Sore neck on the left side

Osteopath Sergey Starikov developed a set of simple and pleasant exercises for neck pain – they will help even after serious injuries. You will feel relief immediately, but for a lasting effect, they need to be repeated every day for three weeks.

1. sitting leaning

Sit comfortably on a chair, leaning against its back with the entire surface of the back. Relax your neck and shoulders. Fold your head back so that your chin is looking up. Return to the starting position and repeat 5 times.

Then slowly tilt your head forward, trying to press your chin to your chest. Do not lift your shoulders or slouch. Also repeat 5 times.

Turn your head to the left, as far as possible without feeling discomfort, try to see the left shoulder. Return to the starting position and turn your head to the right. Do 5 repetitions in each direction.

2. Turns with hands

Stand up, feet shoulder-width apart, spread your arms straight out to the sides, squeeze your hands into fists, and lift your thumbs up as if showing a “class!” Sign. Turning your head to the left, lift the thumb of your left hand up, and your right – drop down.

Look at the thumb of your left hand and stay in this position for a few seconds to feel the stretching of the muscles of the neck and shoulder girdle. Repeat the same in the other direction. Do 5 repetitions.

3. Stretching the neck and shoulders

Put elbows and brushes on the table. Lean forward, slightly bending the neck and back. Press your chin closer to your chest while straightening your spine.

You will feel the tension of muscles between the shoulder blades and in the lower part of the neck. Hold this position for 1‒2 seconds. Return to the starting position to rest for a while and do the exercise 4 more times.

4. Head lift

Lie on your back on a hard surface (for example, a yoga mat will do). For a centimeter, pull your head off the floor, leaving your shoulders on the floor. Hold for a few seconds and gently lower your head.

Feel how, after prolonged tension, the muscles relax and the neck instantly stops hurting. Repeat five times. The challenge is to gradually bring the time, when you keep your head up, to a minute.

5. Head suspension

This way to relax over-stressed neck muscles was discovered by American surgeon Andrew Taylor Still, who is considered the founder of osteopathy. One day he fell asleep in the garden, resting his head on a children’s hanging swing. When he woke up half an hour later, he was surprised to find that his neck no longer hurt.

To build such a construction at home can be from any fabric, securing its ends, for example, on an ironing board. The suspension should be at a height of 2‒5 centimeters from the floor or another horizontal plane on which you lie, and be so wide that it fits the entire surface of the head.

You can shake him slightly so that he moves his head from side to side. Lie down for 10-15 minutes, watching the sensation of lightness in the neck and shoulders. At this time, you can read, but it is better to just take a nap, so that the relaxation was complete.

Sore neck on the left side

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