Pressure 60 over 40

On-board motor vehicles are manufactured by the Kama Automobile Plant: KamAZ-5320 from 1976, KamAZ-53212 from 1979. Designed to work mainly with trailers. The body is a metal platform with otkryvayuschimi side and rear sides. Flooring – wooden, installation of an awning is provided. The cab is triple, reclining forward, with noise and thermal insulation, equipped with seat-belt anchorages, in KAMAZ-53212 – with a berth. The driver’s seat is sprung, adjustable according to the driver’s mass, length, and backrest tilt.The main trailers: for KamAZ-5320 – GKB-8350 and -8355; for KamAZ-53212 – GKB-8352 and -8357.

Modifications:car KAMAZ-5320 – chassis KAMAZ-53211 and tropical version – KAMAZ-532007;car KAMAZ-53212 – KAMAZ-53213 chassis and tropical version – KAMAZ-532127.

On the diagram of the car KAMAZ-53212 in parentheses are the dimensions for the aluminum platform.

Pressure 60 over 40

Engine. Maud.

Transmission. Coupling – two-disk, with peripheral springs, drive off – hydraulic with pneumatic booster. Transmission – 5-speed, with front divider, the total number of gears – ten forward and two back, transmit. numbers: I-7.82 and 6.38; II-4.03 and 3.29; III-2.5 and 2.04; IV-1.53 ​​and 1.25; V-1.0 and 0.815; SX-7.38 and 6.02. Synchronizers – on II, III, IV and V programs. The divider is equipped with a synchronizer, the divider control is pneumomechanical, preselector. Cardan gear – two cardan shaft. Main gear – double (conical and cylindrical), transmit. number – 6.53 (by request – 7.22; 5.94; 5.43); the middle bridge is a gateway, with a center differential blocked by an electropneumatic or pneumatic drive.

Pressure 60 over 40

Wheels and tires.The wheels are diskless, the rim is 7.0-20, mounted on 5 studs. Tires –

Suspension. Dependent: front – on semi-elliptical springs with rear sliding ends, with shock absorbers; back – balancing, on semi-elliptical springs, with six jet rods, the ends of the springs – sliding.

Brakes. The service brake system – with drum mechanisms (diameter 400 mm, linings width 140 mm, expansion – cam), dual-circuit pneumatic actuator. Brake chambers: front – type 24, trolleys – 20/20 with spring energy accumulators. The parking brake is on the brakes of the cart from spring energy accumulators, the drive is pneumatic. The spare brake is combined with the parking. Auxiliary brake – pneumatic motor retarder. Trailer brake drive – combined (two-and single-drive). There is an anti-freeze condensate safety device.

Steering. The steering mechanism is a screw with a ball nut and a piston rail engaging with the toothed sector of the bipod shaft, the gear. number 20. Power – built-in, oil pressure in the amplifier 80-90 kgf / cm. sq.

Electrical equipment. Voltage 24 V,

Refueling volumes and recommended maintenance materials.Fuel tanks:the KamAZ-5320 has 175 or 250 l,the KamAZ-53212 has 250 liters,

Mass of units (in kg):Engine with clutch – 770,gearbox with divider – 320,driveshafts – 49 (59), front axle – 255, middle bridge – 592, rear axle-555, frame – 605 (738), body – 870 (1010), Cab assembly with equipment – 577 (603), wheel complete with tire – 80, radiator – 25.

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