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Proverbs and sayings in English

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Proverbs and sayings are fertile material for learning, which undoubtedly contributes to a better mastery of English (and any other) language. They easily replenish active vocabulary due to brevity, rhythmic organization, imagery, and emotional coloring.

Any studied topic has already found its reflection in the well-known popular word. The case of the Teacher to offer his students a suitable proverb.

I use them for language warm-up at the beginning of the lesson, when studying numerals, prepositions of place, time and direction, pronouns and, practically at every lesson, I give a new proverb that is appropriate to the topic of the lesson. I demand to learn some of them, and the majority are remembered by ourselves, which gives me a reason to talk about the replenishment of the active vocabulary.

The selection of a suitable proverb, although it is a pleasure, but sometimes takes a decent amount of time. To make life easier for myself and people, I started

It turned out that there are only 24 hours in a day, so I don’t know if I can finish in this life. But I will continue.

As long as your students grab the first meaning of the word given in it, not paying attention not only to its other meanings, but also to synonyms, how can they show the richness and capacity of the English language? Of course, again – proverbs!

Sore tongue

The literal translation of proverbs allows, with less stress, to include an understanding of the structure of the English language, to feel it, and finally, to overcome the language barrier.

Here is a translation of the proverb – a proverb. This is useful only for translators who are looking for a suitable idiom for their literary translation. Want to learn how to express your thoughts in English – forget about the Russian equivalent and read the adage as it is.

Passing from generation to generation, proverbs and sayings do not allow the language to freeze, or, conversely, for a long time to fool youth slang or foreign (or professional) terminology.

And I constantly replenish this collection from various sources. Most of all (and most conveniently – copied – pasted) proverbs and sayings were in the computer dictionary Dicto. New arrivals are marked with the symbol ‘above the duplicated number. It is clear that to change the entire numbering is not enough neither the strength nor the time.

You can find many proverbs on the site http: //

This site is also devoted to the study of English and, of course, will be useful.

1. A bad beginning makes a bad ending. A bad start leads to a bad end. Wed A bad start is a bad end. A bad start is not a good end.

2. A bad compromise is better than a good lawsuit. A bad compromise is better than a good litigation. Wed Thin world is better than a good quarrel.

3. A bad workman quarrels with his tools. Bad worker with tools out of tune. Wed Have a bad master and saw bad. The master is stupid – the knife is stupid.

3 ‘. A bad workman always blames / blame / his tools.

4. A bargain is a bargain. The deal is a deal. Wed A bargain is a bargain. Persuading a holy cause.

5. A beggar can never be bankrupt. The poor man will never go bankrupt. Wed Naked – that holy: not afraid of trouble. Naked sheep are not sheared. 6. A bird in hand is worth two in the bush. Better one bird in hand than two in the bushes. Wed Tit in the hands – better than a nightingale in the forest. Do not suli crane in the sky, but give a bird in the hand. The near straw is better than the far Sence. Better a sparrow in the hand than a rooster on the roof.7. A bird may be known by its song. You can recognize a bird by the way it sings (lit. by its song). Wed Visible bird in flight. 8. A black hen lays a white egg. Black chicken carries a white egg. Wed From black chicken and white egg. From a black cow and white milk. Black cow, white milk. 9. A blind leader of the blind. A blind blind guide. Wed A blind man will not be led far away. A blind blind man leads, but both of them do not see. Oblique curve does not teach.

10. A blind man would be glad to see. The blind would be glad to see. Wed We’ll see, said the blind.

11. A broken friendship may be soldered, but will never be sound. A cracked friendship can be glued together (literally, soldered), but it will never be durable anymore. Wed A lonely friend is unreliable.

12. A burden of one’s own choice is not felt. The load that you chose, you are not feeling it. Wed Its burden does not pull.

13. A burnt child dreads the fire. The burnt child of fire is afraid. Wed Burned in milk, you will blow on the water.

14. A cat in gloves catches no mice. A cat in gloves does not catch mice. Meaning: if you are a belor, you can’t do anything. Wed Without effort, you can not pull the fish out of the pond. Do not wash your hands without wetting your hands.

14′. A cat may look at a king. And the cat can look at the king.

15. A city that parleys is half gotten. A city wishing to enter into negotiations is halfway to surrender. Wed The besieged city is double minded.

16. A civil denial is better than a rude grant. A polite refusal is better than a rough agreement.

17. A clean breakfast is better than a dirty breakfast. Honest fast is better than dishonest (lit. dirty) breakfast. Meaning: better is poorer and more honest. Wed better poverty and honesty than profit and shame. Bread with water, but not a pie with a vengeance.

18. A clean hand wants no washing. Clean hands do not need to. Meaning: it is unnecessary to justify an honest person. Wed True mercy is not looking. There is no need to paint the truth. True cleanse itself.

19. A clear conscience laughs at false accusations. A clear conscience laughs at slander. Wed A good conscience is not afraid of slander. Clean and the fire will not burn.

20. A close mouth catches no flies. A fly will not fly into a closed mouth. Meaning: silence does not do silly things. Wed In the mouth, closed deafly, does not fly fly. He who is silent does not sin.

21. A cock is a valiant on his own dunghill. The rooster is brave on his dunghill. Wed And the rooster braves in its ashes. In the underground and the mouse is heroic. On his street brave and chicken. Because of the bush and crow vostro.

22. A cracked bell can never sound well. A cracked bell will never ring well again. Wed On a treated mare you will not get far. A mounted horse, a broken bow and a conquered friend are equally unreliable.

23. A creaking door hangs long on its hinges. The creaky door hangs long on its hinges. Wed A creaky tree stands for two centuries. Squeaky birch costs longer. Broken dishes live two centuries.

24. A curst cow has short horns. The damned cow has short horns, Wed. A god-horned cow does not give a horny cow.

25. A danger foreseen is half avoided. Who knows about the impending danger, he half avoided it. Wed Beware of troubles until they are gone.

25 ‘. A dog in the manger – a dog in the manger.

25 ”. A day late and a dollar short. He will be late, that water is sipping. road spoon for dinner. who did not have time, he was late.

26. A drop in the bucket. A drop in the bucket. Wed A drop in the sea .

27. A drowning man will catch at a straw. Drowning for a straw grab. Wed Drowning and grabbing a straw. Whoever drowns – give a knife, and grab the knife.

28. A foul heart. Behind the beautiful appearance can hide a low soul. Wed The face is good, but the soul is unfit. Lichik is smooth, but with deeds of bad things. Clear from above, dirty from below.

29. A fault confessed is half redressed. Recognized wine is half redeemed. Wed A fault confessed is half redressed. For recognition – half the punishment.

30. A fly in the ointment. Fly in the balm. Wed A fly in the ointment .

31. A fool always rheshes to the fore. A fool always climbs forward. Wed Stupid looking for a big place, but smart and in the corner to see.

32. Fool and his money are soon parted. Fool easily breaks up with money. Wed A fool has a handful of holes.

33. A fool at forty is a fool indeed. A fool at forty is a fool. Wed Old fool not to rejuvenate.

34. What can you answer for a couple of years. A smart seven-year-old will not answer the questions that a fool will ask in one hour. Wed On any fool of the mind you will not save enough.

35. A fool may not be pulled out. A fool in a well throws a stone — one hundred smart ones will not be pulled out. Wed Fool tying – and smart will not untie. The smart will not always untie that stupid will tie.

36. A fool’s tongue runs before his wit. The fool says first, and then he thinks. Wed A fool’s tongue prowls his mind forward. A fool’s tongue runs in front of his legs.

Sore tongue

37. A forced kindness deserves no thanks. Forced kindness is not worth gratitude.

38. A foul morn may turn to a fair day. Rainy morning can be replaced by a clear day. Wed Gray morning – red day.

39. A fox is not taken twice in the same snare. You cannot catch a fox into the same trap twice. Wed The old fox will not spend twice. The old fox twice will not catch itself.

40. A friend in need is a friend indeed. A friend in need is a true friend. Wed A friend in need is a friend indeed. Horse in the rati know friend in trouble. A friend is known in misfortune.

41. A friend is never known till needed. You will not recognize a friend until you need his help. Wed Untested friend unreliable. You will not get to know your friend without trouble.

42. A friend to none. One who is a friend to everyone is not a friend to anyone. Wed All brothers – no one’s brother. There are many friends, but no friend. And a lot of friends, but no friend.

43. A friend’s frown is better than a foe’s smile. Better friend’s gloomy face – than the smile of the enemy. Wed Better truth bitter friend than flattering the enemy. A foe assents and a friend argues.

44. A good anvil. A good hammer anvil is not afraid. Wed True court is not afraid.

45. A good beginning is half the battle. A good start is half the battle (lit. battles). Wed A good start is half the battle.

46. ​​A good beginning makes a good ending. A good start provides a good ending. Wed A good start leads to a good end. Zachin matter paints. Down and Out trouble started.

47. A good deed is never lost. Good deed will not be wasted. Wed Good deed without an award is left. Good will always be remembered. For a good deed, wait for praise boldly. Good is commemorated.

48. A good dog deserves a good bone. A good dog deserves a good bone. Wed ‘On the merits and honor.

49. A good example is the best sermon. A good example is the best sermon. Wed Nothing convinces people better than an example.

50. A good face is a letter of recommendation. A good face is like a letter of recommendation. Wed Eyes (face) – the mirror of the soul. Scarlet flower catches the eye. A moth flies on a scarlet flower.

51. A good Jack makes a good Jill. Good Jack and Jill are good. Wed A good husband and wife is good.

52. A good marksman may miss. And a good shooter can miss. Wed And on a good horse there is a match. And on big minds lives promashka.

53. A good name is better than riches. Wed Good fame is better than wealth. Money penniless, yes glory is good. It is better to be poor than to get rich with sin.

54. A good name is sooner lost than won. Good reputation is easier to lose than to acquire. Wed Glory comes with spools, and goes poods.

55. In the dark. Good name shines in darkness. Wed Gold and glitters in the mud.

56. A good wife makes a good husband. A good wife and husband is good. Wed Good wife and husband is honest. A good wife and a bad husband will be great.

57. A great dowry is a bed full of brambles. A rich dowry is like a bed full of thorns. Wed It is better to marry a wretched one than to scold a rich one. Do not live with wealth – with a man. Do not take a dowry, take a sweet maid. Rich take – will reproach.

58. A great fortune is a great slavery. A great condition is a great slavery. Wed More money means more trouble. Extra money – unnecessary worries. Rich can not sleep, he is afraid of a thief.

59. A great ship asks deep waters. Wed Big ship – great sailing.

60. A guilty conscience needs no accuser. A bad conscience does not need a prosecutor. Wed Unclean conscience does not sleep. Conscience without teeth, and gnaws. Conscience is not a wolf, but eats food. The stolen pig in ears screeches. Sin carries with it punishment.

61. A hard nut to crack. Wed Strong meat.

62. A heavy purse makes a light heart. From a tight wallet to your heart is easy. Wed There is something to clink, so you can grunt.

63. A hedge between keeps friendship green. When hedging between friends, then friendship is longer. Meaning: keeping boundaries in a relationship contributes to a lasting friendship.

64. A honey tongue, a heart of gall / bile /. Honey tongue, and the heart of bile. Wed In the language of honey, and under the tongue ice. She looks at a sheep and smells like a wolf.

65. A hungry belly has no ears. Wed Hungry belly to all deaf. The hungry belly has no ear.

66. A hungry man is an angry man. A hungry man is an angry man (i.e., if he is hungry, it means that he is angry).

67. A Jack of all trades is master of none. A person who takes up many crafts does not own any well. Wed For everything is taken, but not all succeed. To take on everything – to be able to do nothing.

68. A joke never loses a friend. You can not cajole the enemy with a joke, but you can push a friend away. Wed Joke, but be careful, but you can get into trouble. Jokes, joke, but people are not trouble. Joke, look back.

69. A lawyer never goes to law himself. The lawyer himself never appeals to the court (as he knows the laws and the ways how to circumvent them). Wed Smart does not go to court. From the court – that from the pond: dry you will not leave.

70. A lazy sheep thinks its wool heavy. A lazy sheep and own wool is heavy. Wed Lazy horses and tails I want to swallow, but chew laziness. A sluggard and the sun does not rise at the time.

71. He speaks the truth. A liar is not believed, even when he is telling the truth. Wed Once lied – became a liar forever. Those who lied yesterday, they will not believe tomorrow. The deceit will tell the truth, no one will believe. Lie – do not die, but do not believe ahead.

72. A lie begets a lie. A lie gives rise to a lie (that is, to justify what was said earlier, one must also lie still). Wed who used to lie, not to be left behind.

73. A light purse is a heavy curse. A light wallet is a heavy curse. Wed Worse of all troubles, when there is no money.

74. A light purse makes a heavy heart. When a wallet is light, it is hard at heart. Wed Bread no piece, and in the throat melancholy.

75. A little body often harbors a great soul. In a small body there is often a great soul. Wed Small spool but precious. Mala is a spark, but a great flame will give birth. Mal Nightingale, but his voice is great.

76. A little fire is quickly out of date. Small fire is easy to trample. Wed Spark carcasses before the fire, attack attack before the impact.

76 ‘. A little help is worth a deal of pity – little help is more valuable than tremendous sympathy.

77. A man can die but once. A person can die only once. Wed Two deaths do not happen, but one can not escape.

78. A man can do no more than he can. More than that you can not do. Wed Above the head can not jump. You can’t jump over yourself.

79. A man is keeps by. The man is recognized by his friends. Wed Tell me who your friend is and I will tell you who you are. With whom bread – salt lead, like that and walk around.

80. It’s a lot of weeds. Cp. The adversary of deeds, the lover of words, is like a fruitless garden.

81. A miserly father makes a prodigal son. At the father of the miser-son can be a moto. Wed The stingy die, and the children open the chests. It happens that the father saves, and the son is wasting money. Father amassed and son snapped up.

82. A mile. Missing is no better than a mile to make a mistake (that is, if you missed, it doesn’t matter how much).

83. A new broom sweeps clean. Cp. New broom sweeps well.

84. A breakfast from a lord for a fool. For a fool, the nod of the lord is like breakfast. Wed Give the fool the honor, so do not know where to sit.

85. A penny saved is a penny gained. A penny saved is like a penny earned. Wed Save what you find. Unspent money – acquisition.

86. A penny soul never came to twopence. A penny soul never rose to two kopecks. Meaning: A petty person never achieved success. Wed Regret altyna – lose half the length.

87. A quiet conscience sleeps in thunder. With a clear conscience and sleep in a thunderstorm. Wed Whoever has a clear conscience, doesn’t have a pillow under his head.

88. A rolling stone gathers no moss. A rolling stone with moss does not overgrow. Wed Who does not sit in one place, that good will not make money.

89. A round peg in a square hole. Round rod in a square hole. Wed Stuck like a cow saddle.

90. A shy cat makes a proud mouse. The timid cat has a boastful mouse. Wed In a timid cat mouse frolics.

91. A silent fool is counted wise. The silent fool passes for the nerd. Wed Shut up – for clever you will descend.

92. A small leak will ship a great ship. Small to flow a large ship to the bottom let. Wed A small sore, but on the other world drives.

93. A soft answer turns away wrath. A mild response cools the anger. Wed The submissive word anger tames. Affectionate word and gentle look and fierce to the hands of lure. Hard word is shrew, soft humbles.

94. A sound / healthy, strong / mind in a sound body. In a healthy body healthy mind.

95. A stitch in time saves nine. One stitch, made on time, is worth nine. Meaning: what is done in a timely manner saves a lot of work afterwards.

96. A storm in a teacup. Wed Storm in a glass of water.

97. A tattler is worse than a thief. A talker is worse than a thief. Wed Stupidity is worse than stealing.

98 A thief knows a wolf as a wolf knows a wolf. A thief recognizes a thief just as a wolf recognizes a wolf. Wed Birds of a feather flock together .

99. A thief passes for a gentleman when stealing has made him rich. When the theft made the thief rich, then he passes for a gentleman. Wed Money does not smell.

100. A threatened blow is seldom given. Blow which threaten to put, seldom put. Wed He who threatens a lot does little harm.

101. A tree is known by its fruit. The tree is known by its fruits. Wed From apple to apple, from ate a lump.

102. A wager is a fool’s argument. Fighting is a fool’s argument (i.e., when a fool has no argument, he offers to fight a pledge). Wed Argue to tears, but do not fight a mortgage.

103. A watched pot never boils. The kettle being watched never boils (i.e., when you wait, time drags on indefinitely).

104. A fool never will. The clever one changes his mind, but the fool never. Wed Stubbornness is a vice of a weak mind. Although the count on his head teshes, but he is all his own.

105. A wolf in sheep’s clothing. Wed Wolf in sheep’s clothing.

106. A wonder lasts but nine days. The miracle lasts only nine days (i.e., everything is boring). Wed Pancakes, and then bored.

107. A word is enough to the wise. Clever and words are pretty. Wed Smart understands perfectly. Whistle to the clever, but he already knows. Clever – hint stupid – push.

108. A word spoken is past recalling. Said not turn back. Wed The word is not a sparrow; if you fly out, you will not catch it.

109. Actions speak louder than words. Actions speak louder than words. Wed Actions speak louder than words. A man is judged by his deeds.

110. Adversity is a great schoolmaster. Unhappiness is a great teacher. Wed Trouble will grind, trouble and teach. What torments, and teaches.

111. Adversity makes strange bedfellows. Need will drive a person with anyone. Wed In need with whom you lead.

111 ‘. Advice when most needed is least heeded – the most important (necessary) advice is rarely paid attention

112. After a storm comes a calm. After the storm comes a lull. Wed After a thunderstorm – a bucket, after grief – joy. Tears – that thunderstorm: flow, and dry. Gray morning – red day.

113. After dinner comes the reckoning. After dinner you have to pay. Wed Do you like to ride, love and sleigh to haul.

114. After dinner sit (sleep) a while, after supper walk a mile. After lunch, sit down (sleep) a little, after dinner, walk a mile.

115. After rain comes fair weather. After bad weather comes good weather. Wed Not all bad weather, there will be a red sun. Not all bad weather, there will be a bucket.

115 ‘. After meat comes mustard. (After the meat – mustard.) Wed. After the pores do not grind axes. After the fight, fists do not wave.

116. After us the deluge. After us even the flood.

1 17. Agues come on horseback, but go away on foot. Diseases to us are on horseback, and they leave us on foot. Wed The disease enters poods, and goes spools. The trouble will soon acquire, but not soon survive.

118. All are good lasses /(Scottish) girl; girl, sweetheart, girl, girl, sweetheart (in circulation); my girl/, but whence come the bad wives? All the girls are good, but where do the bad wives come from? Wed All brides are good, but where do they get their wives from?

119. It is fair. He is not the one who praises us. Wed Believe not every friend.

120. All that is not hunters that blow the horn. He is every hunter who blows his horn. Wed Not all that gray wolf. All is not gold that glitters.

121. All are not merry that dance lightly. He is all cheerful, who is dancing briskly. Wed Not everyone is cheerful who sings. Most of those people joking, whose heart aches.

122. All are not saints that go to church. Wed Not everyone who is righteous goes to church. Everyone is baptized, but not everyone prays.

122 ‘. All are not thieves that dogs bark at. (Not all those thieves, but whom dogs bark. Wed. Not all those cooks that go with long knives.

123. All asses wag their ears. All donkeys ears lead. Meaning: it is common for fools to take a thoughtful look. Wed Not in the beard honor, the beard and the goat is. Not everyone is smart, who has a head. The custom is bullish, and the mind is calf.

124. All bread is not baked in one oven. He is all bread from one oven. Meaning: people are different. Wed It should not be all cut with one comb.

125. All cats are gray in the dark. Wed At night, all cats are sulfur. At night, all black horses.

126. All covet, all lose. All to desire, all to lose. Wed There is much to desire, nothing to be seen. There is much to wish, good cannot be seen.

127. All doors open to courtesy. Before courtesy, all doors open. Wed Affectionate word is not difficult, but argues. Honey more flies catch than vinegar.

128. All is fish that comes to his net. Whatever comes into his net, everything is fish. Meaning: he does not disdain anything; from all benefits.

129. All is not lost that is in peril. He is all that is lost on the verge of death. Wed Not all that falls is unsteady. He is also not naked, who is belted on his face.

130. All is well that ends well. Wed All is well that ends well. Good end to the whole cause of the crown.

131. All lay load on the willing horse. On a bona fide horse, all the load is charged. Meaning: all their work they bring to the good of a conscientious worker. Wed The eager horse always works twice as much, and the same feed.

132. All men can’t be first. He is all given to be the first.

133. All men can’t be masters. He is all given to be leaders. Not all stand at the head.

134. All promises are either broken or kept. All promises are either broken or fulfilled. Wed What a promise that a pledge is not reliable.

135. All roads lead to Rome. All roads lead to Rome.

136. All sugar and honey. All made from sugar and honey. Wed Sugar Medovich (about a sugary, insincere man).

137. All that glitters is not gold. Wed All is not gold that glitters. Not every glitter is gold.

138. All things are difficult before they are easy. Before you become easy, everything is difficult. Wed Down and Out trouble started. Every beginning is difficult.

139. All truths are not to be told. He does not speak the truth aloud. Wed Every truth praises, but not everyone says it. Everybody knows the truth, but not everybody knows the truth.

140. Jack a dull boy. Endless work without rest and entertainment makes Jack a boring fellow. Wed Learn how to do it – know how to make fun. Mix up business with idleness, you will live a century with fun.

141. Almost never killed (he never hanged). “Almost” did not kill flies (For the word “almost” they were not sent to the gallows). Meaning: it is never harmful to say almost, that is, be careful in your statements.

142. Among the blind the one-eyed man is king. Curve among the blind – the king. Wed The gap between the blind curve – the first leader. On bezrybebi and cancer fish.

143. An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Eat an apple a day and do not need a doctor.

144. An ass in a lion’s skin. Donkey in the lion’s skin.

145. An ass is an ass, though laden with gold. Donkey donkey will remain, even if he is loaded with gold. Wed The pig in the golden collar is all pig. The donkey will remain a donkey in orders and ribbons!

146. An ass loaded with gold climbs to the top of the castle. Loaded with gold donkey and climb on the roof of the castle. Wed Money paving the way. Do not say another word, but only show money.

147. An empty hand is no lure for a hawk. The hawk’s empty hand does not attract. Wed Dry spoon mouth pulls.

148. An empty sack cannot stand upright. An empty bag will not stand.

149. An empty vessel gives a greater sound than a full barrel. An empty vessel rattles louder than a full barrel. Wed The empty barrel is louder (Pushcha) is booming. In an empty barrel ringing a lot. Where the river is deeper, there is less noise.

150. An evil chance seldom comes alone. The trouble rarely comes alone. Wed The trouble is not walking alone. Trouble has come, open the gate.

151. An honest tale speeds best, being plainly told. The best is straightforward and just a spoken word. Wed Not long thought, but well said.

152. An hour in the evening. One morning hour is worth two in the evening. Wed The morning is wiser than the evening. On a fresh head.

153. An idle brain is the devil’s workshop. The idle brain is the devil’s workshop. Wed Idleness is the mother of all vices. On idleness, any nonsense climbs into my head.

154. An ill wound is cured, not an ill name. You will heal a heavy wound, but evil glory is not.

155. An oak is not felled at one stroke. Wed With one blow of an oak you will not dump.

156. An old dog barks not in vain. The old dog doesn’t bark without a reason. Wed The old raven does not croak for nothing. An old dog on an empty tree will not bark.

157. An open door may tempt a saint. The open door and the saint in temptation will introduce. Wed Do not put bad things, do not lead a thief into sin. A thief has a belly that hurts where it lies badly. It’s not where a thief steals where there is a lot, but where he lies badly.

158. An ounce of discretion is worth a pound of learning. An ounce of caution is no worse than a pound of exercise. Wed Sleep with one eye and take care with the other.

159. An ox is taken by the horns, and a man is by the tongue. The bull is taken by the horns, and the man by the tongue. Wed Every forty of his tongue perishes. The talker language does not lead to good. My tongue is my enemy. Speak, but do not speak.

160. An unfortunate man would be drowned in a teacup. The loser can be drowned in a cup. Wed When not lucky, drown in a spoonful of water. On poor Makar all the bumps fall.

161. Anger and haste hinder good counsel. Anger and haste obscure reason. Wed In anger, do not punish. Be angry, do not sin.

162. Any port in a storm. In a storm, any harbor is good. Meaning: in trouble, any way is good.

163. Appearances are deceitful. Wed The exterior is deceptive. Do not look at the face, look at the custom. The face is good, but the soul is unfit.

164. Appetite comes with eating. Wed Appetite comes with eating. The more you eat, the more you want.

164 ‘. As black as a crow – black as a crow.

164 ”. As busy as a bee – hardworking as a bee.

Sore tongue

165. As drunk as a lord. Drunk as a lord (i.e. how only a rich man can get drunk). Wed Drunk as a lanyard.

165 ‘. As good as a gold – good as gold

165 ”. As gentle as a lamb – meek as a lamb is quiet, calm

1 66. As innocent as a baby unborn. Innocent, like an unborn baby (i.e., to an extreme degree naive). Wed A real baby.

167. As an apple to an oyster. Just like an apple on an oyster. Wed It looks like a nail at a memorial service.

168. As like as two peas. Similar as two peas. Wed As two drops of water. As if from one scaffolding hewn.

168 ‘. As marry as a cricket – cheerful, like a cricket.

169. As old as the hills. Ancient as the hills. Wed Old as the world.

169 ‘. As cool as cucumber. Cool as a cucumber. Absolutely calm. 169 As easy as apple pie. Simple as apple pie. Easier to steam turnips; Simply simple169 ” ‘ 169 ” ‘. As fat as a pig. Fat like a pig (About a fat, hulking man)

169 ” ”. As like as two peas in a pod. Looks like two peas in a pod. Looks like two drops of water

169 ” ” ‘. As quiet (mum, mute, still) as a mouse (in a cheese). Quiet like a mouse in cheese. Hush the mouse; unintelligible, barely audible. 169 ” ” ”. As scarce as hen’s teeth; scarcer than hen’s teeth. Rare like the teeth of a chicken. Happy with fire not found (extremely rare)

169 ” ” ” ‘. As stiff as poker /1) poker, 2) device for burning wood/.Flexible as a poker. How arshin swallowed

169 ” ” ” ‘. As thick as thieves. To be close (to each other) as thieves. You will not spill water

170. As a man’s face. As obvious as the nose is on the face. Wed Clear as day.

171. As four as two. Wed It is clear how twice two – four.

171 ‘. As smart as a fox – sly as a fox.

172. As snug as a bug in a rug. It is cozy, like a bug in a carpet (i.e., very cozy). Wed Heat, light and flies do not bite.

172 ‘. As strong as a horse. – strong as a horse.

173. As sure as eggs is eggs. It is true that eggs are eggs. Wed Like two and two – four.

174. As the call, so the echo. As you poke, so will the Wed. As goes around comes around, so will respond.

175. As the fool thinks, so the bell clinks. The fool thinks he should be willing, and the bell will ring. Wed Fools law is not written. Fools do not write the law, if written, it is not read, if it is read, it is not understood, if it is understood, something is wrong.

176. As the old cock crows, so does the young. As the old rooster crows, so does the young one echo it. Wed The young rooster sings as he heard from the old. Small dog barks – big imitate.

177. As the tree falls. As the tree falls, so will it lie. Wed Where the tree was leaning, there and fell.

178. As the tree, so the fruit. Wed What is the tree, is the fruit.

179. As welcome as flowers in May. Just as desirable as flowers in May (i.e. long-awaited, welcome, very opportunely).

180. As welcome as water in one’s shoes. Coveted as water in shoes (i.e., completely out of place). Wed Needed, like a dog, fifth leg. Needed, like the fifth wheel in the cart.

181. As well as being hanged for a sheep. Anyway, for being hung: for a sheep or a lamb. Wed Seven troubles – one answer.

182. As you brew, so must you drink. What brewed, then rashlebyvay. Wed Himself brewed porridge himself and rashlebyvay.

183. As you make your bed, so you lie on it. Wed How to bed and sleep.

184. As you sow, so shall you reap. (as a man sows, so shall he reap) As you sow, so shall you reap, Wed. What goes around comes around.

185. Ask no lies. He ask questions, and they won’t lie to you. Wed Do not go into the soul.

186. At the ends of the earth. On the edge of the world. Wed The devil on the kulichkah.

187. Bacchus has drowned more men than Neptune. Bacchus drowned more people than Neptune. Meaning: wine killed more people than the sea. Wed In a glass more people are drowning than in the sea. More people die in wine than in water. He who loves wine ruins himself.

188. Bad news has wings. The bad news has wings. cjo Thin rumor on the wings flies. Thin news does not lie on the spot.

189. Barking dogs seldom bite. Barking dogs rarely bite. Wed Barking dog less often bites. A dog that barks – rarely bites.

190. Be slow to promise and quick to perform. Be not quick on the promise, but quick on the fulfillment. Wed Without giving words, be strong, and having given a word, hold on. Promise a little – do a lot.

191. Be swift to hear, slow to speak. Shy listen, but do not talk very much. Wed Listen more, talk less.

192. Beauty is but skin – deep. Beauty is just on top. Meaning: appearance is deceptive; beauty is short-lived. Wed Do not drink water from your face. Beauty looks and mind goes in handy.

193. Beauty lies in lover’s eyes. Beauty is in the eyes of a lover. Wed Not beautiful is beautiful, but beloved. Not nice, nice and nice.

194. Before one can say Jack Robinson. Before you have time to say “Jack Robinson”. Wed Do not have time to blink an eye.

195. Before you make a bottle of salt with him. Before you make friends with a man, eat a bushel of salt with him. Wed Do not recognize a friend in three days, find out in three years. You will know a person when you eat a pound of salt with him. You will learn a person how from seven stoves with him you can take soup.

196. Beggars cannot be choosers. Poverty is not necessary to choose. Wed Poor and thief – all clothes fit.

197. Believe not all that you see. He does not believe everything that you see, nor half of what people say. Wed Not everything is true what people say.

198. Best defense is offense. Attack is the best form of defense.

198 ‘. Bet one’s bottom dollar. Argue for the last dollar. Giving head for clipping; Risk everything.

199. Better a glorious death than a shameful life. Better a glorious death than a shameful life. Wed Better glorious death than shameful life. Death is better, but death with glory is shame than inglorious days.

200. Better a lean peace than a fat victory. Wed Thin world is better than a good quarrel (battle).

201. I love you. Better is a small fire that will warm us, than a big fire that will burn us. Wed Good by little.

202. Better an egg today than a hen tomorrow. Wed Better an egg today than a chicken tomorrow. Do not promised a bull, but give me a glass of milk. Do not suli crane in the sky, but give a bird in the hand.

203. Better an open enemy than a false friend. It is better to have a clear enemy than a hypocritical friend. Wed Not that dog bites that barks, but one that is silent and wags its tail.

204. Better be alone than in bad company. Better to be alone than in a bad company. Wed With good friends, and the evil one, stay away.

205. Better be born lucky than rich. It is better to be born lucky than rich. Wed Do not be born beautiful, but be born happy.

206. Better be envied than pitied. It is better to make people jealous than pity. Wed It is better to live in envy than in pity.

207. Better than the tail of a lion. It is better to be the head of a dog than the tail of a lion. Meaning: it is better to be the first among ordinary people than the last among the nobles or the rich. Wed It is better to be the head of a cat than the tail of a lion.

208. Better deny at once than promise long. Than all the time to promise, it is better to immediately refuse. Wed Do not hold the promise, lend refusal. Honest failure is better than puff.

209. Better die standing than live kneeling. Wed It is better to die standing than live on your knees. Better glorious death than shameful life.

210. Better early than late. Better early than late. Wed Spark mascara before the fire.

211. Better give a shilling than a lend a half-crown. It is better to give a shilling than to lend a half-crown. (A shilling is 2.5 times less than a floor – crowns)

212. Better go to bed supper without rise in debt. It is better not to go to bed than to get out of debt. Wed Eat even a turnip instead of rye, and do not hold someone else’s.

213. Better late than never. Wed Better late than never.

214. Better lose a jest than a friend. It is better to refrain from joking than losing a friend. Wed Do not joke with you so jokes, who every word a bit. Do not joke about what is expensive to another.

215. Better one-eyed than stone-blind. Better curve than completely blind.

216. Better the devil you know the devil you don’t. Damn familiar better than damn unfamiliar. Wed Known trouble better than expected uncertainty.

217. Better the foot slip than the tongue. Wed It is better to stumble than to make a reservation. It is better to hesitate on foot than tongue.

218. Better to do well than to say well. Better to do well than speak well. Wed It is said – not proven, to be done. From word to deed – grandmother’s milestone.

219. Better to reign in hell, than serve in heaven. It is better to reign in hell than to serve in paradise. Wed It is better to be in the village first than in the city last.

220. Better unborn than untaught. It is better not to be born than to ignore living.

221. Better untaught than ill-taught. Better to be untrained than poorly trained. Wed Unlearned worse than unlearned. The half-knowledge is worse than ignorance.

221 ‘. Better to ask the way than go astray / get lost; reschedule go astray / – Do not look for roads, and ask. Language to Kiev will bring.

222. Between the cup and the lip. A piece may fall while you are carrying it from the cup to your mouth. Wed Don’t say “gop” until you jump. Praise the hill, as you roll.

223. Between the devil and the deep (blue) sea. Between the devil and the blue (deep) sea. Wed Between two fires. Between the hammer and the anvil.

224. Between two evils’ tis not worth choosing. Of two evils is not worth choosing. Wed Horseradish radish is not sweeter.

225. Between two stools one goes (falls) to the ground. Whoever sits between two chairs can easily fall. Wed He wanted to sit on two chairs, and he found himself on the floor.

226. Between the upper and nether millstone. Between the upper and lower millstones. Wed Between the hammer and the anvil. Between two fires.

227. Betwixt and between. Wed A half on half. Neither this nor that.

228. Beware of a silent dog and still water. Watch out for the silent dog and the calm water. Wed Still waters run deep. Where the river is deeper, there it makes less noise. Do not be afraid of the dog brehlivoy, fear the silent. Quiet, yes lih; screaming, yes wasteful.

229. Bind the sack before it be full. Tie up the bag before it is full. Wed In all you need to know when to stop. Know in all measure.

230. Birds of a feather flock together. Birds of one plumage come together. Wed The suit to suit is selected. Birds of a feather flock together.

230 ‘. Bitter pills may have blessed effects. Bitter pills can have very good effects.

231. Blind men can judge no colors. Blind people cannot judge colors. Wed Blind chicken is all wheat.

232. Blood is thicker than water. Blood is thicker than water (i.e. blood ties of kinship are stronger than other bonds). Wed His own unwillingly brother. A fool is more expensive than someone else’s clever. His child and hunchback, so cute.

233. Borrowed garments never fit well. Someone else’s clothes never sit well. Wed Someone else’s skin crushes. Someone else’s clothing is not reliable.

234. Brevity is the soul of wit. Brevity is the soul of wit. Wed Short and clear, that’s why it’s great. Not that it is surprising that it is negotiated, but that which is not said. Brevity is the soul of wit.

235. It’s a mouse. He burn your own, at home to get rid of mice. Wed Being angry at the fleas, and fur coat in the oven.

236. Business before pleasure. First thing, then fun. Wed Cause time, fun hour. Do business, walk boldly.

236 ‘. Buy (something) for a song. Literally: Buy anything for a song. Buy something for nothing.

237. By doing nothing. Doing nothing, we learn bad deeds. Wed Idleness (idleness) is the mother of all vices. On idleness, any nonsense climbs into my head.

238. By hook or by crook /hook, hook; stick stick with a hook (church) staff twist, bend/. He hook, so hook. Wed By hook or by crook. Do not skoky, so sideways. By hook or by crook.

239. By the street of ‘by-and-bye’ one arrives at the house of ‘Never’. Along the street That’s it you will enter the house Never. Meaning: you can’t get anything agile.

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