Signs of Hepatitis photo

Each person responds individually to the development of the hepatitis C virus and to the treatment prescribed by the attending physician. In some patients, the symptoms are pronounced, and the other half accidentally find out that they are carriers of this virus.

Signs of Hepatitis photo

What are the obvious external signs of hepatitis C and will be discussed in this article, because with such a serious disease, not only the color, skin, but also the state of the liver, the color of the whites of the eyes and the general appearance of the patient change.

External signs of the disease: what does hepatitis C look like

Mostly with hepatitis and any other liver disease. The symptoms of the disease affect the color of the skin. They acquire a yellow tint, which can be both saturated and barely noticeable. In some cases, the yellow color becomes orange-red, which resembles a tan. Even the skin on the palms is affected. Scratching may occur on the skin if itching occurs.

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Signs of Hepatitis photo

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Photos of patients with hepatitis C

This is a photo of hepatitis C, namely the palms of sick people, carriers of this virus.

These pictures of hepatitis B, clearly show how different the skin color of a sick person and healthy.

Photo of eyes for hepatitis C

For centuries, there are active wen, which are signs of accumulation of cholesterol. The photo shows a sore eye surrounded by fatty plaques.

This is how the eyes look when hepatitis C. The photo may not reflect the true color of the proteins, it also varies from a light yellowish shade to rich yellow.

In this case, the yellowness is barely noticeable, but it also indicates the presence of a virus in the body.

Other photos of hepatitis C

Ill people can be easily identified by the symptoms presented in the photo. These signs are the basis of visual diagnosis.

The photo shows the manifestations of varicose veins, which manifests itself on the abdomen in the form of such a specific pattern.

This is what a person’s liver looks like in a photo with the development of hepatitis and complications.

A photo of the liver in hepatitis C in a child who did not receive treatment.

Oral mucosa also reacts to the disease. In chronic hepatitis, there is pathological dry mouth and swelling. In the midst of the development of the disease, there is a desquamation of the epithelium of the back of the tongue, which is accompanied by atrophy of the filiform papillae on the surface of the tongue. Because of this, the patient constantly feels a slight burning sensation in the mouth, and the surface of the organ becomes bright red with a glossy shine.

Signs of Hepatitis photo

Regardless of the presence of visible signs, only a doctor can adequately assess the general condition of the patient and make the appropriate diagnosis. In addition to external signs, the attending physician assesses the nature of changes in the liver, if any, compares them with the results of tests for the detection of the hepatitis virus.

More detailed symptoms about hepatitis C can be found in separate materials:

It is important to realize this, because the outward signs of hepatitis C can speak of completely different liver diseases, with similar symptoms. If necessary, the doctor will insist on ultrasound of the liver, and possibly a biopsy. Bringing all the results together, make a diagnosis and choose the optimal treatment regimen can only be done by a doctor treating hepatitis.

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