Start sore throat what to do to not get sick

Friends, have a good day everyone! Today’s post is devoted to the treatment of chronic tonsillitis at home. Olga from Arkhangelsk shared her experience in treating this disease. She wrote this post in response to the article: How I cured sinusitis at home in 7 days. Perhaps someone will benefit from her experience as a whole, or some particular points.

Chronic tonsillitis is a prolonged inflammation of the palatine and pharyngeal tonsils. It may develop after suffering a sore throat and other infectious diseases, accompanied by inflammation of the mucous membrane of the pharynx or without prior acute illness.

More information about the disease (classification, etiology, pathogenesis, symptoms) can be found here.

So, Olga’s story about treatment (personal experience)

I cured chronic tonsillitis

I cured chronic tonsillitis. She promised herself that I would definitely write about it, maybe she could help someone too. Until the age of 25, I practically did not get sick, then my torment began because of a poorly treated sore throat, I mostly drank the amoxicillin antibiotic, but then he stopped helping me. A little bit of a cold foot and immediately a sore throat.

In the summer everything was fine. But at 25, I got sick. I got sick all at once, at first I had a cold, bronchitis, mucus appeared in the nasopharynx, which ran down the back wall, I had to constantly swallow, my nose was laying, my throat was tearing, I didn’t drink anything like antibiotics, everything from amoxiclav to summed and

Hormones burn all the mucous membranes, apparently from this so much the throat ached, even burned constantly from morning to evening, the monthly, wild pains also ended

Start sore throat what to do to not get sick

Her throat ached, there were traffic jams that came out every other day and smelled terribly. After reading the articles on the Internet, I realized that the glands had lost their function and stopped cleaning themselves, all the slime ran down the back wall. I did not want to cut the tonsils and decided to look for some way out.

Start sore throat what to do to not get sick

How to cure tonsillitis forever

The first thing I did, I passed the analysis of a swab from the throat that showed staphylococcus aureus, from the Internet, I realized that this rubbish is almost nothing you can kill, and antibiotics are only jammed for a while, besides, the Staphylococcus becomes accustomed to it and then the antibiotic stops acting.

The first thing I understand is that my throat starts to hurt more when I catch my legs. Therefore, I began to harden. I washed in the bath, and each time I finished washing by pouring cold water on my feet. Gradually, I poured my legs higher and higher, so that I poured all over ice water, but after a hot bath, so as not to get cold, and then my body got used to this procedure.

Now I can stand for an hour in the cold, freeze all over, but not get sick. Hardening is the first way to recovery, if you want to recover, you need to be patient. Then I read that Staphylococcus aureus is afraid of chlorophyllipt, extract of eucalyptus leaves, is sold in the pharmacy. I began to gargle every day, morning, afternoon, evening. A teaspoon in a glass of water, but it can be allergenic. So test for allergenicity.

After that, I realized that this remedy helped me a lot, as well as after taking an antibiotic, but here I didn’t need to poison myself. It also helps from staphylococcus ordinary brilliant green, it is sensitive to it. I used a cotton bud to dip it into brilliant green, sprinkle some water to wash off some of the alcohol and smeared my tonsils, but my tonsils didn’t go away, and propolis tincture on alcohol and various sprays, so it was no longer scary, after it became easier, I bought in a pharmacy tincture aloe juice. And so I smeared her tonsils for half a year, in the morning in the evening, half a year, every day and about the miracle the throat stopped to hurt, traffic jams left, the tonsils decreased twice.

Now as soon as the throat starts to hurt, but very rarely, not because of a cold, and if I catch a virus, as I work with children, and this often happens, I smear my throat with green day 2 3 and everything passes. While I had a sore throat and slime ran down my back wall, I searched the Internet many times for a way, but everyone wrote that the doctors shrugged and referred to intestinal dysbiosis,

What helps with tonsillitis

He is treated in three stages. First, kill the bad flora, then clean the intestines and then inhabit the new microflora. I am writing without medical terms to make it faster and more understandable. In short, I had already drunk a bunch of probiotics and Linex and bifiform and Bifidobacterin, but the leaven of evitalia helped me, it is sold in a pharmacy.

I first drank the enterol for 7 days, then the polysorb to clean the intestines and then the leaven, its three months, now I also drink occasionally when I am not too lazy to cook, but I don’t need to be lazyJ I have nasopharyngeal phlegm just as I understand the same dysbiosis in the nose. Bad bacteria have multiplied, but few are good.

Because of this, sinusitis began to appear, but even here I got out of the situation, I had a dolphin device (for washing the nose). I diluted warm water with sea salt, and tinted it with a little bit of green, dipped a cotton swab in Zelenka and then into a glass with salt water. It turned out a greenish tint. Greens went for 3 washings. The main thing that was not very salty solution was not to burn the mucous.

And the main thing is that the sinusitis is not running was to wash it was possible, that is, there was no swelling, but how to wash already. If only a drop of vasoconstrictor drip, and then rinse. And then, as the green snot went through, bury aloe tiger juice. Tiger aloe is not as bitter as other species, I accidentally bought it from a neighbor. Now my assistant is in everything from wound to sinusitis.

But it really always helps me brilliant, straight works wonders, but not in any case not a strong solution. And a drop of a glass so that a little bit of green was. (Sinusitis last a few days, but I already know when it starts, green snot after a viral infection usually, so I do not start. :) I did not need to drink the antibiotic again, but the mucus in the nasopharynx still did not pass, then still perelopat Internet, I decided to buy polyvalent pyobacteriophage from several types of bacteria,

And he helped me, the mucus was gone by 80 percent. For me, this is just a miracle, because whoever suffers from this will understand me. I practically don’t notice her, but against the background of these antritis and mucus, I developed allergic rhinitis, sneezing in the morning, but it also happens during the day, so he vymatal me, I sleep with a handkerchief. But we will try everything in our hands, something else. And so we harden, do not eat any rubbish, fried and smoked. More fruit, vegetables. Positive attitude.

I would be glad that it would help someone, as she herself did not get out of the Internet in search of the necessary information. I also practiced hirudotherapy, put leeches on the face. It helped from nasal congestion, but mucus did not go away completely, only after bacteriophage.

If my advice will help you, I will be glad! Write me a mail.

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Friends do not overshadow your life tonsillitis, sinusitis, bronchitis and other diseases.

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