Sore throat and no voice

There is no voice, and the throat does not hurt – those who first encounter a similar situation are lost, especially if there are no signs of colds.

Such the loss It is not only catastrophic for singers and TV announcers – it scares almost everyone.

So, the voice was gone, the throat does not hurt, there is no temperature. Well, if you have time – sick leave – and you can be treated without going to work. And what to do if there were no prerequisites for forced dumbness and an urgent need to restore the ability to talk?

Sore throat and no voice

What measures need to be taken when the throat does not hurt, but the voice sits down?

Guard – the voice sits down!

To understand that the voice disappears when you have a cold is easy enough. First, the timbre changes, then pronounced hoarseness appears, then you can only speak in a faint whisper.

This does not hurt the throat, but irritation in the larynx is felt.

If ENT diseases are not observed, then it is possible to understand that the voice disappears by the following symptoms:

  • to speak loudly, you have to strain;
  • speech breaks down;
  • felt at times hoarse;
  • after the phrase I want to cough;
  • salivation rises.

Already by these signs one can understand that there are problems with the throat and you have to shut up – or at least begin to communicate more quietly.

When the voice wheezes, it is necessary to take measures in order not to numb for a long time.

Why the voice was gone, and the throat does not hurt?

What causes temporary numbness?

The most common of these is laryngitis, a cold or infectious etiology. The common cold can occur without fever, especially in adults. Inflammation affects the larynx shell and extends to the vocal cords, they swell, and their function is impaired.

Other factors also cause temporary numbness:

  • tumors on the vocal cords of various types – benign and malignant – nodules, polyps, cysts or fibroids;
  • neurotic disorders;
  • voice overvoltage;
  • stress;
  • allergic reaction;
  • temperature effects – when the throat is intercepted;
  • injuries of the larynx.

Speech becomes quieter and the timbre gradually changes with endocrine disorders or with smoking abuse. But one cannot say anything about this situation – suddenly the voice disappeared.

How to be treated when the voice is gone without a sore throat

Even before the reasons for this state become clear, it is necessary to take immediate action:

  • it is best to immediately shut up – you should not go into whispers, vocal cords with this method of communication are strained even more;
  • temporarily stop smoking to reduce irritation of the vocal cords and larynx mucosa;
  • no need to breathe through the mouth, especially during the cold season, so as not to cause the throat to dry out;
  • it is necessary to refuse the use of spices;
  • food should be taken only in the form of heat – too hot dishes also irritate the vocal cords, as well as cold ones.

If the voice is gone, and there are cold symptoms – runny nose, tickling, cough – you should consult a doctor. You can begin to gargle with the usual means of the arsenal of official and traditional medicine: soda and salt solutions, chamomile and oak bark tinctures, furatsilina solution, Chlorhexidine, Rotokan, Chlorophyllipt, but you need to take into account – these funds have a drying effect, and the condition can be worsened.

Antispasmodics, laryngeal treatment with oily substances, specific drugs may be required. The choice of therapeutic regimen should be entrusted to the otolaryngologist.

In all other situations – especially if the voice disappears periodically – it is necessary to pay a visit to the ENT office. This doctor also detects the appearance of tumors, helps to quickly restore the ability to coherent speech during allergic reactions, ligament overvoltages and after injuries.

If consultation of the neuropsychiatrist or the phonioator is needed, the otolaryngologist will also issue a referral.

How to restore the function of speech by home methods?

Traditional healers offer the following ways to restore the voice.

  1. Kalina with honey. Berries – 2 tablespoons – washed, poured boiling water – 1 liter, and insist in a warm place. It is best to insist to use a thermos, if not, the container must be carefully wrapped. After 2-3 hours, filter the infusion, add honey, and take 2 tablespoons before each meal. This infusion helps to soothe irritation in the throat with ARVI and other colds.
  2. Decoction of turnips. 4 tablespoons of chopped root vegetables are boiled in 2 cups of water and drunk per day – regardless of the meal – divided into 4 equal portions.
  3. Inhalation with herbs. The best herbs for inflammation or swelling of the ligaments are sage, eucalyptus and coltsfoot. Brew a liter of water 3 tablespoons and insist until the color of the infusion shows that it is ready. Infusion filter. The drink can be taken orally – 2 tablespoons 5-6 times a day, or used for inhalation – 6 times a day.
  4. Mixture of sunflower seeds. Make and drink the same as in the previous recipe infusion of medicinal herbs.

A recipe for the rapid restoration of speech function for adults, which – judging by the descriptions in works of art – is often used by artists, artists and singers. The drug is a eggnog of yolks from 2 eggs – they are whipped with sugar and 25 g of brandy is added.

Sore throat and no voice

You can be treated in another way, without mixing the ingredients: a tablespoon of eggnog – a tablespoon of brandy. In this case, the most important thing is not to get carried away.

Another not very pleasant way to treat the vocal cords is warm beer.

When the voice suddenly osyp or disappeared in a child, even in the absence of temperature, self-treatment or experiments are unacceptable. Swelling of the vocal cords in a small child can be a symptom of a false croup – stenotic laryngitis, in which the glottis can narrow so much that respiratory failure will appear.

If it is noticed that the child suddenly began to wheeze and hoarse, it is necessary to immediately consult a doctor. The condition is very dangerous – can be fatal. Laryngeal stenosis can cause allergic reactions, temperature effects, laryngeal injuries and colds.

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