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Bozena Rynska: Igor did not leave me anything. Ksenia Sobchak spoke with the widow of Igor Malashenko

Media: Sasha Savelyeva first became a mother

The grandiose ballet show is timed to the 130th anniversary of the birth of one of the greatest dancers and choreographers of the twentieth century.

At the end of last year, rumors appeared on the Web that Sasha Savelyev was expecting a baby. The singer did not confirm this news, but fans have found a lot of evidence to her. March 27, the media reported that Savelieva became a mother.

On the eve of the celebration of the anniversary of the Prima Donna, Alexander Stefanovich remembered how he divorced Pugacheva.

April 21 at

On March 25, the presentation of the joint capsule collection from Polina Gagarina and Alexander Terekhov was held in the Atrium shopping center. The creative tandem presented outfits, the colors and models of which coincide with the singer’s wardrobe.

“I am ashamed of my body” – the most ambitious medical reality on Russian television, the British and Ukrainian versions of which were successfully released earlier on the “U” channel.

Selena Gomez, Ashley Graham, Celine Dion and other stars who fought back bodisheimer

The other day, the first husband of the late Yulia Nachalova broke the silence and recorded a video message in which he commented on all speculation. Recall, the father of the artist said that the health problems of his daughter began in marriage with Dmitry.

Recently, Vera Brezhnev had a frank conversation with her followers on Instagram. So, the singer answered one of the fans’ questions that she would not mind having a baby again.

Victoria Boney’s personal life is a topic that constantly excites her fans. The celebrity instagram recently dotted i in this question.

The best thing we can do for our children is to preserve our marital relationship. Record Maternity disease first appeared.

Conor MacGregor Accused of Sexual Abuse

In recent weeks, Western and Russian media have been actively discussing the psychological state of Justin Bieber. 25-year-old singer does not hide that he is depressed. The other day, he entered into a correspondence with the followers and could not hold back.

The other day the artist not only published one of her favorite family photos, but also shared her thoughts on the topic of relationships.

Sooner or later it had to happen! A few months after the first meeting, Alexander Novikov and Feduk stopped hiding their relations from the public.

Summing up the anniversary Fashion Week in Gostiny Dvor, which this year celebrates its 25th anniversary.

At the SXSW conference in Austin, Texas, a gender-neutral voice sounded, called Q.

There are those signs of the zodiac, which in 2019 are waiting for a test of love. Find out who is going to survive. And how to get out of these situations with dignity and at the same time draw the right conclusions.

Fiery temperament, indomitable energy in combination with natural stubbornness – living together with a representative of the sign will be bright, interesting, but very difficult.

Learn simple ways to determine your unique number that will accompany your success and happiness.

Selena gomez operation

Star of the series 90s. Fun and loud on STS found the most unusual way to become slimmer.

Aunts! Two eternal questions: who is to blame and what to do? Given: Husband, wife, daughter. We lived together for many years. Suffice it to say that my daughter is 28 years old. The daughter is disabled since childhood, with all the consequences. . The husband is adequate, but without initiative in life.

The 55-year-old actor filed a marriage request with a 23-year-old makeup artist.

I would like to understand myself. Or rather in its orientation. I practically have no sexual desire. In addition to this, sex and everything connected with it are horribly disgusting for me. Kissing, hugging and any physical contact makes me disgusted.

“Wrong” hair color, too bright a manicure, a tattoo, unwillingness to wear too sexy clothes for the authorities and customers – all this can cause labor conflicts. read more

For me, this day will always be in July, when my daughter was not born. Record The day of the unborn children first appeared.

Alina Zagitova – without exaggeration, the most discussed figure in the world of sports in the last week. Recently, the girl became the world champion in figure skating – this and other merits brought her considerable income.

Communication with dolphins. There is a link between dolphins and human life on Earth. Interview of David Wilcock with Pete Peterson D. U.: Welcome to the Disclosure Program! We have a special guest with Pete Peterson.

The actress starred in a provocative outfit, repeating the style of 1994.

In October last kind of actress Katya Kabak first became a mother. The other day in an interview she told how she kept fit while waiting for the baby.

One of the most discussed at the last watch show in Basel was the presentation of the new Bvlgari products. The Italian brand was once again able to surprise the tempted audience!

Ekaterina Klimova is one of the few stars who only looks better over the years. The other day, the actress posted her honestly photo, which aroused the enthusiasm of Instagram followers.

Designers massively refuse to use leather and fur, mass market brands sell recycled plastic, and sports giants create ocean-litter sneakers. How are dressed girls who share these beliefs?

Over the past few months, three celebrities who at first glance have nothing in common have announced their separation from their husbands – Irina Gorbacheva, Ani Lorak and Ksenia Sobchak. Why did their personal life not develop – ask the physiognomist.

In an interview

Beauty department

HLS – this is good and right, but sometimes you can treat yourself to junk food (and if you make a burger at home, it will not be so bad).

Personal experience: how the work of a personal shopper is arranged

The singer admitted that it was very difficult for her to act as an actress.

On March 26th, Connor McGregor announced his retirement. One of the first to comment on this decision was his long-time rival Habib Nurmagomedov.

Low-heeled shoes look no less impressive than extreme heels, but they are much more comfortable to wear. In order not to suffer all day from pain in the legs, come down from the “height” and give preference to comfortable models.

Singer Nyusha about her body after childbirth, rumors and returning to the stage

Classic straight female jeans caught our attention on the streets during the fashion month. They did not go unnoticed even against the background of beaded bags and piles of other peacock ornaments and accessories.

Life hacking mom and child psychologist Record In three years, not too early: how to teach a child how to handle money first appeared

[RICH_HTML type = imageset] [/ RICH_HTML] The Disney animated film “Dumbo” conquered a whole generation of children after the premiere in 1941 — the story of how a charming little elephant with big ears learned to fly.

Sophie Turner and Priyanka Chopra rest in Miami with the Jonas brothers

On March 25, Heidi Klum and her fiance Tom Kaulitz became guests of the annual amfAR charity evening, where the model shone in a black fitting dress. Many fans noticed that the star gained weight, and tied it with her possible pregnancy.

Amelia was 6 years old.

One of the most intimate songs of the artist acquires a new sound.

You do not fight for cleanliness in the apartment, you divide the spheres of influence. He tries to wriggle out of homework, you try to make it all fair. And then they both eat, and for some reason you wash the dishes alone.

Nobody has ever seen such a rapper! On March 25, the mother of the artist Simon Yunusov published a children’s photo of Timur and Artem Yunusov. After the inevitable wave of emotion on the part of the subscribers, the fans did not find any resemblance to the daughter of the artist Alice.

About this children’s ombudsman told in Facebook.

Kurban Omarov laugh followers.

Last October, Hilary Duff became a mother for the second time. Contrary to prejudices, the actress almost immediately showed her newborn daughter to the followers. And recently, the star decided to share with fans the moment of birth of the baby.

We have already written about the relevance of the Scandinavian style, it is time to talk about the basic things that should be in the wardrobe to create a minimalist, but ultra-stylish image.

It is not very clear why women from the Kardashian / Jenner family love to show their breasts so much. But one thing is clear: if there is an opportunity to boast a beautiful neckline, they will not miss it.

Sonya rarely pampers followers with fresh pictures. But the other day the girl showed subscribers a series of shots in which she poses in a swimsuit. No one remained indifferent!

On March 25, a presentation of the first capsule collection of Polina Gagarina x Terekhov Girl, developed jointly by Polina Gagarina and Alexander Terekhov, took place in the boutique Terekhov Girl in the Atrium shopping center.

Nicolas Cage Marries Fourth Time

The showman’s wife admitted that she abandoned her career for the sake of the family.

From season to season we see the birth of new stars. Who will take place at the musical Olympus, and decide the judges and spectators. However, success is influenced not only by talent, but also by what the singer looks like. How do young participants of the project “Voice. Children ”- in the material

Stylish coat is an invariable attribute of spring wardrobe, which is ideal for any occasion. Collected for you the most current models of the season – see and be inspired!

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Vietnamese tips that teach you to treat every moment as the greatest gift, filling life with joy and happiness.

Suri Cruz (with lipstick) walks alone in New York

Dasha Zhukova rests in Switzerland with her boyfriend Stavros Niarhos

Friends of ex-wife Megan Markle remembered her at the bachelor party

“A terrible time for me, painful. But everything went. And I can say for sure: crises only.

Alina Kabaeva told what should be family happiness

Natalie Portman called the police because of a stalker near his house

I promised new fast-baked recipes – I perform. Gentle, very soft and moderately sweet Madeleine is just superb. In the composition – no eggs and dairy products. So they can be in the post, and vegans.

Jennifer Lawrence and Cook Maroni on a date in New York

The project One Morning on a visit to the famous presenter Elena Spiridovich

Sophie Turner talked about her sexual orientation: Everyone is experimenting

See how easy this baby from Singapore slides along the ramp like a professional athlete.

The actress offered the fans to guess where she took the three-month-old son.

Check whether you should try your luck at roulette or black jack?

The actress told how difficult she had to go through.

Former Husband of Kim Kardashian, Chris Humphrees, spoke about his short marriage with her.

Former husband of Kim Kardashian, Chris Humphreys, remembered his short marriage with her: I should have known what I am getting involved in.

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Sand, shorts and tanned legs: Selena Gomez appeared in a new Puma ad

Kate Beckinsale spoke about her relationship with Pete Davidson

The cult director Tim Burton has become the director of the new Disney film about the flying elephant.

Feduk and Sasha Novikova for the first time after confirming the novel came out together

Competition for

Svetlana Bondarchuk, Nadezhda and Anna Mikhalkova with their daughter, Feduk and others at a show at TsUM

With the support of the Committee on Culture of St. Petersburg, the V Open International Music Competition “Voice of Petrojaz” will be held in the northern capital of Russia. The competition is organized by the Petrojaz festival, which is held with the support of the government of St. Petersburg and originates from the Petropavlovsk Jazz Festival, which was first held in 2003.

Sandra Bullock could play the main character in The Matrix instead of Keanu Reeves

Brigitte Macron met with the first lady of China: sorting out three new images of the first lady

Star of Game of Thrones Sophie Turner admitted that she met with girls

The story of a girl who, by the age of 29, managed to live in three countries

Battle Dresses: Constance Wu vs. Kelly Brooke

In our traditional category, the star of the series “The 90s. Fun and loud on STS told how thin.

The director, who has just released on the screens, perhaps his best film Dumbo, gave.

Selena gomez operation

How to normalize the acid-alkaline balance, cope with excessive appetite and find out what food is good for you.

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