Pubic irritation after shaving

Very often, after a hair removal procedure, girls face such a problem as skin irritation. Especially such a problem arises when treating places with sensitive skin, for example, in the pubic zone. This skin reaction is quite normal, so laid down by nature. This is due to the fact that when shaving removes a small part of the epidermis, which means that the tissue gets damaged. Without a doubt, the body reacts to this by increasing blood flow to the injury site. The body’s reaction is to speed up and improve wound healing.

What is unpleasant is the fact that irritation does not end soon, removing it is quite difficult. Therefore, it is easier to prevent the occurrence of these unpleasant consequences.

The first thing to remember is to properly shave your hair. Before shaving pubic need to wet this area with warm water. Although the best option is to shave after a warm bath or shower. After a bath, the hairs become much softer. The second point is the use of specialized products for shaving. Modern cosmetology has not bypassed this area and offers women a large amount of shaving products in sensitive areas. There are various foams and shaving gels from the world’s cosmetic manufacturers and smaller firms. If you use such tools, then irritation, if any, will at least be much less pronounced.

Pubic irritation after shaving

The third stage is shaving. Shaving hair is necessary only in the direction of growth, that is, from the top down. Undoubtedly, the result of such a shave will be worse, but the only way to avoid irritation. After the procedure, you need to use an after shave, for example, a cream or lotion that will help remove redness. Many girls ignore this last stage, but in vain, since the effect of these funds is very noticeable.

Even observing all these rules, it happens that irritation after shaving still occurs. Then you need to think about how to remove irritation. A good effect in such a situation is provided by cosmetics, which contain hormones in their composition. For example, it is a hydrocortisone ointment or cream. It is necessary to use these means right after shaving, greasing the reddened sites. It is worth noting that hormonal drugs have a good anti-inflammatory effect, removing redness. The effect is partly due to the fact that hydrocortisone significantly constricts blood vessels, and therefore less blood will flow to the damaged area. However, to get involved in such means is not worth it. Use such tools should be no more than two or three times.

Pubic irritation after shaving

Another way is to frequently change the razor blades. This is due to the fact that disposable machines shave hairs close to the body. If the blade is blunt and dirty, the risk of skin injury increases. And microorganisms with a not quite clean blade, getting on irritated skin, only aggravate the situation. Use a disposable machine should be no more than three times. At the same time keep the machine must be in perfect purity. If these conditions were not met, then the machine is better to throw away and take a new one.

Another method of preventing redness and irritation of the skin of the pubis is to use an electric razor. Electric shavers provide smoother skin, and redness and irritation after them is minimal.

And finally, it is worth noting that if irritation occurs after each hair removal procedure in the bikini area, then it is better to stop using disposable machines. In this case, you can try to use special creams to remove vegetation in sensitive areas. The probability of irritation when using such creams is much less, since such drugs injure sensitive hair follicles to a lesser extent, compared to conventional disposable machines. In these creams, there is only one drawback – it is excessive smell. However, it is probably better to suffer a few hours for a not very pleasant smell than to struggle unsuccessfully with redness and irritation in the bikini area.

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