Scabies treatment

Scabies in our time remains a fairly common disease. Regular contact with people, visits to public places and travel in public transport can give grounds for infection even to the cleanest person. Often scabby children picked up in camps and kindergartens, very quickly spreading it among themselves. It is important to choose the right treatment and start it immediately, as this disease can have its unpleasant complications.

Scabies treatment at home

Scabies is a parasitic skin disease. The disease is very contagious, because in order to pick scabies rather short-term contact with the skin or things of a sick person.

The causative agent of this unpleasant disease is scabies mites – a microscopic insect that parasitizes human skin, breaks through it and lays eggs under the skin.

The incubation period of the disease takes from one to six weeks, depending on the immunity and cleanliness of the patient. After insertion under the skin, the mite begins to actively proliferate, causing persistent itching. Since this parasite is very prolific, the disease quickly spreads throughout the body.

There are several types of scabies:

  1. Typical. Symptoms of the disease are well defined, the disease is accompanied by the appearance of itchy blisters on the skin. This is the most common type of scabies.
  2. Cortical (otherwise – Norwegian) scab. This scab is extremely rare. It is characterized by the fact that instead of blistering on the skin, ulcers and crusts are formed. For a long time, there is no itching. With this form of scabies, up to two hundred mites are detected on one square centimeter of skin.
  3. Scabies cleanliness. Dangerous because it manifests itself very mildly, the symptoms are almost imperceptible. This happens if a person washes, changes linen and bed several times a day. There is a disease, but it does not appear externally, which subsequently leads to complications.
  4. Psevdochesotka (otherwise – cat). Ticks attack pets. Parasites do not settle on a person, but if they come into contact with the skin, they also cause itching and irritation.

Symptoms of scabies

Itchy symptoms may accompany other skin pathologies. It is important to accurately determine scabies before starting treatment. The main symptoms of scabies are as follows:

  • itching, worse in the evening and at night,
  • irregularities and bubbles on the skin, which burst when combed,
  • reddish wavy lines on the skin,
  • skin thickens and scales
  • the localization of the affected areas is observed in the arms, legs, armpits, wrists, later passes into the elbows, knees, chest, genitals and navel,
  • on a skin in places of an itch light strips in length of 1 cm are visible (the tick moves).

Scabies Treatment Methods

Scabies is pretty easy to treat. It does not require special treatment of the whole body. For her healing apply the following types of drugs:

  • based on sulfur,
  • derivatives of balsamic compounds,
  • ointments, oils and sprays against parasites.

Treatment for scabies is actually the destruction of its pathogen – insects and their eggs.

Microscopic scabies disease

The most effective means in the fight against the disease are ointments, based on sulfur or containing tar. Such ointments are rubbed into sore spots before bedtime. After sleep, wash and change all the clothes. Treatment hens is usually 5 days.

Scabies treatment at home

To detect scabies in time is the first step to fix the problem.

If you detect scabies, you can consult a doctor. Traditionally, doctors prescribe suspensions or sprays against parasites. If itching continues after treatment, anti-allergy medications may be prescribed.

Scabies usually do not have time to develop into a serious form of the disease. She’s pretty good at home. It is recommended to use the following folk remedies to combat scabies:

  1. The ointment is prepared from hunting powder, mixed with sour cream / kefir. Ingredients are mixed 1 to 3. The mixture is stored in a warm place for a couple of hours, while stirring every twenty minutes. This tool needs to be lubricated sore spots on the skin 1-2 times a day. After absorption of the substance, the skin is washed with water.
  2. The butter is mixed with crushed bay leaf to a mushy state and the mixture is applied as a compress for 2 hours.
  3. Pork lard is melted on the fire, then crushed root devyala is added, and the mixture is cooked for about 15 minutes. After that, the mixture is passed through a colander, thoroughly mixed. Apply remedy to sore spots 2-3 times a day. After that, the skin is washed with water.
  4. Birch tar, preheated, should be applied to the sore spots and left for 3 hours. After the procedure, the tar must be removed with a wet swab.
  5. Laundry soap is rubbed on a fine grater and heated over low heat. Grated onion and garlic are added to it. The mixture is boiled for ten minutes, then poured into a mold for complete solidification. This soap treats sore spots on the skin a couple of times a day.
  6. It is recommended to take a bath with the addition of a decoction of herbs: verbena, groundflower, burial ground or buckthorn. Broths are prepared from different herbs or combining several of them.
  7. A kilogram of tomatoes is fried in ½ liters of vegetable oil. The resulting oil can handle sore spots on the skin up to three times a day.
  8. Good rubbing helps broth horse sorrel.
  9. Essential lavender oil is applied to sore spots by 2-3 drops up to five times a day.
  10. One tablespoon of chopped celandine mixed with 2

Regardless of the chosen method of treatment, it must be carried out together with preventive measures in order to avoid re-infection. For the prevention of scabies need to carry out the following activities:

  1. Treatment and prophylactic procedures must necessarily go through all those who got into the affected area (in contact with the patient), even if some have no visible symptoms of the disease.
  2. Bed linen and underwear are regularly boiled and ironed. It is also desirable to carry out its airing.
  3. Before treatment you need to take a shower. During treatment, showers are not recommended.

Scabies complications

A sample of scabies on the hand – photo

Scabies treatment

When the disease was not detected on time or was started, as well as with extensive lesions of scabies, a patient’s urine analysis may reveal protein and eosinophils in the blood.

If the blistering on the skin is severely combed, an infection may be wounded. When this occurs, a concomitant disease – purulent skin lesion (pyoderma). If the infected areas are infected with staphylococcus bacteria or streptococcus, it is possible to acquire a disease such as microbial eczema. It manifests itself as wet zones on the skin with scabs and purulent wounds on them.

Scabies treatment

When choosing a treatment it is important to be guided not only by the fact that the ingredients are on hand, but also that the patient is not allergic. Otherwise, you can only aggravate the disease.

It is also important to remember that any home treatment is desirable under the supervision of doctors. Do not ignore the rules of prevention, so as not to start the disease and prevent re-infection.

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