Sodium tetraborate for thrush

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Thrush is a very unpleasant disease, with pronounced symptoms, most often affecting the female body. Such a disease is provoked by Candida fungi. When favorable conditions arise (for example, after a long cold, the immunity is reduced), the fungus begins to multiply rapidly. Moreover, a young girl (who does not live an intimate life) and a mature lady can get sick. Persistent itching in intimate areas and white vaginal discharge are the most recognizable signs of candidiasis. In the fight against this disease, sodium tetraborate was excellent.

However, sodium tetraborate brings benefit only when they are treated with infected mucous membranes and skin. The drug also penetrates the intestines and stomach in order to “leave” the patient’s body in a natural way in a couple of days.

Sodium tetraborate for thrush

Acquaintance with the drug

Boric acid, known to all, gave such an interesting derivative as sodium tetraborate. In the people means is known under the name borax in glycerin. Powerful disinfecting and antibacterial effect of the drug – no doubt. Release it in the form of a 20% solution. The manual provides detailed information on its composition. It is a mistake to assume that the only purpose of the described means is to eliminate the problem of women – candida of the vagina. This drug also helps to treat bedsores, diaper rash in bedridden patients, relieves the fungal infections of the respiratory tract, and even eliminates thrush in the mouth.

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One of the significant advantages of borax in glycerin is low cost. But mindlessly using borax is unacceptable. After all, this tool is quite toxic. A dosage of more than 10 grams is already considered fatal. So the instruction, which indicates how and in what quantities to use borax, must be read. There are many nuances that must be considered in order to successfully fight off thrush. In addition, the fastest result of the drill is able to bring in the initial stage of the disease. And when running thrush, this tool is used as a supplement to other drugs that are designed to destroy the fungus.

Get rid of the problem correctly

Some women ignore the first manifestations of candidiasis (discharge of white color and burning sensation in the vagina), relying on the fact that it will pass by itself. But if the disease becomes chronic, then it can cause a serious blow to the body.

Before you apply borax, you need to do syringing with chamomile decoction (or other herbs that have anti-inflammatory action). Then take a tampon of gauze, wetted in a tetraborate. 20-30 minutes this tampon should be in the vagina. If the symptoms of candidiasis are not very strong, a single application per day will be sufficient. With a more active thrush, 2-fold medication is prescribed (in the morning and before bedtime). The course is usually a week. This period must be sustained, even when the signs of candidiasis are already gone. Sometimes there may be a burning sensation in the treated areas, redness of the mucous is also not excluded.

For those women who have previously experienced high sensitivity to the drug, contact with sodium tetraborate is very undesirable. Careless use of the drug is fraught with overdose (instructions always warn about this). There are many cases when patients began diarrhea, vomiting, irritation of the skin. Signs of an overdose are weakness, dizziness, and twitching of the muscles in the arms and legs.

Sodium tetraborate for thrush

Can women use borax in position?

Candidiasis very often bothers women carrying children. It is during this period that the body is very vulnerable, and hormonal changes are also capable of knocking it out of the rut. Future mother is limited in the choice of funds intended to combat candidiasis. And although sodium tetraborate cannot be called a light medicine, sometimes its use is the only option to get rid of the fungus. After all, antibiotics are capable of inflicting even greater harm on the body of the future mom. And local use of borax minimizes the likelihood that the components of the drug will be in the blood of the expectant mother.

When the doctor decides to dispense sodium tetraborate to the patient, he explains all the difficulties associated with its use. And, of course, gives detailed directions for use. To eliminate the fungus in women in position, it is permissible to use only a 5% borax solution.

It is not uncommon when it was the borax in glycerin that relieved the delicate problem of women who were severely allergic to other drugs.

Moderation is key

There is no doubt that sodium tetraborate is a very effective remedy for eliminating candidiasis. This is confirmed by reviews of women of different ages. The very process of treatment with this substance is quite simple, besides, the borax is quite inexpensive (which cannot be said about many tablets and candles, which are also used for thrush). But in order to get the drug rid of the problem and in no way harm, you need to adhere to the indicated dosage and be attentive to your own well-being. For any alarming symptoms (skin rash, rezii in the intimate area), as soon as possible, you should consult a doctor.

And a little about the secrets.

Have you ever tried to get rid of thrush? Judging by the fact that you are reading this article – the victory was not on your side. And of course you do not know firsthand what it is:

Sodium tetraborate for thrush

  • white cheesy discharge
  • severe burning and itching
  • pain during sex
  • unpleasant smell
  • urination discomfort

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