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Diseases of the skin type can occur in people quite often and manifest themselves in the form of extensive symptoms. The nature and causal factors that give rise to these phenomena often remain the subject of debate among scientists for many years. One of the diseases having an interesting nature of origin is lupus. Disease has many characteristic features and several basic causes of occurrence, which will be discussed in the material.

Systemic lupus erythematosus what the disease is photo

Lupus is another name for SLE, systemic lupus erythematosus. What is lupus – This is a serious diffuse disease associated with the functioning of the connective tissue, manifested lesion of the system type. The disease has an autoimmune character, during which there is a defeat by the antibodies produced in immunity of healthy cellular elements, and this leads to the presence of a vascular component with a lesion of connective tissue.

The name of the disease was due to the fact that it is characterized by the formation of special symptoms, the most important of which is face rash. It is localized in different places, and in form resembles a butterfly.

According to data from the medieval era, defeats resemble places with wolf bites. Lupus disease spread, its essence is reduced to the peculiarities of the body’s perception of its own cells, or rather, a change in this process, so damage occurs throughout the body.

According to statistics, SLE affects 90% of women, the first signs of manifestation occur at a young age of 25 to 30 years.

Often the disease comes uninvited during pregnancy or after it, so there is an assumption that female hormones are the main factors of education.

The disease has a family property, but can not have a hereditary factor. Many sick people who have previously suffered from food or drug allergies are at risk of becoming infected with the disease.

Lupus causes of disease

Modern medical representatives have long discussions about the nature of the disease. The most common belief is the extensive influence of familial factors, viruses, and other elements. The immune system of individuals exposed to the disease is most susceptible to external influence. Disease occurring from medications is rare, so after cessation of medication, its action ceases.

To the causal factors, most often involving the formation of the disease, are.

  1. Long stay under the influence of sunlight.
  2. Chronic phenomena carrying a viral nature.
  3. Stress and emotional stress.
  4. Significant hypothermia of the body.

Seborrheic Dermatitis Treatment Forum

To reduce the risk factors for the development of the disease, it is recommended to prevent the impact of these factors and their detrimental effect on the body.

Lupus erythematosus symptoms and signs

Sick persons usually suffer from uncontrolled temperature fluctuations on the body, pain in the head and weakness. Often there is rapid fatigue, and manifest pain in the muscles. These symptoms are ambiguous, but lead to an increased likelihood of the presence of SLE. The nature of the lesion is accompanied by several factors within which lupus disease is manifested.

Manifestations of the dermatological plan

Skin lesions are found in 65% of people who become ill, but only 50% have a characteristic “butterfly” on their cheeks. In some patients, the lesion is manifested in a symptom such as body rash, localized at the very body, limbs, vagina, mouth, nose.

Often the disease is characterized by the formation of trophic ulcers. In women, hair loss is observed, and nails acquire the property of strong brittleness.

Manifestations of orthopedic type

Many people suffering from the disease, experiencing significant pain in the joints, traditionally suffer small elements on the hands and wrists. There is such a phenomenon as serious arthralgia, but in case of SLE, there is no destruction of bone tissue. Deformed joints are damaged, and this is irreversible in about 20% of patients.

Hematological signs of illness

In men and the fair sex, as well as in children, a LE cell phenomenon is formed, accompanied by the formation of new cells. They contain the main fragments of the nuclei of other cellular elements. Half of the patients suffer from anemia, leukopenia, thrombocytopenia, acting as a result of systemic disease or a side effect of the therapy being administered.

Manifestations of the heart character

These signs may even occur in children. Patients may experience pericarditis, endocarditis, mitral valve damage, atherosclerosis. These diseases do not always occur, but they are in an increased risk group in people who have been diagnosed with SLE the day before.

Characteristic factors associated with the kidneys

When the disease often manifests itself lupus nephritis, which is accompanied by damage to the renal tissues, there is a noticeable thickening of the glomerular basement membranes, fibrin is deposited. Hematuria and proteinuria are often the only signs. Early diagnosis contributes to the fact that the frequency of acute renal failure of all the symptoms is no more than 5%. There may be abnormalities in the work in the form of jade – this is one of the most serious lesions of organs with a frequency of education that is dependent on the degree of activity of the disease.

Neurological manifestations

There are 19 syndromes that are characteristic of the disease in question. These are complex diseases in the form of psychoses, convulsive syndromes, paresthesias. Diseases are accompanied by a particularly persistent nature of the flow.

Seborrheic Dermatitis Treatment Forum

Factors diagnosing the disease

  • Rash in the cheekbone area (lupus butterfly) – rash on legs and in the upper extremities, it is extremely rare (in 5% of cases), it is not localized in facial lupus;
  • Erythema and enanthema, characterized by ulcers in the mouth;
  • Arthritis on peripheral joints;
  • Pleurisy or pericarditis in acute manifestations;
  • Lesions with kidney;
  • Difficulties in the work of the central nervous system, psychosis, convulsive state of a special frequency;
  • The formation of significant hematological disorders.

The question also arises: lupus erythematosus – itching or not. In fact, the disease does not hurt and does not itch. If there are at least 3-4 criteria from the above list at any time from the beginning of the development of the picture, doctors make the appropriate diagnosis.

Further lupus disease manifested by waves, at other stages some elements of symptoms may be added.

  • Red decollete at the fair sex;
  • a rash in the form of a ring on the body;
  • inflammatory processes on the mucous membranes;
  • damage to the heart and liver, as well as the brain;
  • noticeable pain in the muscles;
  • sensitivity of extremities to temperature changes.

If we do not take timely measures of therapy, the general mechanism of the functioning of the body will come to a violation, which will provoke a lot of problems.

Lupus disease is contagious or not

Many are interested in the question is lupus contagious? The answer is negative, since the formation of the disease occurs exclusively inside the body and does not depend on whether the sick person has contacted people infected with lupus or not.

Tests for lupus erythematosus

The main analyzes are ANA and complement, as well as a general analysis of the blood fluid.

  1. Blood donation will help determine the presence of the ferment element, so for the start and subsequent evaluation it is necessary to take it into account. In 10% of situations, anemia can be detected, which refers to the chronic course of the process. The rate of ESR in the disease is of increased importance.
  2. Analysis of ANA and complement will reveal serological parameters. Identification of the ANA serves as a key point, since the diagnosis is often differentiated from diseases of the autoimmune nature. In many laboratories, the content of C3 and C4 is determined, since these elements are stable and do not need to be processed.
  3. Experimental tests are done in order to identify and form specific (specific) markers in the urine, so that it becomes possible to determine the disease. They are needed to form a picture of the disease and making decisions on treatment.

How to pass this analysis, you need to ask the doctor. Traditionally, the process occurs as with other suspicions.

Lupus erythematosus treatment

Medication use

The disease involves taking medications to increase immunity and general improvement of the quality parameters of cells. A complex of drugs or medicines is prescribed separately to eliminate the symptoms and treat the causes of the formation of the ailment.

Treatment of systemic lupus erythematosus carried out by the following methods.

  • With minor manifestations of the disease and the need to eliminate symptoms, the specialist prescribes glucocorticosteroids. The most successfully used drug is prednisone.
  • Immunosuppressants of cytostatic nature are relevant if the situation is aggravated by the presence of other symptomatic factors. The patient must drink azathioprine, cyclophosphamide.
  • The most promising action aimed at suppressing symptoms and effects, have blockers, which include infliximab, etanercept, adalimumab.
  • Extracorporeal detoxification remedies have proven themselves widely and topically – hemosorption, plasmapheresis.

If a disease is characterized by simplicity of form, in which a traditional skin lesion occurs (rash in adults or child rash), it is enough to use a simple complex of drugs that contribute to the elimination of ultraviolet radiation. If the cases are running, hormone therapy and drugs are taken to increase immunity. In view of the presence of acute contraindications and side effects, they are prescribed by a physician. If cases are particularly severe, therapy is prescribed by cortisone.

Therapy with the help of folk remedies

Treatment of folk remedies also relevant for many sick people.

  1. Birch mistletoe decoctions are prepared by using washed and dried leaves collected in the winter. Raw materials, previously brought to a small state, are poured into glass containers and provide storage in a dark place. To decoction was prepared with high quality, you need to dial 2 tsp. collection and pour boiling water in the amount of 1 cup. Cooking will take 1 minute, insisting will be delayed for 30 minutes. After treating the finished composition, it is necessary to divide it into 3 doses and drink it all per day.
  2. Decoction of willow roots suitable for use by children and adults. The main criterion is the young age of the plant. Washed roots must be dried in the oven, crushed. Raw materials for cooking will require 1 cl. l., the amount of boiling water – a glass. Steaming lasts for a minute, the process of insisting – 8 hours. After draining the composition, you need to take it by 2 spoons, the interval is equal time intervals for 29 days.
  3. Therapy tarragon ointment. For cooking you need fresh fat, melted in a water bath, it is added tarragon. The components are mixed in a ratio of 5: 1, respectively. In the oven, all this should be kept for about 5-6 hours at low temperature conditions. After straining and cooling, the mixture is sent to the refrigerator and can be used for 2-3 months to lubricate the lesions 2-3 times a day.

Using the tool correctly, lupus disease can be fixed in a short period of time.

Complications of the disease

In different individuals, the disease proceeds in a special way, and complexity always depends on the severity and on the organs affected by the disease. More often rash on hands and legs, and rashes on the face are not the only symptoms. Usually, the disease locates its damage in the kidney area, sometimes it is necessary to lead the patient to dialysis. Other common effects are vascular and heart diseases. Rash photo which can be viewed in the material is not the only manifestation, since the disease has a deeper nature.

Forecast Values

10 years after diagnosis, the survival rate is 80%, and 20 years later, this figure drops to 60%. The common causes of death are factors such as lupus nephritis, infectious processes.

Have you encountered ailment lupus? Did you manage to cure and overcome the disease? Share your experiences and opinions on the forum for everyone!

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