Swing your ass and legs

Squats are the basis of the basics and may you not do any other exercises, but this is the best.

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Training priests in the gym at home

For our buttocks, there are two types of training: strength and with free weights. Today let’s talk about power. It is they who forge from our buttocks such desired by all forms! This complex is designed in a short time to tighten and pump up the most unyielding leg muscle – the buttocks. Below are photos from competitions for which girls use mostly strength training, and the same ones are waiting for you. results:

For a start, a warm-up is required. Here it is especially important not to waste energy on a cardio workout: running, step, jumping, since we will need strength for strength training not small! It will be enough to warm up our joints with ordinary squats, turns of the body, stretching the legs. This is especially important to do before strength training, as we warm up the knee, calf and elbow joints. Warm-up can not be ignored in any case!

We finished the workout – now we can safely move on to strength training. First, we will perform the squat with the usual bar from the rod, to prepare for heavy weights. Squats are the basis of the basics and may you not do any other exercises, but this is the best. Having made the squat with the usual bar from the barbell, you can safely add weight. It is best to take 20 kg, not more. It will create an optimal load on the gluteal muscles and will not allow it to increase in volume, but will make it elastic. However, if you are a beginner, it is better to start with 5-10 kg. Remember that it is better not to exceed the weight of 25 kg, if you are not nailing in excellent physical shape, because it hurts as soon as possible than to achieve results. Of fundamental importance is the technique of squats. This exercise must be performed 3 sets of 12 times!

2. Leg press

After squatting, our legs are well warmed up and now we can begin to press the legs. The exercise is performed on a special vertical platform, in which we rest with our feet, reclining on a special bench (any trainer or gym regular will gladly show you). All the emphasis is on pushing such a platform with your feet, with a fairly large weight. It is better if it is 20 -25 kg, and if you are just starting, then five kg will be enough. When pressing the legs can not straighten them completely, so that the load does not go to the knee joints and does not injure them. It is very important to know, in order to transfer the load to the buttocks as much as possible, you need to put your feet in the upper part of the platform and push out with your heels! Depending on the position of the legs when pressing the legs, you can pump all sides of the hips. After three such approaches 20 times, you will feel a noticeable burning sensation in the gluteal muscles and evaluate the result!

Oddly enough, but many absolutely do not attach importance to the usual attacks. And in vain! After all, lunges raise the ass up and allow you to achieve a charming form of buttocks! Whatever the priest was high, and no folds formed under it – we do lunges! It can be said that these exercises carry out all aesthetic work with the legs and form a beautiful “rear” view. In addition, they are well pumped all sides of the thighs and legs. You can do lunges with ordinary dumbbells, with its own weight, but it is best to do it with all the same weight of 20 kg (the result will be faster and progress will not take long). For this, the best fit is a bar behind the head, or Smith simulator. After the first two exercises, the forces diminished and in order to facilitate the task, we are doing an approach on one leg, and a loan on the second, with half-minute respite. Lunges do back, that is, take one foot back. Support leg, should form 90 ° C with the floor, do not protrude the knee forward. Keep your back straight, do not move forward. When we get up – we push off. It is advisable to make 3 sets on each leg for 12 repetitions. That’s all, easy!

Homework training is something that is given to many with great difficulty, therefore the psychological component of this process should be positive. Organize workouts at home so that no one bothers you or distracts you. And know – the main thing is constancy, and not at all the result. In this way, at your pleasure in training, you will achieve more.

4. lunges with free weights.

After strength training, which we have already carried out, you can relax for a couple of minutes, and then fix the results of lunges with free weights! This is required in order to increase the effect of strength training several times, which is what we need. And so, we take a couple of pancakes or a dumbbell at our discretion and start alternately falling out with our feet forward. It is very important that when you pull out the emphasis was on 2 legs, the back and shoulders were even. When lunge, both legs should form a right angle with the floor and you need to rise as you exhale! 15-20 times for each leg, all the same – 3 sets!

Swing your ass and legs

Thanks to this – not tricky strength training, after 2-3 months you significantly pump and lift your glutes. The main thing is regularity and remember, it is better to “NEDO” to train than to “re” to train! Successes!

Training priests at home VIDEO

Video program buttocks in 8 minutes (8 Minute Buns), excellent technique that will help you train your gluteus at the initial level:

The second Video program will suit girls with a more advanced level, and for those who are “little” of the first program:

Hollywood tener Jenet Jenkins (Jeanette Jenkins) for hips and buttocks

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