Sweat irritation

Nine out of ten people associate irritation under the armpits with the increased work of the sweat glands and do not suspect that this phenomenon has not only physiological factors, but also pathological ones. In order to prevent such a state or get rid of the misfortune as soon as possible, it is advisable to know what it is about.

The combination of sweat and tight synthetic clothing is one of the main factors of inflammation of the skin. Often, irritation occurs when an allergic reaction to soap, creams and gels. When carelessly handling hot wax, after shaving, itchy pimples and small scratches can form, which subsequently grow and do not heal for a long time.

With dense vegetation in the armpit, there is a failure of thermoregulation, which is fraught with diaper rash and redness. Overweight people usually suffer from hyperhidrosis – increased sweating. The same attack awaits a man who has hormonal diseases in the asset, women during menopause and menopause, athletes, as well as during transitional age. This phenomenon causes diaper rash and inflammation in the armpits. A strong smell of sweat completes the picture.

Sometimes irritations appear from a deodorant, which includes aluminum and propylene glycol. These components become provocateurs of allergies that also arise from certain foods. Long-term use of antibiotics, oral contraceptives, steroids also affects the condition of the epidermis in the axillary region.

In a child, irritation under the arm most often occurs as a result of diaper rash – prickly heat. It happens from lack of hygiene, allergic reactions to food, due to strong overheating and high humidity.

Sweat irritation

The factors listed above are both simple stimuli and prerequisites for serious skin diseases.

  • Furunculosis – purulent inflammation of the hair follicles caused by bacteria. The disease is characterized by swelling, redness and pain. After 5–8 days, the abscess opens and pus comes out. However, after a while the boil may appear again.
  • Psoriasis besides nails and hair affects the skin, including the armpits. Red spots – plaques framed in white bloom flaky and itchy.
  • Hydradenitis is a purulent infectious disease that occurs when blockage of sweat channels. It is a pink swelling, similar to boils, but without an inner shaft. When they appear, the person feels itchy, unwell, fever.
  • Candiasis or thrush causes peeling of areas of the body that are covered with a whitish bloom, as seen in the photo. Subsequently, bubbles appear on them, transforming into ulcerated plaques. This is accompanied by a sharp unpleasant smell.
  • Mycosis – fungal infection of the skin. Like other diseases of similar etiology, it is characterized by compaction and desquamation of the epidermis. Itchy wounds and cracks complete the picture of pathology.

Many who have come across this unpleasant phenomenon are worried: how to remove irritation under the armpits? Any therapy is based on the factors of the occurrence of the disease.

If the problem is related to the use of cosmetic products – deodorants and antiperspirants, then it is recommended to exclude or change them to better hypoallergenic products.

Personal hygiene is an important rule that will help achieve results. When washing the armpits, a liquid or solid soap is used, specially selected for sensitive skin.

In case of a complicated form of dermatitis, the affected area is smeared with alcoholic solutions of boric and salicylic acid. However, the doctor prescribes a combination of hormone preparations for external use: Akriderm, Lorinden, Sinalar, Sinaflan, Pimafukort. To relieve stress, a sedative is prescribed – a tincture of valerian or motherwort, Novo Passit, Sedavit, and Fitoed. When the armpit burns, periodic tingling is felt, in this case antihistamine medicines are prescribed – “Claritin”, “Zodak”, “Suprastin”, “Tsetrin”.

If excessive sweating of the sebaceous glands is observed, which causes redness, burning and an unpleasant odor, then laser liposuction and Botox injections are used to get rid of it. In rare cases, an operation is performed.

Strong inflammation is removed by a proven agent – petrolatum, which softens, moisturizes and does not allow excess water to evaporate from the integument. The affected area is often applied soft dosage forms based on zinc oxide – Desitin, Diaderm, Tsindol and zinc ointment. Also use drugs that contain cortisone. These include: Dermatop, Ultralan, Fluvet. These funds are not used for a long time, as their fatty base clogs the pores, as a result of which inflammation develops.

Fungal lesions are treated using local remedies:

When complications in combination with ointments are taken antibiotics – Amphotericin B, Levorin, Nystatin. Prescribe a diet that includes foods low in carbohydrates, immunopotentiators and vitamin complexes.

Sweat irritation

Folk recipes

In the case of hyperhidrosis, camomile extract is used. In hot weather, with increased perspiration, a solution of salt and oak bark helps. Excellent relieves irritation after applying deodorant decoction of hypericum.

Everything is prepared according to one principle: pour a teaspoon of dry herbs with a glass of boiling water, and let it stand for a quarter of an hour, then filter. Ready means to wipe the affected areas three times a day.

Preventive measures

  1. Pot is a breeding ground for various bacteria and microbes, so the armpits should be washed at least once a day.
  2. It is advisable to use chemical hair removal or hair removal, as the razor damages the epidermis. If the latter can not be avoided, it is best to wet the skin before the procedure.
  3. An irritation in the armpits after shaving may occur if the antiperspirant is used immediately. Therefore, it is desirable to lubricate clean, without hair, areas of moisturizing cream, with cuts – salicylic alcohol.
  4. Clothing must be of free cut and consist of natural fibers – cotton, flax, and silk.

I have very sensitive skin. Irritation arose not only when shaving, but after some deodorants. Long did not know what to do. I was looking for a suitable product without a high alcohol content. As a result, found. But even when it was used, redness appeared.

The pharmacy recommended to lubricate the inflammation with ointment Dermatop. After two sessions of discomfort gone. From time to time I use the drug.

After eighty years, it became increasingly difficult for father to walk. But at the same time daily exercise. Conventional movements caused sweating. He washed every seven days, sometimes less.

Later we noticed a large red spot in the frame of the powdery under the left armpit. It burned, itched, the skin cracked. A familiar dermatologist diagnosed a fungal infection, and prescribed Lamisil. Council instantly used. After a couple of weeks, everything disappeared. Since then, began to pay special attention to personal hygiene.


To questions: How and how to treat unpleasant irritation? – Only the doctor will answer. It is possible to engage in self-therapy, but on condition that the exact reason for education is known.

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If the drug is chosen incorrectly or inaccurately followed the instructions of the doctor, then unwanted side effects may occur, which will further aggravate the situation.

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