Swollen joint

Do your joints ache? Forward to the bath!

The healing properties of the bath have long been known. Sauna is probably the best way to cleanse the body. Hot steam stimulates the skin, the pores open and slags and toxins escape through them. In addition, the moistened hot air is great for the respiratory system. And there is a recovery as mucous membranes and lungs.

Bath is a prophylactic agent for cardiovascular diseases. There is an expansion of the blood ducts, the blood circulates more intensively. This allows you to bring oxygen to the most distant cells of the body, saturate them with useful substances. Hot steam and humid air cause profuse perspiration, along with the excess lactic acid from the body. But it is precisely she who is the cause of overwork, which is familiar to many modern residents of the metropolis.

The main incentive for women when visiting the bath is the ability to get rid of extra pounds. In one visit to the sauna, you can become slimmer by 3 kg. For those who do not like active physical exercises, a sauna will help to warm up all the muscles perfectly. It is also useful for normalizing the processes of the central nervous system. If you add to the effects of conventional steam douche, the use of a broom or massage, then such measures will actively contribute to reducing human nervous tension.

The undoubted benefit of the bath is felt by everyone who is familiar with joint disease:

Swollen joint

Description of the disease

Gout was known even to Hippocrates. At one time, it was quite widespread, often called “the disease of kings”. Now such a disease is rare, about 3 out of a thousand people feel its symptoms. Gout usually occurs in men who are over 40 years old. Women suffer from this disease after 50 years.

A gout bath is one of the best ways to affect a sore joint.

Gout is provoked by a metabolic disorder, while there is a process of salt deposition in the joints, which should be said to stop. Uric acid salts are able to manifest themselves in almost all joints, but most often the hands and feet are affected. An increased level of this acid over time leads to complete destruction of the joint. Excess uric acid is formed due to impaired kidney function. Therefore, if a person initially has problems with this organ, you should closely monitor the appearance of symptoms of such a terrible disease like gout.

Swollen joint

The first signal is an attack of gouty arthritis. The joint is inflamed and the pain becomes unbearable. As a rule, we are talking about the big toe. Visually, gout can be defined as:

  • The joint is swollen
  • Redness appears in this place.
  • The skin on the joint shines

Gout is called a nocturnal disease because its seizures manifest just at this time, sometimes in the early morning. Joint pain can last up to three hours and then slowly subsides. Tell her stop help timely treatment. Back to content

Gout bath

Often gout becomes chronic, seizures occur periodically, not only causing pain to a person, but also causing irritability. Such patients are shown regular visits to the bath. It has a beneficial effect on the entire body as a whole, and on the joints in particular.

Swollen joint for gout

It should be remembered that for one visit to the sauna with the disease can not say goodbye, especially if it is chronic. Only weekly procedures will help to normalize the work of the joint and will have a therapeutic effect. First of all, steam is important, it must be hot and resistant to reach the site of the disease.

Bath is a great way to tell the development of the disease. It is important to follow the rules of behavior in the steam room, so that the effect was optimal.

In the sauna, it is not forbidden to drink, but it must be either plain water or special decoctions that provoke the excretion of acid from the body. In no case can not drink beer and other carbonated drinks. Everything that gives the body salt, should be excluded from the diet.

Uric acid is excreted through sweat. To enhance sweating should apply a number of procedures. For example, in the intervals between visits to a paired body, smear with a mixture of honey and salt, and then wrap themselves well.

It is good to influence places of inflammation of joints with lotions. You can perform a massage, steam with a broom. But those who have any other diseases besides gout should be careful. Hypertensive patients, people who have problems with the cardiovascular, nervous systems, before going to the sauna, be sure to consult with your doctor. Only after its conclusion can you decide on this procedure. Back to content

How to behave in a bath for gout?

You need to steam with the mind

Need to learn an important point – if gout is acute, you can not go to the bath. This is best done on a certain day of the week and in the absence of pain. To go to the bath should be well prepared. Be sure to follow a diet, stop to say smoked meats, pickles. Do not eat foods that contain a large amount of protein. Among them:

You can not eat butter bread. All of these and many other low-use products were practically on the tables of noble grandees in the Middle Ages. Food provoked the formation of uric acid, the result of this was gout. That is why the disease was called royal.

Set an experienced bath attendant

Before going to the bath should be prepared special broths that can be poured on the heater. Inhaling the smell of herbs, a person suffering from gout will feel relief. For example, you should take a tablespoon of lingonberry leaves, pour them with a glass of boiling water. Then in a water bath to simmer this infusion for about 20 minutes. The resulting broth is stirred in a liter of water and periodically water them with stones.

Patients should not immediately rush into a hot steam room. The desire to relieve gouty pain as quickly as possible can end badly, so you should say to yourself stop. It is necessary to do everything according to the rules. So, you can not be in a steam room without a hat. Since older people suffer from gout, you need to be especially attentive to your pressure. Especially if there is a tendency to hypertension.

No need to stay in the steam room for more than five minutes. This rule must be learned by those who were not previously familiar with the sauna. Patients with gout should not apply extreme cooling: swimming in cold water, dousing it. After the steam room you need to wash under a warm shower. Although not excluded contrasting procedures for local effects on the joint. Back to content

Herbs and broom relieve pain

It should be understood that the steam itself will not have a curative effect on gout. It will only warm up the body and allow various compounds to more effectively fight the disease. The modern pharmaceutical industry offers a fairly wide range of ointments and gels to reduce arthritic pain.

You can use the recipes of traditional medicine. Especially herbs are useful as a preventive measure for gout or when the disease is just beginning.

In the steam room you need to rub the sore spot with a mixture that is prepared in advance. Fresh cream butter is melted in an enamel saucepan on a water bath. Well, if it is made at home. As soon as it boils, you need to remove the foam. Above it is added as much alcohol as liquid oil. After stirring the mixture, it is left on the fire until all the alcohol is burned out.

Without a broom in the bath can not be

Excellent effect on the body use a broom. And choose a broom should be especially careful. Some of them help with colds, while others can be prevention and relief from joint pain, including gout. These brooms include:

If the first two have more therapeutic effects on the joints, then the latter is used just for gout. But nettle is insidious grass. In order not to burn a person, before applying a broom twice should be placed for 2-3 minutes, first in cold, then in hot water. Picking grass for a broom is recommended in June. After the broom has already been used all over the body, you can attach it to the site of joint damage and hold it for several minutes.

Complete the treatment procedures in the bath should be rubbed with a lilac tincture. For its preparation used inflorescences of lilac, which are placed in a half-liter jar, and then poured with alcohol or vodka. Tincture is stored in a dark place for three weeks, then it can be used for rubbing sore joints.

The use of gentle massage of the affected joint in the bath with the use of various ointments will have a beneficial effect. After the sauna, the sore point should always be wrapped with a towel and kept warm. With all the rules of behavior in the bath, the mandatory use of aids gout patient will feel how much he has become easier. Back to content

What to do if bath is contraindicated?

At the age when gout develops, a person, as a rule, already has health problems. Does this mean that he is doomed to agonizing gouty attacks, if visiting the bath is contraindicated? Of course not.

Folk ways to fight the disease

If you turn to the means of traditional medicine, then to achieve a therapeutic effect, you can use a mixture of carrot juice and cucumber. Such a composition perfectly removes uric acid from the body, if you drink it in 1 glass 3 times a day before meals. Perfectly affect the acid and apples, they should be consumed as often as possible throughout the year. Do not neglect herbal tea, which includes mint, yarrow and rosehip.

As for the local effects on the joint, hot poultices can be used. For their preparation, you should chop the flowers of elder and chamomile, fold the mixture into earthenware and pour boiling water over it. Cover the dishes and leave for 15 minutes. Next, filter the mixture, put the herbs in a fabric bag and apply to the joint.

For limbs affected by gout, contrasting water procedures are pleasant and effective. After adding chamomile and streamers to the cold and hot water, alternately lower your legs or arms into that and another container. In hot water, you can periodically pour boiling water. In this case, you need to massage the diseased joints. The last should be a basin with hot water. Then the joints are well rubbed with ointment. It is prepared in advance or bought in a pharmacy. Limbs are well wrapped and go to bed.

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