Tantum Verde with purulent tonsillitis

Tantum Verde with purulent tonsillitis helps only to stop the symptoms of the disease. Due to the anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect of the main active ingredient, benzydamine, this drug significantly weakens and sometimes completely eliminates pain in the throat during illness, allows the patient to eat food normally and without suffering until antibiotics work.

The duration of the drug is about 2-3 hours. In most cases, it is used to relieve pain before meals and before bedtime.

Tantum Verde has no effect on the infection that causes true purulent tonsillitis. He is not able to destroy either streptococci or staphylococci in the tissues of the tonsils, and therefore does not contribute to reducing the duration of the disease and does not protect the patient from developing complications of angina. Therefore, it can not be used to replace antibiotics – it is used for sore throat only as an aid to symptomatic therapy.

Benzydamine hydrochloride is considered a fairly strong antiseptic, which, however, does not justify the use of Tantum Verde in any form as the main treatment for purulent tonsillitis. Even powerful antiseptics (including benzydamine) are not able to suppress a bacterial infection that develops in the deep tissues of the tonsils, and therefore, in fact, they do not provide a treatment for tonsillitis – they only temporarily eliminate the symptoms.

It means that with purulent tonsillitis, Tantum Verde can only be taken as an adjunct in addition to antibiotic treatment. Without the use of systemic antibiotics, this drug will not effectively treat purulent tonsillitis.

The task in the treatment of purulent tonsillitis – protection from its complications. The sore throat itself always ends at a normal time for it. If during its course antibiotics of systemic action are not taken, it is most likely complicated by pathologies, sometimes life-threatening. No local remedies can avoid these complications, including Tantum Verde.

Tantum Verde application rules for purulent tonsillitis

Tantum Verde is available in three dosage forms: spray, sucking tablets and rinse solution. They are all used differently in adults and children.

So, children from 3 to 12 years are appointed:

    Spray – from 1 to 4 doses every 2-3 hours (less often – to exacerbate the pain in a child);

Tantum Verde with purulent tonsillitis

Anesthetic spray Tantum Verde. Photo: Muumimamma

In adolescents and adults apply:

  • Spray – 4-8 doses every 2-3 hours (possibly less often – due to well-being);
  • Tablets – 1 tablet 3-4 times a day. Each pill must be kept in the mouth until completely absorbed;
  • The solution for rinsing – 15 ml (full measuring cup), without diluting, is used for gargling for 1-2 minutes 2-3 times a day.

Tantum Verde with purulent tonsillitis

Mouthwash. Photo: Eyes Clear

Practice shows that Tantum Verde spray is most effective in case of purulent tonsillitis, some less effective, tablets, the least pronounced result is given by rinsing (in many cases this is due to improper rinsing technique or insufficient duration of each session).

Tantum Verde is fairly safe and can be used in pregnant women and nursing mothers. It is contraindicated in children under 3 years old, and rinse solution is contraindicated in children under 12 years of age. In rare cases, when using the drug, allergic reactions occur, laryngospasms were extremely rarely observed.

Tantum Verde with purulent tonsillitis

  • Tantum Verde with purulent tonsillitis helps relieve pain and slightly reduce the inflammation of the tonsils;
  • The drug does not help to suppress the infection in the tonsils and does not protect against the complications of purulent tonsillitis;
  • Tantum Verde is reasonably safe and can be used in compliance with the instructions in most patients in addition to the basic treatment of the disease.
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