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Thermage is a cosmetological apparatus procedure aimed at skin rejuvenation, which is based on the effect of radio-frequency waves on the body that warm the tissues. Local heating of tissues during the procedure of thermage can reach 60 o C. Hence the name.

This is a patented technology involving the use of certain equipment and special training of specialists who can work on this equipment.

And yet – this is a wide field for various frauds on the part of beauty salons, which often issue a procedure for thermazh radiofrequency lifting, which differs in the method of influence on the fabric, and price, and the number of procedures per course.

The procedure was first tested and approved in 2002 by the American Medical Institute.

Currently, there is the company Thermage, which is engaged in the production of devices for carrying out the same procedures ThermaCool NXT. In addition to manufacturing equipment, the company also develops and introduces technological innovations that make the thermage procedure even more efficient and safe. One of the latest developments is the patented CPT technology (Comfort Pulse Technology).

The point of innovation is to improve the comfort and safety of the procedure. This is achieved by vibration of the tip and a special, more advanced tissue cooling system. Therefore, the device is called ThermaCool NXT, and the technology used is implemented on this device ThermaCool CPT.

The exclusive distributor of the company in Moscow is Valeks M LLC. The representative of the company in Saratov is LLC Exclusive.

Specialists are trained in California, USA or in Moscow. The company Thermage is part of the holding Solta Medical, which owns patents and manufactures equipment for a number of other high-tech hardware procedures, such as Fraxel, Izolaz, CLARO.

The word Termage is currently used in the names of a number of devices for carrying out radio wave therapy procedures. But do not confuse the patented name of the procedure and marketing moves, the purpose of which is to increase the sale of devices of own production.

So, what information about patents and manufacturers can be useful to you if you decide to do this procedure.

In the salon, where you are going to the procedure, it should be the device Thermal EN X Ti. Do not hesitate before you give money to the cashier, go into the office and look at the device itself and its name, which should be on its case. If this is not Tarmakul AX Xi, then you will not do Thermage.

Technologies and abbreviations

En Xi is an apparatus. CPT is a technology implemented in the working attachment of the device (vibration + cooling). It may be difficult to remember all this. But if a specialist who offers you a procedure is confused in abberiatures and their meanings, then a specialist is at least not serious and you shouldn’t trust him.

Data checking

In this online mode, you can always check whether the salon has the equipment for it, and whether there are specialists in this salon who have received the necessary training. Without special courses to work on the device can not be! If the salon offers you Thermage, and it is not in the list at the link above, then at best you will be given radio frequency lifting, which is much cheaper and designed to solve completely different tasks than Thermage.

How the machine works

It is based on the warming and stimulating effects of radio waves. To eliminate the discomfort from exposure and the risk of burns, intensive cooling of the site of exposure is carried out.

Temperature during the monthly forum

The tip of the working nozzle (handles) is designed in such a way as to focus the radio waves at a certain depth in the tissues. The depth can be adjusted by the doctor performing the procedure and depends on the area of ​​exposure.

The minimum depth of wave penetration is 0.5 mm, the maximum is 4.3 mm. In the tissues, the energy of radio waves is converted into heat. Due to the reverse gradient, the fabrics are heated in depth, but they cannot give off heat to the surface due to intensive cooling.

Reheating leads to the fact that the old collagen in tissues, which no longer provides the necessary level of skin elasticity, is damaged. This leads to intensive synthesis of new collagen molecules instead of destroyed ones.

It is a monopolar technique. There is only one working electrode in the apparatus for conducting Thermage. The second electrode is inactive and located on the skin that is not exposed to. An electric current passes from the active to the passive electrode through the whole body. A high power of 250-300 W and a frequency of 6 MHz is used.

How is the procedure

Each patient is selected their own nozzle to the device, based on the condition of the skin and the expected results.

The full cycle of the point impact of the nozzle of the ThermaCool NXT apparatus consists of four successive steps:

  1. Cooling the skin to prepare tissues for exposure to microwaves. Simultaneously with the cooling, the vibration of the nozzle head begins to act on the fabric.
  2. Special tip comes in contact with skin. The effect of radio waves on the fabric begins. The vibration continues.
  3. Radio waves penetrate the calculated depth into the tissue and heat them. Begin the remodeling (structural change) of collagen. The vibration continues. Gradually, cooling begins to flow.
  4. The final cooling of the skin area exposed to radio waves.

No special preparation for the procedure is required. The time of the procedure is not normalized, since the duration of the treatment of the claimed zone will depend on the patient’s feelings. Subjective sensations, just like the state of the skin, are the criteria for setting the device settings. Therefore, we can only talk about the minimum time of the procedure. For a face it is from 45 minutes to an hour and a half, for a body from two to three hours to a selected area.

If the procedure is performed on the correct apparatus, it is performed by a trained specialist, and all settings are set correctly, then there should be no pain during the procedure. The patient must feel alternating cold and warm. The sensations of heat can be very intense, but not enough to carry them with difficulty.

For the procedure does not use pain relief. On the websites of some salons, local anesthesia, which lasts for about 2 hours, is indicated as one of the bonuses to customers who decide on the Thermage procedure.

After completion of the procedure, the client must be under the supervision of a specialist salon for some time.

Differences Thermage from RF-lifting

There are several reasons why these two procedures are often confused.

  • Salon customers.

It’s clear that it is very nice to get a procedure that costs from 140 to 300 thousand Russian rubles for 2500-3000. The fact that ten times cheaper procedure is “just some kind of” RF-lifting is not so pleasant to think about. Meanwhile, RF-lifting also has a beneficial effect on the skin and is worth the money spent on the procedure.

  • Salon specialists.

There are two main reasons for this: competition and personal interest of salon employees. Competition forces salons to give information on their websites that they have a real Thermage for 2,000 rubles per zone. But if you read carefully, it turns out that we are talking about RF-lifting. But this is if you read carefully and know which aspects to pay attention to (this will also be discussed below) …. The personal interest of employees is that, as a rule, an employee receives a percentage of sales and procedures.

Temperature during the monthly forum

Therefore, it is quite natural that selling it for 300 thousand is much more profitable than RF lifting for 3 thousand. It is good for the salon in this case and the fact that rarely one of the patients asks questions about the device and the training of a specialist.

Legends and Myths

  • The more intense the impact, the more painful it must be.

This is usually seen in negative reviews. Salon clients indicate that during the procedure it was very painful and uncomfortable. At the same time, rarely anyone indicates in which salon the procedure was carried out, which of the doctors did it, on which apparatus. None of the survivors of the traumatic procedure indicated that the specialist who performed the procedure asked them about the sensations. Most often it ended in burns. The thing is that it can not be absolutely comfortable and relaxing effect. But intensive pain during the procedure should not be.

  • Thermage without burns – money down the drain.

As conceived by the developers of this technology, it should become a better plastic surgery, not only because there is no need to make cuts and worry about scars, but also because after the procedure the patient can immediately return to his daily life.

Because after the procedure, burns should not be. If there are burns, you can safely demand a refund, based on the fact that an illiterate specialist who does not know how to work with the device performed the procedure for you.

So, what can be useful for you information about the features of the Thermage and its differences from the radio wave lifting:

  • The number of procedures. If the number of procedures per course is more than one, then this is not Thermage.
  • The duration of the procedure. If the duration of the procedure is small (about 20-30 minutes), then this is either not Thermage, or the claimed procedure is being carried out with violation of the technology.
  • Painlessness Either you will be offered pain relief with drugs, which in itself is not very good and is fraught with burns, or it is not Thermage. If a friend says that she came to Thermage, completely relaxed and enjoyed, then this is also not Thermage.
  • Effective temperature. Currently, a number of salon sites have appeared assurances that the salon has bought the newest apparatus for Thermage, which warms the fabric to only 42-45-47 o C.

Immediately know that the device, which appears in the description, is intended for carrying out radio wave lifting, but it is not suitable for Thermage. And that means. that it is impossible to carry out a complete Thermage procedure on such a device.

What areas of the body is it intended for?

Eyelids and eye area

The skin around the eyes is most vulnerable for three reasons:

  • it is thinner and has almost no subcutaneous fat;
  • a large number of vessels and frequent stagnation of blood in the eyelids provoke the appearance of edema, which over time becomes permanent;
  • The skin of the eyelids is constantly in motion.

Hence, a more careful care of the area around the eyes, and lighter textures of creams, and special gentle procedures that act carefully and do not provoke edema.

Thermage for moving eyelids and areas around the eyes can solve the following problems:

  • reduction of overhang of the upper eyelid;
  • smoothing the area of ​​the crow’s feet;
  • reduction of skin swelling and bags under the eyes.

In addition to the area of ​​the eyelids on the face there is another area that requires attention. This is the area nosogubok. And if earlier young women did not pay close attention to the appearance of clear nasolabial folds, now it is customary to engage not only in the elimination, but also in the prevention of this first sign of facial skin subsidence.

In addition, Thermage allows:

  • get a clearer chin contour;
  • eliminate the second chin;
  • tighten the cheek area;
  • smooth the first wrinkles and increase the elasticity of the skin around the mouth, on the forehead, in the eye area;
  • refresh your face and improve its color.

Most often it is the hands, the skin of which is thinning and losing the subcutaneous fat layer. As a result, the skin that has lost its elasticity is gathered in small folds in the joints, and blood vessels begin to shine through it.

The Thermage procedure helps to make the skin of the hands more dense and elastic, which visually makes the hands younger. Flabbiness of the skin and cellulite. Thermage can not help from cellulite, if it is pronounced. The depth of exposure to radio waves is only 4.3 mm. This is too small for fatty tissue to be affected. But He perfectly tightens the skin and eliminates stretch marks due to the stimulation of new collagen tumors.

Video: Facial and body skin rejuvenation

Watch the video and find out what the microcurrents do for the face?

Temperature during the monthly forum

What is fractional laser rejuvenation? Read the link.

The optimal age for

Usually it does not make customers younger than 35 years. In order to prescribe the procedure to younger patients, a cosmetologist must have sufficiently serious reasons. But the jade in this case, the procedure is not assigned to persons under 30 years of age.

It should be understood that Thermage can be done at 20. But in this case, do not be upset if the effect is not. The point of application of the Thermage procedure is collagen fibers that have lost their original structure. And in 20 years Thermage will start the process of replacing damaged fibers with new ones. But this effect may not give a visible effect.

Duration of effect

The effect of the procedure increases gradually. For most clients, the initial appearance improvement can be observed already in the first days after the procedure. But the maximum effect appears after 4-6 months. The result of the procedure is stored for 5-7 years.

Video: Thermolifting on the buttocks and thighs


Like any other intense effect, Thermage has its own contraindications. These include:

  • pregnancy;
  • the presence of a pacemaker or any other implanted electrical device;
  • the presence of metal objects in the area of ​​impact (for example, an intrauterine device in case of a Thermage of the abdomen or buttocks or dental pins or gold threads during the Thermage of the face and neck);
  • bright fresh tan;
  • coagulation disorder;
  • taking anticoagulants or immunosuppressants;
  • a sharp weakening of the immune system;
  • history of skin cancer, rebirth of moles;
  • psoriasis, eczema at the site of exposure;
  • diabetes;
  • chronic diseases of the cardiovascular, respiratory system and internal organs in cases where insufficiency of any of the organs has developed;
  • infectious diseases, especially such as herpes exacerbation;
  • systemic connective tissue diseases (systemic lupus erythematosus, scleroderma);
  • propensity to form keloid and hypertrophic scars.

Interested in how to remove vertical wrinkles under the eyes? Read here.

Recovery period

The necessary restrictions apply to the first day after the procedure:

  • Refusal of thermal procedures: sauna, hot bath, solarium, sun exposure;
  • should limit sports and physical activity.

Side effects

Currently there is no official information about side effects. And it is difficult to navigate through reviews on the Internet, since in most cases it is not possible to find out whether the side effects were the result of the performed Thermage procedure or another procedure that was sold to the customer as Thermage.

  • No effect

The procedure may not give the desired effect in both subjective and objective opinion. In the first case, the effect may increase gradually and not be as pronounced as expected. In the second effect may not be in fact, including the photo taken before and after the procedure.

As a rule, are the result of violation of the rules of the procedure.

The most serious of all side effects.

And instead of skin tightening and rejuvenation, subcutaneous scars appear, which are defined under the skin as numerous local seals.


Basically, no serious consequences of the procedure should be expected, since in the distant future no serious problems associated with the transferred procedures are described.

For a number of sources that express an opinion that is not confirmed by scientific research, the damage to Thermage can be manifested in the fact that the client may have difficulty in performing plastic operations at the site of exposure to radio waves.

This may be due to the overgrowth of connective tissue, which will change the normal elasticity of the skin. Therefore, during the performance of plastic surgery, which will involve imparting tension to the tissues, the surgeon may experience difficulties, and the result of the operation may be far from ideal.

Video: Body Rejuvenation

Is Altera more effective?

In addition to Thermage, there is currently another procedure that is advertised as high-tech and very effective. This is Altera, which is based on the ultrasound effect on the tissue. To argue about what is more effective is not worth it, since these are completely different effects on completely different structures.

Thermage affects the skin to a depth of 4.3 mm. Altera also affects ultrasound on deeper connective tissue structures, which are muscle aponeuroses and fascia.

Photo: Ulthera System ultrasound lift

If we talk about the face, then Thermage acts on the outer layers of tissue, and Altera tightens the deep layers, namely the muscular aponeurotic layer, which is located under the layer of skin and subcutaneous fat. Along with the skin, this layer also loses its elasticity with age and can no longer provide support for facial tissues.

During the Altera procedure, the ultrasound passes through the skin and fatty layer, without having any effect on them, reaches the level of fascia and aponeurosis, locally heats them and causes their local contraction. The effect of the procedure is noticeable immediately and increases for another 3-4 months.

Photo: Ulthera System – eye area

From the above, it can be concluded that one and the other are not mutually exclusive procedures, but, on the contrary, can significantly enhance the effect of each other, since they provide a lifting effect at different levels.

Altera can be used in cases where Thermage is contraindicated (presence of a defibrillator or gold threads, for example).

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