Temperature 37 holds month

If you have a month or longer, the temperature is 37, there is reason for concern. The reasons for this may be internal infections and even tumors. However, you should not worry prematurely – sometimes such conditions are caused by stress, weakening of the immune system and other provoking factors. The diagnosis can be made only after receiving the tests, but what doctor to contact, we will show you.

Month temperature 37 in the evenings

In order to determine why you have a temperature of 37 months, you need to learn more about the situation. If you are measuring the temperature at the same time, try moving the procedure a few hours forward, or backward. Are the data different? Most likely, we are talking about a small inflammatory process, or the consequences of a recent acute respiratory viral infection, flu, or a cold.

Temperature 37 holds month

In addition, it should be noted that the temperature of a healthy person during the day also varies. In the morning, immediately after waking up, the indicators will be minimal. Toward evening, on average, you can observe an increase of half a degree. If your rate is 36.6, the thermometer will most likely show 37 before going to bed. This is normal!

In the event that you do not feel a significant deterioration in health, but consider that there is a reason to be wary, it is recommended to take a blood test. With it, you can more accurately determine the nature of the violation of the body. Here are the main reasons that your temperature a month is kept at around 37 and higher in the evening:

Temperature 37 holds month

  • small hormonal imbalance;
  • inflammatory processes in the urogenital system;
  • taking oral contraceptives;
  • effects of stress, insomnia;
  • high level of fatigue;
  • first trimester of pregnancy;
  • inflammatory process in the respiratory organs.

Temperature 37 during the month throughout the day

If you measure the temperature in the morning, in the evening and in the daytime, and while it does not fall below the mark of 37 degrees, you will have to undergo a more thorough examination by a doctor. Usually such conditions are accompanied by additional symptoms. They will help to more accurately determine the nature of the disease.

A temperature of 37, which lasts a month, coughing and aching in the joints indicate a neglected infectious disease that has afflicted the organs of the respiratory system. These can be such diseases:

  • chronic tonsillitis;
  • chronic rhinitis;
  • chronic laryngitis;
  • pneumonia;
  • Chronical bronchitis;
  • tuberculosis.

In the event that you have been treated for one of the listed diseases, it makes sense to consult the same doctor. It happens that bacteria infect the body centers responsible for maintaining normal body temperature. It may take several months to restore these functions, especially for people who have received antibiotic therapy — it significantly reduces immunity.

If you have a temperature of 37 for more than a month, but there are no other symptoms of a malfunction of the body, try to probe your lymph nodes. They primarily respond to the appearance of malignant neoplasms. If the lymph nodes are really enlarged, you will have a direct path to the immunologist and oncologist. However, you can contact the therapist, so he wrote out a referral to the appropriate doctor after studying the history and analysis.

Often the reasons for the constant prolonged slight increase in body temperature is the brain center. The body maintains this state for reasons not yet revealed by scientists. Usually this phenomenon is associated with the peculiarities of a person’s individual nervous organization. In this case, the temperature of 37 will not be a month, but several years.

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