Red lichen treatment

Lichen red flat is a chronic inflammatory process that affects the skin as well as mucous membranes.

Its prevalence among dermatological diseases ranges from 1 to 2.5%, and speaking of diseases of the oral mucosa, the share of lichen planus accounts for about 10%.


For the first time, lichen planus was described in 1860

However, a rather long history of this disease leaves many more questions regarding the cause of its development. Modern dermatology does not have a single point of view of the etiology of lichen planus. This is probably due to the lack of effective etiotropic treatment, which once and for all would allow to get rid of this disease.

The modern concept of development of red flat lichen looks like the combined effect of three groups of factors:

  1. 1) Genetic predisposition (peculiarities of immunity, genetically determined)
  2. 2) Endogenous factors (neurological disorders, immunity disorders)
  3. 3) Exogenous factors (viruses, especially those that cause prolonged sluggish infections, toxic and allergic conditions caused by the intake of certain drugs, and

    Symptoms of lichen planus

Each form has its own specific symptoms. The main clinical manifestations of lichen planus are:

  1. one) Typical. It is characterized by a certain localization of lesions (

Recently, evolution has been observed in lichen planus, which is explained by various factors (environmental change, frequent and uncontrolled use of antibiotics, immunosuppression and

The main modern features of the course of this disease are:

  1. 1) More common recurrences of the disease
  2. 2) Clinical forms such as erosive-ulcerative, atrophic, and verrucous are noted more often.
  3. 3) In rare cases, malignancy of the pathological process may be observed, that is, malignant transformation of skin cells and mucous membranes. The frequency of malignancy is from 10 to 12%.

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Treatment of flat red lichen

Diagnosis of the disease usually does not cause difficulties for dermatologists. It is based on a clinical assessment of the existing symptoms that are characteristic of this disease.

Red lichen treatment

In difficult or doubtful cases, histological examination is performed. In parallel, a dermatologist makes a differential diagnosis with other skin diseases that may have a similar clinical picture.

This may be psoriasis, some forms of neurodermatitis, papular syphilis and others.

Lichen planus, in which itching is the dominant symptom, is treated with the use of such drugs as:

  • antihistamines
  • sedatives (sedatives)
  • sleeping pills
  • local forms of corticosteroids.

In the presence of foci of chronic infection requires the use of antibacterial drugs in sredneterapevticheskie doses. This is due to the fact that long-term inflammation leads to impaired immunity, which contributes to the progression of lichen planus, leading to the spread of the process.

If the disease becomes widespread with the defeat of large areas of the skin and mucous membranes, then quinolone immunosuppressants, for example, Plaquenil, delagil and others, are required. The course of treatment is usually 21 days.

The acute course of the disease is an indication for corticosteroids, which also suppress the activity of the immune system. The effect of their use develops quite quickly (compared to quinolones). Both tablet and injection forms can be used, depending on the activity of the process.

It is also possible to conduct therapy in two stages:

  • the first is used drugs of rapid action in the form of injections
  • at the second stage, long-acting tablet forms to maintain the achieved therapeutic effect. Treatment lasts for 14-21 days.

PUVA therapy is used for common forms of this disease. It consists in the use of a drug that is active under the influence of light, as well as in a simultaneous ultraviolet irradiation of the skin with low doses. Such irradiation leads to activation of the drug.

AT complex treatment of lichen planus It is necessary to include such activities as:

  • vitamin therapy (fat-soluble vitamins, except vitamin K, and also vitamins of group B, nicotinic acid)
  • acupuncture
  • electric, which normalizes the psycho-emotional state
  • spa therapy.

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Treatment of folk remedies

Which doctor to contact for treatment?

If, after reading the article, you assume that you have symptoms characteristic of this disease, then you should consult a dermatologist for advice.

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