Tajikistan girls photos

and if so, which football club do you support? I am a fan of Lazio and Barcelona. read more.

Good time. I want to read the views of enthusiastic (lower, slaves), for a long time practicing an introduction to the anus of large objects. Over time, does not weaken in VA. read more.

just curious for the statistics) :))What is the most bdsm top and what bottom :)). read more.

Introduction to education.The formal, but important part of education, is a form of clothing. When educating and working out the following sets of exercises, the uniform should be about. read more.

Spring. it’s time for romance and pleasant adventures) I’ve played enough)) Returned to the topic and from here more NO-KU-DA))) No pheromones satisfy the thematic hunger. I do not understand men van. read more.

It will be a story about a well-deserved punishment, which I have deserved for a long time and you finally had time and a reason to carry it out.

What would you like to to. read more.

A couple of days ago several thematic sites on ucoz were removed. no one heard what was going on. clean the Internet from perverts?)). read more.

I want to discuss the incommensurable, in my opinion, advantage, of metal over the ropes. From the point of view of aesthetics I will not argue, because the taste and color are known. ) But practical n. read more.

Tajikistan girls photos

I really like to clean the apartment, I do not know why, but sometimes it even physically turns me on, right now I can’t control myself) In the bathroom we have a Venetian-style tile. read more.

There are a lot of questions on topics when the collar should be worn .. Immediately, or this accessory must be earned, or maybe it alone determines the norm of behavior. Lower girls can here by. read more.

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Personally, having already passed a certain path, I came to the conclusion that it’s stupid to sit down on any drugs (hormones are the same drugs, in fact: those that cause euphoria) are stupid and without. read more.

Fate is played by a person, and a person plays the trumpet (s)In my opinion there is no person who would not know this phrase of Ilf and Petrov from the “Golden Calf”.But if you think about n. read more.

Just a few days ago, I proved to the Master-y forum user that ChildFree has a right to exist.However, this rude and a little boorish (but still very. Read more.

I had a friend quite recently. But he stopped communicating, having learned that I am a pervert and I sit on this forum and practice in real life. He condemns my lifestyle. He ignores my letters. read more.

Ladies and gentlemen, has something changed?We got here on a thematic event. Maybe the world around has changed, but we have not noticed. Not only is our job to entertain. read more.

The site is full of foot fetishists in search, foot fetish takes the honorable first place among male fetishes in terms of prevalence, read the site and it seems that every second man is not. read more.

I like to lick at the monthly fetish panty who is uncontested. read more.

In May (after the May holidays) two attractive Upper Ladies and 1-3 lower men will meet in the neutral town of Lipetsk (we are all from different cities, confidentiality is 100%),. read more.

I look, I look at the topic about the income of the lower ones … and it got me curious and banter.

Lower citizens! What income should be with the Lady, so she could interest you. read more.

Most-most forum members:

Bdsm dating

If you are interested sexual role-playing with elements of BDSM sex: handcuffed sex, erotic binding, rape games, sexual humiliation, domination and submission in sex, erotic Mistress and Slave, Mister and Slave, Strict Teacher and Student, Sexual nurse and patient, prostitute and client, on call boys, maid sex, sex slave, blindfolded sex, dressing up in women’s clothes, male striptease (CFNM), and also like or want to try such BDSM practices like: strapon, bondage, flagellation, foot-fetish, golden do wait, trampling, fisting, bollbasting, pet play, play piercing, cunnilingus, face siting, rimming, or want to find a real slave or slave for session or lifestyle (relationship) relationships, join the largest BDSM community in the Russian-language Internet BDSM PEl ru start new Bdsm dating, communicate and ask questions through BDSM forum , read Bdsm diaries , reviews to 50 shades of grey , users of the site and implement your erotic fantasies!

What is BDSM?

Bdsm (eng. Bdsm) – sexual subculture, based on the erotic exchange of power and other forms of sexual relations affecting the role-playing games of domination and submission.

Tajikistan girls photos

In compound abbreviation-acronym Bdsm The names of the main components of this phenomenon are concluded:

Subculture BDSM consists of many individual areas, determined by the preferences of specific participants – power and subordination (DS, Dominance Submission), discipline and spunking (spanking), binding and fixing (bondage), lifelong slavery (LS, lifestyle) and others.

According to the BDSM orientation, the participants in the actions are divided into dominant (top, top) and subordinate (bottom, bottom, sub), as well as those who combine the desire to submit and obey (switch).

Bdsm It is not a socially dangerous and / or criminal act. Participants in BDSM relations adhere to the SSC framework (an abbreviation of the English words safe, sane, consensual) – the principles of security, voluntariness and rationality (BDR).

Bdsm – one of the most exciting, exciting sexual adventures you can imagine. This is the embodiment of the most intimate fantasies and complete trust in your partner.

What is a fetish?

Sexual fetishism – a kind of sexual behavior in which inanimate objects become a source and incentive for sexual attraction: clothes, shoes, things made of a certain material, etc. The most common fetishes: latex, high-heeled shoes, boots, jack-up boots, leather goods and furs, corsets, stockings, women’s panties and underwear.

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