Sore throat folk remedies

Sometimes, for some reason, there is a sore throat. Most often, such discomfort occurs when a cold and respiratory infection. Also, sore throat can be caused by excessive tension of the vocal cords, dust or dryness of the room. An important factor contributing to the disease, can be called smoking.

Sore throat folk remedies

To get rid of this unpleasant symptom, it is imperative to determine the primary cause of its occurrence. There are many medications that can eliminate perspiration: special lozenges, solutions and aerosols. But today we will consider only folk remedies that have proven themselves in home treatment and do not require large financial expenditures.

Infusions and decoctions for problems with the throat

  1. Will help get rid of tickling and sore throat infusion of sage. It has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and wound-healing properties. It is very easy to cook it: put one teaspoon of herbs in a glass of boiling water. With the lid closed give infusion infusion. After 15 minutes – filtered. Warm infusion should be rinsed at least 6 times a day.
  2. Good results gives the infusion of chamomile. It is a powerful antimicrobial, cough and anti-inflammatory agent. It is prepared for drinking instead of tea. A tablespoon of inflorescences brewed in a glass of boiling water and allowed to infuse. Next, in this drink put a spoon of honey. Drink this tea at least three times a day. The same tool can gargle a sore throat during the day.
  3. Mint infusion is prepared for gargling. It can be cooked like this. In a thermos place a little dry raw materials and pour half a liter of boiling water. Rinse procedure should be carried out after each meal. See also the article How to treat purulent angina with folk remedies.
  4. Raspberry infusion will help get rid of tickling. You can use not only berries, but also leaves and twigs. Preparing infusion, as in the previous recipe. Every hour they rinse the throat with infusion, including necessarily after a meal.
  5. Will help to cope with the disease and lime decoction. Spoon of dry inflorescences brewed in half a liter of boiling water and put for a couple of minutes on the fire. In the ready cooled decoction they add a spoon of honey and drink such tea. This recipe is suitable for the treatment of children’s sore throat.
  6. Forest mallow. The plant has excellent anti-inflammatory and emollient properties. For the treatment of suitable flowers, leaves and grass. Two teaspoons of mallow poured a glass of warm boiled water. Give the drug to infuse for at least 5 hours, periodically shaking the vessel. Filtered drink is taken instead of tea and for gargling when itching.
  7. Ginger tea helps very well. A teaspoon of chopped root is thrown into a glass of boiling water.

Sore throat folk remedies

Onion oil and juices treatment

When a sore throat is used, such a folk remedy is used. A glass of olive oil is poured into the pan, and the finely chopped onion is fried in it. (The amount of onions is one glass). When the onion gets a golden hue, the frying pan is removed from the heat. With cooled and filtered onion oil, gargle at least three times a day.

Beet juice (one liter) is mixed with a spoonful of apple cider vinegar and used for rinsing throughout the day. This tool will quickly relieve hoarseness.

Often in the popular recommendations for the treatment of cough and sore throat can be found the following recipe. Take one big black radish. They cut off her tail, and from above make a hollow, which is filled with honey. Next, put the radish over an empty can. After a while, honey soaked into the root crop will begin to flow into the jar. Get a kind of syrup. It must be taken orally in a tablespoon. This tool will also help in the treatment of cough.

Extremely effectively relieves discomfort in the throat and softens its mucous fresh cherry juice with honey. In a glass of juice put a spoonful of honey. Drink this drink instead of tea.

The causes of tingling in the throat can be a long fad of tobacco smoking, and beginning ARVI or pharyngitis, and an overstrain of the vocal cords. In order to recognize the beginning pathology in time, it is necessary to contact a specialist (ENT), who will prescribe adequate therapy. When there is no opportunity to visit the hospital, you can use the means of traditional medicine.

Sore throat folk remedies

The best option – rinsing decoctions or infusions of medicinal herbs: mint, sage, calendula, chamomile. In some cases, hypertonic saline helps. If you suspect you have acute respiratory viral infections, drink plenty of warm fluids, add honey, ginger, fruits and vegetables high in vitamin C to your diet.

Old recipes

There is such an effective tool in the arsenal of homemade recipes. It should be in the glass to put two tablespoons of badger fat and the same amount of lemon juice. After that, add another four tablespoons of honey and mix everything well. The resulting mixture should be taken by mouth at least three times a day one hour before meals. Dosage: 1 tsp.

This treatment recipe came to us from ancient China. Any inflammation and sore throat will remove the solution of turmeric powder and salt, which must be dissolved in a glass of warm water. Each ingredient must be taken in a teaspoon, mix everything thoroughly and gargle.

You can apply a recipe based on garlic, which is crushed (it takes half a cup) and pour honey. Further, this composition will stir in a water bath and heat for 40 minutes. The resulting juice is used in a tablespoon at least three times a day.

If you have a sore throat, you need to follow a gentle diet. It is not recommended to use too salty, spicy and sour dishes. It should be more to drink herbal infusions and warm drinks. Dry indoor air must be humidified. Voice loads during unpleasant symptoms should be minimized. At the first symptoms of the disease it is very important to promptly appear to the otolaryngologist. The correct diagnosis will help insure against unexpected complications, and if necessary, the doctor will prescribe an adequate treatment.

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