Sore lower abdomen and lower back

When there are pathological processes in the internal organs, it often pulls the lower abdomen, back pain. Immediately understand the reasons why these pathological conditions arise, analyzing only the patient’s complaints, is unrealistic. The patient should be carefully examined, such a diagnosis must pass as soon as possible. Today you will find out why the lower abdomen and lower back ache in a man and a woman.

Women are more likely to experience lower abdominal pain and lower back than men. Often, people use analgesics to eliminate these symptoms. Why does it hurt? Pain syndrome, localized from the bottom of the abdominal area, in the lumbar segment is caused by acute and chronically occurring pathological processes. In the acute stage (hemorrhage, the organ ruptured) the pain is very strong, sharp.

If the inflammatory process is chronic, then the pain dull, aching nature, occur constantly. With throbbing pains, the pressure inside the cavities is increased. Setting an accurate diagnosis is carried out in stationary conditions after the diagnostic procedures performed.

If intestines are inflamed

If there is pain in the back and abdomen at the same time, then the causes of the pain are intestinal dysfunction. Pain in the lower back and lower abdomen, which gives to the groin, may be the result of inflammation of the intestinal tract. If you ignore such pain, then ulcerative processes will occur in the intestine.

If such pain was of a whining character and gave to different parts of the body, and then became cramping, then the patient needs urgent medical assistance. In addition to pain, the patient will suffer from flatulence, hyperthermia. The acute stage of colitis can last 2 days. Without therapy, it will become chronic, it always whines in the stomach, but the pain is not acute.

Appendix inflammation

When appendicitis severe pain in the abdomen gives in the lower back, there will also be hyperthermia, the patient will vomit, throw up. If you ignore this pain at the bottom right, then the appendix will break, there will be a septic condition of the abdominal cavity. Also, the pain can be dull and aching. Without treatment, the patient will die.

More causes of pain:

  • With an inguinal hernia. The patient has a lot of pain in the abdomen and back; the pain syndrome is similar to appendicitis. A person from such pain can lose consciousness. Requires urgent surgery.
  • Renal pathology. If the lumbar region aches, urination is sometimes disturbed, hyperthermia appears, pain appears on the left or right in the lower abdomen, then pyelonephritis and other pathologies of the urinary system are manifested. Pain syndrome will always radiate to the groin area.
  • Infectious processes. First, there is a pulling pain in the lower abdomen and in the lower back, and later the pains will worsen. Feces contain mucus with blood. When Salmonella infection is possible sepsis, which will come in a few days. If treated in a timely manner, complications will not arise.
  • Inflamed prostate. With prostate pulling the lower abdomen and lower back. Also urinating with stool will be painful.
  • Torments osteochondrosis. The lower back hurts and pulls the lower abdomen also in osteochondrosis. Dystrophic and degenerative processes on the spine will lead to the fact that the nerve roots are injured, the internal organs will be poorly innervated. Therefore, the patient pulls the lower back, pain radiating to the groin, lower limbs.
  • Oncology. If the stomach and back ache at the same time, then there is the likelihood of the development of malignant tumors in the body.

Pain in women

Pain in the lower abdomen and lower back in women can occur due to menstruation, with premenstrual syndrome. Heaviness in the abdomen arises from the fact that contractions occur intensively. This condition manifests itself in women when hormonal background is unstable. If a woman gave birth, then the presence of such a symptomatic reaction indicates serious pathologies:

Sore lower abdomen and lower back

  • Inflammation of the uterus, fallopian tubes, vagina and ovaries.
  • Oncological processes, tumors can be benign and malignant.
  • The ovary burst. Blood can enter the abdominal cavity and sepsis will appear.
  • Twisted leg cyst.
  • Condition after abortion. The removal of the ovum is not complete, there is a threat of septic infection.

If the stomach aches during pregnancy, then there is a chance that the birth will begin prematurely, miscarriage will occur. Pain in the groin will be intense than the lumbar region. If, in addition to pain, hemorrhage is observed, hospitalization is required.

Such a condition may occur due to physical work, infectious processes, trauma, prenatal pathological changes. Pregnant stomach ache can due to pregnancy, which occurs outside the uterus. Pulling pain occurs in the area where the attachment of the ovum occurred. A woman will suffer from flatulence, aching abdominal pain, lower back.

When do you need help?

Medical assistance is needed in cases of:

  • if the pain does not stop for 60 minutes;
  • it increases with coughing, movement;
  • before pain, bowel movement does not occur a day, the patient suffers from flatulence;
  • feces contain blood clots. If he has a black color, then an internal hemorrhage develops.

What is forbidden to do?

Not recommended to self-medicate. If the patient drinks an analgesic, the symptoms of the pathological process will change. The disease can worsen as the symptom temporarily disappears, so the patient will not seek the help of a doctor. Do not drink liquid. Permissible wetting of the tongue and lips, it is impossible that the liquid fell into the stomach. Warm compresses are not applied, since bacterial microorganisms will multiply faster in a warm environment.

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