Strongest laxatives

Constipation is something that few people want to talk about, even with their loved ones, but it is also something that can poison our entire existence. Think, is it possible to live in peace, and especially rejoice, love and achieve success in life, if there is a constant heaviness in the abdomen, and then pain, appetite disappears, and the head starts to hurt too?

C constipation can and must be fought. Begin with power adjustments. Include in your diet more laxative foods. And today we’ll just talk about which products have a laxative effect and are useful for constipation.

Why it happens?

What causes constipation? Experts say that this is due to changes in the bowels – it is clear that these changes are far from positive.

Perhaps in this case some chronic disease develops – for example, a peptic ulcer, or polyps appear in the intestine – there are many options. So, if the constipation is persistent and long, you need to consult a doctor, undergo an examination and make a diagnosis – otherwise self-treatment can cause considerable harm.

The most common causes of negative changes in the bowel, consider: the limited movement – physical inactivity; wrong diet; eating refined products and the abuse of animal proteins – eggs, meat, and the quality of these products is also not the highest. More often, the townspeople eat semi-finished products, and there’s definitely no fiber or nutrients that allow the intestines to work normally. Observing some diets for a long time also disrupts the intestines, and it ceases to empty itself.

And if you start to resort to the help of laxative products and means, and without the recommendation of the doctor to set yourself cleansing enemas, then constipation becomes habitual, and in order to achieve an arbitrary stool, you have to make incredible efforts.

Meanwhile, it is possible to treat constipation not only with pills and other laxative preparations, and even laxative herbs for weight loss – folk remedies, are also not necessary – you just need to start eating so that the intestines can work on their own. This is not obtained immediately, but it is precisely laxative foods that are the best and safest remedies for constipation when necessary, and they gradually force this ailment to recede.

Strongest laxatives

Fiber-rich foods

Of course, the best laxative foods are those with a lot of fiber: vegetables, fruits, herbs, and grains. Foods rich in fiber increases the number of so-called acid-loving bacteria in the intestines – they are not only harmful, but also useful. These bacteria are involved in food processing, and as a result of these processes, short-chain fatty acids (SCFA) are formed – substances that play a very important role in the work of the intestine as a whole. They provide energy for beneficial intestinal microflora; improve the barrier function of its walls, preventing microbes from passing through them to other environments of the body; regulate its physical activity; stimulate blood flow; normal pH is maintained and

Effective laxative products are many, and one of the first places in this regard is bran. There is a lot of coarse fiber in them, and also there are all the B vitamins, and it is easy and simple to apply them: you must first take 1

Such a well-known product, like a pumpkin, has a good laxative effect – from it you can make a lot of tasty, and not only well-known pumpkin porridge. You can also eat it raw – separately, or, adding to salads, bake, simmer or fry. By the way, the same porridge – from pumpkin with millet, is very tasty and useful if it is cooked correctly, and millet grain also has a slight laxative effect.

Strongest laxatives

Prunes help a lot even more than a pumpkin, and in general the choice of products is always individual. You can drink compote and decoction, there are boiled and raw berries – only they must be thoroughly washed; add prunes to different dishes and pastries from wholemeal flour – this is an excellent addition to any low-calorie diet. A decoction of prunes can be safely given even to babies up to a year, and plum juice and plum puree are also included in this group of tasty laxative products.

With frequent constipation and a tendency to chronic diseases, including colds, it is worthwhile to include in the diet spirulina – algae, which has long been used in medicine and nutrition.

Spirulina improves metabolism, strengthens the immune system and cleans the intestines well – at the same time a lot of decomposition products, toxins and bad fats are removed from the body, and the beneficial microflora is restored. The action of spirulina is so healing that it is used in medicine as a means of preventing intestinal cancers.

Relaxing fruits

From fruit, as laxatives, apples, peaches, tangerines are most often recommended; dried fruits – figs, dried apricots; raw vegetables, except those listed – zucchini, broccoli, cauliflower and Brussels sprouts; legumes – beans and black peas; whole grains and cereals in the composition of bread. If you drink wine, it is better to prefer white: the organic acids contained in it, also contribute to a better bowel work.

Do not forget to drink clean water, not just coffee, tea or compote, and chew any food as carefully as possible – then gradually you will forget that you were once tormented by constipation, and you will always feel light and free.

As you can see, there are a lot of laxative products. Just replace them with their usual dishes, at first it may not be very familiar, and then everything stabilizes. And when the work of the intestines is adjusted, the constipations recede, the shape improves and the skin becomes completely different – you will always use only the right, natural and healthy products.

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