Tea tree oil from fungus

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The fungus is a very unpleasant disease, bringing some discomfort not only to the internal state of the body, but also to its external manifestations. In addition to the itching, burning, the patient experiences excruciating pains in the place affected by the fungus until the disease is completely cured. A particular difficulty in the treatment of this disease is the fact that the nail fungus penetrates into the nail plate, thereby affecting both the outer and the inner part. Nail fungus can be treated under the supervision of a doctor, it is very effective to use medical preparations for the treatment of this disease, but no less effect can be achieved if you use the popular recipe – tea tree oil from nail fungus.

What is a tea tree?

The plant is originally from Australia. In ancient times, only residents of this country used it to treat nail fungus, but over time, the unique properties of this plant became known to the whole world. Currently, tea tree oil can be bought at any pharmacy and at a relatively inexpensive price.

Tea tree oil from fungus

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The main plus is that the treatment of the fungus on the toenails with the oil of an Australian tea tree is absolutely harmless to humans. Only a few patients show allergic reactions to treatment with this drug. In other cases, the medicinal plant oil is indicated for use by people of different ages, as well as for any sensitivity of the skin.

Tea tree from nail fungus is very popular for its composition. No other herbal preparation contains more than 40 beneficial substances. In addition, this herbal gift is a natural antibiotic.

One can rightly assume that tea tree oil is the so-called weapon of mass destruction of fungal infections, microbes and bacteria.

The treatment of nail fungus with a kombucha is the best remedy if the patient wants quickly and harmlessly for the body to defeat his illness.

Tea tree oil from fungus

How to be treated at home?

Treatment of nail fungus at home. Tea tree oil and fungus are interrelated things if you want to treat nail fungus at home. Before you use the presented recipes of traditional medicine on the issue: nail fungus and tea tree oil, you need to keep in mind that:

  • Pharmacies sell the concentrated oil of the specified plant and in some cases it can cause irritation on the surface of the part of the body where this drug is applied. Therefore, we recommend to mix the specified product with other components or dilute it.
  • If Kombucha from nail fungus does not lead to any changes in the body, then it can be used in undiluted condition.
  • Before you use Kombucha against nail fungus, you need to prepare the affected part of the body. First of all, you need to wash your feet with soap. Then, clean the nail with the fungus, cut off the excess plate and file it with a nail file. Completes the preparation procedure – thorough drying of the diseased area.

Recipes of traditional medicine:

  1. The easiest way to treat the tea tree oil with a nail fungus: apply a few drops of concentrated oil to the prepared sore spot (it is not necessary to dilute it), then the product is rubbed into the nail with clean cotton wool. It is important to remember that tea tree oil will cure nail fungus only if the active ingredients of the natural medicine go deep inside the fungus-affected area of ​​the body. For this purpose, it is required to thoroughly rub the agent into the diseased part. It is also useful to lubricate the edges of the nail platinum affected by the fungus, but care must be taken to ensure that the mixture does not hit the skin around the nail. If undiluted tea tree oil gets on healthy skin, it can cause irritation or burn. After the above treatment of the affected area, the toe should be bandaged or sealed with a disinfecting plaster. This is done to ensure that the product is not erased from the place affected by the fungus. It is enough to hold this compress on your leg for about 6-8 hours. The procedure requires regular use 2 times a day (preferably in the morning and evening), with a duration of at least 12 weeks.
  2. If you find discomfort after the above method of treatment, tea tree oil can be diluted in half with olive oil. The whole procedure of application and treatment is similar.
  3. Tea tree oil nail fungus can cure, if daily for 1 month to use special baths for feet affected by fungus. The following composition is prepared: sea salt, honey and soda in equal proportions (1 teaspoon of each component) dissolve in 1 liter of moderately hot water, then about 20 drops of tea tree oil are dripped into the prepared mixture. Foot bath affected by fungal infection is ready. This procedure is very effective in combating nail fungus, but it is important to remember that the course of treatment must be sustained completely, even if the symptoms of the disease disappear earlier. Such baths are also an excellent prevention of toenail fungus.
  4. The following method is effective for treating a fungal disease: the following oils are mixed together – olive, thyme and tea tree. The resulting mixture of oils smeared on the nail affected by fungus, rubbed with soft circular motions inside the nail, then again put a few drops on the damaged place, leave the nail in this state for 15 minutes. Then, with the help of a toothbrush, you must gently re-rub the folk remedy in the mushroom nail. This procedure brings particular benefit to the nail by the fact that the use of a toothbrush helps to rub the active substances from the oil mixture more deeply, and at the same time remove the damaged top layer of the nail with the help of thorough rubbing.

Fungus of the nails of the hands, treatment with folk remedies is very effective if it does not contradict classical medicine, but on the contrary complements it.

Similar methods eliminates Kombucha and nail fungus on his hands. You can also use compresses, baths, rubbing and smearing tea tree nails on the hands, damaged by fungal infection.

Nail on the hands of a fungus, tea tree oil, nail fungus on the toenails – all these three things are interrelated. Recipes for traditional medicine using tea tree oil are also good for treating other fungal infections that affect the rest of the body.

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