAZUT. ))))). Immediately there was an image of Fedi from Operation Y. )))). when he was running behind Shurik with a spear, covered in fuel oil!)))). Maybe you, too, near what construction ran. ))))) .. People bathe and nothing. water is clear .. the fish is visible. Looks like the Urals have a chronic bad luck.)))). And the fuel oil plunged. and face in soot)))). Lana-ah. TIME IN URAL BATH. Rinse off the sea))))).


Answer to Andrew, who responded rudely to Lana from Yekaterinburg. You Andrew Ham uttermost, immediately clear – Kubanoid. The Ural dialect looks quite normal in comparison with your Kuban ones: XTO and SHO, I really want to vomit from this Kuban dialect. And at the expense of the stench of oil and cement, Lana is absolutely right! Nowhere does it stink like in your shabby Novoross. And every day a layer of dust is applied, and after the north-ost, the window closes it with cement. And the sea is dirty, I even disdain the dog to bathe in it. Loading sulfur also brings its yellow tint to everyday life. And winter in Novoross is full of g @ vno, it is snowing in the URAL, children and adults rejoice, go on a roller coaster, ski, skate, and here you have faded away in your swamp. And there’s really nowhere to go. Well, nowhere, no matter how cool. Not a city, but a graveyard.


Katarinochka … .. ON URAL. … Forward and with a song!)))) … .Our heroic city somehow will do without those who only want to use! ….)))) …. and notice … … not a single angry word about Lana, only mild humor )))) … ..And you already called her a kubanoid with a boor!)))) … ..oh-oh-her … ..))))) … HOW do you live, without a sense of humor – that. ))))) …… CONCERNED, HOWEVER, PEOPLE – THAT URAL. )))) … Oh, HONEY-EE …….))))) ….

Katarinochka, you have not left yet?))) …. If not, then on behalf of the so-called Kubanoid bring you our deepest apologies that crap, as you said, our city did not meet your expectations!))) … … Winter, we really have a complete D … BUT (as you neatly put it!)))) .. In December, roses bloom in the front gardens)))) … and in February there are windows up to plus twenty – well, where good?)))) …. ONE CONTINUOUS SUN!)))) … …. So you will come out with skates under your arm, and skis on your shoulder – and you can inadvertently make a noise in fool! …)))) … .. , rights – swamp. and rotten to !)))) … .. Two weeks of winter and eleven and a half months of summer!)))). Dear! … On behalf of all the Cubanoids … sincerely – FORGIVE!)))))

I am a local resident born in Novorossiysk. From the negative: In previous years, the city was built on the General Plan. can not be said about today’s time. Instead of the vineyards surrounding the city, boxes of high-rise buildings are now being built by the type of Moscow Cheryomushki. The ecology of the city, gas pollution from cars, traffic jams turned the once very comfortable and cozy city into a microdistrict of Moscow. With all the charms of this life – courtyards with thousands of parked cars without cars and small playgrounds for children lonely huddled between high-rise buildings. In the new neighborhoods of schools there. kindergartens too. Lots of parks. The center is in point buildings. the embankment is beautiful and well maintained. however, sea views are closed again with the construction of high-rise buildings. The end and the edge of this is not expected. They come to the city en masse for permanent residence from all regions of the country – this is the worst thing, because when one, two, five, ten families come a year, they join in and integrate into the local mentality. when they go on a massive scale – they inevitably destroy the way of life. I think it will respond. And, they go here. not realizing that they themselves will suffer from this. Simple mathematics: Infrastructure of the city is designed for plus or minus three hundred thousand inhabitants. NOT MORE. When more – not life begins. and orgy. As for moving here, I hope, I briefly described the picture. Who will go with the children – clearly understand – the class will be full. what kind of knowledge there will give, when in classes for forty people and more, judge for yourself. As for medicine, there is also one polyclinic – on the 3rd. 7th. 9th. 10th 14th 15th .. and 16th neighborhoods. People are treated exclusively in PRIVATE CLINICS. Analyzes are also paid for. Who wants to still move to the south – take a look at the small towns in which it is more comfortable. such as abins. Who dreams of living by the sea, I will say at once: When we began to build high-rise buildings right by the sea, local residents were perplexed: Surely there will be idiots to settle in a FAMILY PLACE. In our country, because of the north-wreck, these places have been considered deadly from birth. The sea will quickly bring down not only your splits – air conditioners (from the salty wind), but your cars will rust very quickly. In the summer you can live there, but the rest of the time there is a wind – ALWAYS. because it is the sea. We never built there because we never did it, because the locals know these places. But. the visitors dreamed that the sea could be seen from the balcony. Now they have experienced all the pleasures of life by the sea firsthand. Not in season. even. when there is no wind in the city. in those neighborhoods it will still be windy. In the north-east can easily tear the door to the entrance, even the windows of the loggias. together with the frames can snatch. Do not be surprised and do not say that I did not warn you. such is the price of living by the sea. I will return to small towns like Abinsk, Krymsk,. Everyone now has a car – get to the sea. just spit. But, life is more comfortable guaranteed.

Built a new 16 microdistrict. military pensioners settled there according to certificates. Locals bought an office space on the ground floor. they made an office there. They themselves have welded the fence .. They painted it themselves .. They themselves won a small piece from the stony ground under the windows of the office. hands pushed the grass. brought for their money a few sacks of land. We bought at our expense saplings of beautiful flowers .. Planted them. They look at the video camera: They are moving there (they settled all this microdistrict. You can immediately determine by their appearance – NOT OUR). This is not ours. casually plucking up a beautiful flower seedling. and went on. THIEF. The other is not ours. I mess around in this palisade. approaches .. looks with a ox-eyed look and asks – (this is called – Simplicity is worse than stealing). And I can in this palisade my flowers will sow. I look around in bewilderment. land around untidy – TO THE SEA. The yard is empty. no greenery … nothing. DO IT. take it and do it. Not. OTHERS HAVE CREATED OUR LABOR – and she on the ready. They refused her – OH, WHAT HERE PEOPLE ARE NICE. EVIL. This is ONE example. Second: I sit in the same palisade (I myself live NOT IN THIS area .. there is just our office). I sit, weeding roses. And on the second floor. Above his head a military retiree. throws bulls almost on the head. THEM GROW BEAUTY. So that all people can admire from the windows. And he throws bulls. and all the roses in these butts. They said to him: – immediate conclusion: ..Oh, WHAT HERE PEOPLE ARE BAD. And such examples – the sea is scorching. Everywhere and everywhere, those who have come to us for permanent residence behave in such a way that it is impossible to treat them kindly. Is it possible to come to terms with .. Tarakans? Not. you feel disgust. Here and visitors behave exactly SO. In all articles – unwelcome gozhestchki. Tell all cases of communication with visitors – a very long time. But. those who do not understand the locals do not understand – they themselves behave in such a way that they are NOT RECOGNIZED friendly. This is an offensive behavior of visitors at every turn. and great complicated our lives.

Seaside cities are not provided for a large number of residents. And that comfort, the charming well-being that has always reigned in our city of sailors – in the most shameless manner violated these countless hordes of immigrants. This was built for them stone jungle high-rises. destroying perennial marshes, a significant part of the Pioneer grove and vineyards. Water on schedule, the Nord-Osty and cement plants – it’s all such little things compared to the fact that there are already traveling by trains. It hurts to look at it. We – the locals can curse our city as much as we want – but we love it, we love it and cherish it. In each yard, our women carefully plant flowers, feed cats. our people are friendly, warm. but. Do not be offended by visitors, if they look askance at you! Because: Decided to move to a foreign monastery – be kind not to bring your charter here. A. LOOK AT. FIND WHAT YOU CAN LEARN. SEE ANOTHER. RESPECT ANOTHER. Oh, learn, learn and learn you to be Novorossiysk.)))))

06. 08. 2018. Long Live! They brought the child on a tour of the city of Novorossiysk, very much love the ships! On the way, it became very bad for him, vomiting opened. Just left the embankment! Going to the first people who got there, they asked where the assistance point was located and advised them to go down to the beach in the medical center! A kind woman helped my child, BUT in connection with this situation, I parked under the sign invalid, although there were cars near the parking spaces without signs invalid well, more photos were taken. I came in 10 minutes. And no cars! The child is bad, the heat, kind aunt said urgently to go to the hospital urgently need a policy! I called 112 say they evacuated, the address was called. The cars are next to there are untouched signs. There was no sign on them either! But I have 190 region! I go with a sick child that after 2 minutes. Stop because it is generally bad! We come about the horror of the people a lot of shouting heat with young children, evacuators bring cars and children cry, one boy simply tearfully asked his dad to give him a car because he wants to eat, and this father has three of them! A steadfast horseman in a short beacon named Karen says NO to the child! I’m in shock! The inspector held us for three hours and it was in the sun, with a sick child. And yes, this blood pressure is located at the address: Novorossiysk, ul. Rubin 12, here is a city hero! Mayor will be sent a separate message! I am ready to admit the fact of the offense, but in the photo of the fixation that I took at the time of arrival and arrival at this place, those cars both stood and stood, but mine is not! City resort! City hero! Our legs will not be here anymore! Complaints are directed! After all, they live only in the season! So is there a conscience! Sooo sorry! Today we are to you, tomorrow you are to us!

Terrible ecology, the sea is very dirty. People are ugly, angry, cunning. I cannot say anything good about Novoross.

The port city, nature is beautiful, but the city is a nightmare, or when I will not go and trade my beloved Yekaterinburg.

Sucks and not the city! And people are lying sly petty creatures!

Dirty dusty city. People traveling to Novorossiysk with children from other regions for permanent residence, and just on vacation in the summer, commit a crime. They think that if the sea is paradise! Nothing of the kind, they do not know the truth about ecology. First place in oncology, the sea is very dirty. Local (who are smart people) do not usually swim at sea, it is easy to catch dysentery, staphylococcus, meningitis. Constantly stinks of oil when loaded onto a tanker. There is a lot of dust and cement (a quarry for the extraction of cement OVER the CITY.) Sulfur transshipment in the port, too, all this brings wind to the city, and winds blow here every day. The heat in the summer with 100% humidity brings people to heart attack and stroke, some fall dead on the street, even young people can not stand this

Miserable industrial town with very cheap and miserable Ponte. There is no driving culture on the roads, driving rules are poorly followed. The air stinks emissions from factories, cars after rain in stains from cement. The sea does not paint it.

I visit Novorossiysk 3 times a month for work, the impression of the city is sharply negative. The first is a city, well, not as intended for tourism, there are few hotels and those that have a price tag are broken as they can. For visitors from other republics, they came up with registration at the hotel, in fact, this piece of paper does not give anything, but they take 500 rubles for it. If you want to do an experiment, after a day spent in the city taking a shower, pay attention to how you wash off the dust from industrial enterprises located in the city. Ecology is bad. The sea and the embankment – the embankment is good, it’s nice to walk in the evening, the sea is dirty and it stinks as it is a bay and the water stagnates. There are no sights (except for museums on the embankment). Transport – horror, easier to go on foot. Bottom line: the city is not a resort, but an industrial one and it’s not worth it to expect something extra natural than it’s, the population is quite benevolent, not so much in Krasnodar. The only thing that captivates is the location of the city at the foot of the mountains, beauty. Still beautiful at night, the port is all lit and looks very nice.

I have lived in Petersburg for many years, but I had to live in Novorossiysk for 6 years. The impression of this city is controversial. Climate – feeling as if you live in a hole, I rushed to morning jogs, in Novorossiysk it was very difficult for me to breathe, I had to give it up, the summer heat depresses, swim in the morning in the sea – yes, but the rest of the day – only with air conditioning ! I liked living there more from the end of September to April, there is no usual St. Petersburg dampness and icing. But the worst thing is the water on the clock 3 hours in the morning and 3 hours in the evening, at other times in the summer during the day not to wash, waiting for the evening in a sweat, of course, if you work actively, it may not be so noticeable. Beware of buying a home without a gas stove, i.e. only with electricity. A strong wind often leaves entire areas without electricity, the heating is turned off in winter and then the gas stove is a salvation, I had to personally experience it.

  • many sunny days
  • city ​​of youngsters, only 17% of people of retirement age
  • sea.

Disappointing low professional culture, compared with St. Petersburg, this is immediately felt.

I would like to come there to stay, but to live. it’s a big question.

I moved to your city recently, and from the pros I can only name what’s warm here and there is the sea! Very rude, greedy people and not educated, often the hearing cuts from speech that I hear to communicate with local people, it’s possible that you are stunned by something slow, you don’t perceive information, corruption flourishes in everything, we donate money every month for everything! In the shops I often meet boorish sellers, the products are expensive, even the same fruits and vegetables are more expensive than in Siberia, although there should be a turnaround, I keep silence about semi-finished products, they are not normal here, and the rest of the products are limp!

bad city dust all around cement-plants a new one appeared and everything went top of the flower-bed even though normal ones do not just tolerate water just don’t circle everything just in Sochi never come to your city more than ever and my friend just delighted with your city he comes to this city in which even the waters are not, and I will go to Sochi.

Hello! I have been living in Novorossiysk for almost two years now and I am shocked by it. More precisely, not from the city itself, but from the people who live here. I came from a region where there is no sea and beaches. A trip to the sea for many of us is just a dream. And what do I see here? Locals do not appreciate the fact that they have such wonderful nature, sea, beaches nearby. I live near the Aleksino beach and every day I observe such a picture: cars arrive at the parking lot near the beach, inside the cars Novorossiysk smokes, drinks, has fun, then opens windows and throws garbage. And so does everyone. What kind of education do you have, Novorossiysk? Made a remark, got a hammer on the head during the day among the people. She turned to the police, removed the beatings, but the matter was hushed up. The police are still inactive, although the names and addresses of the attackers are known to them. They were taken to the police station while intoxicated and released on the same day. Let me remind you that after I was beaten with a hammer on the beach. ! And this is all because I asked not to litter on the beach. Novorossiysk, are you people or savages?

I do not know how to breathe in Moscow, but sometimes we just suffocate. The owners of oil, mazut, metal processing and grain terminals (our beloved president, prime minister and governor and all their friends) are not at all concerned about ecology. When the acrid nauseous smell of the city crawls from the heated fuel oil, it is impossible to escape from it (((((you rush about with bulging eyes, like a fish thrown on the beach, but there is no breath of fresh air ANYWHERE as if you were stuck in a gas cylinder. You smell like someone’s money ..

And for the city, they do nothing! At best, water is on schedule: 2 hours in the morning and evening, the power substations are constantly on the limit, there are no roads, kindergartens and schools are sorely lacking, salary for people working at these harmful enterprises is -20-30 tons.

At the same time, real estate prices are cloudy, because visitors are actively buying apartments by the sea.

You can live outside the city – Myskhako, Abrau, Raevka, but there are troubles with water, light and sometimes it is impossible to get to the city (the road is one and it is cleaned from snow / ice).

Che catch in Novorossiysk I do not understand. Sea dirty fuel oil, dust mixed with cement and other charms. Brrrrr, having lived there for half a year, pulled up without regret. It is better to reorient on Sochi, in those parts both ecology is better, and the sea is cleaner. And in the port to a good position without cronyism do not get settled.

I did not like Novorossiysk – some stone jungle. There is a huge cement plant – Novoroscement, ecology – there is no place worse. The sea is wonderful – as it is the largest industrial port on our coast of the World Cup. They unload tankers with oil, with building materials, free-flowing mixtures of all sorts. It is not enough trees, to breathe (because of cement) there is nothing. From there, local people flee to the same Gelendzhik (only 40 km) or Tuapse (also a port, but smaller). The sea in Novorossiysk is a horror ((((It’s really dangerous to swim there (local people leave the city, they are looking for clean beaches). But visitors are splashing about 200 meters from the port, and they are also dragging children into the water.

Positive population growth due to immigrants? Oh yeah! 50% of the local population is gastro, which strips and robs mostly holidaymakers. So welcome! The road called One of the roads of Novorossiysk is the federal highway M-4, the shown segment of which is located behind the city. For 1 million 300 thousand, we can only buy a communal apartment for 3 owners. And 2-room apartments cost from 3 million. The southern region is quiet and clean – oh yeah, this is the second, after Mefodiyevka, a district on the basis of widespread drug addiction and crime! So, too, welcome! The village of Verkhnebakansky belongs to the Novorossiysk district, and not to the Primorsky, as well as Abrau-Dyurso and other settlements that are far from the city limits, like Raevka, Natuhaevka, Gornyi, etc. Sovetov Street is not the central axis of the city’s transport system, but ONLY ! I think you can not talk about the resulting traffic jams. Instead of the three best secondary schools identified by unclear criteria, the following should be considered: gymnasium number 5, school number 22 and gymnasium number 6. Payment of utilities is 3,500-4,000 p. Novorossiysk Shipping Company is long gone!

Objective view from the side of your obkhayany Novorossiysk)

Not a city, but a village. Moved from Siberia here 4 years ago, and very much regret. Problems with water are brought to a white heat, I live in a new house, and water is stable for 2 years by the hour (from 6 to 9 in the morning and from 6 to 9 in the evening). It is terribly inconvenient, constantly collecting water in bottles for the toilet, for washing hands.

The city is beautiful only in photographs and from certain angles. Basically, Novorossiysk is the house of a sovok time and the new soldiers who are built by the Greeks and Turks, and by the way they are building by the way.

The people are rotten and deceitful. I think about the Cubanoids do not need to talk.

Medicine is here at the bottom, in clinics mostly sit with women with menopause, who can not say anything intelligible.

There is nothing good with education either, of all universities only the maritime academy is acceptable, the rest is branches and colleges, nothing intelligible is taught there.

In the city there is a nasty ecology, dust from the cement plant is constantly flying, dust from construction projects, there is also a sulfur pass in the city, in the center in the summer it is very stuffy, it is impossible to live in an apartment without a split.

About the north-ost is a separate topic, this wind constantly brings surprises in the form of light interruptions, falling taps and knocking out windows and other things

The sea is very dirty, in the village. Aleksino, which is next to the spit of the same name, has sewage treatment plants that dump sewage into the sea, which is not always cleaned according to all standards.

  • cheap summer fruits
  • warm weather and sunshine.

Would not recommend moving here. Soon I leave this place. It is good here only in summer, and only for those who are tired of frost. In 2–3 years, the heat will be in your hands, and the disruption of water will infuriate you.

Neutral reviews

Was in Novorossiysk 2 times – in the summer of 2013 and 2018. Who wants to move there from Siberia and the North – most likely that you will not get along. And the point is not that, as they often say, “evil cubanoidas” :), people in Novorossiysk are mostly decent and serious, it’s just that there’s a different mentality and it’s not going to be your own at once. This is in general everywhere now and not only in the South. Siberia-Ural is one thing, Moscow-Peter-Center is another, the South and the Volga region are third: everything is unusual, alien and accustomed, building life in a new place is very difficult, and there are plenty of scoundrels everywhere. I myself wanted to be honest to move to Novorossiysk, but looked like and still changed my mind. And so good sea city.

I want to turn to Ekaterina, Igor: who are you? Trolls? On the reviews page of Krasnodar you call yourself the inhabitants of Krasnodar, on this page you are already acting as Novorossiysk people … you write the same things to people, just troll people! People, don’t read reviews these trolls


Troll Olga – who are you? … what do you need in our city … in our region? it looks like some sort of visiting real estate agent who needs to sell the next r … but how do some perezhodysh. … Who else can go on other sites? … Stanislav support completely …

))))) .. And Olga herself seems to be running around the sites … and I am curious here – this is not a real estate agent who at any cost needs to lure us to the edge of another move?)))) .. otherwise why would she be so bothered – who is there that he writes … ..If the local people write – this is their right .. they are at home … they take care of their house .. so that they don’t climb to us from all the cracks … and the realtor oh, how excited … she doesn’t give a damn from a high hill that we here it is bad from the invasion of strangers … she would sell another shitty housing …)))) .. Stanislav is a good girl .. a young lady .. all said. as it is … all my girls at work have read. also agree … we. if that – indigenous, born in our beloved city Novorossiysk …

I would like to turn to many commentators, in particular to Ivan, Tamara and other comrades. First of all, Ivan, aren’t you ashamed to talk about the hero-city of Novorossiysk, how about a city of hemorrhoids ?! Do you dare to say such a thing not in the Internet web, but in the face of a local Novorossiysk? I doubt it! And you hope you know why such cities were given such status ?! Although I doubt your literacy. Next I would like to once again say about KUBANOIDS! The Cubanoids are not us, but you, who come to our land and swing the rights. And, by the way, for the illiterate Kuban, this is Krasnodar and some villages, and we are Chernomorets! We do not speak to you NORTHERN DEER! Every comment is embittered to the extent that you go on to insults, and this only characterizes you from the very side to which you send us! Do you even hear yourself what you say ?! You do not like our city, SO WE DIDN’T INVITE YOU. You are not invited guests! You do not understand us, we do not understand you! For work, I was in the Tyumen Region and the Amur Region. And for me it was a shock rubbish on the streets, drunks every third. At night, some Gopnik walk, the impression is that the whole city consists of them. People, some embittered, shops are old, for the first time in many years I saw a buffet in Tobolsk nowadays, but this is not just a buffet, but those that existed in the 90s and drunks gathered in them, this is a mixture of a buffet with a winery, and in the showcase cockroaches crawling. By the way you have a lot of cockroaches. And this is wild for me. Rats the size of a cat. Lifts in houses are terrible, it is immediately clear that cheap. During the movement, it hit the walls, it got stuck, and I lived in an elite house, the most expensive in the city. And I can understand why you are so embittered, it’s just envy. You come to a civilized, developed city! The largest trading port of the country! Here, as you say low wages, yes, but just for you! Because it is very difficult to get a job, because the good places are occupied by us – local! And we have good salaries! And everyone values ​​his place, especially now, when you PRIVILO! So let’s continue on the ENERGY! And this is it, because after watching what is happening with you, I just feel sorry for you, because you do not see neither the sea, nor the summer, nor the fruits, nor the sun as such, and you merge this negative into us! And why should we love you, if you do not love us, if you insult us, defame our city! For some reason, I have no desire to visit the site of reviews of Tyumen or Tobolsk, Yekaterinburg or Novosibirsk and

I also want to add for the gifted or for those in the tank! OUR CITY IS NOT A SPA! And forget about it, stop searching where it is cheaper! After all, you did not go to Sochi, because you didn’t scrape the money, but came to an industrial port city and found something to be dissatisfied with! For you here will not do anything, everything is calculated for us only! So buy a piggybacking machine and drive to your base! There you have the place!

Semenov, you are probably from evil local Kubanids and you never had real friends in your writing. It looks like you are one of those who just love freebies and don’t work anywhere and spend their days on the couch and like to tear off more visitors from the couch but under the pillow to hide them who do not like to work just and all NAKHLAVA so live in your city rotten and dirty without water, suffocate from cement dustyas and wait for the cancer on your hill to whistle

Semenov P

Tomochka, you’re right! I was born and raised in our city, nearly thirty years otpahal in the seas and always coming home was happy to our heroic city … our way of life .. to our citizens –

Good day. We lived in the city this summer for a couple of months as holidaymakers. Liked the city, got housing, we are planning to move. Please advise a school in the Central District for a child.

Good day to all!

I like the city itself, but I don’t like the large flow of people rushing here. I’d love to say enough. Please stop driving. Because of this endless stream, it becomes hard. People are angry and rude to each other, although they themselves have moved. No one asked. I remind you – Novorossiysk is a port city, but not a resort one. And I want to wish Novorossiysk to remain polite too. DO NOT attack if you are not touched, do not always expect a jolt or kick. Let’s be polite!

I am a former Muscovite, now I live in Krasnodar. In Novorossiysk, I was several times on business, every time for 2-3 days, so I didn’t manage to get to know the city from the inside well. Stayed at a hotel in the center or in the private sector in the southern area, on Rybatskaya Street. There were never any problems with water, maybe we were so lucky, but the water was around the clock without interruption. Strong winds also did not fall. Were at different times of the year, 2 times in winter, in December, it was very cold, overcast and damp, as in St. Petersburg in November. It is hot in summer, but not as unbearable heat as in Krasnodar, but much fresher, after all the breeze from the sea blows pleasantly, and even at night there is something to breathe. Swam only on the spit, in the center the water was really dirty. Cement dust, fuel oil, oil and

I live in novorose. From May

The difference between allergies and colds

I read the reviews and I can not understand, the root residents write what cultural, upbringing and good people live here and through one review, what for you are needed here, bring down from here and so on, sooo culturally from the local. Okay, everything is clear with people, but how are things going with cement cement, electricity interruptions, winds, water problems? In fact, there are single reviews? Or besides throw everything from here nafig we will not read anything? Here I am a good, kind and really cultured person with two technical entities and an education manager, I want to change my place of residence, looking for options for moving. Anyone can comment on this village?

Hello! I live in Yekaterinburg since 2002. In Novorossiysk has never been. Itself from Transbaikalia city of Chita. It turns itself coming. And the point is not that the city is bad or good. He is neutral. The point is people and mentality. Everywhere the visitor does not favor, he will long be the black sheep. Although in Yekaterinburg, I only felt uncomfortable for a couple of years and even when I studied at the Academy and lived in a hostel. But no one has ever said anything bad to me and pointed with a finger that I was coming. There are a lot of these. I love this city very much. People are different absolutely, there are both good and rude. The most important thing is to remain a person in any situation and certainly not to write nasty things on the Internet to people whom you do not know and whom you have never seen. For me, the biggest minus of Yekaterinburg is the climate. Neither me nor the child does not fit. Constantly have a cold. The pediatrician advises changing the climate to a milder one. Friends recently moved to Novorossiysk, they like it there and children are less sick. We are called there. It is wrong to regard an original visitor or native as the worst person on earth. Apparently everyone has a biased opinion about each other. And if you don’t like something, you can talk to a person. Man – a rational being must understand. Of course there are also fools and idiots, well, this is no longer fixable! But the rest of the people should not be revenged with the same brush. And all without exception must respect the property of others and the work of others. All good

I am amazed … How we love to cheat a stranger city. Why do you write such great reviews!? You understand that in your cities the same thing. Which Administration do not go everywhere is sent to another place. Scammers, boors and others are everywhere. There is one parable … I will not write it for long. But the point is wherever you move, you take yourself with you. Maybe it’s not in the city, but in the habits? And do not ask you to distinguish visitors or not, we are all residents of Russia! And our people should be one. And all habits and character and attitude towards the environment and other people is all our upbringing. And if to someone this distinction between cities is important, then I am a resident of Sverdlovsk, I live in Novorossiysk for 3 years. According to Sverdlovsk, I can write the same to you one by one …. So everywhere we are all the same in the system. And if you want to move, just live in that place for a couple of months and decide. In fact, people are good, it certainly depends on the fact that you are attracted to yourself. All good

I don’t understand one thing, if you don’t like Kuban people there, what are you all about here? You came to us, and not vice versa. And be kind enough to respect the people who live here. And if something does not suit, then no one holds anyone here.

We moved to Novorossiysk just over a year ago. The city is beautiful, warm and clean. With work as elsewhere, but it is. Living here is very comfortable. Unless of course you have a lot of money and you settled in an area with developed infrastructure. In the southern region there are no schools or kindergartens. Schools are full, the issue is not solved. A construction is in full swing. For children, everything is very expensive. There are requisitions, but no one will force you to pay, you just need to immediately designate your position and not be afraid! There is a huge flow of immigrants, so in my opinion, the city loses its special flavor. This is noticeable for the elderly generation, living mainly along the Serebryakov embankment. Sports are not cheap. The infrastructure is very weak. In such a city there is not even 1 sports palace! Shame on you Demand is much higher than supply. For the whole city 1 decent pool. (1 visit 300R) Medicine here as well as sports. Surprising drivers behavior! Traffic violations are violated very roughly and constantly. Drinking water will have to buy, and so mostly from all storage systems. I want to warn against moving families with young children! In our radius

Beautiful city. In the center. Summer. In winter and even in the north ost – roller coaster rest! I had a chance to work in Novoross. Salaries are small, (10-15tr with a good deal) prices in stores are large. Men do not give flowers to the women – why, and so they hang themselves, the port city, sailor with money a lot. Yes, and flowers are sold on the market, up to 18 hours. Rent odnushki on the 5th floor of 18tr without a communal – as in St. Petersburg. A cement factory is just a song! During 4 months of my stay, 3 teeth and hair fell out. She quit on urgent without working off and ran away. 3 years have passed, I still can not recover.

Naani. … you are right … Men are not giving flowers to women women! …. They give them to WOMEN. … And we have sailors, on which, as you write – women are hanging out – no! … We have Sailors. … ..and our local girls don’t hang on anyone – NOT SO TRAINED! … well, but the fact that you ran away from here is a class!))) … One visitor hanging around his neck will be less!))) ……. and … WHERE did you see the dust from the cement plants? … you smoke something. ……..But that. that drove away from here – UMNICHKA … so the rest of the visitors would follow you – generally respect. …… ..And your teeth fell out because you didn’t treat them … .to the dentist should go on time!))))

TRANSFERABLE. … if you took off your jackets at MAY, then it will be time to wear them only in OCTOBER! … If it rained between these months … THE JACKET DOESN’T NEED TO PUT ON THE JACKET. )))))) … here you are not north …. there will be rain and it will be MORE HOT!)))) …. And then, sometimes I see such a picture in summer … .. after a night rain come out in jackets … .. (probably snow is waiting!))))) …. And it looks from the outside that you have … NOT ALL THE HOUSES … the cuckoo has gone!)))) … If they are already sealed up by the locals, then behave yourself. as southerners … JACKET REMOVED IN APRIL … and away from her … on the mezzanine … away … Relax)))) … SNOW IS NOT EXPECTED!)))))

Dear critic of our city, you came to us here to the south and criticized something you don’t even know about: well, we don’t have cement dust today, closed many cement enterprises, and all others, and if it works, then filters are so powerful that they absorb at the level of molecules. Further, no ship or tanker ever pours oil, sewage and sewage into the sea, this is strictly prohibited by law and fines imposed on shipowners are huge if this was the case. Our city is small and I think you need to think very well whether it is worth moving here to live: live in Siberia, in the Far East or in the Middle Band and be patriots of your regions, or you can eat here and criticize that, say, there are louts, drunks and other degenerates, but at our stops people throw cigarette butts into the bins, and if someone is on the ground, then this is from your series, newcomers. And before criticizing, teach the rules of the Russian language at least for the 5th grade, otherwise your illiteracy cuts the eye.

it became a little ridiculous .. Those who come and live are criticized .. And they complain about the locals that they are cunning and greedy .. At the same time, 50% of the population are newcomers. Conclusion. come only good and generous? Or vice versa..)))

I laugh to tears one review. The man writes: Everything, they say, he liked in our city, only they charge dearly for the repair of apartments – WHERE, they say, they see that I am a visitor. In a terrible alien dialect!))). O-kanye, A-kanye. Kurlykane – a nightmare that began to happen on the streets. Do not just cut the ear. and insults!))). One thing is surprising: Those who SO say – they what. never heard television speakers talking for example. They do not smoke!))). But, in fairness it must be said that NOT ALL newcomers are talking so unpleasantly. Siberians, Petersburgers, and Far Easterners speak good, clean, clear, Russian. But the Middle Band, the Urals and the Muscovites – this is the light of the carcass. !)))). If I would rather have retrained from their terrible dialect))). Just do not say that the local dialect is: Tyu-yu, A sho. In Novorossiysk, they don’t say that, and if they do, it’s just a joke!))))). WE WANT MORE INTELLIGENT PEOPLE. very nice and ladies and gentlemen from Petersburg. cute from Siberia. we are going one morning in a grove. – we are engaged in sports, towards Siberians. He greeted, smiled widely from the heart. albeit a stranger, but PLEASANT. THESE people like to see in your city!)))

If decent, noble people move to some place, they will first of all become acquainted with the history of this Region, city, village. they will try to find out what is the mentality, customs, foundations and orders in this place. And if they decide that they are able to become asimilated to this environment, then they will move. So do CITIZENS, responsible people. the same individuals who come to a foreign place and begin to criticize, water everything with sewage — and the people living in this place, and the conditions, and the orders, and customs — are unlikely to evoke sympathy or affection. such people go to live in this place not to GIVE. GIVE. your knowledge, your experience, your talent, to make this place more beautiful, better. they are traveling with one sole purpose: to tear. And when it’s impossible to snatch, they write embittered opuses to those who live, work, create beauty, ennoble the place where they live. In the posts of such angry individuals, there are two positive factors that relate to our native Novorossiysk: SEA and FRUIT. all the rest for them is a solid negative. Poured a tub of dirt on those who landscaped, built, created in our city – the worker all that is created. and waiting for the locals to accept him with open arms. WITH YOURSELF. WITH YOURSELF YOU NEED TO START. With the right goals. if I am going for the benefits that I have to provide – this is a bad goal. And if the food helps this city to become BETTER – then everything will be glorious – and the city. and PEOPLE LIVING IN HIM. All benefits to all.

These locals with their garden

Rental housing, communal, transport tax – more expensive. Directions to total transport, products in general – cheaper. The city is very beautiful and clean. Few, very little dust compared to Novosibirsk. Clean cars on the roads and legs after walking in sandals)

Beautiful port city. There are 2 troubles in it – cement (constant) and the absence of water (I hope that it is temporary).

There are a lot of cement quarries, its production and transportation. Cement flies through the city in the form of fine dust. But if you do not live in an industrial area or even in the center, you do not feel its presence. After the Crimean flood, the reservoir that fed the city went dry and has not yet recovered. Water is supplied according to schedule, in the morning and in the evening. They promise to solve this issue constantly, only things are there. Although there are several neighborhood with constant water supply.

  • Almost all the sea in the city is the port. But there is a city beach area with a stone beach.
  • There is the best beach on the Sujuk spit.
  • And there are beaches in the villages on both sides of the city.

Attitude towards foreigners:

  • Despite the presence of large international companies, they treat foreigners in the same way as in any other ordinary Russian city.

The impression of the local population:

  • The climate is specific, different from the neighboring resort towns.
  • The combination of natural factors created the conditions for boron (or borea).
  • The wind in the city is almost always blowing. When quiet, when almost hurricane, but it is.
  • And in the cold time with the wind is colder than in neighboring cities. And in the roast – more comfortable.
  • kindergartens
  • schools
  • Universities
  • conference
  • You can learn maritime at the Maritime Academy. For the rest – on the road.

Quality of medicine (quality and cost):

  • Medicine pleased me. Good specialists, both adults and children. There are no exactions.

Language (learning local language and communicating with local ones):

  • Russian. If you know Greek, you will be satisfied, there is a big Greek diaspora here.
  • car availability
  • road quality
  • driving level
  • the cost of gasoline
  • public transport)

Good thought over transport system. Are engaged in roads constantly, and did not see patching, if they do repairs, then at once the entire canvas. And the markup is constantly updated. Gasoline is expensive, but not by much. The driving culture is generally good, the rules are followed, the neighbors downstream are respected. Public transport is not enough, really wait for a long time and go for a long time.

Departure to other countries:

  • Problematic No airport
  • railway and the dead end.
  • Prices are regional, affects the proximity of local producers and their large number.
  • Entertainment is not enough. That is, there are almost none.
  • Wishing obviously more vacancies. From here the low level of the IT specialist’s salary is 15-25 thousand rubles.
  • Good work diverges in familiar and the market does not fall at all.
  • More expensive than in the country, but more or less negotiable.
  • The minimum. There is bytovuha, where without it.
  • The police are working as they should. And DPS, surprisingly, is doing exactly what it should.
  • I have not met any divorces on the roads. On the contrary, I was stopped once, just to say that the light bulb in the spotlight had burned out.

Women men (for dating):

  • I do not know, but in terms of the birth rate I think there are no problems.

Internet (availability, cost):

  • There are several wire providers with normal rates. I spend 800 rubles for the maximum unlimited.

Economy of the region (crisis, inflation):

  • There is money in the city thanks to the port and the cement mountains.

Dust on the other side of the bay where the plants are. There is no trace of dust on this side of the bay. The city is clean. Instead of asphalt, the sidewalks are lined with multicolored tiles. Sunny, joyful. In stores and in the market everything is there. The sea is beautiful, gives a special chocolate tan, a lot of beaches ..

There is one big problem – drinking water. She arrives at home for a couple of hours in the morning and in the evening. All basins have to fill.

Hello. We moved to Novorossiysk from Sakhalin as early as half a year. We live take root. It’s winter now, my wife and I are in a state of mild shock! It is warm, there is no snow (only before lunch), the sun is warm, we are walking in the autumn, we have poured on feathers with mothballs))))) I have lived for 40 years with frost, frozen Chinese meat, near the cold sea, and why? Now my children are bursting with peaches, grapes, watermelons, riding scooters (all winter) go to the kindergarten, enjoy life. Of course, there are difficulties, it is ignorance of the city, shops and people, there are also bad roads here (I live at 15 μR), there is dust and dirt, there is no parking near the house, expensive services of construction workers (they immediately see visitors, I don’t know) , around the building, in the city of traffic jams (in the evening). Nooooooo, this is compared to my former place of residence.

Here the quality of life is 95% higher. We try, we settle down, we learn the city, infrastructure. In our new home, only 10% are local, and the rest from all over the Union, from Kazakhstan, Siberia, the Far East, Volgograd, from everywhere! But do not forget that this is also Russia, not England, do not think that there is manna from heaven!

And I moved to Novoros from Pyt-Yakh. In Novoros since 2009. In general, about the housing of course the choice is determined by the number of den. marks. There is an economy and there is an elite. The areas above have been correctly described already.

About the hurricane wind I honestly still funny to read. Yes, once in five years there was a really decent wind. Once the earthquake shook)) But we survived nothing. It is in the order of things. This was covered in the media. And so … well, it blows, well, yes more than in Surgut, but nothing criminal. For me personally, this is not a problem at all.

The problem here is the real water supply. According to the schedule, water is supplied to certain districts of the city … BUT … by the way in which area to look for housing. If this is not a private house, then you need to look at the 15th microdistrict. Why? One of the most ecologically clean areas of the city and actively frustrated in recent times. It borders on Myskhako. There are new modern buildings and water almost around the clock. Beach city Spit 15 minutes walk. The infrastructure is developed, there is everything that pleases both hypermarkets and the market. There is no winter here, I am telling you as a person who has lived all his life in the cold and snow))). And I know in what climate you live firsthand)))) Well, conditionally, two weeks at 10-15 degrees below zero.

About cement plants are written as negative. Well, yes, they are present, but they are located on the opposite side of the bay, so it is relatively far away, and they are blown through. To be honest about their harm, I hear more horror stories than I feel on the quality of my life. I do not presume to judge. but I can assume that for health this is not gut, but where is the ecology for five now? Only in distant rural settlements located at a considerable distance from large industrial cities. So everything is relative. But there are no midges, gadflies, and the mosquitoes here, although there, but not on such a scale.

Positive reviews

… I will see live at least one creature on our CITY – HERO will say a bad word – I will upload it to Lobeshnik … I don’t seem like it …


During … Anton’s full support … you don’t

Good day! I also want to leave my opinion on Novorossiysk, accidentally in 2006, fate brought me there, lived for 2 years found a beautiful wife for myself, then I had to return to the Far East and to this day this city does not go out of my head, I started to call friends regularly with them . I can’t wait to see them in the summer. I regret that I left and did not stay at that moment. now would be like root)) People are more positive)))

I read the reviews and it was very disappointing for Novorossiysk! Do you think the indigenous people are not aware of all the problems? But this is their native city! Often, visitors are littering … Yes, they live here a little differently! And if you are not ready to accept, do not impose. I am proud that I live now in MY city of Novorossiysk. I loved this city at first sight. And about the bad attitude to visitors: yourself be a man!

Novorossiysk is a city of Russian sailors. And Russian sailors are harsh people, they will not lick their boots and will not lick! That you are going to live in their city. Adjust, people! It does not lie under a palm tree. Here people worked all their lives at sea and on the coast, defended the country, rebuilt the city from the ruins. This is their city, their home! And in a foreign house your charter is not necessary. We arrived, so respect what is. You can do better – do it.

All visitors who have left negative reviews about our beautiful hero-city would like to ask the question What are you whipping, swimming in our sea, leaving trash on the beach and stuff ?? Novorossiysk is one of the best, clean and beautiful cities of our big country. And you do not need to let the poison, go where you came from.

I read, just terrified. People, look for problems in

I love you the city of Novorossiysk!

Novorossiysk, in my understanding, is heaven on earth. Wind at plus 5, light breeze on attitude, wind at minus 25. All negative statements are inconsistent with reality. The city is beautiful, calm, peaceful. And who does not like it, come to us in Chita and you will learn about high prices and small salaries.

I was in Novorossiysk several times, passing through and stopped for several days. Something in it is special, its own spirit, its own way, its own atmosphere. For some reason I feel comfortable in it. Maybe because of the cleanliness of the streets and courtyards, maybe because of the decoration, and maybe in the aggregate. I have never once encountered any cement dust, fuel oil, or unbearable stench and stench, as described in previous reviews. And I also like how the residents of Novorossiysk defend their city in comments, well done (I think so). One evening, going outside I decided to light a cigarette, and then I looked for a long time with my eyes where to throw a cigarette butt. Just did not dare to throw on the ground,

I fell in love with the city. I was here from October to November in 2002. It was a few days in July 2016. I could not understand what was pulling so much here after the first trip. It’s simple. The soul wants itself. I was born and grew up on the river Tom. The sounds and smells of the fleet, his life, the court and their teams – this is my childhood and youth. I used to hear ship hooters, the noise of diesel engines, the roar of sirens. It is like music from childhood and youth. It pains me to hear how bad it is in this port city. Despite the fact that I do not live in it. The sea is the whole element! Sea of ​​water !! People attract us. As you are to people, so are they to you. You just need to be and reach for you ..

Read reviews – negative, of course, the sea. And I will write POSITIVE. I live in the Far East. For several years I go on vacation to Novorossiysk. Rest in September-October (in the summer, do not provide vacation). And I always want to return to Novoross! They write about traffic jams and little parking – it’s like that everywhere, in all cities! With the water did not notice interruptions. Prices in stores are reasonable, on the bus, too. On the streets I saw that they were selling pastries and drinks from the fridges. Everything is cultural. Ate in the canteen on the market: cozy, tasty and not expensive! Rested on the central beach and on the Spit, and Myskhako. The water in the sea is clean and sun beds – please. And the embankment is beautiful. The city is well maintained. In Anapa – no more foot. Gelendzhik – on the central beach and drink and smoke in the open, and dogs with people swimming, and algae … But, in Blue Bay – super- this is also Gelendzhik. So, dear citizens, it all depends on us. Nobody called us to these places, we cornered ourselves … and even with insults … Novorossiysk is not a city – resort, but a city-port! Prosperity to the city and its locals!


Zhannochka, RESPECT. … Good, good-natured people – ALWAYS COURT THE YARD. Come and relax with us!

Galina from the mines. Growth. Obl

Novorossiysk is the cleanest. Well maintained. And the sea is clean. And the wind is free. Expensive vegetables. And so everything is just super. I did not like this city. Because swimmer husband. And I waited and died in 4 walls in a small unemployed. Small town. Where everyone sleeps under one blanket. Envy. Yes, so that szhudukami sududi that knees. Arriving here I came to life. I like everything. I wish I did not go to live here before. Kept parents. Our mothers. Soon the mother-in-law will bring. Buy her a quart.

After reading reviews from the indigenous people and people who moved here, I understand how much all people are different in their own way.

Moved to Novorossiysk two years ago. Moved from Moscow. By profession an erector of metal structures. After the move, the contrast with Moscow seemed not very large. Muscovites, too, chewing visitors in the metropolis, there are many times more of them than the natives. So I first thought that the difference is not big. Having lived here, I began to understand that the indigenous people of Novorossiysk are in many ways polite, cultured people. Stylishly dressed, responsive and friendly. But visitors just give a sediment of unfriendlyness. After a while, it seems to me that I have lived here all my life, it is so hormonally dissolved in me and I in it. Believe friends, this is the best city in Russia. It is cleaner than Moscow. Not literally. Here, people are cleaner.


Who was born in Novorossiysk or lives in it for a long time would not want to go somewhere! … All these dirty tricks that the newcomers here say about the city are absolutely untrue! … Yes, Novorossiysk is not a Magapolis to look for here free-of-charge entertainment, such as folk play Play, accordion, beloved! ))) … and we don’t feed pancakes from shovels here … This is a city of sailors … and therefore the road to live …. but this is the BEST CITY OF EARTH on the grounds that after soaking it with an AURA, you will no longer feel anywhere else sew yourself as cool as HERE. …. But! … It is always -NO!)) …. In recent years, chaotic, mass building with high-rise buildings has opened gateways for the flow of migrants from all over the country – and let’s be honest, it was THIS that created some difficulties – in the form of busy roads, lack of places in schools and queues in polyclinics.! … ..An alien, alien mentality of newcomers has a great nerve effect! … over time, as it were embedded, flashing into one common w cloth … ..and it’s very cool to watch!))) … At first look, and mad :)))) And dragged you gadonysha in my hometown. …. Only you missed you here with your strange gaze, gloomy physiognomy …. just like a splinter here among us … annoying …….. but … time passes and the person gets used to … becomes softer, warmer, smiling, stronger … becomes like on the SEA … and living here for a long time – just starting to understand – that wherever you are .. whatever edge you see – and NO CITY IS BETTER THAN OUR NOVOROSSIYSK. )))

Quite by chance I read reviews about my

I would like to answer all at once to the creatures who have come to our city and hayat it. Go to *** from here, that someone was waiting for you here? Work badly, and who are you? Another saleswoman? This shit and we have enough. And housing prices are high because there are a lot of visitors. We would sit in our snow and it would be easier for us to live.

Greetings to you PEOPLE.! I love the city … I love life … .. I wish ALL of you only a positive attitude … positive, good luck … Health is also important …. Much depends on the person himself, but there are enough HUMANS everywhere on Earth.

And you know, when I read the unfriendly reviews of visitors about what kind of bad people we have – one picture rises before my eyes! … In the wild heat in the middle of summer, a local granny with a cane walked in our courtyard and carried a bottle of water … I was watching she was out of the window … She could barely get to the corner of the house … there was a cardboard house in the shade of a yard cat with kittens … she poured water into a bowl and slowly went back! …. How many such compassionate women live in our city. … In each yard they diligently nurse the kittens …. they plant flowers … two spring – they already weed, look after, paint small fences! … And how do our people work? … In the port, and in the sea … yes, everywhere. … ..And how carefully we treat children! … Meet the dysfunctional family,

Warm, friendly, with dignity – these are our people. Such is our favorite, proud city of Novorossiysk – with a strong character. Yes, we are jealous of the fact that people with alien mentality go here for permanent residence. They are not going to give something to our city – their talent, their knowledge. They are going not to make the city more beautiful, better, more comfortable, they are stupidly going to use. This is because of them in the city of traffic jams, this is because of them it is impossible to swim on the beaches. It is they who have enough conscience (or rather, a complete lack of conscience) to come to a FOREIGN monastery with its charter. Our people in the queue always REMEMBER that there are other people behind them – so they never detain the seller. Our people respect FOREIGN PROPERTY as their own. We do not have the habit of living a careless collective farm. Who will be able to UNDERSTAND that Novorossiysk and Novorossiysk – the same as the SEA – with the powerful energy of the WAVE – will love this city firmly. and not Novoros – and Novorossiysk. when love, never will distort the name of the city!

Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk – swam, we know. Negatives! You think that when you arrive you will wash your feet, bow and wilt; – Oh, Your Grace! What, you wish? Nate, here you are, all for nothing, and only for you! Do not wait, this is nowhere! I do not like? Love, appreciate, fight for your small homeland, criticized! So that the coveted European standard was where you came into the world, child! And I came to another place, a country, first find out and respect local people yourself, do you know how? And then wait for the feedback, otherwise, what a hello – the answer is the same!

Novorossiysk – fell in love immediately, totally! And, soon I will become the Novorossiysk Lady, although many of the years were both Leningradka and Petersburg, but the roots are southern. I love Novorossiysk, I didn’t even know that there is such an amazing city in our country! And I pray God for one thing so that no one comes to us here, here.

Read yesterday reviews about Peter. Negative about Novorossiysk exactly the same as about Peter. As if the same people wrote. And they go without any argument on the principle of a fool himself. It should be borne in mind that the disappointed visitors arrived from their villages and townships, which they successfully shattered, clearly not with good intentions. They thought that they were the smartest, strangers, rogues, and in Novorossiysk there were enough of their rogues. And no one is in a hurry to shower the visitors with rose petals. From here comes the negative, Moscow is bad, St. Petersburg is bad, Novorossiysk is bad. Start from yourself before you go somewhere. Frankly, Novorossiysk city is expensive and it is quite difficult to adapt here. And if you do not have the opportunity to buy a home. even if in a mortgage, it will be settled here well, very hard. Here, as in Moscow, nobody needs anyone, and everyone pays for himself. Of the benefits of cleanliness, order and infrastructure. As I was told by an employee of Alfa Bank, who moved from Omsk. He was surprised when he saw that they were washing the sidewalk with shampoo in Novorossiysk. Also, he was pleased with the cleanliness and order, as in Omsk itself dirt and broken-down roads, like after the bombing. I believe that Novorossiysk does not need advertising, not only because of the mild winter and purity, but also because every year the population of the city increases by 5-6 thousand. Of course, the kingdom of Heaven is not here, but the city is in full compliance with European standards and differs for the better from the average Russian level. We are not waiting for anyone here and are not inviting and will not be upset if a couple of brawlers losers sprinkle saliva against the city. Well, it did not work out for people to settle down, the money ran out. Their anger and disappointment is understandable. Nevertheless, new residents come from all over the former union. And this is an objective reality. People come here because they feel better here. The city grows and develops, as if someone wanted it or not. And once the bulk of the population will be visitors. Such is the harsh reality.

Citizens-comrades of the Lord! Please leave our city alone. Live in Siberia, the Far East, Kamchatka, Sakhalin. There you also have beautiful nature and taiga, and the sea in the Far East. Love your homeland. What do you wander about like gypsies? You come to our Novoross, and then you begin to redo it in your own way. And then you do not like that. You forget that the city has its own culture, its own mentality. People live here for decades and none of the locals cry that there is a water problem in the city. This is not the worst for us. For you, this is a tragedy. Once again, live with yourself and make your region better. And somehow we’ll figure it out without you.

I read negative reviews and was shocked with the heresy that was written. I have never washed off sulfur, cement dust and other filth in my soul. what kind of nonsense are you writing? I agree that the ecology is not at the highest level, but the city is green, the sea is also, in principle, clean. just places you need to know. wind a matter of habit and not so much of them. in summer, if there is no wind, it is very hot. so in a sense this is a plus. about the water they composed it according to the clock in the whole city. nonsense again apparently, people know so little about the city that just to write a negative review. water is ALWAYS available in 14, 15, 16 districts. so choosing a home should pay attention to these places. I also read that, allegedly, 14 md after Medevody was the most criminal. Fear the Buddha, this is generally the most peaceful area in the city together 15, 16! so, comrades, do not trust those adequate with negative reviews. Believe me and in yourself! peace to everyone

I read reviews and wonder. In Novorossiysk is bad, people are bad! What you yourself and treat you so! For contrast, go to Rostov on Don in the summer and compare the climate and mentality. )

I live in Kamchatka in the regional center. Some years I go in the summer with my family to the sea

I write my review for people with negative comments. It is surprising that people argue completely illiterate, well, it is necessary to get acquainted with the topic to leave comments.

  1. The most common – the port, ships dump oil at sea. Stupidity and complete lie. As a person associated with work at sea, I explain not a single vessel, not a single tanker at sea does not drain anything, either oil or water from toilets, or water from showers overboard while in port, at the pier or at anchor. This is prohibited by law. For this you can go to jail. Oil and oil products can not be drained anywhere else at all. Stop cheating. Bay ships do not pollute. There are emergency situations, but this is rare.
  2. The water in Tsemessky bay is dirty, and the neighbors are clean. Second lie Tsemess Bay is cleaner than Gelendzhiksay or Anapa. The main source of pollution of the bay water flowing during rains in the sea with urban rainfall. This source equally pollutes the bay in Gelendzhik, and in Sochi and Anapa. And where to go in the rain. The relief is mountainous, water flows down from above into the sea, the law of physics of the gentlemen. But only Tsemesskaya Bay is large, deep, with much better circulation of water than, for example, Gelendzhik. And so the water is cleaner than in Gelendzhik. And who likes the stench of algae on the beach, we caress for Anapa. And clean water, where the open sea. Wide beam, Durso, Small Utrish. All this is also Novorossiysk. But I note the ports are built, where there is a good protected bay. And on the Black Sea there are two such bays on the Russian coast – Tsemesskaya and Sevastopol, large and well protected. And deep-sea. So therefore the port is developing here.
  3. About the winds and Nordostov. Yes, it happens. Much less than 30 years ago. I talked with the guys from Vladivostok in their winter more often. And the myths created by our valiant media, especially Krasnodar. Well, they love to create a negative background for the city. Such a jealous Cubanoid. But this is a separate issue. The other day we are 34

Novorossiysk awesome city. The problem with water is a huge inconvenience, but it can be solved! People did not live in Siberia, did not see snowdrifts, frosts and snowstorms, when you can’t go through roads or paths! Therefore, do not appreciate a damn and do not understand what they say! and it lasts neither a day nor a week, but you have been suffering for months! And what city is where the money is, good people and there is no production? Tell me if you know.

My husband and two children, older than 7 years old, younger than 2 years old, moved a year ago from your Kemerovo region. in Novorossiysk. the city is beautiful, clean, Moreae yes super! But the winds here are very strong and there is no snow, I missed the snow very much in winter, and we have no relatives here! I here about school and kindergartens wanted to write to you! there were no problems with the school, without a registration in Novorossiysk, but Krasnodar registration must be there, we were temporarily registered in Krymsk and went to 21 school in the first grade. We did not make any entry fee, only 5 thousand had to be handed over for repair to everyone and with registration and without it, we gave only 3 tons since there was no more! But we certainly did not get into the kindergarten, got on the line in October with a temporary residence permit and in May we received a ticket to the children. garden, in August we will go and there we need to hand over 7 thousand for repairs!

The city is wonderful – clean, green, beautiful. All sorts of monuments, fantas, very beautiful embankment. Near a bunch of places to go for a walk. In general, you will not regret) As for schools and kindergartens, there are also enough of them, although there are a lot of children now, so it will probably be necessary to run a little to get a job, or the school can pay a sponsor’s fee. Although at the place of residence, theoretically, you should give school. With a garden there, it is necessary that one of the parents has a Novorossiysk registration. The region, as many here have said, is the coolest of the south. There are no industrial enterprises here, and there are good playgrounds in every yard, and everything is close by – shops for every taste, market, and polyclinic.

Someone in heaven may not like it – there are negative points. And I think that the saying I would have bought a pack – I would have lived in Sochi! Is not right. Lived in Novorossiysk – it will be more accurate. My parents live in Krasnodar, my brother, a lot of relatives, and I like Novorossiysk much more. I live here for 18 years and do not want to move anywhere. Here is a different mentality. It is difficult to settle well without labor, without love for this city, without the application of forces. Here everything is in sight. If a person is a scum or a goat, one cannot hide here, as in Moscow. With a bad reputation for a good job you will not get settled, you will not earn respect. But if Novoross accepts it, you don’t want it anywhere. This is the best city!

Where many have been and seen a lot! Year lived in Novoross! For 5 months I returned to Minsk (((and during this time there was not a single day when I was not sad about Novoross and would not want to go back there. There are a lot of minuses in it. But he still draws himself to him.

Here I read negative comments about the city and I am amazed at people, especially locals who write negative reviews, begs the question have you ever been in other cities? What else do you need for a comfortable life? Sun, sea, clean and beautiful city! I live in the city since 2013, came to work and stayed here to live. I fell in love at first sight, here is just a crazy energy, as soon as I came there was a feeling as if I lived here all my life! Very beautiful and well-groomed city, cleanliness everywhere, roads and sidewalks, I have been to many places due to the specifics of the work, but to wash the sidewalks nowhere I saw, a very beautiful embankment, flower-growing gardens all over the city, well-kept parks, many monuments In general, there is where to walk and what to see. For 4 years I have never regretted that I moved here to live! Of the shortcomings, as many have already written, these are problems with water, but even this is not critical, if desired, the question to be solved is that water is constantly only in the New Buildings 14, 15, 16 micron-nah. , it’s not really working, but if you wish, you can find it, because of its shortcomings, it’s medicine, it’s at a bad level, but this problem is in many cities, and otherwise it’s a very good city for living, I would even say the best city for living !

Novorossiysk is a good city, comfortable and with work there is simpler in comparison with the same Gelendzhik. The only unusual factor for us after the move was strong winds (((today all the news was promoted: schools, gardens did not work, a storm rooted trees tore, tore billboards,. Also, trees hit the playground in the yard of a high-rise building and on the line transmission in the area Tsemdoliny.

For 10 years now I have been living in this city, I don’t regret the move at all. At first it was a little difficult, but over time, getting used to it began. So good that you created this wonderful site, it will help many people who think about moving and cannot decide at all, when I thought about relocation, I was so worried about it, and with your help people will read comments, get acquainted with cities, a forum in general It will help a lot, it will be easier for them to navigate in place.

In Novorossiysk for a little over 11 years. Yes, it was difficult from the beginning, I’m not saying that because of a lack of money, and more difficult morally, no friends, relatives, no moral support … but there was one thing, but my husband was very pleased … of course the sea, the mountains, the proximity of such resorts as Anapa, Gelendzhik, and Sochi are not gazies. And when the first winter came, it was a pleasant shock (!) The temperature almost all winter was about +10 (+, -). It’s great when in April you can already swim and the season closed at the end of October. Yes, at first they were afraid of cement dust, but they still didn’t know what it was, but the Sheskharis area was an industrial zone, but nevertheless it was clean, planted trees and was pretty clean. And problems like everywhere else were and are in any city. Today we made friends and for us the city became our own. As for water, for us it was not a particular problem, 3-4 hours in the morning and 3-4 hours water in the evening, and in the afternoon we are at work and we don’t need it. In general, people find and see what they want. And how great it is on a day off in the morning to get on a bicycle and drive along the entire embankment, which, by the way, will be renewed – this is a fairy tale! Calm, clean city … I love Novorossiysk. And yes I forgot about the wind, well, I don `t know for 11 years only one terrible north-ost survived, and even then it all lasted a couple of days, otherwise nothing terrible happens, on the contrary, we laugh when we hear from people who have never been in Novrosiysk that we year-round creepy winds))))) More optimism and strength of mind, there is a desire, which means everything will be fine! There is no, ALL IS EXCELLENT.

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