Sore back while sleeping

Hands go numb in a dream – causes, or during sleep, how to heal and what to do

Hello dear readers. Today is a difficult topic.

Why did you decide to touch on this topic? Because mom’s hands were numb in a dream, we paged her over the doctors, read over so much on this topic, received so many consultations and recommendations from the doctors that I decided to share this topic with you, maybe someone also has this situation and you This topic will be useful and interesting. Many probably noticed more than once, suddenly waking up in the middle of the night from an unpleasant tingling in your hand? Is the hand as if uncontrollable? If yes, then this means you have come across a fairly common occurrence – numbness of the hands. Most often it manifests itself in old age, justified by the deterioration of the vessels and the nervous system. But, albeit rarely, can occur at a young age. Most often, issues related to such a phenomenon arise when it is manifested multiple times, and if this is the case, then you should not postpone solving the problem.

Often this phenomenon occurs with headache, and may precede fainting. Let’s figure out whether to worry about this, what are the causes of numbness, and how to deal with it.

Hands are numb in a dream – the reasons why this happens

There are several reasons. They are both very simple and obvious, and well hidden at first glance.

  1. If the pillow is poorly matched, then it can squeeze the spine, in particular the cervical region, and, accordingly, the nerve endings that ensure the work of the hands. Try sleeping on a special orthopedic pillow and perhaps the problem will go away. And in general, it is useful for your spine.
  2. Sleep pose. If you treat sleep lovers with their hands up, the cause of numbness is obvious. The blood simply does not get into hard to reach places. The problem is familiar to lactating mothers, who fall asleep with one arm extended upwards.
  3. Inconvenient pajamas, tight nightshirt. The cause of the problem may be too rough seams, or tight cuffs. All clothes for night rest should be free, soft and promote rest, the maximum free movement of blood through the body.
  4. Permanent presence on the fingers of the rings and bracelets on the wrists. It is recommended to remove jewelry and not wear items that are too narrow.
  5. Drinking before sleep alcohol, coffee and spicy foods.

And possibly numb hands, this is one of the symptoms, whiter than complex diseases.

  1. Osteochondrosis of the cervical spine. Clamp spinal nerves. Track the presence of other symptoms of this disease – a crunch that occurs when you move your head, pain in the neck and back, frequent headaches, weakness in the hands.
  2. Carpal tunnel syndrome. Nerves are squeezed between the tendons of the muscles and the bones of the wrist. The consequence is the process of numbness of the fingers, and pain in the hands. This is practically a professional ailment of artists and all those who often make monotonous movements with their hands during work.
  3. Circulatory disorders, associated with diabetes, ischemic heart disease, anemia, and others.
  4. Degenerative processes in the nervous system.
  5. Inflammatory changes in the nerves.
  6. Thiamine deficiency.
  7. Reaction to the use of alcohol.
  8. Multiple sclerosis.
  9. Rheumatoid arthritis.
  10. Pregnancy.
  11. Excessive tension in the neck muscles associated with a long sitting at the computer.
  12. Arthritis.
  13. Cirrhosis of the liver.
  14. Hypertension.
  15. Strong and prolonged stress.

It is necessary to focus on what kind of hand is numb.

If the problems are connected with the left hand, then most likely this is a manifestation of problems with the cardiovascular system.

It is necessary to seek help from a doctor cardiologist. This can serve as a harbinger of serious violations – heart attack and stroke.

It is also possible that this is a manifestation of atherosclerosis of the brachial and ulnar arteries. Possible diseases include kidney and liver problems, vitamin deficiency, pneumonia.

If the right arm becomes numb, then it is probably manifestations of diseases that are associated with the spine. It is also a possible precursor of a pre-stroke condition. But I do not want to scare anyone.

Therefore, you should immediately contact the doctors if you have:

  1. The process of numbness occurs not only during sleep, but also in the midst of normal daily activities.
  2. If numbness persists.
  3. The process simultaneously affects two limbs.
  4. Frequent numbness of the hands during sleep.
  • The hands go numb suddenly, while the visual perception is disturbed, and the mental state changes.
  • Pain and discomfort do not last long.
  • Constant numbness can provoke tissue death, so it is worth fighting with a similar phenomenon.

    Why does hand numbness occur in pregnant women?

    The process of pregnancy is a test for the female body. The cause of numbness is several:

    1. Violation of water-salt balance. There are swelling.
    2. Lack of trace elements, which can provoke seizures.
    3. Changing the work of vessels.
    4. Weight gain.
    5. Decreased physical activity.
    6. Pathologies accompanying the process of pregnancy.

    Why do your fingers get numb in a dream – what to do

    Most often, discomfort appears in the little fingers and middle finger. The causes are identical in that they cause numbness in the hands. Can flow like all fingers, and separately.

    Most likely, the problem is based on damage to or damage to the nerves of the cervical spine, arm, and wrist.

    Possible causes often include:

    1. Reduced amyloid content in the body.
    2. Brachial plexus injuries.
    3. Intervertebral hernia and protrusion.
    4. Frostbite
    5. Cervical spondylosis.
    6. Hansen’s disease.
  • Hygroma.
  • Some immune diseases.
  • Lima disease.
  • Raynaud’s disease.
  • Inflammation of the blood vessels.
  • Burger’s Disease.
  • Hyperventilation.
  • Little fingers go numb in your arms in a dream – what makes it so

    The problems are the same as for the numbness of the hands. It can also be a symptom of damage to the nerves of the hands and fingers, and peripheral neuropathy, spinal cord injury.

    First of all, it is necessary to determine the cause that provokes numbness. Carefully inspect your bed, food that you eat before bedtime, sleeping posture, clothing.

    So you can solve the problem, which is associated with external factors. If the problem does not recede, then you should consult a doctor for a detailed diagnosis.

    If numbness is a symptom of a more serious disease, then the main focus of treatment is the fight against the underlying cause of the disease.

    Contact your physician, most likely he will appoint you a neuropathologist and a cardiologist, who will conduct a series of studies to exclude the likelihood of serious specialized diseases.

    But if the problem is connected with the way of life, or with a disease that affects the hands, the doctor will prescribe the necessary procedures.

    Most commonly prescribed:

    1. Physiotherapy.
    2. Medical gymnastics.
    3. Vitamin complex.
    4. Exercises for hands.
    5. Massage.

    Medicines for strengthening and expanding blood vessels.

    Alternative medicine also offers methods for solving this problem: acupuncture, hirudotherapy.

    The main treatment can also be supplemented by folk methods.

    Recipes known to our ancestors will come to the rescue:

    1. In a glass container, mix 10 grams of camphor alcohol and 50 grams of ammonia. Fill with one liter of water. Add 17 grams of salt, stir. Salt must be completely dissolved. Such a solution is suitable for grinding numb limbs.
  • A handful of rosemary should be dissolved in three liters of hot water. Warm infusion poured into the bath. Take a bath before bed for 10 minutes.
  • Rub hands with mustard oil, and wear cotton gloves on top, and long-sleeved pajamas.
  • Finely chop 3 pickled cucumbers, but not marinated, but salted ones. Add three red chili fruits. Mix the floor with a liter of vodka. The composition should be a week in a glass vessel. The resulting liquid should be compresses and rubbing sore spots.

  • Cook porridge from the pulp of ripe pumpkin. Make a mask for the hands of porridge, cover the top with a cloth. Porridge must be cooked in water, and be warm.
  • Take contrast baths or a contrast shower.
  • If the problem is related to the vessels, then it is worthwhile to strengthen them.
  • In the morning, drink 250 milliliters of hot water on an empty stomach. Prepare a mixture of kilogram of celery, a quarter liter of honey, two lemons, and a kilogram of parsley. Stir everything in a blender. Take two tablespoons in the morning before the first meal.

  • In tincture of the marsh ledum should pour apple vinegar, the ratio of 1/3. Insist on for 7 days. If numbness occurs, rub your hands with a means.
  • To relieve numbness, pour warm water into a basin, put your hands in there, and press down on the bottom.
  • Repeat the procedure until the discomfort passes.

  • Tie a woolen thread around your wrist. Carry the thread until it improves.
  • Pitch black pepper, you will need 100 grams. Fill it with vegetable small.
  • Cook on low heat for half an hour, stir occasionally. Cool the mixture. Rub it into your hands once a day.
    Lip the minced garlic in a half-liter jar. Garlic should occupy a third of the can. Fill with vodka to the top of the jar. Insist 14 days.

    Do not immerse the sun on the jar. Every day, shake the jar slightly so that the contents mix. Use the finished tincture for 30 days, 5 drops three times a day, pre-mixed with 5 milliliters of water.

    If the reason lies in the lack of vitamin B, then you should change the diet to increase its content. Eat more cereals, wholemeal products, nuts, beans, rosehips, beets. And also drink courses vitamins and minerals.

    And you can do gymnastics:

    1. Press your palms to a friend. Squeeze and unclasp cams.
    2. Connect your palms. Cross your fingers of the right and left palm, bend and unbend the palms.
    3. Place your hand on the table. The brush should hang loosely. Raise the brush up and down.
  • Gradually bend each finger, starting from the first phalanx, and until touching the palm.
  • Keep your thumb still. Alternately touch the tip of your thumb with all other fingers.
  • For prevention, you should take breaks in the work with your hands, every half an hour, and do gymnastics.

    Numbness of the hands is a very unpleasant phenomenon. Even if serious diseases do not break up behind him, it’s worth worrying about and eliminating it.

    If you notice other signs of a dangerous disease, and if the first measures to combat numbness have not brought the desired results, then do not postpone the visit to the doctor.

    And the main prevention of the phenomenon is a healthy lifestyle, which includes the absence of bad habits, healthy sleep, regular physical activity, and a full-fledged diet.

    Spend time with your body, and he will answer you well-being.

    Numbness can be fought in many ways, as already described. And this should be done. After all, if this happens during sleep, then the problem is not so acute.

    And if during the day, it is likely that there are not only problems (physiological and psychological) with the body, but also potential dangers.

    For example, if you drive a car or work with complex machinery in production, then sudden numbness may put your life in real danger: you may simply not have the physical ability to cope with the situation on the road, for example. Therefore, do not postpone the visit to the doctor. In any case, it is much better than to take risks and worry about the possible causes of such symptoms.

    Note! Since, in the overwhelming majority of cases, numbness in the hands is associated with osteochondrosis, it is first of all recommended physical exercise. I recommend also to contact a manual therapist and undergo a course of 5 to 10 massages.

    But, even practicing physical therapy on their own is not recommended, because if the problem is, let’s say, lies in violations of the cardiovascular system, physical exertion can only aggravate the situation. Approach the solution of this problem correctly, and be healthy.

    Why do your hands go numb at night, numb when you sleep?

    : Causes of numbness of fingers

    Sound sleep is the most pleasant and necessary condition of the body when the body is resting, recovering from daily physical and emotional stress. Prolonged sound sleep – speaks about the calm nervous system of a person and it is very important that such a dream be like this every night.

    However, many people sometimes wake up at night from discomfort that comes from the left or right hand – this is the numbness of the hands at night.

    This is manifested as a aching pain, tingling, and when the hand moves, the tingling becomes even stronger, then after some time the tingling and pain subsides and the numbness disappears. Why do your hands go numb at night? Is this a serious violation or just an uncomfortable position in a dream?

    It is believed that the main cause of hand numbness at night is a violation of blood circulation in the limbs. What other disorders or diseases can lead to such a night of discomfort?

    If your hands are numb at night, do you need to see a doctor?

    In cases where numbness occurs due to an uncomfortable posture, squeezing of blood vessels or nerves occurs, that is, the person simply reclined his hand, if this is not permanent, then do not worry.

    But if your hands become numb during sleep, every night, they interfere with sleep and cause anxiety – consultation with a doctor and examination are simply necessary.

    Depending on the clinical manifestations, the nature of hand numbness, the doctor will diagnose:

    • If your hands go numb day and night
    • If numbness lasts long or short
    • If both hands go numb
    • If the right hand goes numb
    • If the left hand goes numb
    • Hands go numb suddenly, while the condition is accompanied by deterioration of vision and mental impairment.

    The answers to these questions are very important, since the cause of a disturbance in the blood supply to an extremity depends on whether one arm becomes numb, or both, only the hand or the whole hand goes numb.

    Why both hands are numb at night. If the hands flow at the same time or the right, then the left – this indicates a violation of the peripheral or central nervous system. Often the reason for this is a cervical osteochondrosis, intervertebral hernia or polyneuropathy.

    If at night the left hand becomes numb, this violation is usually associated with changes in cardiac activity. Therefore, an immediate and mandatory consultation of the cardiologist is required.

    If the left hand becomes numb during the day, it can be a bell of a serious heart failure, up to the pre-infarction state, as well as a harbinger of a no less formidable disease – a stroke or a microstroke.

    Why the right hand becomes numb at night – cardiac problems in this case can most likely be excluded.

    If at the same time the hand does not grow numb, then the causes can be in carpal tunnel syndrome, arthrosis or cervical osteochondrosis, with a sharp narrowing of the neck blood vessels, but it can also be a precursor of a stroke.

    • The most innocent reason, not associated with any serious illness or disruption of the systems and organs – is a long stay of the person in an uncomfortable position, in close, constricting clothing during sleep.
    • Another reason is that people whose work forces them to repeatedly raise their hands above the level of the heart or if they are too tense by lifting weights also increase the risk of numbness of the hands during sleep.
    • Wrong body position in a dream, as a rule, when the arms are thrown back behind the head – also provoke numbness of the hands at night. This is explained by the same violation of the blood supply to the limbs, the cardiovascular system works at night in a weakened mode, so the blood does not fully reach the hands and especially the hands.
    • Another reason that is easy enough to eliminate is the wrong pillow, which creates an incorrect position for the neck during sleep. Too high, not orthopedic pillow, forcing the spine to sag in the cervical region, this can cause the neck to leak, disrupting the blood supply and nourishment of the nerves of the cervical spine. Due to the weak circulation of blood in the transmitted limbs, discomfort and tingling, aching, unpleasant pain occur, so the hands go numb during sleep.

    One of the reasons why your hands go numb at night is carpal tunnel syndrome or tunnel syndrome.

    This syndrome comes from the constant over-exertion of the tendons of the hands, usually those who work with fingers daily, intensively, for many years – who type a lot on the computer, seamstresses, painters, musicians, those people who make thousands of the same type throughout the year. movements of the hand and fingers.

    At the hands of a person there is a narrow canal through which a mass of tendons and a nerve pass, controlling the movement of the fingers and the sensitivity of the entire palm.

    These tendons and nerves are protected, however, when an overstrain, nerve squeezing occurs, tendon swelling occurs – which causes numbness of the hands, pulsating pain and tingling.

    Such signs of carpal tunnel syndrome occur right at night and most often closer to the morning.

    If untreated, even the muscles of the thumb may die.

    At the same time, a person cannot squeeze his fist tightly and completely bend his thumb. Most often suffer from this disease women after the age of 40 years.

    Because of this, some people have to change jobs and specialty. To relieve symptoms and alleviate this syndrome, doctors prescribe soothing baths, a special set of exercises for relieving stress, vitamin therapy.

    3 reason – Spinal diseases

    In addition to the above reasons, a special place is occupied by violations associated with various diseases of the spine.

    If a person’s hands not only get numb at night, but periodically there is dizziness, unexplained headaches, and even loss of consciousness, then this is a good reason to examine an osteopath, a neurologist, because not only osteochondrosis of the cervical spine, but also intervertebral hernia are the causes of various disturbances in the limbs.

    Spinal osteochondrosis is a very capacious name for a whole complex of various deviations in metabolic processes of bone and cartilage tissue of the spine. When the destruction of the vertebrae already occurs, the spinal nerve roots are compressed, leading to various ailments, pains and numbness.

    The modern way of life of a person, a schoolboy, and an office employee – forces us to lead mostly sedentary, sedentary lifestyles, at a desk, at a computer desk, drivers behind the wheel of cars.

    Most often, few people follow the correct posture and condition of the spine, and with prolonged static load, the neck muscles are overstressed and spasmized. In this case, the hands go numb not only at night, but during the day.

    4 reasons – Numb hands at night with vascular disorders

    One of the most dangerous causes of numbness in the limbs is ischemic stroke.

    If there is a violation of the blood circulation of one of the areas of the brain, in addition to numbness of one part of the limb, high blood pressure, dizziness, detachment, etc. are also observed.

    , this is one of the signs of a stroke or a microstroke (microstroke, signs, symptoms). Most often, it comes from an overstrain, a stressful situation, a sharp jump in blood pressure.

    5 reason Other diseases

    If a person constantly has numb hands at night, this may be due to a number of diseases:

    • Chronic circulatory disorders
    • Diabetes
    • Hypertension
    • Various forms of anemia
    • Coronary heart disease and other heart diseases
    • Inflammatory, hereditary diseases of the nervous system
    • Lack of vitamins of group B, microelements
    • Excessive drinking
    • Multiple sclerosis
    • Rheumatoid arthritis, which affects the nerves during joint deformity.
    • Various manifestations of disorders of the autonomic nervous system (see the outdated name of the disease vegetative-vascular dystonia).

    Hands go numb at night – what to do?

    First, you should find the exact reason why hands get numb at night. Or make sure that the reason for such discomfort in a pillow or cramped clothing during sleep.

    You should also pay attention to how you sleep, if you raise your hands behind your head in a dream, then most likely the reason lies in an uncomfortable position.

    Change your pillow and try to change the position in a dream.

    Secondly – if this is not the cause, then you should contact a therapist, a neurologist, a cardiologist, an osteopath, give a blood test for 18 parameters, blood for glucose (blood glucose is the norm), make an MRI of the whole spine (symptoms of a vertebral hernia), ECG and consult these specialists.

    Thirdly, on the basis of the examination and the established diagnosis, follow all the recommendations of the doctor.

    Causes of numbness at night

    Numbness of the hands (or medically paresthesia) is a rather common feeling of discomfort, which manifests itself mainly at night. Its main symptoms are aching pain and tingling.

    Often at night a person wakes up, pain and numbness make it difficult to sleep further.

    When you move your fingers, the tingling sensation first increases, painful sensations increase, then gradually pass and you can fall asleep further.

    According to statistics, from 7.4% to 45% of the population experience night painful paresthesias. It is generally accepted that hands go numb at night due to circulatory disorders in the limbs. But what caused it?

    Of course, if your hands get numb at night occasionally and really because of an uncomfortable body position during sleep, you should not focus your attention on this. This phenomenon is called colloquially: he laid his hand on his hands and does not require taking any measures other than a change of position.

    If, during sleep, your hands become numb every night, constantly and prevent you from sleeping soundly, you should contact a specialist. The following problems should cause concern:

    • If hands are numb in sleep and after sleep;
    • At the same time;
    • If at night only the left hand becomes numb or only the right hand;
    • Simultaneously with the attack, vision deteriorates.

    Such factors are also important – how the entire arm becomes numb, or only the hand, or finger paresthesia is observed.

    Previously, prior to examination by a doctor, one can only assume the presence of the most common following pathologies.

    If hands go numb at night, the most common causes are cervical osteochondrosis, the presence of intervertebral hernia and polyneuropathy. If only the left hand becomes numb, the most common cause is a pathology of cardiac function.

    It is possible that the therapist will give a referral for an ECG and a referral to a cardiologist. It should especially be alerted if it becomes dumb during the day (this may be a precursor of a stroke or a pre-infarction state).

    If the right hand becomes numb, the reasons may be hiding in the tunnel syndrome, in the same cervical osteochondrosis, arthrosis, a sharp narrowing of the cervical blood vessels.

    Why do your hands go numb while sleeping

    Hands are numb from the wrong position.

    1. Strangely enough, often the culprit paresthesias becomes uncomfortable, unsuitable for sleeping pillow.

    Too high or a pillow placed on the rib creates an incorrect base for the spine, which flexes in the cervical region and causes a disturbance in the blood supply. Because of this, there is in the hands a feeling of discomfort, aching unpleasant pain, tingling.

    To remedy this situation is quite simple – simply buy a flat pillow in any supermarket or purchase a special orthopedic pillow in a specialized salon.

    The correct pillow will allow the head to adopt the correct anatomical position, contributing to an even blood supply to all parts of the body.

    Another reason why hands get numb at night is to fall asleep in tight, stretched or small clothes or in an uncomfortable position. An uncomfortable position also includes a dream with his arms thrown back behind his head and a dream on his side with one hand under his ear or under the pillow.

    Sore back while sleeping

    It is also explained by a violation of the blood supply. The cardiovascular system works sparingly at night and the blood may simply not flow in full to the hands. Clothes can also climb up and squeeze blood vessels.

  • There are people who, during work, often raise their hands above the level of the heart – these are painters, installers. They, too, often have numb hands at night.
  • Tunnel syndrome

    It can be said that numbness of the hands during sleep is an occupational disease. Tunnel syndrome occurs from the regular tension of the tendons of the hands.

    This disease is characteristic of musicians, PC operators, and seamstresses — that is, people who perform the same type of wrist movements during the working day. This is a disease in which the intensity of the painful sensations is most pronounced.

    On the wrist there is a special small channel through which the tendons and the nerve pass, which is responsible for the sensitivity of the palm. When the nerve is overstressed, edema occurs, which causes a feeling of numbness usually at night or closer to morning.

    If you do not turn to a specialist in time and do not treat the tunnel syndrome, the muscles of the thumb may simply die off, which will result in limiting its mobility. Tunnel syndrome is also found in women over 40.

    Spinal disorders

    A special place in diagnosing the causes of numbness in the hands is occupied by circulatory disorders associated with diseases of the spine.

    Concomitant symptoms of the disease are frequent dizziness, headaches, periodic loss of consciousness, tinnitus.

    If all these phenomena are observed and at the same time their hands become numb at night, then this is a good reason to turn to a neurologist. This may be osteochondrosis of the cervical or intervertebral hernia.

    Spinal osteochondrosis is a complex of degenerative metabolic pathologies in the cartilage and bone tissue of the spine.

    At the stage when the destruction of the vertebrae occurs, the roots of the spinal nerves are compressed and lead to pain in different parts of the limbs (from the wrist and shoulder to the ribs).

    Modern sedentary lifestyle at a desk, office desk or driving a car only contributes to the development of this disease. With a prolonged misaligned load, the neck muscles are overstressed and spasmized. Hands with this disease numb both night and day.

    Vascular pathology

    Vascular pathologies are the most dangerous reasons why hands get numb at night. If there is a violation of blood circulation in one of the brain areas, limb may also go numb.

    If all this is accompanied by a sharp increase in blood pressure, dizziness and confusion of consciousness – then this may be one of the signs of a microstroke.

    Usually the cause of the disease are overvoltage, stress, a sharp jump in blood pressure.

    Ischemic stroke of the lower cerebellar and vertebral arteries is also manifested by numbness of the limb. When it breaks down the blood circulation of any part of the brain. Concomitant signs of the disease – dizziness and increased blood pressure.

    The bad habit of smoking before bedtime or at night can also lead to discomfort during sleep. Smoking causes a sharp narrowing of blood vessels and the body may react with a numb feeling.

    Alcohol consumption before bedtime leads to a similar effect. Alcohol causes short-term dilation of blood vessels and their subsequent sharp narrowing.

    At what vessels are not narrowed to the original state, but narrowed much more.


    In pregnancy, the feeling of numbness in the hands or fingers is also quite common. If a pregnant woman has numb hands at night, there can be quite a few reasons for this:

    • Violation of water-salt balance;
    • Lack of magnesium and calcium;
    • Pathology of the vascular walls due to hormonal disorders;
    • Weight gain and uncomfortable sleeping position;
    • Decreased activity;
    • Pathology of the endocrine system.

    Other factors that provoke numbness are anemia that develops during pregnancy and spinal diseases that are exacerbated by a high weight.

    Other diseases

    Nighttime numbness of the hands can be the result of a number of chronic diseases:

    • Diabetes;
    • Hypertension;
    • Anemia;
    • Ischemic heart disease;
    • The lack of vitamins of group B and a number of trace elements;
    • Multiple sclerosis;
    • Rheumatoid arthritis;
    • VSD.

    Do not disregard and such an infrequent, but very dangerous phenomenon, like the appearance of a blood clot in the vessels. A blood clot may interfere with the blood supply and cause numbness.

    If night numbness does not go away within an hour after waking up – this is a good reason to consult a doctor.

    In all the above cases, it is necessary to begin treatment of the underlying disease at a specialist.

    Finger paresthesia

    Causes of finger paresthesia should be sought in the clinic. For examination, the therapist can give direction to the following specialists – a cardiologist, a neurologist, an endocrinologist, a traumatologist.

    1. If the cause of the pathology is found to be of a neuralgic nature, drug treatment and the intake of a vitamin complex will be prescribed. Often additionally prescribed physiotherapy.
    2. If the reason lies in over-exertion of muscles or injury, then the traumatologist will give his recommendations.
    3. If the elbow neuropathy is suspected, electroneuromyography is prescribed to confirm the diagnosis.
    4. Expanded blood and urine tests, a digestive tract test, will help determine endocrine diseases.

    Sore back while sleeping

    How to get rid of night numbness

    So, if the numbness of the hands is disturbed, it is necessary;

    • Check the pillow and mattress – as far as they contribute to the adoption of a comfortable position during sleep;
    • Check pajamas so that the narrow armhole of the sleeves does not pinch the limbs at night;
    • Monitor the position of the body during sleep.

    If the reason for the numbness of the hands is not in this, and the discomfort continues, then you need to visit a therapist and a neurologist, be examined for the presence of osteochondrosis and other diseases: an x-ray of the spine, an ECG, and a complete blood test. And begin to treat the identified disease. May in some cases have to change jobs.

    The treatment of pathology in most cases is carried out locally. It boils down to the restoration of trophic tissue and the resumption of the functioning of the transferred vessels.

    The most commonly used treatment methods are: physiotherapy, ultrasound, laser therapy, electrophoresis. All these procedures allow you to work on the affected area with drugs.

    The manual effect is very effective, which allows reducing the inflammatory syndrome and reducing the process of vascular hypoxia. Therapeutic gymnastics contributes to the development and strengthening of joints and muscles.

    Regular exercise improves blood circulation. Morning exercises and physical activity 2 hours before bedtime will also help to eliminate discomfort during sleep.

    The following exercises will help to get rid of numbness:

    • Squeezing / unclenching fingers;
    • Shaking palms with relaxed fingers and wrists;
    • Lying on your back raising and lowering hands;
    • Rolling on the palm of the massage ball, studded ball.

    Also, the doctor may prescribe a vitamin complex, vasodilator, anti-inflammatory drugs. Normal gymnastics for the shoulder girdle is very effective.

    If the above means are not particularly effective, you should contact a manual therapist.

    The manual therapist will help eliminate changes in the cervical and thoracic spine, dysfunction of the costal-vertebral and costal sternum, shoulder joints and costal sternum joints, help relieve muscle tension. Usually, from 1 to 5 sessions are enough to eliminate painful sensations.

    What makes your hands numb during sleep: influence factors, numbness – a symptom, examination and treatment methods

    There is such a thing as paresthesia, which is characterized by numbness of the hands during a night’s sleep. At the same time, in the fingers or palms, upon awakening, aching and tingling pain is noted. This feeling prevents people from falling asleep again or doing the necessary things.

    The reason for the leakage becomes a short-term disturbance in the blood circulation, but it may also happen that the reasons for this are more serious. Doctors often diagnose osteochondrosis, compression of the median nerve or neuritis. Some patients go to a neurologist and a cardiologist.

    Impact factors

    Why are the hands numb? The reasons may be:

    • Inconvenient posture.
    • The pillow is too heavy and hard.
    • Narrow nightgown or pajamas.
    • Sleep in decorations.
    • Harmful habits.

    A frequent cause of numbness of the upper limbs during a night’s sleep is sleep with hands placed under a pillow or with arms folded up.

    It is important to understand that at night the cardiovascular system functions in a slow mode, making it difficult for blood to enter the bent fingers and elbows, which directly affects the flow of the hands.

    There is a recommendation not to fall asleep on the side, clamping the upper limb with the body, not to place the hand under the spouse lying next to the head, especially during deep sleep, thereby causing hand numbness.

    An important role in the flow of hands plays a pillow.

    So, if it is uncomfortable and has large dimensions, it provokes arching of all cervical segments spine.

    At the same time, the blood circulation of the nerve endings is negatively changed, palms and fingers grow numb, flowing away, lose their sensitivity.

    Therefore, it is necessary to change the pillow to a low and soft one, and it is best to acquire the correct orthopedic pillow, which guarantees the correct anatomical position, preventing numbness.

    It is necessary to take into account the type of clothing worn for sleep. If it is excessively tight, narrow with rough ruffles and seams, then it should not be worn, but only use pajamas and nightgowns made of soft fabrics, free cut.

    Continuous wearing of bracelets, watches and rings can also affect the numbness of the hands, causing swelling and pain. Therefore, it makes sense to take them off at night, giving blood the opportunity to reach all the nerve roots and blood vessels, without provoking numbness of the upper extremities.

    Habits that are harmful to health, such as coffee before bedtime, spicy foods and alcohol become one of the causes of numbness of the hands in a dream.

    Besides, swelling may occur.

    It is also important not to eat salty or fatty foods at night, avoiding frequent falling asleep while intoxicated, preventing numbness of the hands.

    Numbness of the hands as a symptom

    If a person lies down his hand, causing numbness, and this phenomenon is rare, then there is no reason to panic.

    But in conditions of frequent flow of hands during sleep every night and this interferes with sleep, causing anxiety, it is worth to consult a doctor and pass all prescribed examinations.

    Doctor sets diagnosis depending on the manifestations:

    • Hands go numb night and day.
    • Short and long-term numbness.
    • Leaking both hands.
    • Numbness of the right hand.
    • Leaking of the left hand.
    • Sudden numbness of hands, with impaired mental condition and vision.

    Answers to the questions asked by the doctor are important, since on the basis of them, the alleged cause of insufficient blood supply to the limb is established, with its subsequent numbness.

    Therefore, the question of why both right and left hands become dumb during a night’s sleep, there is a logical answer that this process arises due to malfunctions in the central nervous or peripheral system.

    In cases where only one left hand becomes numb at night, this talks about problems of the cardiovascular system and requires an immediate appeal to a cardiologist. And, if the limb becomes numb during the day, serious heart disease, possibly a microstroke or stroke, can be the cause.

    If numbness is fixed only in the right hand, then the cause is often a violation of the carpal canal, osteochondrosis of the cervical region or arthrosis. This may indicate a stroke.

    Examination of patients

    Symptoms, of course, say a lot, but full information will give thorough diagnosis.

    1. General blood analysis.
    2. Check for reflexes.
    3. Electrocardiogram.
    4. General urine analysis.
    5. Tomography.
    6. X-ray of the spine.
    7. The study of blood glucose levels.

    Thanks to the list of diagnostics, doctors establish the correct diagnosis, after which adequate treatment is prescribed.

    Hand numbness treatment

    Whatever the main cause of the numbness of the hands during the night’s sleep, doctors usually prescribe the same list of steps, to completely get rid of this symptom.

    This includes:

    • Treatment provoking disease.
    • Waiver of harmful habits.
    • Proper diet, with the use of healthy foods.
    • Moderate sport.
    • Physiotherapy.
    • Magnetic vacuum acupuncture treatment.
    • Phonophoresis – the introduction of drugs by ultrasound.
    • Massotherapy.
    • Acupuncture.

    Depending on the patient’s condition or the severity of the diagnosis, the doctor, at his own discretion, may include other measures in the treatment or cancel those already used.

    Healing folk remedies

    In addition to conventional medicine, people often turn to alternative treatments, including:

    • Oil Sugar Massage.
    • Drinking hot water.
    • Honey based compress.
    • Garlic tincture.
    • Tincture of marsh wild rosemary for grinding.

    To prepare the oil mix mix you will need ½ cup of butter and the same amount of sugar, mixing them together. After that, this mixture is applied with spiral massage movements to the problem area (hands or palms).

    Then it is necessary to dilute 2 tablespoons of table salt in 1 liter of warm water and immerse the treated hand in the resulting solution for 45 minutes.

    Every morning taking on an empty stomach 1 cup of hot water strengthens weakened vascular walls.

    Treatment with honey lotions consists in applying it to disturbing places as thin as possible, followed by wrapping overnight. Procedures should be performed for 7 to 10 nights.

    As a treatment product, you can use garlic tincture, for the preparation of which you will need a 0.5 ml container filled with 1/3 chopped garlic, which must be poured with water and infused for 2 weeks. During infusion 1 time per day, it is important to mix the preparation. And after the time of infusion, take 5 drops diluted in a teaspoon of boiled water.

    Tincture of marsh wild rosemary Made from 5 tablespoons of base, filled in with 1 glass of apple vinegar, with weekly infusion. After that, rubbing in the numbness nidus is performed.

    Medical history, diagnosis and the right treatment will completely eliminate the numbness of the hands during the night’s rest.

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