Pulls the lower abdomen after menstruation

Quite a large number of women complains of abdominal pain before menstruation and after them. But there are still those who have a stomach ache even after the days of menstruation. So what are the reasons for this and what happens in the female body?

Pulls the lower abdomen after menstruation

The fact is that each organism is individual and the causes in all painful sensations are various. Whatever it was, you need to carefully treat your body and look for the causes of any pain that appears.

Why pulls or hurts lower abdomen after menstruation

Sometimes after menstruation there are sensations, as if pulling the lower abdomen. The reasons for this behavior are varied and not necessarily gynecological.

The main causes of lower abdominal pain after menstruation:

  1. Violations of the gastrointestinal tract. Abdominal distention causes very unpleasant sensations, and abdominal pain is varied. In this case, pain can be felt in the uterus. In this case, it is necessary to get rid of constipation or another cause of bloating with the help of proven medications or seek help from a gastroenterologist.
  2. Pregnancy. A woman may have bleeding instead of menstruation, but she does not pay attention to it. When the bleeding ends, a pulling pain in the abdomen remains. It is necessary to check the probability of pregnancy, if the monthly were not as usual, but more scarce. If necessary, consult a gynecologist.
  3. Inflammatory gynecological diseases:
  • Adnexitis. In this disease, the uterine appendages become inflamed, which forms adhesions in the fallopian tubes. Symptoms: fever, feeling unwell, lower abdominal pain, purulent diseases are possible in the ovaries or fallopian tubes. Necessary to appeal to the gynecologist.
  • Endometriosis. The uterus mucosa may appear in other tissues or organs. Symptoms: discharge of dark clotted masses, pain during sexual contact, urination, bowel movements. The disease is asymptomatic, so in case of suspicion of the disease you should not postpone the visit to the gynecologist.
  • Vulvitis The mucous membrane of the external genital organs is inflamed, and yeast fungus or other dangerous infections may appear. Symptoms: burning or itching on the genitals, swelling, purulent discharge. Methods of treatment: compliance with the rules of intimate hygiene, washing away chamomile decoction, the use of antifungal drugs prescribed by the gynecologist.
  1. The presence of ovulation. If after 7-10 days after menstruation the stomach hurts, it may indicate ovulation. It is usually accompanied by a nagging pain in the abdomen, a slight tingling in the lower back. A woman does not always feel these symptoms of ovulation. It can be completely asymptomatic. The main cause of pain during ovulation is follicle rupture. In this process, a very small amount of blood may appear. In order not to think, not to guess, you need to buy a test for the presence of ovulation. It is worth remembering that the pain in the lower abdomen during ovulation is not a pathology. This condition is inherent in almost all women.
  2. If an abortion is done or there is a miscarriage, it is quite possible that the pain in the abdomen after menstruation will appear for a while. These feelings need to be treated carefully, as inflammation may appear. Consultation is required.

Why do uterine pains after menstruation occur?

Often the girls after menstruation hurts the uterus, it may seem as if the stomach is hurting.

Causes of pain in the uterus:

  • hormonal disbalance;
  • elevated levels of estrogen in the blood;
  • when there is an intrauterine contraceptive spiral;
  • after insomnia, nervous overstrain, stressful situations;
  • wrong location of the uterus.

In order not to have uterine pathology, you must contact your gynecologist for advice.

Abdominal pain can be caused by other diseases that are not related to the end of menstruation.

  • appendicitis;
  • inflammation of the pancreas;
  • gastritis or ulcers;
  • inflammation of the gallbladder;
  • inflammation of the kidneys, the presence of stones in them;
  • duodenal diseases;
  • worm infestation.

After birth, women usually appear bloody. Often they are confused with the monthly. Lochia – so called these secretions. Sometimes they are accompanied by abdominal pain. It is necessary to know that after childbirth, menstruation begins only after the woman stops breastfeeding. It is also worth considering the moment that after childbirth the woman’s period will recover for some time, there may be abdominal pain.

Pulls the lower abdomen after menstruation

The first 2-3 days after birth, discharge will be abundant and abdominal pain is possible. But if the pain increases every day, and the discharge becomes more, the help of a specialist is needed.

How to treat abdominal pain after menstruation

If the stomach hurts after the menstrual period, the obligatory and immediate help of the doctor is necessary if there are such symptoms:

  • fever for several days;
  • discharge, which appear from the genitals, have an unpleasant smell and suspicious color;
  • white or clear discharges appear on the breasts;
  • after menstruation the breast increases;
  • severe abdominal pain after childbirth.

In the case when a specialist did not find any serious cause of abdominal pain, you can use folk remedies.

  1. Drink plenty of water and herbal tea. You can make a collection of leaves or flowers of chamomile, lemon balm, St. John’s wort. Add honey or lemon. This tea is able to soothe the pain, if they are not associated with serious diseases.
  2. Take a warm bath with aroma oils. This procedure will soothe and relieve pain in the chest or abdomen.
  3. Prepare tea from the dry leaves of wild strawberries.
  4. Tie a belly with a warm scarf and put on your socks. A little more to lie and do not lift heavy objects.
  5. Brew one teaspoon of bitter wormwood herb in 200 ml of boiling water. Drink 100 ml of infusion 2 times a day.

It is also necessary to observe the daily regimen, eat right, avoid stressful situations, walk more often in the open air, do yoga.

Many women, feeling pain in the abdomen after menstruation, do not pay attention to her. But this is far from the right course of action. Such pain can cause serious gynecological and other diseases. It is worth remembering that the increase in temperature after menstruation, sharp pain in the abdomen and unusual discharge – a reason to consult a specialist for advice.

Why after menstruation the lower abdomen hurts. . Why there are nagging pain in the abdomen after menstruation? First, the cause can be all sorts of gynecological diseases

If the pregnancy test is negative, the delay, lower abdominal pain, there may be internal causes. Why can stomach ache after menstruation?

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