Products that increase hemoglobin list

Hemoglobin is a complex protein that is responsible for supplying tissues and organs with oxygen. The level of this substance in the blood is an important indicator of the health of the body. Malnutrition, stress, blood loss and other factors lead to a decrease in protein concentration and to the development of anemia with all the ensuing consequences, so the question remains: how can hemoglobin be quickly raised at home?

Products that increase hemoglobin list

Symptoms of low hemoglobin in the blood

The level of hemoglobin in the blood may increase or decrease. The indicators depend on various factors: age, gender, health status, lifestyle, food. The norm for women ranges from 118 to 145 g / mol. For men, the range of values ​​is higher – 130-165 g / mol. Reduced protein levels indicate the development of anemia. You can determine the problem with a general blood test.

The decrease in hemoglobin is accompanied by such manifestations:

  • the skin and mucous membranes become pale;
  • a blue appears around the nasolabial triangle;
  • white spots can be seen on the nail plates;
  • nails become fragile, begin to exfoliate and break;
  • hair fall out and grow dull;
  • state of health deteriorates;
  • heartbeat quickens.

Against the background of developing anemia, working capacity is reduced, thirst torments, sleep is disturbed. After intense physical exertion, muscles hurt a lot. Symptoms are complemented by general weakness, irritability, apathy, and frequent headaches. If you find yourself having similar symptoms, do not self-medicate, consult a doctor. The specialist will send for tests, collect anamnesis, then be able to determine the cause of the ailments and prescribe an effective, adequate treatment.

How to raise hemoglobin at home?

If the indicators are non-critical, treatment can be carried out at home. Most often, patients with low hemoglobin levels are prescribed complex therapy. Be sure to follow a diet, include in the diet foods high in iron and minimize the consumption of food, which prevents the absorption of this trace element. If it is not possible to correct the indicators, iron-containing preparations and vitamins are additionally prescribed. It should give up bad habits, a lot of walking in the fresh air. Some folk remedies will help to increase the protein concentration in the blood, but they are recommended to be used only with the permission of the attending physician.

Medications for low hemoglobin

Medicines are prescribed in extreme cases, if using other methods to increase hemoglobin fails. Indications for the use of drugs are as follows: significant deviations of indicators from the norm (below 90 g / mol), it is not possible to follow a diet (systemic diseases of the digestive tract organs) before surgery.

The most popular and effective medicines include:

  • Sorbifer-Durules tablets for the treatment and prevention of iron deficiency anemia;
  • capsules Fenuls – vitamin complex with a high content of iron;
  • Ferrum Lek is an iron preparation, available in the form of injection solution, syrup and chewable tablets;
  • Ferro-folgamma – gelatin capsules, which are prescribed for mild, moderate and severe forms of anemia;
  • Totem – solution for ingestion on the basis of iron gluconate.

Products that increase hemoglobin list

You should not start a course of treatment with the use of drugs yourself. Most of them have a serious list of contraindications and side effects. In order not to face dangerous consequences, one should undergo a full-fledged examination of the body and take only those medicines prescribed by the attending physician.

Hemoglobin Boost Products

One of the most effective and safe ways to increase hemoglobin in the blood is diet therapy. Proteins of animal origin are best absorbed by the body, so red meat and beef liver should be included in the diet. High-quality, fresh red caviar contains a large amount of protein, vitamins and other beneficial substances, contributes to an increase in hemoglobin level. For anemia, it is recommended to drink pomegranate juice. It not only compensates for the lack of iron, but also helps the microelement to digest.

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