Strong attraction between two people

Attraction of opposite sexes to each other (libido)

After the first meeting of a young, mature couple, there is a feeling of attraction of a man to a woman and a woman to a man, a “unconscious biological reaction” appears in the form of sympathy for each other, which causes a desire to meet again and again. Nature endowed living organisms with the “reaction of biological attraction” of males to females, and vice versa. This “reaction of attraction” is more difficult to explain than the gravitational attraction of planets and stars, rather than the appearance of the chemical combination of a hydrogen atom with an oxygen atom, when one water molecule is formed. The sexual, “love” attraction of the sexes is not caused by magnetic or non-electric fields. It is a force not yet studied by world science. The strongest attraction of the sexes occurs in people at a young age: from 16 to 36 years. Children and old people have a very low concentration of sex hormones in the blood, for this reason they have no feeling of sexual attraction. The concentration of sex hormones is directly proportional to the strength of sexual desire and the power of love.

If you look at the sexual feeling from a biological point of view, then modern humanity should be very grateful for the strong sexual feeling within people of both sexes, since it is thanks to him that the process of conceiving women and the birth of children continues. Imagine that because of gene mutations for thousands of years, the feeling of sexual attraction between a man and a woman suddenly disappeared within humanity. Then humanity expects extinction as a species. Humanity, Society will exist as long as there is sexual attraction (libido) in opposite sexes, as long as love exists. All women of the tribe would die of hunger and cold if not for the strong sexual desire of men. “Material producers” needed girls and women (especially young ones, distinguished by beauty and a stately figure), for a very simple reason – for sexual pleasures. At least 1 – 2 times a week, a healthy and well-fed man has an overwhelming desire to have sex with a woman, and for this he had to pay. Due to the presence of a strong sexual desire among men, the female half of humanity was able to survive in the most difficult time of human evolution – during the primitive communal system.

So, there really is a sexual attraction of opposite sexes to each other. Then another phenomenon inexplicable by science takes place: a man always takes the initiative to further develop the love relationship between two opposite sexes. Why do proactive courting and coerced sex come from the man and not from the woman? No one can explain this. Woman nature has prepared the role of a passive partner in sexual love, and a man – active. So accepted in our society, or rather, this is the law of the relationship of the sexes. But it must be emphasized that modern men can only actively “offer” themselves to a lady, and women are completely given the right to choose their sexual partner. As soon as the woman chose a suitor, then immediately the initiative for the further relationship between the sexes goes to the man. Stone Age women did not have the right to choose a partner, they were endowed with a passive role in the development of further love relationships. Then comes a rather long period of courting a man for a woman he likes. Begins a series of dates, gifts, trips to visit, to the theater, cinema, which in a few weeks (or months) leads to the emergence of a specific feeling – love. Love relationships are accompanied by caresses, kisses, sexual relations and, finally, end with marriage, the emergence of a family. After the wedding, marital love relationships begin. According to statistics, modern European women change at least 10 sexual partners before there is a man who offers them marriage, and the woman agrees to this. A man according to statistics changes more than 30 sexual partners before he decides to create a family. This “average system” of love relationships passed 99% of the world’s population.

Prostitution – the only way to survive the female half of the tribe

Has the love relationship between the sexes always had the look that modern people see every day: men give expensive items, flowers and affection to their beloved women? It turns out, not always. The love, sexual, sexual relations (otherwise – the relationship of the sexes) of modern people are fundamentally different from the love of primitive people. Humanity developed according to the laws of the primitive communal formation, when there was no family for 3 million years, and the modern rules of marital relations exist for only 3 thousand years.

This is how gender relations among the most ancient people of the Stone Age are described (“World History”, volume 1, “STONE AGE”). Certainly, it is difficult to imagine what social connections were established between the most ancient people, because the ethnographers do not know anything similar about the principles of mutual relations between people of such a remote time. And it is absolutely impossible that after 500,000 years, the type of social relations would survive. However, there is no doubt that the general level of development of primitive people at that time was very low. Women were the cause of frequent fights between men. Severe sexual abuse of women and girls accompanied by their beatings. The women killed during the rape were eaten, as cannibalism was very common at the time. Violent death can be attributed to violent death on some skulls of female synantropes and on one of the skulls of a female pithecanthropus. There is no doubt that marital relations within ancient communities were disorderly in nature and were determined only by biological instinct. There were no restrictions for marriage and sexual relations between close relatives, on the contrary, there was a herd community of wives and husbands. Harmfulness of blood connections was not recognized.

Strong attraction between two people

Marital relations arose under the slaveholding system, when private ownership of things, of slaves and wives appeared. Consequently, throughout 99.99% of the entire existence of mankind, love relationships obeyed primitive laws when the family did not exist. What kind of love did primitive people have when the family did not exist? The disclosure of this problem is devoted to this article.

The instinct of mother’s love for her child is stronger than the love of her spouse, and always (when choosing “priority”) the mother gives preference to children rather than their father. Women do not cease to love their son or daughter, even if they commit serious crimes, become insane alcoholics, beat their mother, and so on. Mothers obey the instinct of motherhood, and therefore their love for children is not subject to reason. I have observed the behavior of some women after a stroke and the loss of many mental and emotional brain functions. In 80% of cases, in the brain that almost ceased its activity, the instinct of love for children is preserved, since the “antiquity of this love” exceeds 5 million years. Maternal love for children strongly imprinted in the hereditary code of each cell of the mother. Fathers also love their children, but their love is more practical and rational. “The age of the instinct of fatherly love” is equal to the age of the emergence of a family within human society — that is, it does not exceed 50 thousand years. In the genes of men, the love of children is not as pronounced as in the genes of the mother.

If you are not a prostitute, you will die of hunger! Under this slogan was the hard life of a primitive woman. All scientists studying the living conditions of the primitive man asked themselves the logical question: how did the female half of society survive (economically) if the only material producer within the tribe was a man, if the male source of food and clothing was the male half of society (100% )? One can hardly expect the manifestation of care, sympathy and chivalrous nobility from wild, rude and selfish primitive men who would voluntarily take upon themselves “increased obligations” to provide all the women and children of their tribe with food! There is no doubt that primitive men did not care at all if the female half of society was starving during the last weeks, if young children have nothing to eat, and some of them have already died of starvation. Women of primitive society had to “earn” men’s food for themselves and their children. The only possible next type of production relationship between the male and female halves of society.

All adults are well aware that young men have a strong sex drive, which is several times stronger than the sex drive of young women. In order to satisfy their sexual need, a man needs a woman. At least 1 – 2 times a week, a healthy and well-fed man has an irresistible desire to have sex with a woman. Using the sexual desire of men, the female half of society has gained the opportunity to earn food for themselves and their children. A primitive woman could “earn a living” the only way: “give her body” to a man for a fee, since at that time the man was the only “producer” for the whole tribe of meat, fish, vegetables, pottery, dressed animal skins and so on. The most expensive were virgins (the age of the girl at that time did not matter). A young and beautiful woman over the age of 16 cost less than a virgin, and an elderly (over 35 years old) and nondescript woman was very cheap (she gave herself to a man for a hare, chicken, goose). If a man’s booty does not pull to pay for the beautiful woman’s sexual services, then he was content to caress the mediocre beauty of a woman. Inside the women’s society there was an unofficial position of the “commandant of the women’s hostel”, who, according to modern concepts, worked as an ordinary pimp. She was a tall, strong and massive woman, with whom all other women were afraid to argue, since they could have been beaten severely. “The commandant of the women’s dormitory” solved all organizational issues in the area of ​​the tribe’s sexual life: estimated the cost of the “booty” of the man, distributed the received “material values” between the female community, determined the earnings of the “prostitute”, took delivery, treated the women, followed the cleanliness and order in hostel, punished the guilty women.

Scientists who study in detail the relationship between the sexes in the premarital period of the evolution of society, bitterly state the fact that for 3–5 million years women and girls have actually earned their living by prostitution. There was simply no other way to earn a living from women in primitive communal society. It is in our, civilized time, a woman can earn money and buy everything that is necessary, working as a teacher, educator, doctor, laboratory technician or in another specialty. In the primitive communal system, the need for such female specialties did not exist. The women of the primitive system had only one specialty – prostitution. Consequently, all women of the primitive regime were actually prostitutes, since they provided sexual services for a full payment (for food and clothing) to all the men who wanted it. If an old man wanted to spend the night with a girl – no problem! Let him carry the boar carcass and do whatever he wants with the beautiful woman. A man completely buys a beauty for the night, so he has every right to conduct with her as he sees fit. Sex was carried out only in the women’s barracks, because if a woman was sent to a man’s dugout for the night, another 5 to 10 men would have sexual intercourse with her, and that the most offensive for all women of the tribe was for free. It was not included in the plans of the female half of the tribe. But now the day has passed, and the time of pleasure for the man is over. He must voluntarily leave the women’s hut, otherwise he will be kicked out of the woman’s room by force, and they will be helped to keep the traditions of the men of his own tribe. If a man wants to plunge into love for another day, then again he must pay. For primitive women, it was a difficult time for survival with the help of total prostitution. In the Stone Age, prostitution was not depravity, not pleasure, but work, the norm of behavior for every woman. Women have been prostitutes for 5 million years. Only the last 10 thousand years, when marital relations arose, women could not engage in such an ungrateful activity as prostitution, since husbands took care of the material welfare of women. Women should be grateful for the positive evolutionary changes in modern society that have given them the freedom to choose a sexual partner and a happy life in the family circle.

For 5 million years, children under 16 were also dependent on women. Since the father of the children was unknown, the lineage of the children came from the name of the mother. In the period of almost the entire primitive system, there was an era of matriarchy. If the mother was called Maria, her sons were called Tom Maria, Mikhail Maria, Jan Maria, and the daughters were Olga Maria, Tatyana Maria. In historical literature, matriarchy is often mistakenly interpreted as the power of women in a primitive tribe. This is a blunder, since throughout the entire period of the primitive communal system (and under slave-owning) women did not have any power and completely depended on the male population of the tribe. Matriarchy indicates the origins of the genealogy, and not the power structure within the tribes. Immediately after the emergence of family relations, the era of patriarchy began, as the family lineage began to flow in the name of the father. If the father’s name was George, the son was called Mikhail Georgiy (Mikhail Georgievich), and the daughter — Olga Georgiy (Olga Georgievna).

For 5 million years, mothers had to feed their children every day, dress, put on shoes, and warm them by the fire. In the hungry winter seasons, feeding 4 to 10 children for mothers was difficult. Infant mortality was ten times higher than now. The hungry relatives immediately ate the children who died of starvation. In the hungry period of the year, women aggressively offered themselves to the men of their (and even someone else’s) tribe for a small payment for food: for a killed hare, wood grouse, chicken, for several large pike, and so on. First and foremost, concern about 4 to 10 children pushed a mother of many children to earn her own body. A woman in primitive society always had to be attractive, have beautiful clothes, beads, rings, a short skirt, had to be flirtatious and sexy. Only a beautiful and flirtatious woman will attract the attention of a man, and he will want to give the boar and a few skins for a sweet night with beauty. The strongest sense of motherhood forced primitive women to the point of exhaustion to earn food for children through prostitution. Modern women are left with the desire to be always beautiful, in order to please both the spouse and all other men. Now the living conditions of women in society have changed dramatically. The responsibility for taking care of children is shared not only by the mother, but also by the father, grandparents, uncle and aunt. Due to the fact that the social unit was formed – the family, family people have many relatives on the maternal and paternal lines, who, to the best of their abilities and capabilities, help their grandchildren and nephews materially. However, it must be remembered that in a primitive society only the mother took care of the children.

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