Swollen ankle and it hurts what to do

Almost every person at least once in his life noticed that his leg had swollen around the ankle. If young men are a little careless about their health, then women and the elderly pay attention even to slight edema, as they indicate a malfunction in the body, and sometimes quite serious ones. In addition, puffiness spoils the appearance of the legs and does not allow to wear short skirts and narrow shoes with heels.

Swollen ankle and it hurts what to do

Why swell the ankles?

Ankle leg swells quite often, and there are a number of dangerous causes related to the malfunctioning of organs or the whole organism. These include renal, hepatic, or congestive heart failure. If the leg is swollen around the ankle, then this may indicate a previously transferred infectious diseases or problems associated with the thyroid gland. This may be thrombocytosis, venous insufficiency or varicose veins.

Swollen ankle and it hurts what to do

The less dangerous causes include insect bites, burns of the skin of the legs, fasting, prolonged stay in one position. Why do women more often face this problem? The answer is simple: because of its desire for beauty. They wear uncomfortable high heels, as the studs visually lengthen the legs and make them slimmer, but the girls do not take into account the fact that such beauty has to be expensive to pay. Orthopedists recommend wearing comfortable shoes that do not squeeze the foot and ankles. If the lady can not live without heels, then they should be worn only a couple of hours a day.

Virtually every girl is faced with the problem of her ankles during pregnancy.

You need to carefully listen to your feelings, then it will be possible to identify various serious diseases in the early stages. The following are the main reasons why ankle swelling occurs.

Osteoarthritis as a result of joint dislocation

If the patient’s speech at the doctor’s office begins with the words “My ankle hurts and has swollen”, the doctor may diagnose arthritis. As a rule, with this disease other joints swell and hurt. In this case, immediate treatment is necessary, because, firstly, the disease brings severe inconvenience: the legs are very sore and disturb the person, especially at night; secondly, if proper treatment is not carried out in time, the consequences can be very dire.

After jogging

If the leg is swollen around the ankle after physical exertion, especially after running, then most likely it is the wrong shoe. It is necessary to carefully approach the choice of sneakers. If you can’t do it yourself, help the seller will help. Special running shoes have been developed, but for some reason people ignore this fact, considering that the sneakers will do an excellent job with this role. But the phrase is relevant here: You can not save on health. It is better to spend one time on sports shoes than to treat your ankles. In addition, you should not rush into the sport, as in the pool with his head. Loads should increase gradually and in moderation.

Swollen ankle and it hurts what to do

After insect bite

If after the bite of some insects the ankle is swollen, then the first thing to do is to apply the ice wrapped in a dense fabric. In addition, it is necessary to wipe the affected area with any alcohol-containing solution. This will disinfect the bite site, anesthetize, if necessary, stop the bleeding. If the foot itches, then the soda solution will help.

Sprains and fractures

If the ankle is swollen sharply, then most likely the person has understood the muscles, since it is in this case that hemorrhage occurs, accompanied by sharp pain. It penetrates the entire leg when trying to turn the foot inward. In this case, you need qualified help, do not self-medicate. It is the doctor who will be able to distinguish stretching from a more serious problem – a fracture. He will order you to undergo radiography and, if necessary, apply a plaster.

Swollen ankles: what to do?

If the causes of leg edema are not serious, then you can try to eliminate this nuisance by reducing the amount of fluid you drink per day, and also try to limit, or even eliminate, salt and alcohol from your diet. If the leg is swollen around the ankle, then wiping tired ankles with frozen chamomile broth will help. It should give the legs to otyha more often, putting them on a little shyness. After a hard working day, treat your legs with salt baths and a contrast shower.

To cope with the swelling will help moderate physical exertion: bike with your legs lying on your back, walking on the toes, rotating the feet, as well as squeezing and unclenching your fingers.

In no case do not need to prescribe yourself diuretic drugs. They will undoubtedly eliminate the swelling through the removal of excess moisture from the body, but they will not eliminate the cause.

In folk medicine, there are several ways to relieve ankle swelling, but it is better to use them in combination with traditional treatment. If you drink a decoction of flax for 2 weeks, then the legs will again become slim and light. To do this, take 2 tablespoons of flax seeds, pour a liter of boiling water and let it brew for 2 hours. The resulting broth should drink a day.

If you make it a rule to monitor your health, walk only in comfortable high-quality shoes, then such a problem as swelling of the ankles will be unfamiliar to you.

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