Prohibited products for cholecystitis

The list of what can not be eaten with cholecystitis is not very long, but nevertheless, patients should know prohibited foods and learn to avoid them. This is very important, since neglect of one’s health and neglect of doctors ’recommendations can lead to sad consequences and the need for urgent surgical intervention.

List of prohibited products

Of course, it’s mostly for those who have already experienced cholecystectomy and who have chronic cholecystitis. This disease usually occurs without the formation of stones, so its main danger lies precisely in the formation of stones, which in the future may be the reason for the surgical intervention. For patients with acute cholecystitis, dieting can only help with the catarrhal form of the disease, since in the remaining cases the patient is promptly subjected to prompt removal of the gallbladder. What then have to give up?

Prohibited products for cholecystitis are generally classified as harmful, since their abuse worsens health and adversely affects the digestive tract of even completely healthy people. These include:

  • alcohol;
  • products containing caffeine;
  • fresh bread, pastries, pastries;
  • fatty meat and fish;
  • fatty dairy products.

Attention! If there are other diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, the list of prohibited foods may be expanded.

Meat and fish

Patients are forbidden to eat fatty meats and fish, so they fall into the inaccessible category:

  • pork,
  • mutton,
  • duck,
  • goose,
  • sturgeon,
  • salmon,
  • catfish
  • chum,
  • canned food
  • sausage,
  • smoked meats
  • offal,
  • fish roe.

Attention! Even delicate, dietary chicken, rabbit meat can not be fried, because it can provoke new bouts of pain.

Thus, even rich soup, okroshka, soups in meat or fish broth, as well as dishes cooked in lard or margarine, will become an unsuitable choice for patients with cholecystitis.

Alcohol with cholecystitis is not recommended, as any alcoholic beverages contribute to the formation of gallstones, as well as their movement. Therefore, to pay tribute to the green snake should not more often than once every few months, and the dose of alcohol should be minimal.

Attention! Some doctors advise their patients to drink a glass of high-quality dry wine every day, arguing that the drink accelerates the synthesis of bile and helps the patient recover. But this recommendation is rather dubious.

Vegetables and spices

Although everyone knows that vegetables should be an integral part of the diet of any person, if there is an inflammatory process in the gallbladder, you will have to give up:

  • green onions,
  • sorrel
  • garlic,
  • radish
  • radishes,
  • All pickled and canned vegetables.

Prohibited products for cholecystitis

Also, black pepper, mustard, mayonnaise, horseradish and all other spices, with the exception of turmeric, fall into the category of prohibited.

Important: patients in any form can not eat mushrooms and nuts.

Milk products

Patients with cholecystitis should not eat full-fat milk, cottage cheese, cream, hard cheese, sour cream. Although low-fat kefir, ryazhenka or products with a low percentage of fat can still be present on their table.

Prohibited products for cholecystitis

Important: extremely cautious about ice cream, because this product not only contains a large amount of fat, but also very often is made on the basis of palm oil and various harmful food additives, flavors and so on.

Drinks and sweets

When inflammation in the gallbladder is strictly prohibited to use any caffeine-containing products. This is true both in relation to all energy drinks, and to banal cocoa or chocolate. Therefore, coffee with cholecystitis is taboo.

Special recommendations

Despite the rather extensive list of prohibited foods, it is necessary to fully and balancedly eat cholecystitis. Therefore, you should try to make your daily menu in such a way that the food satisfies all the body’s nutrient needs.

In addition, with this disease it is equally dangerous to starve as well as gluttony. Therefore, do not neglect the advice of doctors. To maximally facilitate the work of the gallbladder, all patients should eat at least 5 times a day, but little by little. Therefore, even those who are accustomed to eat once or twice a day will have to learn not only to have breakfast, lunch and dinner, but also to introduce into their daily schedule such concepts as lunch and afternoon tea.

So, with what products for cholecystitis are prohibited, as well as what bad habits in the diet have to be abandoned, we figured out. Now it will not be superfluous to learn how to properly build your diet, so that the disease does not remind of itself as long as possible. To do this, we recommend reading the article: How to eat, having a diagnosis of cholecystitis?

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