Remedy for irritability

People often face anger, irritation, aggression – all these factors negatively affect the nervous system and it is not able to withstand such tension. Against this background, neurosis, nervous breakdown or depression may occur. But do not wait for serious consequences. To eliminate the systematic stress there are many drugs. Pills for nerves are sold at any pharmacy. But which ones have great effect?

Drugs for nerves and stress

The pills for stress and nerves should be prescribed by a doctor; you should not take your own medicines. It is allowed to take a single drug before the entrance exam or the upcoming wedding. If depression accompanies you for a long time, then it is imperative that you seek medical help. Do not select drugs yourself.

Remedy for irritability

Types of stress:

  • Physical stress. It is manifested by extreme external conditions and overwork.
  • Metabolic stress type. Caused by uremia, high blood lipids, obesity and diabetes.
  • Immune type stress. Occurs during the recurrence of a protracted infection. Reason: weakening of immunity or taking depressants.
  • Endocrine Stress. Detected by hyperactivity of the thyroid gland and adrenal cortex.

For any kind of stress, you should consult a doctor. For the selection of drugs requires an individual approach. In chronic manifestations of stress, organs: lungs, heart and brain work in emergency mode. Therefore, the work of the genitourinary system, liver and intestines is limited. The body constantly loses nutrients and oxygen. Negative changes occur in the organs, from which diseases appear.

Varieties of drugs

There are a lot of pills for stress and nervousness. They have a positive effect on the activity of the nervous system, restore the balance between arousal and inhibition. Pharmacological action are divided into groups:

  1. Tranquilizers. They remove emotional discomfort, anxiety and fear, without disturbing cognitive functions, that is, a person speaks, thinks and perceives information. These drugs do not cause delusions and hallucinations, but they can be addictive. They are applied strictly under the supervision of a doctor and only short courses. These are the medicines Atarax, Bromazepam, Diazepam, Lorazepam, Fenazepam and Chlordiazepaxid. There may be side effects in the form of muscle weakness, trembling fingers, slowed-down speed of mental reaction.
  2. Sedatives. Accepted more often with hypertension and heart palpitations. They are based on bromine or medicinal plants. They gently act on the human body and do not have side effects. These include Barboval, Valerian, Validol, Valocordin.
  3. Neuroleptics. Very powerful pills and used in psychiatric practice. They are prescribed by a doctor only in severe cases. These are Azaleptin, Sonapaks, Tiaprid.
  4. Rhythm preparations. They relate to psychotropic drugs, they stabilize the mood of the patient, inhibit seizures and alleviate disorders in the patient – Sodium Valproate, Quetiapine, Lamotrigine, Oxcarbazepine, Olanzapine, Risperidone.


Not all people can take pills for nervousness, so consulting a doctor is a must. Contraindications are:

  1. Pregnancy. During this period, many women experience stress and anxiety. But you can not resort to pills. Talk to your doctor and he will tell you what you can take. Usually these are drugs based on motherwort or valerian.
  2. Individual intolerance. If a person is prone to allergies, then medications are selected with extreme caution. Read the instructions and consult your doctor.
  3. Childhood. In no case should you give self-sedatives to babies. The medicine is prescribed by the doctor if the child has a psychological illness. If a child has a nervous system and an emotional state is in order, then he should not take sedatives. When a child is naughty or rolls tantrums – this is not a reason for taking medication.
  4. Traumatic brain injury. In cases of mechanical damage to the head, sedatives are not recommended. They can trigger side reactions.

Remedy for irritability

And also can not be applied to persons who have a brain tumor, epilepsy, drug or alcohol dependence.

Remedy for irritability

In order to choose the right quality, safe and effective means, you need to familiarize yourself with the instructions before use.

Cure for nerves and stress

  • Valerian tincture. It contains chemical components and essential oils. They soothe the nervous system, slow down heart palpitations. It has a weak sedative effect, that is, it helps to get rid of insomnia.
  • Motherwort tincture. You can not take people suffering from hypotension, since its use reduces blood pressure. This extract can treat nervousness and irritability.
  • Negrustin tablets. Its composition contains the herb St. John’s wort, used in depressive states. Improves emotional state, increases efficiency.
  • Medicine Afobazol. Active substance – anxiolytic, with anxiety states reduces mental discomfort. Relieves irritability, anxiety, apprehension, and alarming forebodings. It helps after overvoltage, helps to eliminate tearfulness, fearfulness, eliminates unreasonable fears and

    Currently there are a lot of sedatives. And in order not to get entangled in them and not to harm yourself, you need the help of a qualified doctor. He approaches each patient individually and helps to decide which medicine is best to take in this case.

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