Products lowering blood sugar

Glucose contained in the blood is necessary for the normal functioning of all vital organs. After ingestion of carbohydrate-containing food, the body processes it and extracts the necessary source of energy. After glucose enters the bloodstream, it is time for the pancreas to work. It produces a special hormone called insulin, which brings to the cells of the body the energy resource contained in glucose. Insulin is responsible for the sugar content, reduces its excess. The presence of sugar in the blood – a constant value, defined by doctors as the norm. When it is raised or lowered, a malfunction of the body occurs, the person begins to feel unwell. Knowing which product lowers blood sugar and which increases, you can avoid feeling unwell and developing a serious disease.

Blood Sugar Rate

“Blood sugar” is not a medical term, but colloquial. Doctors often use the concept of glucose in the blood. This definition is the most accurate.

How to find out the level of glucose? The methodology for identifying this indicator appeared in the seventies of the 20th century. The patient takes blood from a finger or a vein and with the help of chemical reactions produces a special colored liquid. A special photoelectric calorimeter instrument determines the amount of glucose by the color intensity. Blood sampling for analysis is done on an empty stomach.

Now widely used device for measuring indicators of sugar, which can be used at home. This is a blood glucose meter that allows sick people to constantly monitor their glucose levels.

Normal accepted to consider the following numbers:

• For children under 14 years old –

• For women and men under 59 years old –

• People over 60 – 4.6 –

Products lowering blood sugar

Here are general details. You need to consider what kind of blood is taken for analysis. When capillary blood sampling rate

If the results of the studies are indicators that exceed the norm, they say about hyperglycemia. Various diseases can cause this condition. One of them is diabetes.

What is diabetes?

It is called the sweet plague of this century. As a result of it there are serious complications that can lead to the death of a person. Diabetes mellitus is a disease in which the pancreas produces an insufficient amount of the hormone insulin, which leads to an elevated glucose content in the blood stream. Such people disrupt all metabolic processes in the body, which leads to serious complications.

Products lowering blood sugar

Two types of diabetes

Type 1 – when insulin is not produced at all. People with this diagnosis are constantly forced to make insulin injections. Therefore, the first type of diabetes is called insulin-dependent.

Type 2 – when the pancreas produces a sufficient amount of insulin, but it cannot ensure the absorption of glucose by the cells of the tissue. With this type of permanent injections are not required. Treatment takes place with the help of sugar-reducing oral agents and a special diet. The doctor explains to the patient what products can reduce blood sugar, and recommends them for the daily diet. This type of diabetes is called insulin-independent.

How does nutrition affect blood sugar?

After eating, blood glucose will definitely increase for a while. Normal indicators are considered to be 8.9 mmol / l after sixty minutes, and 6.7 mmol / l after one hundred and twenty minutes. When a suspicion of the development of the disease occurs, a second blood collection is done after eating food. If everything is in order in the body, then after eating the pancreas will immediately release insulin, which will bring glucose levels back to normal.

Jerusalem artichoke with diabetes

In diabetes with a high content of glucose in the blood, it is necessary to strictly follow the simple rules of nutrition; know exactly what product lowers blood sugar. One such product is Jerusalem artichoke. The use of rhizomes, similar to potatoes, leads to a marked decrease in glucose.

Diet Required

But this is just one of the products. What products can lower blood sugar in diabetes, you can check with your doctor or read the literature on this issue.

In the diet of any person must be whole grain and fiber. A healthy person can easily eat white rice, while a person with diabetes is not recommended. To prevent blood sugar from rising, you need to eat brown germinated appearance of this product. It is also helpful to add beans to such rice.

Reducing sugar to normal in diabetes

People with this kind of ailment need constant supervision by specialists. How to lower blood sugar to normal in diabetes? This can be done in different ways.

1. Medication. These drugs are prescribed by a doctor. They are taken both orally and by injection, depending on the type of the disease.

2. Home remedies. These can be various teas made by themselves, for example, from blueberry leaves or dandelion roots; decoctions of herbs that help reduce sugar. Also, taking a small amount of cinnamon daily helps to achieve the desired result. Eating onions and garlic in both boiled and raw, cabbage and beet juice is useful for reducing blood glucose. All listed home remedies contain inulin, which plays a major role in the normalization of carbohydrate metabolism. It is impossible to unequivocally state which product lowers blood sugar. Each of the above products helps fight diabetes.

3. Dieting. It is necessary to organize food so that the body does not receive products containing fats and carbohydrates, exclude from the diet white bread, sweets, potatoes, carbonated water, alcoholic beverages; eat sugar-reducing foods. Do not neglect radishes, cabbage, radishes, eggplants, pumpkin and other vegetables. Sweets can be replaced with natural sugar substitutes, for example, honey, fructose, sorbitol. It is necessary to remember which foods lower blood sugar levels and strictly adhere to the recommended diet.

Sugar reducing products

Each product has its own glycemic index. The higher it is, the faster glucose is released from it when it enters the body. Diabetics such products can not be consumed. They need options with a low glycemic index. To find out what product lowers blood sugar, you can use a special table of glycemic indexes of products, compiled by doctors. It should always be kept handy.

Using this table, you can make a list of products that lower blood sugar.

1. Oatmeal. This porridge, made from oatmeal on water, not only reduces sugar, but is also an excellent prophylactic against diabetes.

2. Walnut. All nuts contain fiber, protein and vegetable fat, which slow down the absorption of glucose.

3. Cinnamon. It is added to porridge, yogurt, compote, juice and so on. With regular use of this fragrant spice, sugar is significantly reduced due to the content of polyphenols, fiber and magnesium.

4. Pepper sweet. It is recommended to use red varieties because it is they who better saturate the body with vitamin C and antioxidants. In addition to reducing glucose levels, this vegetable is able to protect the body from infections and inflammation.

5. Millet. It contains a lot of fiber and effectively lowers sugar.

6. Fish dishes. It is recommended to use at least twice a week.

7. Broccoli. Of all the varieties of cabbage it is most useful. Due to the high content of polyphenols effectively fights with elevated sugar.

8. Dishes from legumes. Eating peas, lentils, and beans helps lower sugar.

9. Strawberry berries. The berry picked off in the season is really useful, and not bought in the middle of winter in the supermarket. Contains fiber, antioxidants, vitamin C.

10. Jerusalem artichoke. Useful tubers, consumed raw. Contains insulin and fructose. It is one of the most recommended for diabetics.

11. Garlic. It regulates and normalizes the functioning of the pancreas. Due to this, insulin production increases.

Products such as basmati rice, egg, milk and dairy products, buckwheat can be added to this list.

Sugar Free Products

Having carefully studied the table of glycemic indexes, you can find out which foods have no sugar. These include: seafood, fish, cheese, meat. To this type can be attributed pasta from durum wheat. But they contain a small amount of complex polysaccharides, which are very slowly absorbed by the body and do not cause harm.

Products lowering blood sugar

So, having such a chronic disease, you need to remember that you should eat carefully selected foods. They will help to effectively deal with such a serious illness. Under the constant supervision of physicians and the patients themselves is blood sugar in diabetes. What products lower, how to use them correctly – a person can get this information from the attending physician.

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