Sanitation of the oral cavity before surgery

Before some surgical operations, you must be examined by a dentist. This significantly reduces the risk of postoperative complications, and in some cases even avoids surgical intervention, says dentist Leonid Mosevnin.

Sanitation of the oral cavity before surgery

– Before what operations is required to visit the dental office?

– Of course, we are talking only about planned operations. If surgery is urgently needed, it remains to hope that the patient has followed his teeth properly. Examination of the dentist is necessary if you have to ophthalmic, cosmetic or ENT surgery. After all, the oral cavity is connected with the general blood flow to the face and neck. Preparation for any gastroenterological operation should also include a visit to the dentist, since all products of inflammatory, purulent processes in the mouth go straight to the gastrointestinal tract. Timely eliminate dental problems during pregnancy, and especially before childbirth – it is very important. This will help avoid unpleasant surprises from the digestive system, which often haunt pregnant women and young mothers.

– What treatment does a dentist usually prescribe to a patient who is to undergo surgery?

– The dentist conducts the rehabilitation of the oral cavity, that is, cleans the teeth, dental tissue, gums from all foci of infections. The woman before the operation should not have caries, or stones, or periodontitis. Therefore, treatment depends on the condition of the patient’s mouth. If a woman regularly visits the dentist, then most likely she will only need to remove plaque. If she has not been to the doctor for a long time, the treatment may be delayed. However, if the patient has a lot of dental problems and all of them cannot be solved before the operation, you can transfer some of the procedures for later. It is mandatory to remove cysts, cystogranulomas before healing, heal deep caries and periodontal disease in the acute stage. If these ailments are not eliminated, even a brilliantly performed operation can be complicated, for example, with suppuration and divergence of the sutures. If the doctor who prescribed the planned surgery did not refer you to the dentist, pay a visit to the dentist yourself – if you, of course, take care of your health.

– Usually women try not to go to the dentist during pregnancy – it is terrible to treat teeth without anesthesia, and with anesthesia it is dangerous for the baby’s health.

– To tolerate discomfort during dentistry, especially if you are pregnant, is not worth it. After all, the body responds to pain by producing substances that are not useful for you or for your child. Women’s concerns about painkillers are not groundless – after all, all drugs that enter the bloodstream of a pregnant woman, overcoming the placental barrier, enter the child’s body. However, at the disposal of the doctors of our clinic there is an anesthetic that is safe for the fetus. So to avoid visiting a dentist for a pregnant woman today is no reason. Usually in late pregnancy women have puffiness, bleeding gums. This disease is called periodontal pregnancy. For his treatment in our clinic, specially selected methods that are harmless to your baby are medicinal applications and dressings. When the application is applied, the medicinal substance is placed on the gum, and when bandaging, it is injected between the inflamed gum and the tooth. To speed up the treatment, a woman should rinse her mouth 3-4 times a day with decoction of oak bark. You can use and rinsing for gums, bought in a pharmacy. If there are light-cured fillings on your teeth, then the drugs that contain chlorhexidine are not for you. This substance will whiten the fillings, and they will be visible on the teeth.

– In what cases after a visit to the dentist can the need for surgery disappear?

– This is possible if the cause of the disease is an infection in the oral cavity. For example, a chronic focus of inflammation located on the teeth of the upper jaw can provoke the development of sinusitis – after all, these teeth border the maxillary sinuses with the tips of their roots. If you go to the dentist in time, there is a chance to avoid opening the maxillary cavity, in other words, a puncture. In addition, the intervention of the dentist can sometimes even rejuvenate the face, delay cosmetic surgery for a while. The fact is that over time, the teeth are somewhat grind, becoming shorter. Our clinic can offer the restoration of anterior teeth with a slight elongation of up to 1 mm. On the 6 front teeth – from canine to canine – veneers are attached. These are thin plates that are placed on each tooth from the side of a smile. Many women worry about wrinkles on their upper lips – this problem can be solved with the help of veneers. Due to platelets the volume of teeth increases, and wrinkles disappear.

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Sanitation of the oral cavity before surgery

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