Than wash your nose with a cold

Many in the period of the onset of colds ask the question: what to wash the nose with a cold? To date, there are a great many tools and ways to get rid of the unpleasant feeling of nasal congestion.

How to wash your nose when you have a cold

How to properly flush the nose with a cold so as to ensure maximum cleansing of the nasal cavity, to avoid discomfort and possible complications? There is nothing particularly difficult in carrying out this procedure, and everyone can master its implementation.

When conducting this manipulation at home There are several options for how to flush your nose with a cold.. Consider how this can be done without the help of a specialist.

Easy way

Water or solution for washing, at room temperature, dial in the palm of your hand. After that, leaning over the sink or basin, draw the liquid through the nose. Then spit and blow your nose, freeing the nasal cavity from the remnants of the solution and mucus.

Method with washing the nasopharynx

If a runny nose is accompanied by a sore throat or inflammation of the tonsils, then using this method you can not only clear the nasal cavity, but also partially remove the plaque in the above places.

A distinctive feature is the moment that the procedure is carried out with the head up.

So, for the procedure is necessary:

  • Prepare a medical pear or soft-tip enema, add washing solution to it;
  • lean over the sink or basin, open your mouth and stick your tongue out;
  • Introduce the enema into one nostril and, by pressing on the latter, ensure that the fluid, after passing through the nasopharynx, begins to pour out through the mouth.

Similarly, rinse and second nostril. After the procedure, you should blow your nose well to remove the remnants of the solution and pathological contents of the nasal passages. Properly performed rinsing of the nose eliminates runny nose within a week, and breathing is facilitated to a large extent after the first time.

Than wash your nose with a cold

When washing, the jet coming out of the pear should not be very strong, because in this case there is a great risk that under pressure the infection from the nasal cavity can penetrate into the region of the paranasal sinuses or the middle ear and thereby cause an inflammatory process.

Folk remedies for washing the nose

Folk remedies have always been particularly effective and minimal risk of side effects. Rinsing the nose with a headache with broths and infusions of herbs not only dilutes the accumulated mucus, but also has a good antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effect.

The composition of the solution, depending on the recipe, may include a variety of components:

  • honey;
  • beet juice;
  • bow;
  • chamomile;
  • sage;
  • a succession;
  • calendula;
  • eucalyptus and many others.

Decoction of herbs (for 1 cup of water is taken

It is very good to rinse the nose in case of a cold, especially when its form is running, with a solution based on honey and beet juice. For this in 1 tbsp. beet juice dissolve 2

Before applying the recipes of traditional medicine, you should make sure that you do not have allergies and idiosyncrasy to the individual components that make up the medicine.

Drugs for nasal washing

Along with folk recipes, ready-made preparations offered in the pharmacy chain have a good healing effect.

Furacilin for rinsing the nose

Rinsing the nose with a cold is very good to produce with furatsilina.

Than wash your nose with a cold

At the pharmacy, you can buy a ready-made 0.02% solution of the drug or prepare it from tablets yourself. For necessary:

  • pour 200 ml of water into a glass, the temperature of which leaves approximately 40 degrees;
  • 2 tablets furatsilina grind to a powder. It is easy to do this with two spoons;
  • in a glass of water pour the resulting powder and mix well;
  • strain the solution through gauze to get rid of the undissolved particles.

Rinse the nose with a cold with furatsilinom need 2-3 times a day. Course duration 5-7 days. The drug has an antiseptic effect and is not inferior in its effectiveness to the number of the expensive medicines offered, which are intended to cleanse the nasal cavity.

Saline and drugs based on it

Physical saline is a drug that has found very wide application in medicine: from intravenous administration for blood loss to washing of wounds. This remedy is also excellent for rinsing the nose. Its effect is that it mixes with mucus, dilutes it, helps to remove it from the nasal cavity and restore normal functioning of the mucous membrane.

Saline can not only be purchased at a pharmacy, but also prepared at home. To do this, 1l of boiled water is taken

In no case should not make a more concentrated salt solution, because it has different properties and may complicate the patient’s condition.

Than wash your nose with a cold

On the basis of saline developed a lot of sprays and drops, intended for washing the nose. These include No-salt, Aqualor, Dolphin, Aqua Maris, Salin, Otrivin baby, Rinolux, Quicks. All of them perfectly cope with the cleansing of the nasal cavity, but they differ from saline only by the presence of auxiliary substances, for example, herbal extracts.

However, choosing how to wash the nose of a child with a cold: with saline or a special preparation based on it, it is better to give preference to the latter. Since the child has a more delicate mucous membrane of the nasal cavity, the risk of damaging it with awkward movements is great. More expensive, compared with saline, the drugs are supplied in bottles, which allow to gently and evenly irrigate the nasal cavity, thereby protecting against undesirable consequences.

The presence of additional components and a convenient for the use of the drug package is very clearly reflected in the price of the drug.

Contraindications for nasal washing

Before you rinse your nose with a cold, you need to make sure that this does not complicate your health. Despite the external harmlessness and universality, there are a number of restrictions when this procedure is contraindicated. In particular, categorically nasal hygiene cannot be performed by flushing, if a:

  • nasal tissues have edema that cannot be removed;
  • there are tumor formations in the nasal cavity;
  • nasal septum severely curved;
  • there is a predisposition to nasal bleeding;
  • there is inflammation of the middle ear or the risk of its occurrence;
  • perforation (hole) of the eardrum;
  • possible allergic reaction to the components of the solution.

Thus, competent and careful procedure will certainly help to cope with the problem of shortness of breath. But the better to wash your nose in case of a cold everyone has the right to decide for himself and here there will be no need for consultation of a qualified specialist.

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