Reverse fatty liver

Why dogs can not pork

1) What parasitic and infectious diseases can “wait” for you and your dog in raw pork: salmonellosis, trichinosis, toxoplasma, various types of helminths (pork tapeworm, echinococcosis, alveococcosis, toxocara nematodes).

The list is very impressive and the disease, to put it mildly, is very, very unpleasant. But at the same time almost all the same sores are in raw beef. And, nevertheless, we give raw beef to dogs.

By the way, keep in mind that with insufficient heat treatment of meat, you can also become infected with all the above sores. And the main source of infection with toxoplasmosis, contrary to popular belief, is not a cat-dog, but a poorly roasted pork kebab. The role of cats in the spread of toxoplasmosis is greatly exaggerated. About cats and toxoplasmosis, we’ll talk in a separate article. BUT dogs and toxoplasma does not emit from its organism and the source of infection with toxoplasmosis for humans are not!

Based on the foregoing: buy meat (beef, pork) only in official markets and in the store. In no case do not buy meat on spontaneous markets, in random places, from random people. In the markets and in shops meat necessarily passes veterinary sanitary examination.

Very important and perhaps unexpected information for hunters: If you are lucky enough to get a wild boar while hunting, before you prepare and eat it, you need to hand over the carcass to a laboratory. Moreover, a whole carcass needs to be taken for analysis (perhaps half of the carcass may be enough, but specify in advance to the laboratory which parts need to be supplied). Some people are indignant: why do you need a whole carcass, do you want a bigger piece to get home for yourself? Just to check the pig carcass (and wild boar in particular), you need to inspect almost all parts of the body. Be sure to inspect the head, lungs, spleen, trachea, heart, tongue. For example, to test for finnoz need language and heart. To check for trichinosis, you need the diaphragm legs and so on. So if you, for example, got the back leg of a wild boar, it is no longer necessary to pass this leg on to the veterinary sanitary examination of this senselessly necessary material.

2) Another reason why dogs should not be given raw pork, including raw pork by-products (pork liver, heart, tongue, lungs). it hidden rabies (Aujeszky’s disease) – the disease is transient and deadly for dogs. There is evidence that a person can also get sick. The main problem is the lack of control over the infection of pork. Meat is not checked for virus before being sold. To be honest, in my 25-year-old practice, I have not seen cases of infection of dogs with Aujeszky’s disease. I asked around from my veterinary colleagues: of my friends, veterinarians, too, no one came across such cases. Perhaps because I have always practiced in a big city, megalopolis, and my dog ​​patients did not feed on raw pork. But if I have not personally encountered this disease in my practice, this does not mean that this can not be in principle. So raw pork remains banned. Just the case that it is better to perebdet than noddodet.

Reverse fatty liver

3) 3rd reasonwhy dogs can not pork. The data on the composition and caloric content of lean parts of pork and beef are given:

Pork calorie 257, proteins 16.0, fats 21.7

calorie content of lean beef 158, proteins 22, fats

Pork fatty meat. Too fat for dogs. And the point here is not that the dog gets fat, getting pork, because it can not spend so many calories. And the fact that many dogs suffer from fatty foods liver. By the way, the same applies to fat beef and lamb. Even in beef, not all parts are suitable for dog food. For example, beef brisket loved by many dog ​​lovers, in my opinion, is too fat for dogs. My rottweiler Lady, when I tried to feed her month with calf trachea (and there was some amount of fat on the trachea), the wool became dull, with bloom.

4) It is completely incomprehensible where such a misconception came from, but since it is there – I will voice it too. Regular feeding of pork can cause a torsion of the stomach. No that’s not true.

The reason for the torsion of the stomach is physical exertion with a full stomach. It does not matter what exactly fed the dog. For the prevention of stomach torsion within an hour after eating, do not give the dog an active exercise, do not arrange too active games.

Reverse fatty liver

5) So, we found out that we do not give raw pork and offal to dogs. It remains to find out now the question: Is it possible to produce cooked pork, which has undergone heat treatment, and there are no worms and diseases there? A few pieces in the form of delicacies – you can. But as a constant basis of the diet – not worth it.

So, we do not give raw pork offal to the dog.

But boiled pig heart is quite possible. The heart is a muscle, there is no fat in it at all. The fat that is outside, pre-cut.

It is believed that beef liver is more valuable than pork. But, nevertheless, in pork liver there is practically no fat (total

As well as other pork offal: kidney, spleen (not raw!) – also once a week.

And another question that came to me in the mail: Is it possible to throw bones from the jelly, but it is a pity to throw it away? I wrote about bones in detail in a separate article. One or two boiled cartilage – can be in the form of a delicacy. but at the same time remember that the boiled bones from the jelly are completely useless. And if I say now that you can have a couple of bones, the owners will say, “You can! Hurray! ”and dumped everything in a dog bowl. So it’s better to agree and remember right away – no, we don’t give bones to the jelly.

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