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Greetings Pluto is the most distant planet in the solar system, discovered relatively recently. In modern astrology, this planet is necessarily taken into account, since its influence on the personality and on the events has ceased to be controversial. Pluto moves in the Zodiacal circle on average 248 years, which makes the planet the slowest. If a transit planet gets to a point in our natal chart, this leads to events in our life, often, to those that change it very abruptly. But the most important thing is that transit Pluto is carrying out the transformation of a person’s personality, since symbolically the planet is associated with the destruction of the old and the birth of the new in this place. Almost, like Phoenix, only a bird is born every time in a new guise and with a new experience.

The point of the horoscope with which the transit Pluto is in contact, especially the tense aspect or the connection, is an area that we need to investigate more deeply, the superficiality is unacceptable for such a transit. New levels of intimacy are discovered and opened, not only with other people, but also with oneself. Pluto breaks through illusions in search of complete truth, and these are not Saturnian truths when we see things in their ordinary or material sense. Pluto sheds a much deeper, bright light on our darkness, offers us the opportunity to evolve and revive, acts to throw away what is not needed or superficial in our life. The planet gives you the opportunity to get a deep transformational experience. Plutonian transits give rise to rebirth in areas affected by life. It is the absolution of things and emotions that keep us from meaningful and deep experience.

Fear, sometimes intense fear, can manifest itself at the beginning of Pluto’s complex transit. We oppose those parts of us that are waste, habitual, instinctive. Resistance to this process may cause externalization or overestimation of these parts. The energy of Pluto must go somewhere, and if we do not reassess, then we end up with Pluto in our lives under the guise of events or people. If we attract jealous, manipulative, or controlling people or situations, then we should ask ourselves why this happens. Do we have something that provokes such circumstances?

Although Pluto’s intense transit is often associated with such things as separation and death, it is important to note that Pluto’s meaning is to revolutionize parts of ourselves, and the events that occur at this time can also easily be new relationships, births, new beginnings in general. For example, a woman who decided that she would never marry and have children, began a relationship on the transit of Pluto, completely changed her beliefs. Upon completion of the transit, she acknowledged that her beliefs are in fact connected with her own fears, that she would never find deep and meaningful relationships.

Possible influences and experiences from Pluto transit:

Restless meetings, timely new relationships and / or separation;

Detecting your own strength;

Changes in liabilities;

Increased focus of attention;

Death / birth of people or psychological patterns;

Stop restless legs

Rapprochement with the deepest fears and their overcoming;

Interest in psychology and parapsychology.

Below is a list of Pluto’s transits across the natal chart planets and the events that transit can produce.

Transit Pluto by the Sun

In the general case, it is a challenge to our I. The inner strength and additional reserves open up in us. Women during this transit may meet a key man of their life, sometimes relationships with their father or with other important men are in the focus of attention. We are faced with the need to be more independent, assertive and autonomous. But perhaps the most important thing is that Pluto, passing through the Sun, puts us face to face with what keeps us from animal life, gains awareness.

Look for where the Lion is in your natal chart, as the Sun rules Leo, and this area of ​​life that will also be affected by the transit, in addition to the area where it actually occurs.

Pluto in conjunction with the Sun

During this time you will have to face the real you. For years, you may have avoided various problems, ignored your own desires, concentrated on what you thought was your desire, and in fact others wanted it. Now these problems may become relevant. For example, a strong desire may be the beginning of a new life, relocation, divorce, and even refusal to take care of your children. Awareness of your potential will become your main goal. Pluto leads to the necessary changes to stop the stagnation process and spur ongoing growth.

Passing through the sun leads to the need to understand yourself at a deeper level than the image that you usually show the world. It is also necessary to find the reasons why you acted this way for a long time, and not otherwise. Why are you afraid. Who are you really. During this time, you can assemble the puzzle pieces of your life. Psychoanalysis, meditation, introspection can help you achieve a deeper self-understanding, leading to greater self-control and more efficient use of your potentials.

Pluto’s Sextile to the Sun

On this aspect, the awareness of your Self will pass more easily, besides, a relationship with an authority figure may arise or a teacher will appear. Subtle, but deep changes within you will have a big impact on your relationship, it is quite possible and completely change them. There is a spirit of self-respect, personal empowerment and greater honesty. It is a time of birth and death (literally and metaphorically), and it will have a strong influence on you and your decisions. Group work now has a special weight for you, especially if you consciously focus on it.

Positive features:

The deepening of all your relationships, in which both parties are transformed by mixing and exchanging energy, old habits and relationships.

Chase the dreams and ideas you left for later. If you do not act, then in the future all changes will be more difficult, and it is possible that life will force them, but in a faster and more complex order.

Pluto’s Square and Opposition to the Sun

This transit marks an important period of growth in your life in which you struggle with the buried elements of your personality and ego. You will learn to accept, transform, or encounter them. You can act in a controlling, jealous, or domineering manner that can alienate other people from you. This is due to the deep fear of letting go or abandon the idea that some things cannot be controlled. As this fear arises, your behavior may be compulsive or obsessive, or you can observe these traits in a loved one, especially through a man. In any case, you are learning to separate yourself or let go of something, someone, or a relationship that no longer benefits you. However, the process can be lengthy and complex. You can live with thoughts of “what will be, then will be”, although it is difficult to do. You may feel threatened in some sense, you may feel paranoid, but most likely these feelings will be on an emotional level, rather than a real physical threat. There may be a tendency to act impulsively, without listening to your mind. Instead, you may fear losing something else, such as work or another important part of your life.

Coming out of this cycle, you may feel a bit broken, but, of course, in more contact with yourself and with your needs. You will learn to stand up on your feet, or you will develop willpower, and of course you will experience some form of psychological transformation and rebirth.

Trigon Pluto to the Sun

This is the time to unlock potential in a person’s life when your personality is more alive, magnetic, focused and decisive. You can do a pleasant hobby for you, a new job or your other interests. You can also start a new spiritual program that will improve your outlook on life, you can get rid of a bad habit or unwanted outlook on life that prevented you from achieving success.

Pluto Transit on the Moon

In general, this transit directly affects feelings and personal popularity. Also, such transit may affect your relationship with your mother, with important women, may affect household chores and family. Our childhood experience often makes us worth the life “scenario”, which includes certain expectations of the world, and this process is controlled by the moon. Pluto challenges this scenario. In some cases, men can meet key women in their lives. What house does the moon rule in your horoscope? This house, besides the house on which the transit goes, will also be featured in the events.

Pluto conjunction with the moon

This transit brings intensity and passion to your emotions, a tendency to impulsive actions, to irrational or compulsive behavior and, probably, to a stronger awareness of your emotional needs.

Habits that arise from deep-rooted fears come to the fore, and Pluto is challenged to meet you with them. You also have the opportunity to explore your deepest attachments to people, things, conditions and relationships. Emotions that you may never have encountered can now come out. For example, you may find out that they can be suspicious or jealous, tenacious or attractive.

This can be a time of discovery and performance, which gives you opportunities to come into contact with the most intimate needs. You may be especially passionate about what is hidden, suppressed, or taboo for you. In particular, you can enter into new pleasant and intense relationships that will open your eyes to new things or you can discover new depths of passion and understanding in already existing relationships.

Sextile or Trine Pluto to the Moon

During this transit, it is possible to deepen the existing relationship and transfer it to a very personal level. This process can be initiated by you or another person, but in any case, this leads to a much deeper mutual understanding. Intuition or premonition, which are reborn into a feeling of confidence in them, may increase.

Stop restless legs

Quadrature and the opposition of Pluto to the Moon

Gives emotional stress, especially if in the natal chart the moon is hit by Saturn, Uranus, Pluto or Mars. Typically, anxiety, mood changes, relationships with important women in your life can tolerate change.

Transit of Pluto by Mercury

It affects curiosity, learning, communication, self-promotion, the formulation of ideas and the ability to think rationally and logically. What houses does Mercury rule in your horoscope and where does it stand? Look and see which areas of transit will fill with intensity.

Connecting Pluto with Mercury

The intensity of the study of ideas, thoughts, new concepts, searches, research – this is the main topic of such transit. During this period, there are various reflections, the study of hidden territories. You may be interested in discovering a profound truth, or you yourself may become the secret to someone’s life.

The studies you are doing now are deeply fascinating and may well transform your usual way of thinking and perceiving the world. It is possible that you will learn something that you would not want to know at all.

In the period of such transit, strive for balance, tolerance, gentleness in your way of communicating with other people. “Filter” contacts, as their number may exceed reasonable limits. Avoid extremism in thinking or verbally expressing your thoughts.

Connecting Pluto with Mercury

You may have a cynical attitude toward different ideas, but this is a great time for any research or in-depth study. Communication can be superficial. In a positive way, if Mercury in the natal map is not affected, you will have the desire to avoid disputes and disagreements. When Mercury is “beaten”, it can, on the contrary, pull on verbal squabbles, the number of contacts and information can increase to such an extent that you will not cope with it.

Trigon and Pluto sextile to Mercury

Connections with other people begin to acquire a special depth and intensity, but in a harmonious vein. If communication with someone was superficial, then now is the time to bring it to a new, deeper level. Your ideas and thoughts may undergo some transformation, a natural feeling of growth and development. During this period of time, concentration and getting closer to really important matters and thoughts is facilitated.

Quadrature and the opposition of Pluto to Mercury

Your thinking will be intense, as is the case with harmonious aspects, but only now such thinking can strain you a little. You tend to have a passion for your ideas and can impose them on other people without being interested in whether your opponents like them. This may be a crazy time, when you feel under great psychological pressure, the tendency to analyze may not correspond to your usual way of thinking.

Pluto Transit through Venus

Such transit stimulates your desire to share joys with a significant number of people, you may also want to find new romantic or leisure hobbies. This transit also affects the desire to acquire new material goods and improve finances. As with other planets, look at the houses in which Libra and Taurus are located, where Venus stands – these areas will also be included in the transit period.

The connection of Pluto with Venus

Your romantic, social life and value system is undergoing a complete transformation. You will seek the depth of experience in your social and love relationships, or this experience will come into your life. Someone may enter your life or circumstances arise that will completely change your outlook, change your value system or absorb most of your time, thoughts and energy. Intimacy, passion and intensity – this is what you are looking for (or they find you themselves), and anything that is less does not satisfy.

Treen and Pluto sextile to Venus

Most likely this will be a particularly fruitful and rewarding period in your life, when you feel new depths of intimacy with an existing or new partner, when you learn to appreciate the important people in your life and when your value system is transformed and developed. This can also be a great time for finance.

Your intimate life can get a real boost when you dive into the spirit of sexual activity. During this cycle, you can meet the love of your life. And although this transit tends to signal a new or enhanced relationship, if the current relationship ends, it can be a liberating experience.

Also this transit can be especially creative. This is a great time to improve your artistic skills or to work on creative projects with a new or updated orientation.

Quadrature and the opposition of Pluto to Venus

This important transit will require finding the meaning of your life through partnerships. Sometimes this transit is associated with divorce or separation, sometimes new relationships begin. At the same time, the attitude towards partnership is undergoing major changes. During this time, you can become obsessed with your obligations or partner. Especially men with this transit may encounter the themes of Pluto through the Woman. Manipulative and controlling behavior can show partners, so you should be especially careful in this regard.

This transit can be a signal that the time has come to abandon destructive investments (emotional or financial). Resistance to this process will do more harm than good. Relationships started at this time can be very difficult, so be careful before making radical changes in your relationship at this time.

During this transit, there may be money problems. By the end of the transit, you will have a new sense of values, although it may not be very easy to get to this point.

Your desire for love and its physical expression may be strong, but it may be difficult for you to fully express this need. Adhere to high standards of love, so as not to connect your life with someone who is not worthy of your love.

Pluto Transit by Mars

This transit brings a drive into a person’s life, adds strength, endurance and self-assertiveness.

Connecting Pluto with Mars

Gives motivation to action. Under the influence of this transit, depending on what status Mars has or Pluto in your natal chart, different things can happen. It can be a tremendous force in the manifestation of your anger, and there can be penetrative abilities in achieving social success. There may be some kind of obsession, you can apply yourself to some projects or sports. You may seem more sexy and attractive to the opposite sex, some people meet a new, key lover in their life.

Resentment and old anger can now manifest with exceptional force and they can be uncontrollable. There is a tendency to act impulsively, therefore, it is recommended to weigh your own decisions.

Trigon and Pluto sextile to Mars

Life force and energy level are at their peak, you are in an ambitious and dynamic stage of life. You have a particularly good ability to motivate others. This is the time when you feel very passionate, stubborn and find yourself spending less time on unpleasant emotions than before.

Quadrature and the opposition of Pluto to Mars

Ambitions and striving for success are now incredibly high and strong. You are driven by obsessive need and it may be difficult to stop.

With such transits, forceful struggle may be the key word, there is a danger of injury, there may be situations when it will be necessary to throw strength into the fight against a dangerous situation. There may be a danger of rape, as well as accidents in a group of people. Therefore, it is undesirable to visit crowded places at this time.

Pluto Transit Jupiter

Jupiter is the first social planet in the septener, which means that the transforming force of Pluto will be me precisely this sphere.

Connecting Pluto with Jupiter

Your point of view on what you want from life and what you want to do can change drastically. It may be necessary to expand your own horizons and get rid of the limitations of your current lifestyle. You can feel how your friends and partners overgrew spiritually.

Trigon and Pluto sextile to Jupiter

This period of time expands the horizons of your social life or your worldview. You may begin to travel, may be exposed to other cultures or philosophical views. This is the time during which your career or life path undergoes a certain change. You can find a way to solve problems and go wherever you want.

Quadrature and the opposition of Pluto to Jupiter

Your point of view on life values ​​and on what you want to receive from life is changing. There may be an inner feeling, comparable to claustrophobia, when there is some kind of restrictive situation and you will desire liberation. You certainly need to spread your wings, but be careful with serious risks. Especially with Pluto’s squaring to Jupiter, there may be a feeling of heightened optimism, when everything is seen in pink, but in reality it isn’t.

Pluto Transit to Saturn

Gives the desire to resist changes in life and keep those things that once symbolized security for you. But let me remind you that the principle of Pluto is to transform, which means that you still have to abandon the usual things.

During this time period, unexpected demands and obligations may arise. It seems that every weak link in your life can break now. New responsibilities may arise both in your personal life and in your work. These aspects concern, as a rule, the connection of Pluto with Saturn. The house in which the connection will take place, as well as the houses controlled by these planets, will also participate in transit events.

Trigon and Saturn to Pluto sextile

Discipline, concentration and determination are key issues. During this time, you will probably take on a rather strict and intensive routine. The ability to work long hours without complaints may appear. This is a time of change that allows you to learn your basics, responsibilities, and create security around you. A rejection of everything that is unreasonable or superficial may come, leaving room only for what is correctly and firmly defined.

Quadrature and the opposition of Pluto to Saturn

Most likely you will have to sacrifice something important for you. There may be obstacles to achieving the goal, which will slow down your growth. There may be a struggle for power, as well as actualized questions of the search for compromises.

Transit Pluto on the Ascendant

This is a time of great personal change. It is possible that you are tired of your role in life, you feel that you have “drifted” along with the stream and followed the crowd for too long, but your inner needs and motivations take precedence over this. You can feel your passion for life inflame, you can find more direct ways to achieve your goal.

Trigon and Pluto sextile to the Ascendant

This is an opportune time when you have the desire and ability to express your feelings openly and intensely. You are looking for intensity in your life and relationships and are becoming increasingly aware of the hidden sides of your personality. The main motives come to the surface, the relationship becomes deeper and more significant.

Quadrature and the opposition of Pluto to the Ascendant

Pushes to the expression of greater intensity and passion in your manifestation. This can be a period of a critical point in your life and in your relationship; you may want to take power over other people. Perhaps the appearance of jealousy and authority in your life. Such a transit somewhat resembles the tense aspects between Pluto and the Sun.

Transit Pluto by MC

Gives a change in career and social life. You may receive an obsessive idea of ​​success in the area that you like exactly.

Trigon and Pluto sextile to MS

This is a positive time for your career. There will certainly be changes: you can change jobs, get additional work, get a new social status.

Quadrature and the opposition of Pluto to the MC

Gives a critical turn in the field of social status and career. There may be difficulties with the authorities, the inability to achieve the desired social level, or it is possible to change jobs due to circumstances beyond your control.

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