Pneumonia without fever

Pneumonia without temperature – a disease that manifests itself with mild symptomatology, which complicates diagnosis and, accordingly, treatment. A person (especially children) can complain of general malaise, and no more. At this time, the disease increasingly affects the body.

Is pneumonia without temperature

Such cases are less common than the same disease, but with fever. The outcome is mostly unfavorable. A person does not know that inflammation in his body is aggravated. Also, a symptom that is indicative of pneumonia as a cough may not appear. Pneumonia with a normal temperature can be in those who have very weak immunity. Also, the latent form of the disease may occur while taking cough medicine.

The considered disease, which passes with a normal temperature, is especially dangerous for children. After all, the child can not adequately convey the symptoms, their feelings. Therefore, the collection of complaints and diagnosis are complicated. Then a fatal outcome is very likely.

The causes of pneumonia without temperature can be a number of adverse factors. In the first place, as already noted, the weakening of the body’s defenses. Infections are easier to get into the body, and the pathological process develops more actively. If the body has chronic foci of infection, it weakens its resistance to pathogens of pneumonia.

The development of pneumonia also contributes to self-medication with antibiotics. The use of antitussive medications can disrupt the normal output of sputum that has accumulated in the lungs. If antibiotics are prescribed in inadequately high doses or large quantities, the patient’s condition worsens, and a favorable environment for viruses and infections develops.


The symptoms of pneumonia without fever are different from the symptoms of the same disease, but passing with fever. You can notice the disease only by some external signs. The skin tint of the patient’s face is often pale, but a specific blush is likely. On the cheeks may be spots of reddish hue. Breathing is accompanied by some whistle, which is heard, if you focus on this attention.

Pneumonia without fever

With any physical activity, shortness of breath and an increased pulse occur. Typical for the form of pneumonia in question is general body weakness and fatigue. A full breath can be difficult. When a disease develops, a person walks worse, sweats badly and often wants to drink. Turning the torso can cause pain.

Often the lung moves only on one side, that is, the chest is able to turn exclusively to the right or left. But this symptom does not mean that in this case pneumonia develops without fever.

Pneumonia without cough and temperature

Pneumonia without cough and temperature passes with significant inflammation in the lung tissue. The reason may be a cooling of the body or acute viral respiratory illness. Such pneumonia can not be transmitted to other people, but has the nature of infection. Often there are cases when the disease proceeds without fever and cough.

Coughing removes accumulated sputum and helps eliminate infection. If there is no cough, the viruses are in the lungs, multiply, and do not get out. Cough always says that there is inflammation in the body. This symptom is often combined with weakness in the body and fever.

Pneumonia without cough develops because the infection from the lungs does not go away. This means that sooner or later the disease progresses to a more complex form. The appearance of such symptoms is likely:

Considered the course of the disease may be after suffering laryngitis, bronchitis, strong cough. If you only have disturbing symptoms, do not self-medicate. Inadequate therapy threatens the disappearance of temperature and the aggravation of the pathological process.

Diagnosis of pneumonia without temperature

Pneumonia without fever is important to diagnose as early as possible. In the overwhelming majority of cases, the doctor prescribes X-rays to clarify the signs of inflammation and possible complications. To confirm the diagnosis of x-ray do in two projections. Pneumonia is recognized by delimited darkening of lung tissue, as well as by external manifestations of the inflammatory process in the respiratory system.

If the picture showed that there is no darkening of the lung tissue, then there is no pneumonia, respectively. So, you need to assign additional studies to identify another disease.

Self-medication is excluded, because with pneumonia without fever, there is a high probability of death. The treatment is carried out exclusively under the supervision of the attending physician. Symptomatic preparations are needed to make the patient’s condition easy. The doctor prescribes and antibiotics. The treatment is carried out with such drugs:

Mucopront can be purchased both in the form of capsules and in the form of syrup. Adult patients are given three scoops of syrup three times a day, and 2 capsules 3 times a day. And children up to 12 years old are given 3 times a day a smaller dose – 1-2 scoops. Capsules for the treatment of young patients almost never apply.

The method of taking Mukodina is similar to that described above, because drugs have a similar effect. Adults are given 2 capsules or three tablespoons of syrup three times in 24 hours. And children can take the drug only in the form of syrup in the amount of one measuring spoon 2-3 times a day.

The dosage of Acetylcysteinum is selected by the doctor in each specific case. Most often prescribed 2-3 times daily use of 200 mg of the drug. For children, of course, smaller doses are needed, 100 mg per day gives them 3 times. Ambrobene is prescribed in the amount of one tablet three times a day (duration of administration: 2-3 days), after which 1 tabal is given twice a day. But the attending physician may resort to another treatment regimen.

Lasolvan is taken in the form of a syrup during the meal, drinking plenty of water. Adults need to assign 2 scoops twice a day, and young patients are given one spoonful or a whole spoon 2-3 times a day.

If the course of the disease is favorable, treatment can be continued at home. Nutrition during pathology is also important. It must be complete and regular. Oily and heavy for the assimilation of food is better to exclude. This is important to prevent tissue dehydration and the development of heat.

In the complex therapy of pneumonia without temperature, exercise therapy is also used. Thanks to them, the person recovers faster. In the first days of the disease it is recommended to roll over in bed more often. If a person suffers from chest pain, he will constantly lie on the affected side, and this must be prevented, otherwise adhesions may appear in the lungs.

From the second to the fourth day you need to do breathing exercises. Brushes of the upper extremities are laid on the stomach, and at the same time the air is strongly pulled into it. Such exercises are repeated 10-15 times for one “approach”. Per day, it is desirable to repeat the exercises 4-5 times.


Preventive measures help to avoid severe disease and infection with pneumonia in general. While you are healthy, temper and accustom children to this. Proper and systematic procedures strengthen and protect the immune system. The body is better able to withstand any infections. Can be hardened with a contrast shower or dip in the hole, pouring cold water over the legs. The temperature of the water is reduced gradually. Before hardening to prevent pneumonia, consult your doctor and make sure that you are not sick. Otherwise, such procedures may aggravate the outcome of the current disease, even chronic.

Pneumonia without fever

Respiratory gymnastics is also one of the preventive measures. It is important for bedridden patients. The action of the exercises is to improve the ventilation of the lungs. Due to this, the inflammatory process in the tissues of the lungs subsides. You can regularly take very deep breaths and exhalations, as well as inflate balloons.

For the prevention of pneumonia without fever, the treatment of chronic infectious diseases is also important. Even dental caries can provoke a severe latent form of pneumonia. Pay attention to the condition of your children’s teeth and take them to the dentist in time.

To strengthen the immune system in order to prevent various diseases, the intake of herbal teas and tinctures is also important. You can use such herbs as echinacea, chamomile, leuzea, linden, eleutherococcus. For the prevention of pneumonia in children and adults do massages, it can even be a newborn. Used special technique pats. Consult with the doctor and well study the corresponding grants if you are going to carry out preventive massage independently.

Avoid stress and hypothermia, as they have a very negative effect on the body. Avoid breathing vapors of benzene and other chemical compounds. Of course, you should avoid contact with the patient, in this case, pneumonia without a temperature is not terrible for you.

Prognosis of pneumonia without temperature

The prognosis of this form of the disease is different in each case. The factor that influences the outcome is how quickly a person noticed the presence of this disease and began effective treatment. If the correct treatment is started at the beginning of the disease, the prognosis is favorable. There comes a full recovery at the end of 3, the beginning of 4 weeks.

But the diagnosis of pneumonia, which takes place in a latent form without temperature, is rather complicated. Many people believe that this is an ordinary cold and do not want to go to see a doctor. And every day the forecast gets worse. Do not forget that a fatal outcome is likely.

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