The child’s ear hurts

Usually, an earache in a child arises at the very “inappropriate moment”: “looking at night”, on weekends, or when you are on vacation …. And this “shooting” sharp pain in the ear simply does not allow one to “suffer” until the morning, until Monday, before returning home. Urgently need first aid.

But what to do, how and how to treat a sore ear, what will better help a child: folk methods or medical preparations? What should be done when the child has an ear pain and body temperature has risen, or the ear hurts after bathing? What should be done to alleviate children’s suffering, and what can not be done categorically?

• Why does the child have ear problems?

Very often, pain in the ear occurs due to the ingress of a foreign body, that is, an immediate injury. It often happens that ear aches after bathing, the reason may simply be water inside. Also, the pain in the ears of children can appear at the first sign of a cold. Weak ear inflammation can begin in a child with absolutely any cold. In addition, at the age of a child of three or four years old, it is the ears that are most susceptible to infections — this is the “weak spot” in all babies. Therefore, ears should be protected and, if possible, to prevent the occurrence of painful processes!

When a child’s ear hurts, what to do, what and how to treat the sick ears of babies, what should be the first aid if the child’s ear hurts? The first thing parents need to know in this case is that the child should rather be shown to the doctor, since such earaches simply do not pass by themselves. Even if the ear does not bother the baby in the morning, this does not mean that everything has gone irretrievably!

• A child’s ear aches: first aid

But what to do when to go to the doctor right now is not possible if you are out of town, for example, or is it a weekend, or your ear has ached at night? Just “to endure” until the morning, until Monday, the child simply cannot, because this sharp pain causes the child to suffer greatly. How to help him, what to do to alleviate this unbearable shooting pain? How to treat a sore ear before seeking medical help?

To alleviate the torment of the child, most often parents try to drip medical boric alcohol into the sore ear. However, this is not worth doing, it is wrong. Parents are often unable to independently determine the true reasons why, the child has an ear ache, find out if there are any violations or injuries to the eardrum. But if they are present, instillation of boric alcohol in the ear can cause serious complications and only aggravate the condition of the crumbs.

First aid is necessary for children with ear pains – this is the most common heating compress, which can be done from the improvised means available in any home.

• Warming spirit pack for ear pain in a child

It is necessary to take a thick napkin or gauze, turning it in several layers, and soak it in a slightly heated solution of water with vodka (you should not heat it up much, otherwise the alcohols will evaporate and there will be no benefit). It is necessary to prepare solution at the rate of 1: 1. If there is no vodka, you can use any medical alcohol, but pre-dilute it so that the percentage of alcohol is no higher than 40 O, and only then prepare a solution. Lubricate the skin around the ear of the child with the usual baby cream or petroleum jelly, and apply the wrung-out gauze to leave the auricle and the ear canal open. Cut a circle out of compress paper, make a cut inside, and put a compress on top and on the ear. Instead of paper, you can use polyethylene, but then it is desirable to dilute the compress with water a little more. Put a thick layer of cotton on top, securing everything with a bandage. Such a warming compress should be kept for an hour.

The child's ear hurts

When there is no opportunity to make such a compress, you need to try to warm the aching ear in some other way. Just warm it up with something, putting a large piece of cotton wool or a woolen scarf, you need to completely close the ear, and tie a warm scarf on top.

  • IT IS IMPORTANT! If a child has an ear ache and the temperature has risen, or there is purulent discharge from the ear, then it is absolutely IMPOSSIBLE to do any warming procedures!

• First aid for temperature and earaches

When a child has an ear ache and the temperature has risen, it will be better to insert a tampon soaked in boric alcohol into the sore ear (do not bury alcohol in the ear!). Then you should put cotton wool on top, insulate it additionally, and fasten it with a scarf. Do not warm boric alcohol – all of its components evaporate when heated, so there will simply be no benefit from the procedure. For a while, just hold the bottle of alcohol in the palm of your hand so that it warms a little, and do not insert a very cold tampon into the sore ear. The pain will soon subside, and in the morning you must go to the doctor, even if the child calms down, and the pain does not bother him much!

  • IT IS IMPORTANT! Without a doctor’s prescription, never bury a child’s ear with drops, the basis of which is alcohol – they can injure, burn the mucous membrane inside the ear! The consequences of this can be serious complications and inflammatory processes, including hearing loss.

Try to get rid of the cold in a child as a matter of urgency, because in most cases it is the cold that causes the ear to ache and the temperature to rise.

• If your ear hurts after swimming

Quite often, after bathing in children, pain in the ears may appear. In particular, you should keep this in mind when relaxing on the water, and even after bathing at home in the bathroom, we recommend doing ear problems. To avoid the appearance of pain in the ears, they should be thoroughly dried immediately after bathing. To do this, it is enough to wipe the ears with a cotton swab, a usual cotton swab, or use a hair dryer to dry the hair. Using a hair dryer, you need to make sure that the air from it is not burning, besides you can not send it directly into the ear, otherwise you can inflate it. Direct the stream of warm air, holding the hair dryer approximately 50 cm from the head, dry the eye for 20-30 seconds. This well helps to avoid possible pain in the ear after swimming.

  • IT IS IMPORTANT! It is not recommended to frequently remove earwax from a child or to clean it especially carefully. It is a breeding ground for beneficial bacteria – the natural inhabitants of the body, which play an important role, including in the health of the ears. In addition, earwax protects against the penetration of moisture into the ear canal of the child, acting as a natural barrier for her.

But if, after all, she appeared, and the child has an ear ache after bathing, how and how to treat such earaches? The pain in the ear can soothe dry heat: you can wrap a bottle in the towel, pre-filled with warm water, and put this kind of heater on the sore ear. Our grandmothers used to warm the salt, heated in a frying pan or baking tray in the oven, and wrapped it well in thick cloth (beware of burns!). You can also attach a heated towel or use a heating pad, just not very hot!

The child's ear hurts

Another effective way to relieve earache in a child after bathing is to insert cotton swabs previously soaked in alcohol. The cotton wool should be moistened with alcohol (it makes no sense to use vodka), and squeeze it well, insert it into the sore ear, but not deeply and warm it with a handkerchief. Before using this method, make sure that the child does not have a temperature, and purulent discharge from the ear!

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