Premature evacuation in men treated

According to statistics, every third man suffers from such pathology as premature ejaculation. Early ejaculation causes psychological and emotional problems that can lead to erectile dysfunction. In the article, you will learn how to determine early ejaculation, which doctor to turn to, which treatment methods and control measures are used to correct the problem.

When it is worth sounding the alarm

It is difficult to say what time between the introduction of the penis into the vagina and ejaculation is normal. Indicators depend on culture, temperament, nationality and even religious beliefs. Canadian sexologists conducted a study in which they found out the following data:

Premature evacuation in men treated

  • the average duration of sexual intercourse from the introduction of the penis into the vagina to ejaculation is 7 minutes;
  • the duration of sexual intercourse is 1-3 minutes long and causes uncertainty in a man;
  • 7-13 minutes, according to respondents, the optimal value.
  • 1-30 minutes is a lot.

General data showed that 70% of men start ejaculation 10 minutes after the start of coitus. In modern medicine, it is considered that premature ejaculation occurs before the onset of sexual intercourse or a minute or two after the introduction of the penis into the vagina.

Premature evacuation in men treated

The question of which doctor to address with early ejaculation, bothers men. Therefore, we will show: the urologist deals with the treatment of pathology. But in some cases, a man will be helped by a sexologist.

Causes of premature ejaculation

To understand the cause of the problem, you need to know how the male reproductive system functions in the absence of pathology.

Normally, the ejaculation process has two stages. At the first stage (in medical terminology is called emission), the sperm enters the prostate gland and mixes it with prostate juice. When a man reaches orgasm, motor neurons located in the spinal cord “give the command” to close the bladder neck and the urethra begins to contract, throwing out the seed from the urethra.

If a failure occurs in the work of these receptors, then ejaculation may occur earlier than the peak of orgasm in a man. Therefore, the main causes of the problem are as follows:

  • spinal injury or inflammation, including osteochondrosis;
  • prostatitis and other prostate diseases;
  • hormonal imbalance in the body;
  • taking certain medications that block these neurons as a side effect;
  • inflammation in the urethra or seminal tubercle;
  • increased sensitivity of the glans penis.

Premature evacuation in men treated

In addition to these reasons, there are others. For example, premature ejaculation can occur if a man has a short frenulum on the head of the penis. In this case, the problem is solved only with the help of plastic surgery and elimination of pathology.

A number of psychological factors can also provoke early ejaculation:

  • depression;
  • excitement before sexual intercourse at the first mating with a partner;
  • lack of sexual experience;
  • lack of self-confidence;
  • various kinds of stress;
  • strong sexual arousal.

In the USA, another curious fact was established: a deficiency of magnesium in the body also causes a problem. It is obvious that the diet of a man directly affects the time of onset of ejaculation during intercourse.

Methods for diagnosing problems

To understand what to do in the described case and what treatment to choose, you need to identify the root cause. To do this, visit the andrologist. The doctor will conduct a survey of the man, determine the possible factors that provoke earlier ejaculation. If there is a suspicion of prostatitis or problems with the spine, then therapy will be aimed at eliminating these factors. When cured of diseases, premature ejaculation no longer bothers a man. At this stage, the differential (distinctive) diagnosis is also performed: erectile dysfunction is excluded.

If there are no problems with the body, then you may need to talk with your sex partner. In this case, the doctor will try to identify the possible psychological cause of the problem. A man and a woman should understand that the final effect of treatment depends on the sincerity and truthfulness of their answers to the questions asked by the doctor.

There is another method to identify the cause of the problem: lidocaine test. Diagnosis is carried out by a man independently at home. This will require a 10% lidocaine solution, which can be purchased at the pharmacy. If for some reason the drug is not suitable, for example, due to individual intolerance, you can replace it with Emla ointment.

How to test with lidocaine:

  1. Using a cotton swab, treat the lidocaine bridle and the lower side of the glans penis, or apply ointment to this area.
  2. Wait for the loss of sensitivity.
  3. Rinse off or put on a condom, have sex.
  4. Pay attention to the following points: the quality and duration of sex, the time of onset of ejaculation, the brightness of the orgasm.

Such testing is carried out 2-3 times. If the indicators become better after treatment with lidocaine, this indicates the need for circumcision of the foreskin or lateral denervation of the head.

If with such a test it is difficult to understand whether the indicators have improved, do another testing. In medicine, it is called complete. To do this, treat the entire glans penis with the preparation and perform coitus. Improving the quality of sex in this case indicates the need for selective denervation microsurgery with subsequent restoration of the nerve trunks.

You should know that surgery is not an emergency, because the doctor will discuss the need for it with the patient. The level of development of medicine allows such manipulations to be carried out quickly and with minimal pain for a person. Therefore, most men agree to this treatment.

How to treat rapid ejaculation in men

There are several techniques to fix the problem. The choice of a doctor in favor of one of them depends on the initial reason.

In most cases, the problem with the early release of semen is solved if the man follows the recommendations of the doctor:

  • limits smoking and alcohol consumption;
  • refuses to take drugs if they caused a violation;
  • uses a condom (with increased sensitivity of the head);
  • selects another position with a partner, in which the pressure on the bridle and the head of the penis decreases.

If the reason is of an emotional nature, the help of a psychologist is necessary. For many men, the described problem lasts a lifetime, and, as a rule, its origins are found in the adolescent or childhood period of life. In this case, the specialist’s help is to relieve the man of anxiety, stress, anxiety. Increasing self-esteem can also play a positive role.

Consider exercise and other ways.

Exercise and exercise can also have a positive effect. For example, help Kegel exercises for men. During the execution of this technique, the PC muscle is trained, which allows the man to independently control the process of ejaculation.

In some situations it helps to deal with the problem of exercise butterfly, which is often used by athletes at the final stage of training. The exercise technique is as follows:

  1. Sit on the floor, bend your legs at the knees, and feet together.
  2. Keep your back straight.
  3. Make movements with your knees up and down, imitating the movement of butterfly wings.
  4. With the direction down do not strain the muscles, the foot should fall to the floor under your weight.

This exercise relaxes the muscles of the legs and lower back. This reduces the load on the spine, which can increase the time of onset of ejaculation.

There is another method, but it requires the consent and cooperation between sex partners. To increase the duration of sexual intercourse, frictions should be performed on the principle of movement-stop. The transition of the penis from the state of friction to the state of rest and back, will prolong the coitus and delay ejaculation.

Drug treatment – which drugs will help

The use of tablets, ointments, gels has two goals: reducing the sensitivity of the glans penis and eliminating psychological problems. In the second case, a slight effect is given by taking pills of valerian, motherwort and other similar preparations. Help and recipes of traditional medicine: decoctions of mint, thyme, chamomile.

To solve the problem, the doctor may prescribe drugs that regulate serotonin levels. In essence, these medicines belong to the group of antidepressants. These drugs include the drug Priligy. The main active ingredient is dapoxetine, which regulates the level of serotonin in the body of a man. Andrologists prescribe men and other medicines, including Prozac, Zoloft, Paksil. Popular drug is Fluoxetine, which fights erectile dysfunction.

The use of hyaluronic acid has some effect, if such therapy is recommended by a doctor. The acid, in the form of a gel, is injected under the skin. The components of the agent penetrate under the layer of the epidermis and serve as a kind of barrier between the surface of the skin and the receptors responsible for ejaculation and orgasm. Gel resolves in 8-12 months. Usually, this time is enough for a man to have confidence in his abilities. The drug has contraindications. You can not be treated by this method in acute inflammatory diseases in the body and poor blood clotting.

Several years ago, in the UK, studies were conducted using a spray against premature ejaculation PSD-502. The preparation contains 7.5 mg of lidocaine and 2.5 mg of prilocaine. The tool is an anesthetic and is applied to the inner side of the foreskin. The results of the study, scientists spent 3 months. Of the 300 men, with a coitus duration of 35 seconds, 90% noted an increase in the duration of intercourse for more than a minute. This makes it possible to talk about the appropriateness of the use of such drugs to combat the disease.


Operations are carried out with increased sensitivity of the glans penis, and only after passing the lidocaine test. This approach is due to the desire to avoid the appearance of erectile dysfunction in men suffering from diabetes, atherosclerosis and other diseases.

In microsurgery, two methods of surgery are used:

  1. Denervation with the restoration of the nerve trunks. During the operation, the surgeon makes a small incision of the skin, exposing the nerves. The trunks are excised, then stitched. In most cases, this technique is accompanied by circumcision of the foreskin. As a result, the sensitivity is reduced by 3-4 months, then partially restored. An important condition: after the operation, the man should be able to have regular sexual intercourse.
  2. Selective denervation. The operation is performed as in the previous case, but the nerve trunks are not stitched. This reduces the sensitivity of the head by 60%, and the effect lasts a long time.

Now you know what methods of treatment can solve premature ejaculation. But remember, only the doctor can choose the way that suits you.

Self-medication provokes complications and does not help.

Prevention Brief

If the problem has not been observed previously in a man, then you need to know how to avoid the appearance of premature ejaculation. To prevent a problem, pay attention to the quality of life. Eat a healthy diet, watch the quality of the food. Do not abuse alcohol. Learn to control your emotions and not get hung up on unpleasant moments.

Also, do not forget about the timely treatment of diseases. Do not neglect the help of doctors, and then the problem with the premature release of sperm will not affect you.

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