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Cyprus is a popular place for summer holidays, good weather and warm sea attract tourists from all over the world to the paradise. Cyprus in July is sunny, hot, the sea at this time of summer warms up to a comfortable temperature. July is the period when the beach season is in full swing. Therefore, when planning a trip to Cyprus, you should take into account this fact and book a hotel room in advance.

Air and water temperature in July

The island washes the Mediterranean Sea. The water area is large enough, so it is divided into 3 small seas:

  • on the southern coast – Cyprus;
  • on the northeast side, Cilicia;
  • on the south coast – Levantine.

The western coast of the island is washed by part of the Mediterranean Sea, which has no separate name.

In summer, the maximum air temperature in Cyprus reaches + 40 ° С. With such heat, the water along the coast warms up to + 27 ° С. The most popular place for swimming is the Cyprus Sea. It is calmer, and there is less precipitation in this region, so the water warms faster.

The swimming season in Cyprus begins in spring, when the water temperature is not below + 20 ° С. In May, tourists open the beach season, which reaches its peak in July-August and lasts until mid-autumn. In October, the sea temperature is + 22 ° С.

You can safely go to rest in Cyprus in July, the water temperature at this time will be more than pleasant even for small children. During this period on the island begins the summer heat, so hats and sunscreen must be used on a mandatory basis.

July temperature in the resorts of Cyprus in 2018

Weather in Ayia Napa and Protaras in July

In Cyprus, a lot of resort places, but the most popular among tourists are Ayia Napa and Protaras. Summer in these cities is warm, without precipitation and strong winds, the sea water is clear, comfortable for swimming, and the beaches are sandy, clean.

Temperature below 36

In the middle of summer it is quite hot here. In case of hot weather in Cyprus in July, the thermometer can reach + 35 ° C and higher, but this heat is transferred more easily due to low humidity. Tourists who feel bad in the heat, and young children are not recommended to visit the beaches and be long on the street during the period of solar activity – from 11 o’clock in the afternoon until 17 o’clock in the evening.

When the sun comes to a sunset, you can meet many children on the beaches of Protaras, because this resort in Cyprus is great for a family holiday.

Weather in Larnaca and Limassol in July

In Limassol and Larnaca the same weather conditions are the same as on the whole island. But the east and south coasts are a bit cooler than the central regions. The air here warms up to + 30 … + 35 ° С. In early July, the average water temperature in Larnaca is 27 ° C, and in Limassol – 0.5 ° C below.

Based on long-term observations of the weather, there are all the prerequisites to assert that in July 2018 Cyprus will have a warm and dry summer, so you can safely choose a suitable city for rest.

Weather in Pissouri and Paphos in July

The average heat indices in the territory of Pissouri and Paphos are + 30 … + 32 ° С. In these areas, there is excellent weather without precipitations and with a large number of sunny days, and the water in the sea warms up to + 26-26.5 ° С. These resorts in Cyprus are suitable for recreation for older people and families with children.

Popular Cypriot Entertainment

In addition to the wonderful climate, on the island you can find any entertainment according to your spirit. So in Ayia Napa is the heart of youth club life. Here anyone can dance until the morning both indoors and under the starry night sky.

And by walking around the outskirts of Paphos in Cyprus, which is on the list of world cultural heritage, you can plunge into the depths of history and legends. Not far from the town is the picturesque bay of Aphrodite, where, according to legend, the goddess of love and beauty was born.

You can go on an independent journey around the island in a rented car or take a tour of the sights of the island.

The waters of the Mediterranean Sea on the island are clean and safe, so you can take diving lessons and scuba dive into the fabulous sea world.

Various agencies and hotels offer travelers a lot of interesting excursions. The island has a rich history dating back to centuries, a beautiful nature with plains and mountain ranges. A visit to Cyprus excursions will provide an opportunity to get acquainted with the culture, customs, nature, history and landscapes of this region.

Temperature below 36

It will be interesting to visit sightseeing tours of the shrines of the island and get into the Holy Monastery of Kykkos. Admire the beautiful views allow a trip to the natural monuments of the National Park Kavo Greco Cyprus. Guides recommend visiting Paphos as it is a popular historical place.

It is important to remember that July-August in Cyprus is a hot period. In order to avoid sunstroke during the excursion, you need to remember about the measures of protection and take a drinking water.

Festivals and holidays

Cultural life in Cyprus is eventful. In cities, various festivals and carnivals are held, concerts and theatrical performances are organized. The most famous annual cultural event in Cyprus is the Aphrodite Festival in Paphos. Theatrical performances and famous opera tenors from all over the world take place on a large open-air stage. In July, the annual festival of the ancient Greek tragedy is held.

An annual wine festival in Limassol was organized for wine lovers; it was founded back in 1961.

According to the canon in the republic celebrate Orthodox religious holidays.

The cost of the July holiday

The price of a holiday in mid-summer in Cyprus will depend on the city, the level of the hotel and the richness of the cultural and entertainment program. Prices for a double room vary from 50 to 250 €. You can buy a tour for 5 or more nights with meals for 700-900 €.

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