Temperature 37 week

Planting Magnolia Seeds Shoots.

In the article Reproduction of Magnolia by Sulange seeds. Magnolia Seed Stratification ”was described in detail about how I stratified the seeds.

In this article I want to talk about my success in planting magnolia seeds and getting the first shoots.

For clarity, photographs and dates will be presented.

Temperature 37 week

So, the planting of Magnolia Sulange seeds took place on January 24th.

For planting seeds, I bought myself such a black bucket.

Holes were made in the bottom of the bucket with a red hot nail.

Having read on the Internet that the magnolia has a tap root system and you need to choose a pot deep enough for planting so that the root does not rest on the bottom and the development of the seedling does not slow down, the bucket for germinating magnolia seeds seemed to me very convenient. The height of its walls is about 25 cm. I read that a tank with a height of sides no less than 30 cm is needed at all. Then I was really worried about doubting whether the seedlings would bend there, would it rot? But what’s done is done!

I have a lot of seeds. The ones who sneaked were planted in a bucket, and the rest in the deepest pot that I had at home at that time.

I used peat as an earthen mixture. Well soaked it. Stretched all this kashentsia hands.

Smoothed the soil, with a finger made shallow holes.

Carefully put the seeds in these holes. With those who have already been proclaimed, she acted carefully. I tried to root was at the bottom, and not at the top, with the other non-recited seeds did not stand on ceremony. If he wants to live, he will survive and grow! Nobody canceled natural selection (although I am not a supporter of Darwin and all the nonsense that he invented).

The first two days the bucket stood on the balcony, where the day temperature is around 18, sometimes even 23 degrees on sunny days. In the evening there is 14-16 degrees, sometimes lower.

Suddenly, considering that my seeds can be very sad and cool on the balcony, I brought them into the room. Of course, they didn’t get a place under the “artificial sun”, but the light from the racks did get onto the bucket with the ground.

And so, on the sixth day, January 30, the first seedling appeared.

Most likely, it was the very sprouted burly.

This photo is for February 1. My sturdy 8 days.

And this is it already on February 8, in a week

If you take a closer look, then a new baby is visible opposite my sturdily.

Reading more information about this amazing magnolia plant, viewing other people’s photos, I saw that many people have one seedling, a two-year-old magnolia sits in a maximum of 1-liter containers and feels fine. Doubts did not leave me! I was very worried that my seedlings would rot in this large capacity.

Temperature 37 week

And so I decided to look, what is the root there, deciding for myself that if I accidentally ruin my first burly fellow. – I will have one more. and maybe by that time something else will come out, but I planted in a container of at least 12 magnolia seeds.

And so, I neatly dug out my stalwart.

The root of him did not develop a small one for his age! Therefore, throwing away all my doubts, I buried him back. What will be will be!

And here are my two rastishki. Where do you think my burly man is in the photo? It is smaller than the second. The second grew much faster and more active. I do not think that this is due to the excavation, since it even grew faster in the early stages.

How my magnolia seedlings will continue to develop, what else will come up from planted, whether stratified but not hatching seeds will come up, I will tell in another article.

Vladimir. Alma-Ata

Thanks for the detailed description. This year I want to have a magnolia for the first time.

If the seeds are stratified, then everything will work out! I have a lot more shoots this year!)

class, this year for me the first time the magnolia blossomed, bought a sapling 40cm two and a half years ago. Now I will wait for the seed, and according to your instructions to grow myself)

Did the temperature on your balcony was below zero? I bought seeds, but spring is already and where should I put them?

No, I have a plus on the balcony

Victoria, tell me where to put them when I put them? Maybe in the basement? We have in the summer to 40 degrees in

Olga, read the first article. Do you have stratified seeds?

how much water do you need?

As usual. The main thing is that there is no swamp.

Can you please tell me how to make the seeds slip? I am absolutely new to this business! My friend has such a gorgeous tree and it is now littered with fruits. Is it possible to harvest now?)

Elena, at the very beginning of this article there is a link that you need to go through, and it says there is a bite of magnolia seeds

Victoria! You are so well done! I have already read everything, all in enthusiasm !!) and what if I, too, succeed !? If everything turns out for me, I will invite you to visit, you will be godmother !!))

Elenka, everything will turn out! nothing complicated! rooting a magnolia is very difficult, and sprouting seeds is a good thing!) Go for it!

Then prepare your bags already! To go not very far, I think so !!)))

Where are you from, Elenka? I am from Odessa)

and we side by side! Ishmael on the wire !!)

oh great I will prepare the suitcases))

Hello Victoria, I collected magnolia seeds,

Hello! Anastasia, did not understand when you collected them. in June or what?

Ugh damn, here in October

and yak vi pіdgotovali nasіnnya before landing

Tanya, follow the link above in the previous article, everything is there with a photo and a description of the process)

Thank you for the detailed description, tomorrow I will start collecting seeds. Victoria, and I correctly understood, in the refrigerator to store or in moss or peat?

Valentina, you understood correctly: in the refrigerator and in the moss (or in the peat)

Chupakhina Oksana Anatolyevna

Hello Victoria! What to do, I received the seeds in the mail

Hello, Oksana! and what do you lose? anyway money is already spent! stratify!

Chupakhina Oksana Anatolyevna

I will try. Thanks again!

Victor, dyakuyu. In the future, poryadus koristuvatis.

Looking Magnolia Seeds

Valentina and you can help me and how can I find the seeds of magnolia

Alik, magnolia seeds need to buy in the fall. now they are stale

Victoria, today gathered the seeds from the tree,

thanks for the helpful advice

Temperature 37 week

Good day! I was given seeds in the fall when they ripened, I did everything as you described and the result I was very pleased – 20 sprouts all as one handsome and this is not all got out. Every day is added 1-2. Thank you very much for your advice.

People, what are you doing with a lot of sprouts? Selling something?

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