Skin lichen

Almost all known varieties of lichen are highly infectious, and anyone can become infected under certain conditions.

Skin lichen

Such lesions of the skin are often a source of unpleasant physical sensations and negative effects on the body, moreover, they violate the external aesthetics and cause psychological discomfort, which also adversely affects the state of health.

The most common types of lichen and methods for their treatment are discussed in more detail in the proposed article.

What is deprive?

Lichen Is a generic term for a range of dermatological diseases that cause viral or fungal infections. Some types of this lesion are non-infectious, but experts recommend in all cases to ensure the complete isolation of the patient from other people.

All varieties of lichen can be classified, divided into three large groups, depending on how the infection occurs:

  1. Geophilic The lichen can be transmitted to a person through contact with infected soil.
  2. Anthropophilic The lichen is transmitted exclusively upon contact with an infected patient, infection by other means is excluded.
  3. Zooanthropophilic can be transmitted through an infected person or animal.

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Types of lichen

The most common forms and types of this disease are discussed below.

Here we have already covered the question of how the lichen looks.

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Photos with titles and descriptions

Below are photographs that clearly demonstrate the appearance of various forms of lichen, as well as detailed descriptions of these diseases:


In the modern world, ringworm is one of the most common lesions of this type.

The disease has a fungal nature of origin, its main features are described below:

  1. Infectionoccurs when there is contact with an already infected person or his personal hygiene items. The unsanitary situation, the presence of open wounds on the skin or the general poor state of immunity are the factors that determine a person at risk.
  2. Most commonly ringworm affects children between the ages of 4 and 15, but adults can also become infected.
  3. The first sign of ringworm are characteristic spots., which have obvious outlines and scales of white color in the central part. After some time, the spots start to strongly itch, with the defeat of the scalp there is a breaking of the hair and hair loss. In the absence of treatment, a yellowish plaque appears on the hair after 1.5-2 months, and purulent-type lesions develop on the skin.
  4. Diagnostics a specialist includes the use of a Wood lamp and taking tests to confirm the diagnosis.

Skin lichen

Red lichen planus

Other features of this form of lichen are described below:

  1. The first sign of lichen planus is the occurrence of a specific rash., the color of which varies from crimson to purple hue, in rare cases, drying and peeling of the skin can be observed. The affected areas most often have a shiny surface, and there is a strong itch that causes discomfort. The rash may be localized in different areas of the body, but gradually the foci grow and merge with each other. The genitals and mucous membranes are also susceptible to lesion, which has the appearance of small nodules of a light pink color.
  2. Hyperpigmentation is a residual factor that persists after the complete passage of the rash.
  3. Diagnosis does not cause any difficulties, since this form of lichen has a very specific manifestation, which is virtually impossible to confuse with its other forms or other diseases. Only in extremely rare cases, the dermatologist may need to take particles of the skin for analysis.

Pink lichen

There are still active debates about pink lichen in scientific circles, since the reasons for its occurrence in modern medicine are unknown. It is believed that the disease is not contagious, for the most part it affects people aged from 15 to 40 years in the period of epidemics of seasonal diseases.

Other features of this form of lichen are discussed below:

  1. The first sign of pink lichen is the appearance of characteristic large spots., This process can be accompanied by a feeling of nausea, loss of appetite, an increase in body temperature and a general deterioration of well-being. After some time, new spots appear that are smaller in size, but at the same time quickly and actively spread through the body.
  2. The diagnosis is made after examination by a dermatologist., in some cases, it may be necessary to conduct more thorough research and testing, because the symptoms of pink lichen can be confused with the manifestation of other diseases.


Shingles is another common form that is viral in origin. The disease and chickenpox have a common pathogen. It is also called herpes zoster.

Others of this particular lichen are discussed below:

  1. Shinglesis most common in people who have had chickenpox, since the virus can persist in the nerve ganglia and manifest itself only after a long time.
  2. In most cases, the cause of shingles is reduced immunity., therefore, provoking factors may include: the presence of HIV infection; rehabilitation period after severe illness or surgery; blood diseases; transplantation of internal organs; taking certain hormonal drugs and exposure to stressful situations.
  3. Transmit the virus to another person. may occur after the appearance of external manifestations of the disease. In the absence of the pathogen in the body of another person, he will not provoke shingles, and chickenpox.
  4. The first symptoms are: fever, pain and itching in various parts of the body. Later in these places there are small bubbles and extensive rashes, intercostal spaces are more susceptible to them.
  5. The most dangerous complication in this form of lichen is damage to the internal structure of the eyeballs., which can lead to complete or partial loss of vision.

Skin lichen

Pityriasis versicolor

This form of lichen affects only the upper layers of the skin and most often has a chronic form.

All other features of the disease are listed below:

  1. Tinea versicolor infection can occur at any age., but young people are most affected.
  2. The causative agent is a specific fungus., infection occurs upon contact with an infected person, but only if at least one of the following conditions is present: too active sweat glands, pathological changes in the pH of the skin, the presence of diseases of the endocrine system, open wounds on the skin and their contact with the skin of an infected person , general deterioration of the immune system.
  3. The first sign is the appearance of blemishes on the skin., no other associated symptoms are observed. Education on the skin are completely flat, have a rounded shape and may have different colors and shades. Itching and pain are completely absent, but the spots gradually grow and merge with each other, forming large affected areas.

Soaking lichen

Soaking lichen also known as eczema, under which a number of diseases with different origins are combined.

All features of this disease are discussed below:

  1. In most cases, weeping is not contagious., but in parallel with it, the development of a fungal infection that is transmitted to other people can begin.
  2. The first sign is reddening of the skin and the appearance of edema., Soon small bubbles appear inside the affected area, inside of which there is a liquid. Their color and shape depend on the form of licking moisture and may vary, soon there is a strong and intolerable itching. At later stages, the bubbles burst, a crust forms after them, and deep cracks remain, spotting appears on the skin.
  3. There is a seborrheic form of the disease., which affects the scalp and areas of the body in which the sebaceous glands are located. A similar disease is seborrheic dermatitis of the scalp.

Scaly deprive

The main features of the disease are discussed below:

  1. In most cases, scaly versicolor becomes chronic. and slowly progressing. Relapses can happen even several years after the last manifestation, a strong emotional shock, stress, a general deterioration of the immune system, or a failure of the hormonal background can become a provoking factor.
  2. Genetic predisposition is one of the main factors contributing to the occurrence of scaly depriving, because the disease is inherited. In other cases, it can be caused by the presence of alcohol dependence, the passage of chemotherapy, the result of taking potent pharmacological drugs, hormonal disruptions, severe damage to the skin or exacerbation of other chronic diseases. In some cases, scaly versicolor has an infectious origin, its pathogen is streptococci present in the body.
  3. Most often, the main manifestation is the formation of formations of red or pink color., which dry, scaly, and may begin to bleed with strong exposure or frequent touch. Less common, but much more dangerous form of scaly depriving, in which there are inflammatory processes. In this case, you may experience an increase in body temperature, as well as pain in the lesions.

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Therapy should be prescribed by a specialist, only in this case it will be safe and effective.

Below are some treatments that are practiced in the presence of various forms of lichen:

  1. With ringworm It is necessary to ensure maximum isolation of the patient at home, since the disease is highly contagious. Treatment includes the treatment of affected areas with sulfur tar tar ointment, as well as the use of local antifungal agents. With the defeat of the scalp, special therapeutic shampoos and preparations intended for oral administration are prescribed.
  2. For the treatment of lichen planus complex measures are usually applied, which consist in undergoing procedures with ultraviolet irradiation, taking vitamin B and antihistamine pharmacological preparations, as well as treating the affected areas with ointments that include glucocorticoids.
  3. Pink lichen in most cases, it goes on its own, treatment is not required. In some cases, antibacterial drugs may be used to exclude additional lesions of the skin, as well as various ointments designed to reduce itching too much. However, compliance with a number of rules is required: giving up bad habits; exclusion from the diet of foods that can cause an allergic reaction; wearing only soft cotton underwear and clothing; water treatment only when necessary.
  4. The basis of therapy for shingles make up antiviral drugs that reduce symptoms, as well as prevent the spread of lesions and minimize the risk of complications. In some cases, the administration of immunoglobulins, the use of painkillers and the external treatment of the affected areas with antiseptic agents may be additionally prescribed.
  5. Drugs for the treatment of scabular assigned in each case individually, mainly means for local use, relieve inflammation or have an antifungal effect. In rare cases, oral pills are prescribed.
  6. For treating weeping lichen various antihistamines are used, hormone-type agents are prescribed in neglected situations. To relieve an acute allergic reaction, intravenous or intramuscular administration of special solutions with a high content of potassium, sodium and calcium is practiced. A prerequisite is the observance of the diet complex, which excludes products that can cause allergies; lack of contact with household chemicals and performance of work that can cause mechanical damage to the skin. Also appointed ointment for topical use, which are applied to the affected areas.
  7. Scaly deprive is an incurable disease, therapy is usually aimed at eliminating the main symptoms, but not their causes. The most commonly prescribed vitamin complexes for injection, as well as various ointments for topical use, which include salicylic acid, sulfur or tar.

The article discussed the main and most common forms of lichen, but there are other varieties of it. All of them have different symptoms and require an individual approach to the choice of treatment.

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